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Sharepoint Case Management For Government Agencies

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Sharepoint Folder Per Legal Matter

Capgemini Northern Lights a legal case management solution

Folders are another option available to create hierarchy and structure for legal matter locations stored in SharePoint. Folders provide simplicity in creation and a familiar user experience when accessing. This design approach is becoming less common in our experience as customers prefer the option of automated metadata capture available in a document set. Document sets are available in modern SharePoint sites and allow for content within the document set to be treated as a single unit of information for business workflows, records and compliance.

Sharepoint Document Set Per Legal Matter

Creating a is an architecture that often makes sense to end-users given the familiar hierarchical folder layout that is presented and can assist with end-user adoption of a new system.

Document sets provide the ability to set metadata at the document set level. This allows metadata to automatically be pushed down to items stored within the document set. Streamlining the save and classification process, and removing the need for users to manually enter critical metadata on each saved document.

If an automated provisioning process for new legal matters is not in place, the document set architecture provides a simple manner for the user to create matter locations as required.

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Sharepoint Is Likely To Be Your Existing And Secure Document Management Solution

If you use SharePoint or SharePoint Online, then that is likely to be at the root of how most people manage documents their documents and files in your organisation. Documents can be easily shared, collaborated on and there is also effective version control, meaning that you can avoid issues such as duplication and ensure there is one source of truth this is a critical factor in manging your policies. Leveraging SharePoint for policy management also means that your existing users will be already familiar with the system in place used for managing documents. Of course, SharePoint will also be fully secure.

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Features Included In A Document Management System

A robust DMS solution will include a wide range of features you can use to manage your emails, documents, and files from one easy interface. Some of these features may include:

  • Full-text search capabilities for documents and emails
  • Document version management
  • Document tagging and version management
  • Document status and check-in/check-out

Building Multilingual Commercial Sites In Sharepoint:

Investigative Case Management for Government

Microsofts Multi-lingual support for SharePoint will empower the organizations or enterprises to reach a larger audience with their native languages. Building multi-lingual sites in share point will help organizations in different ways either it may be reaching out to people or helping its employees to work in their native language.

multilingual for employers will enable its users to communicate with every prospect in their native language which will lead to an effective way of sharing one experience or thoughts on process to ensure a better work environment.

Microsoft multi-lingual websites are now a single website containing multiple similar pages with different languages to enable the outreach of the website to the audience.

In the new Microsoft SharePoint multi-lingual update users can create multiple pages for different languages under single publishing site connections and serves the content along with user native UI to customers in their local language without necessarily changing the URL.

Here is the presentation on how to build multilingual sites in the new feature of SharePoint online.

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Highlights Of Sharepoints Document Management Features

When documents are stored in a central repository, its far easier for front-end users and staff to reference and update valuable records and information. Storing valuable metadata within the document itself makes it more searchable, saving the team valuable time and increasing your ROI. Centralized documents also make versioning far easier to control and validate.

Unique document IDs establish a unique identifier for each document asset in your database for better security and record location ability. Assigning content types to various documents further allows for shared settings by content type. Layers of permissioning control who accesses what information and how they use it.

Automated workflows help track the progress of documents throughout the lifecycle, making it faster and easier to track and collaborate content-related processes directly from other Microsoft Office tools.

Reasons To Use Sharepoint For Policy Management

We now offer a SharePoint policy management product called Xoralia

  • Xoralia helps you push out and track mandatory policies in a simple, intuitive interface.
  • Target and notify users of their policy tasks
  • Track policy reads
  • Go to

Pushing out mandatory policies and tracking reads is perhaps the most requested feature in policy management. But before we get into that, lets look at the other commonly requested features and examine how SharePoint addresses these.

Having one source of truth for key policies, procedures, forms and other key organisational documents is important. Employees and managers need to regularly access information such as your staff handbook, IT usage policy, holiday request process, social media guideline or supplier due diligence checklist and more and be confident that these are accurate and up to date. In regulated industries such as financial services there can also be strict guidelines for interaction with customers or processes which must be followed to reduce risk.

Most organisations provide access to policies via their intranet but all too often these are:

  • Scattered across different department sites and are hard to find
  • Do not get updated with the very latest version
  • Simply do not get read, even if they are mandatory to read
  • Are not trusted by employees so they request a copy or rely on a version on their own file network or inbox, that may not be up to date.

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A Friendly And Familiar Sharepoint Edrms Interface

Consistency is key! We have designed Filer, so your users wont know where Filer starts, and SharePoint ends. The seamless transition from one to the other can only be realised through functionality rather than how it looks. Your users will be able to pick up Filer quicker than your average records management system. Filer is suited explicitly to providing digital case files integrated with Line of Business systems .

Key Features Of Vis Sharepoint For Government

IBM case and document capture for government

Virtual Identity Server for SharePoint is a secure, manageable multi-forest SharePoint solution that provides intelligent claims-based authentication and federation in SharePoint. In other words, VIS for SharePoint enables organizations to effectively deploy and maintain SharePoint in a secure, manageable fashion, saving them time and greatly reducing total cost of administration. Below are just some of the key features that make Virtual Identity Server for SharePoint essential to getting the most value possible out of SharePoint:

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You Can Track Usage And Get Data

Using SharePoint for policy management means it is also possible to track usage and get data on different policies, for example numbers of views or when they were last updated. By leveraging integrations with Active Directory and PowerBI you can also start to create reports and track critical data such as whether a mandatory document is being read and by whom.

Technology Must Provide A Client

First and foremost, case management technology needs to support processes that put the client first. Intake, assessments, and personalized action plans enhance client service and the clients overall experience.

Part of that support includes:
  • Supporting people in the field and protecting sensitive data by being cloud-based
  • Provide outcome reports to funders and act on trends to improve program and service performance by providing access to baseline and milestone data
  • Offering a strong flexible framework that supports growth, a wide range of programs and allows for rapid onboarding of new services while providing program-specific workflows and data collection requirements

The state government referenced above achieved their goals of improved case management with .

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Case Management For Government Agencies

  • I am using the MS template: Case Management for Government AgenciesOn WSS 3.0This template does most of what I need, however I want to add another Document Library called Emails, this is the easy part. I added a column lookup to the “Email” doc library that looks up a case number from the “Cases” list.When you look at a case, the existing “Case Documents” doc library that comes pre-built with the template filters the docs based on the “Case Number” metadata. Sweet!Now I want to add my “Emails” doc library to the “Case” view, easy enough, but how do I get the “Emails” to filter based on the “Case Number” of the Case that I am viewing (as does the Case Documents”?Please help!Thursday, November 26, 2009 4:47 AM

Qflow And Sharepoint: The Ultimate Content Workflow Solution

SharePoint Change Request Management Template

To extract the best value from SharePoint, you will need experienced and highly skilled professionals to get it up and running. The right partner helps you integrate the platform to benefit from its robust architecture and functionality immediately.

QFlow is a Microsoft Certified Partner, giving you and your team confidence in your investment in your data systems. Our accessible team of experts includes Microsoft Certified System Engineers and Microsoft Certified Professionals to help you get the most out of your managed services.

Our ongoing Certified Partner status demonstrates QFlows commitment to innovation, quality, and value. Contact us today to learn more about a demo from one of our qualified professionals.

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Case Management And Incident Management Software On Microsoft Sharepoint

Compliance, Risk, Quality, HR & Safety Managers managers have always demanded stronger platforms to handle their incident management needs. Whenever a new incident occurs, organizations mostly rely on paper and email to report and track incidents whether it be employee complaints, safety incidents, product quality issues, corruption, or fraud allegation cases. Oftentimes the absence of a structured process results in cases and incidents being mismanaged, poor investigations of root cause, inadequate corrective actions, lack of visibility across the organization and regulatory compliance failures.

The ConvergePoint Incident Management Software extends the Microsoft SharePoint platform to create a streamlined workflow where the reporting of an incident, case investigations, root cause analysis, corrective action management and validation of actions are handled in one central location. With custom forms to capture every type of case and a robust user friendly workflow rules engine, incident managers across multiple areas of the organization are able to handle cases efficiently while allowing for greater visibility within the organization.

Virtual Dynamic Group Capabilities

The virtual dynamic group capabilities allow for security settings and permissions to be configured once, and then they automatically get updated as data changes within the environment. VIS for SharePoint is also designed to access users from any data store, whether thats AD, SQL database or any other data store. This means it does NOT require a domain controller or any admin privileges on a domain controller.

The end result is increased security and governance while significantly reducing the cost of administration. This is crucial in the government sector for meeting audit and compliance regulations and complying with government budget restrictions.

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Increase Efficiency And Productivity

Alfrescos integrated, enterprise approach to case management empowers government employees to be more productive and responsive, while also advancing compliance, collaboration and consistency.

  • Improve staff productivity with immediate access to all relevant case documentation and a collaborative approach to case resolution
  • Close cases faster by using intelligent automation to speed document routing and avoid unnecessary steps and manual intervention
  • Automatically satisfy records management and other compliance obligations, and respond to audit requests quickly and comprehensively

Armedia case management solutions delivered on the Alfresco and ArkCase platform integrate information, processes, and people to humanize technology. This results in an engaging solution centered around the user, so that users can work smarter, respond faster and reduce costs. In addition, the Alfresco platform provides an enterprise caliber secure and compliant platform for automating records management

James Bailey, Co-Founder, President and CEO, Armedia

Analytics For Mandatory Reads And More

Northumbrian Water Limited uses Microsoft Syntex and Viva Topics to streamline knowledge sharing

Xoralia Policies also comes with powerful analytics. Xoralia Policies shows policy owners the percentage of users that have read a policy, while administrators can access a more detailed analytics dashboard showing the status of all mandatory reads as well as other salient analytics relating to document status, for example. There are options to use Power BI for more detailed and custom reporting.

These analytics can help teams to prepare for audits, making interventions where necessary, but also get a better understanding to building engagement with employees.

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Ibm Cloud Pak For Business Automation

IBM Cloud Pak for Business Automation bundles multiple ECM products with the company’s cloud capabilities to develop enterprise applications for large organizations. With experience in the ECM marketplace dating from the 1980s, IBM delivers interrelated ECM products to manage unstructured business information while protecting customers’ investments in legacy systems.

Cloud Pak incorporates the following purpose-built repositories:

Cloud Pak uses the content managed within these repositories to deliver high-value business applications, such as straight-through processing and automated document approvals. Moreover, Cloud Pak can add intelligence to these applications by utilizing AI/ML services based on IBM Watson for content classification, data extraction and image recognition.

Microsoft Teams Site Per Legal Matter

A Teams site per legal matter creates locations with easy to manage security membership and compliance settings. A Teams site ultimately encompasses a set of resources such as a SharePoint site collection for document and correspondence management, Teams channels for conversations and a location within the Teams application for bringing together artifacts associated with the legal matter.

At the time of writing, some specifications for Microsoft Teams may need to be considered. For example, the number of Teams sites a user can be a member of.

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All Of Your Data In One Place

Filer sits on top of SharePoint, meaning your data is stored within your Microsoft 365 environment. Its just organised in a way for you to be able to search and view records with ease. Maintaining data and IT security in one environment is far easier than having multiple. And if youre already using Microsoft 365 with all its best-in-class security options, it makes sense to consolidate!

Why Sharepoint Is Best For Governments

SharePoint Klinisches Case Management und Patientenmanagement ...

A government agencys ability to function efficiently relies on the secure and timely collaboration of information. SharePoint allows government sectors to streamline workflows while providing the services they need more efficiently. This platform allows for different offices and departments to securely share and collaborate on sensitive information at any time or from anywhere. Agencies are also able to access and generate reports and analysis information in real time. A tool like SharePoint is extremely valuable to the government sector, as it allows for increased workflows and efficiencies while satisfying security and budgetary restrictions.

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Why Government Agencies Should Embrace Sharepoint

Kayla Matthews

Kayla is a journalist and writer interested in professional productivity software, big data and other technologies. To read more posts by Kayla, visit her blog, or learn more about Kayla on her About Me page.

Although various organizations use SharePoint and adapt it to their needs, its especially useful for the government sector. Here are 5 reasons why.

Integrating Sharepoint With Teams Helps In

  • Adding learning pathway to their employees
  • Can add SharePoint as an application in the team for easy accessibility.
  • Can embed the useful website landing pages to teams and able to view the content in teams applications.
  • Able to add training content on the SharePoint and Create playlists to differentiate training scenarios like HR training, etc.
  • Availability of updated content each time.

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An Attractive Central Policy Library

Xoralia Policies acts as a central policy and procedure library that can be reached via a SharePoint-based intranet or via a SharePoint site, such as a communication site. When accessing Xoralia Policies users are presented with an attractive and intuitive interface that has been designed to help employees find that they need.

Each policy is listed with salient details including the title, the owner, the document format, the date it was last updated and any related instructions, such as whether it must be read. These instructions are personalised to the user. A handy summary at the top of the page also lets a user the number of policies that they have to read.

Identity Access Management In Government Agencies

Enabling AWS Support with ServiceNow | Amazon Web Services

Government work requires privacy and high-security safeguards. When unauthorized access becomes a matter of national, state or local security, you need to know that the only people gaining access to your system are those with the clearance to be there. Identity access management is also a key part of boosting productivity for these organizations, making logins faster and easier for both workers and citizens.

When it comes to identity management for federal governments, organizations need to manage a wide range of accounts with varying levels of access, and they need to be able to respond quickly without sacrificing security. Identity management for state governments and local agencies has similar requirements, and these groups often need to keep costs down to stay within budgets. Both require robust IAM systems to protect organizational and personal data and ensure operational efficiency.

Another important part of IAM is the citizen experience. Its becoming more common for the general public to accomplish various tasks, like license renewal and tax filing, online. While these capabilities have modernized and vastly expanded citizens options, theyve also increased the need for secure, user-friendly authentication systems. Users digitally exchange a range of personally identifiable information that needs to be responsibly protected.

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