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What Does Government Watch List Mean

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The Bop Has Different Security Levels They Are:

A Former FBI Agent Explains the Terrorist Watch List | Explorer
  • Federal Prison Camps minimum security facilities
  • Federal Correctional Institutions low or medium security facilities
  • United States Penitentiaries medium or high security facilities
  • Federal Correctional Complexes Co-locations of BOP facilities and have different security locations and genders of inmates

How Does The Fbi Watch List Work And Could It Have Prevented Orlando

Of all the details investigators have uncovered about Orlando terrorist Omar Mateen, perhaps the most infuriating is the fact that he spent 10 months on a government watch list, yet had no trouble buying an assault rifle and a handgun.

Authorities placed Mateen on a watch list in May 2013 after coworkers at the Florida courthouse where he was a security guard told authorities he boasted of connections to al Qaeda and other terrorists organizations. He remained on the list for 10 months, and FBI Director James Comey told reporters this week that during that time the agency placed Mateen under surveillance and had confidential sources meet with him.

But the feds removed Mateen from the list in March 2014, after concluding that he had no significant links to terrorism beyond attending the same mosque as an American suicide bomber who died in Syria. “We don’t keep people under investigation indefinitely, Comey said, adding that he doesn’t see anything that his agents should have done differently.

Comey didnt identify the list Mateen was on, but an unnamed official told the Daily Beast that he was in two databases, the Terrorist Identities Datamart Environment database and the Terrorist Screening Database, more commonly called the terrorist watch list.

Here’s a look at what the lists are and how someone gets their name on one.

U S Secret Services Most Wanted Fugitives List

Like the FBI, the U. S. Secret Service maintains a list of wanted criminals, its Most Wanted Fugitives. The current list offers rewards of $1 million each for information leading to the arrest of either Oleksander Vitalyevich or Artem Viacheslavovich Radchenko. The former recruited the latter to hack into the computer networks of the U. S. Securities and Exchange Commission . . . and data related to the financial earnings of publicly traded companies before they were released.

Its not hard to see why you DONT want to be on this list!

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U S Transportation Security Administrations No

The No Fly List of the U. S. Transportation Security Administration is a subset of the U. S. government Terrorist Screening database. It designates individuals prohibited from boarding an aircraft, including some who may be permitted to board after undergoing additional security screening checks than those undergone by passengers whose names are not on the list.

The U. S. government cannot prevent people named on the No Fly List from flying home from another country and is obligated to assist such persons in doing so if they are prevented from boarding an airplane for that purpose. However, the process is complex and time-consuming, and FBI agents or other U. S. officials may seek to question or interrogate you while you are abroad, after your denial of boarding, and while you are seeking authorization to fly back to the United States. This situation can occur even when names are added to the No Fly List by mistake.

Eight situations can cause someones name to be listed: suspicion that one is involved in direct terrorist activity travel to certain countries ones past comments having a name similar to that of another person whose name is already on the list refusing to become an FBI informer a clerical error open warrants or other law enforcement issues and even controversial tweets.

U S Department Of Drug Enforcement Administrations Most Wanted Fugitives List


The U. S. Department of Drug Enforcement Administration also maintains a watchlist of its Most Wanted Fugitives. The individuals on this list, current and past, are dangerous people who have committed or are charged with horrific crimes, including the kidnapping and murder of a federal agent,drug trafficking, conspiring to distribute heroin, and the use of minors in drug trafficking.

The DEA cautions that many of these suspects or fugitives are armed and dangerous and lists rewards for some, including Rafael Caro-Quinetro , Nemesio Oseguera-Cervantes , and Dario Antonio Usaga David .

The huge resources of the DEA, both in regard to personnel and to funding the millions of dollars in rewards offered as incentives for information regarding some of these suspects and fugitives and the punishments awaiting those who are captured and convicted make this a list you DONT want to be on!

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There Are 10 Titles Within The Act:

Title I: Enhanced Domestic Security against Terrorism Authorizes actions which prevent terrorism in the U.S for domestic security services, including the addition of a nationwide crime task force and the authority for the president to confiscate foreign property of those who is suspected to have aided a war or attack on the U.S. This title also outlaws discrimination against Arab and Muslim Americans.

Title II: Surveillance Procedures Handles all aspects of the surveillance of suspected terrorists, especially those suspected on computer fraud or abuse and agents of foreign power. The title also permits government agencies to collect foreign intelligence information from both U.S. and non-U.S. citizens.

This title also covers other miscellaneous ratifications, including increasing the number of FISC judges, trade sanctions against Taliban-controlled Afghanistan and North Korea and employment of FBI translators.

Title III: Anti-Money-Laundering to Prevent Terrorism Aims to prevent, detect and prosecute international money laundering and financing of terrorism. This is done by strengthening banking rules against money laundering, expanding record keeping and reporting requirements and forming harsher penalties against those who manufacture and then smuggle counterfeit foreign currency.

Title IX: Improved Intelligence Created a method for sharing national intelligence information between government agencies.

Just Because A Jury Finds You Innocent Doesn’t Mean Watchlists Agree

The guidelines explicitly state that someone “acquitted or against whom charges are dismissed for a crime related to terrorism” can still be watchlisted. A federal official nominating such a person for inclusion on the list just needs “reasonable suspicion” of a danger something defined as more than “mere guesses or hunches”, based on articulable information or “rational inferences” from it, but far less than probable cause. A judge or jury’s decision is not controlling.

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What Is The Global Watch List

Global Watch List: Manage Risk and Streamline Compliance

While the globalization of health care offers tremendous possibilities for good, it also brings significant risk. Especially in the wake of a global pandemic, medical resources and health care providers themselves will be in short supply.

During this critical time, manage risk and streamline compliance with Global Watch List Screening, a specialized search that regularly runs identity checks across domestic and international government, law enforcement, and regulatory sanction databases.

Individuals included on these lists include known or suspected terrorists, drug traffickers, and those convicted of fraudulent crimes. Global watchlists include alerts on activities such as malpractice, sanctions, exclusions, negative licensure status, and more.

How Does Global Watchlist Screening Work?

Global watchlist records are constantly updated and its important to rely on trusted sources of high-quality data that monitor record updates in real-time.

A global watchlist screening first verifies the identity of a provider against multiple independent and reliable sources. The global watchlist records check then runs the verified profile against a comprehensive set of watchlists and is alerted if an individual is on any of the sanctions lists around the globe for activity including:

  • Criminal activity
  • U.S. Terror List

Why Is a Global Watchlist Check Important in Health Care Screening?

Wanted Individuals Make Poor Employees And Associates

Are you on a federal watch list?

Gone are the days of the FBIs most wanted list and public enemies being romanticized and admirable individuals. But, even when the public enemy number one was considered a media sweetheart, not many people were offering them jobs or a place around the dinner table. That being said, the folks that make these lists nowadays are far from being Robinhood-types and are not wanted anywhere around the world. Thus, when you run a government watch list check, you arent just protecting yourself, your employees and your customers from a seedy individual, youre helping the authorities track them down.

Build a Custom Background and Drug Screening Test Using These Additional Services:

  • Office of Foreign Assets is searched for the following red flags.
  • Specially designated nationals and blocked persons.
  • Sanctioned countries records.
  • Non-cooperative countries and territories are listed and searched to the best of our ability.
  • Search for debarred parties from the department of state trade control.
  • Reports of denied entities and persons list.
  • Unverified entries list checked.
  • FBI database is searched for seeking information, most wanted terrorists, top 10 most wanted, and more.
  • U.S. Bureau of Industry & Security is queried for potential data.
  • INTERPOLs most wanted list is checked.
  • The British, Candian, and United Nations consolidated sanctions lists are checked.
  • The E.U.s terrorism list is consulted.
  • World Banks ineligible firms will be included on the report.
  • And much more.
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    Travel Advice And Advisories

    What are Travel Advice and Advisories?

    Travel Advice and Advisories give you official Government of Canada information and advice on situations that may affect your safety and well-being when you are travelling or living outside Canada. They may include an advisory for a country or region where security or health conditions have changed.

    Who should read Travel Advice and Advisories?

    Anyone planning to travel or live outside Canada should read the Travel Advice and Advisories for their destination. Anyone already outside Canada should keep up with updates made to their destination’s Travel Advice and Advisories.

    How are Travel Advice and Advisories developed and maintained?

    We analyze trends and incidents affecting international travellers, monitor world events and collect updated reports from different sources. We use this information to update the Travel Advice and Advisories on situations that may affect your safety and secuity when you are travelling or living outside Canada.

    How often are Travel Advice and Advisories pages updated?

    The pages are updated regularly and revised as security or health conditions in a country or region change.

    How do I determine if it is safe to travel?

    The decision to travel is yours alone. The Travel Advice and Advisories provide recommendations about safety and security conditions in destinations around the world to help you to make informed decisions.

    How Do You Create A Stock Watchlist

    Most online trading platforms offer functionality for users to create their own watchlists, allowing them to easily track any security that catches their interest. To create a watchlist, you should first identify your key investment criteria and decide what kinds of investments you are looking for. Then, using a stock screener or similar tool, search for stocks that fit those criteria and add them to your watchlist.

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    You Can Be Turned Into An Informant

    Keeping track of suspected terrorists may not be the only purpose the watchlisting system serves. Recent lawsuits allege that the FBI uses it to as leverage to turn people into snitches.

    A 30-year-old Afghan American, Naveed Shinwari, found that after FBI agents questioned him about his 2012 travel to Afghanistan he was getting married he couldn’t obtain a boarding pass he needed for an out-of-state job interview. Soon he found himself talking to other FBI agents, who wanted to know if he knew anyone “threatening” his community in Omaha, Nebraska.

    “Thats where it was mentioned to me: you help us, we help you. We know you dont have a job well give you money,” Shinwari, who is suing over the apparent quid pro quo, told the Guardian in April.

    Similarly, in Oregon, a man named Yonas Fikre is suing the government for allegedly attempting to parlay his no-fly list placement into getting him to infiltrate a prominent Portland mosque. After Fikre declined, he claims, he traveled to the United Arab Emirates, where he was detained, beaten on the soles of his feet and placed in “stress positions” all, he says, while his torturers asked him questions about the Portland mosque that were suspiciously similar to those the FBI asked.

    When To Use A Watchlist

    OMG David is on the Government Watch List ...

    An investor, for example, may be interested in purchasing stocks in a particular sector. But if that sector is generally overvalued, it may offer few stocks that are attractively priced.

    An investor could create a list of all the stocks in that sector that would track various valuation measures, including ratios like trailing price-to-earnings, price-to-sales, and price-to-book, among others. When a company on the list met a specified valuation criterion, such as a PE ratio less than 15, it would then be known that this stock was a possible candidate for investment. Many investment-oriented websites and brokerage platforms allow visitors or customers to create watchlists online, often for free.

    If you’re interested in keeping track of any securities, you can build your own watchlist on most brokerage platforms.

    Many novice investors are tempted to track as many stocks as possible, but a watchlist with hundreds of entries is too broad for any one investor. Don’t try to track everything at once.

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    What Is A Good Stock Watchlist Tool

    In terms of functionality, the most versatile watchlist tools come as part of a paid investment product. Wordens TC2000, Wealth Lab, and Trade Ideas each offer large databases for paying customers. Free trading platforms, such as Fidelity or Robinhood, also come with the ability to create watchlists and follow stocks, although they may track fewer metrics than paid versions. Many online finance sites, such as Marketwatch and TradingView also offer free watchlists and stock screeners.

    There’s Room For The Family

    A precursor data set that feeds the Terrorist Screening Database is the Terrorist Identities Datamart Environment, or TIDE, maintained by the National Counterterrorism Center. TIDE contains records of known or suspected international terrorists. It also contains information on their families and perhaps their friends.

    “Alien spouses and children” of people NCTC labels terrorists get put into TIDE. They “may be inadmissible to the United States”, presumed to be dangerous. TIDE also contains “non-terrorist” records of people who have a “close relationship with KNOWN or SUSPECTED terrorists”, the guidance reads. Examples listed are fathers or brothers, although the guidance does not specify a blood or marital relationship as necessary for inclusion. Those people can be American citizens or noncitizens inside the United States. While those “close relation” are not supposed to be passed on for watchlisting absent other “derogatory information”, their data may be retained within TIDE for unspecified “analytic purposes”.

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    Where You Go Might Get You Placed On The List And Then Stranded

    Contained within the guidance is a potential reason why many US Muslims find themselves abruptly unable to return from trips abroad without explanation. An example given of “potential behavioral indicators” of terrorism is “travel for no known lawful or legitimate purpose to a locus of TERRORISM ACTIVITY”. Not defined: “lawful”, “legitimate” or “locus”. That could mean specific training camps, travel to which few would dispute the merits of watchlisting. Or it could mean entire countries where terrorists are known or suspected of operating and where millions of Americans travel every year.

    The guidelines themselves, in that very section, warn that such behavioral indicators include “activity that may have innocent explanations wholly unrelated to terrorism”. It warns analysts not to judge any circumstance “in isolation”.

    What happens on the no-fly list does not stay on the no-fly list. A federal judge, writing in June, noted that the FBI’s Terrorist Screening Center shares information on banned passengers with 22 foreign governments as well as “ship captains”, resulting in potential “interference with an individual’s ability to travel by means other than commercial airlines”.

    Weapons Purchases By Listed Persons

    What Does Government Mean to You?

    In a 2010 report, the Government Accountability Office noted that “Membership in a terrorist organization does not prohibit a person from possessing firearms or explosives under current federal law,” and individuals on the No Fly List are not barred from purchasing guns. According to GAO data, between 2004 and 2010, people on terrorism watch listsincluding the No Fly List as well as other separate listsattempted to buy guns and explosives more than 1,400 times, and succeeded 1,321 times .

    Senator Frank Lautenberg of New Jersey repeatedly introduced legislation to bar individuals on the terror watch lists from buying firearms or explosives, but these efforts have not succeeded. Senator Dianne Feinstein of California revived the legislation after the and President Barack Obama has called for such legislation to be approved.

    Republicans in Congress such as Senate Homeland Security Committee chair Ron Johnson and Speaker of the House Paul Ryan oppose this measure, citing due process concerns and efficacy, respectively. Republicans have blocked attempts by Democrats to attach these provisions to Republican-backed measures.

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    Watchdog Elites Global Sanctions Lists

    Minimize the risk of fraud and illegal activity by ensuring your business and its customers are lawful and legitimate through routine denied party screening of U.S. and international watch lists. WatchDOG Elite gives you peace of mind by scanning these international sanctions lists:

    • Australia Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade List
    • Canada: Freezing Assets of Corrupt Foreign Officials
    • Canada: Special Economic Measures Act
    • Canada Sanctioned Countries List
    • CIA and State Department Notable Officials and Offices
    • Comprehensive Iran Sanctions, Accountability and Divestment Act of 2010
    • Department of State Debarred Parties List
    • Department of State NonProliferation Sanctions
    • Department of State Terrorist Exclusion List
    • Federal Bureau of Investigation
    • Financial Action Task Force Non-Cooperative Countries and Territories
    • FinCEN Money Services Business
    • General Services Administration System for Award Management Exclusions List
    • HM Treasury Department Sanctions List
    • HM Treasury Ukraine Sovereignty and Territorial Integrity List
    • International Criminal Police Organization Recent Most Wanted List
    • Japan Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry End User List
    • OCC Counterfeit, Fictitious, and Stolen Official Documents List
    • OCC Unauthorized Banks List
    • Office of Inspector General List of Excluded Individuals/Entities
    • United Nations Security Council Sanctions
    • World Bank Listing of Ineligible Firms and Individuals

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