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Free Government Phone Phone Number

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What Happens After I Receive My Phone At A Feel Safe Wireless Event Or Location

Free COVID Tests from US Government: Call This Phone Number to Receive One. #shorts

Even if Feel Safe Wireless provides a handset directly to you when you apply for LifeLine service, this does not mean the LifeLine application process is complete. After you receive your phone, you will have free unlimited promotional minutes and texts that you can use as normal until your LifeLine application has been approved. We will notify you via text message when the California third-party administrator has approved your LifeLine application and verified your eligibility. Once your LifeLine application has been approved and your eligibility verified, you will be placed on the LifeLine plan you chose at the time of enrollment.

If your LifeLine application comes back with a denial requesting more information, we will reach out to you and/or direct you to Feel Safe Wireless customer service when you attempt an outgoing call, in order to gather the additional information required. If your LifeLine application comes back with a firm denial, you will be switched to the retail plan of your choice or you can choose to cancel wireless service with Feel Safe Wireless and mail back your handset to Feel Safe Wireless headquarters.

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Who Can I Contact If I Have A Complaint

You can always contact Feel Safe Wireless Customer Service if you have any questions, concerns, or complaints by dialing 611 from your Feel Safe Wireless phone or by dialing Feel Safe Wireless toll-free number 877-247-7799. However, you may also contact the California Public Utilities Commissions Consumer Affairs Branch: by telephone 1-800-649-7570 or by mail CPUC Consumer Affairs Branch, 505 Van Ness Ave., San Francisco, CA 94102.

1 The Company reserves the right to refuse to provide a free handset in accordance with the Companys Handset Policy, which limits the availability of free handsets to only one per twelve month period, per customer. Customers who are not entitled to a free handset must purchase a handset from the Company or provide their own compatible handset.

2Pursuant to D. 17-01-032, effective January 19, 2017, the California LifeLine fund will pay for no more than two activation fees per household per year . Feel Safe Wireless will be responsible for any California LifeLine participants activation fee that is not eligible for reimbursement from the LifeLine fund.

Heres What Makes Infiniti Mobile The Smarter Choice

Best 4G Nationwide Wireless Network

Wireless service on the nations largest 4G/LTE network, for FREE to elegible subscribers.

Easy Enrollment and Fast Shipping

Simple qualification process and devices are shipped within 2 days of approval.

Flexible Plans

Variety of plans to choose from. Can also add other family members for incredibly low prices.

Most unlocked devices are compatible with Infiniti Mobile´s Network.

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What Is A Free Government Phone

Qualifying individuals can receive a Free Government Phone as part of the Lifeline Program or the Affordable Connectivity Program. These programs were created to ensure that households could stay connected to work, schooling, and healthcare in their everyday lives.

Currently, there are 2 government assistance programs to assist those in need and these programs are the Lifeline and Affordable Connectivity Programs.

What Is Assurance Wireless Customer Service Phone Number:

TAG Mobile

For customer service of the provider, dial: 1-888-321-5880.

For application status check, call: 1-888-898-4888.

Assurance Wireless Website:

At the Assurance page, one can learn about a free government cell phone program from the company, the way how to qualify, check availability in the state of your residence, review your current status, as well as read FAQs. It is also the fastest way to submit an Assurance Wireless application.

Assurance Wireless Customer Service Live Chat:

Live support is not available. Please, use the phone number to contact the company or send a message to the email address listed below.

Assurance Wireless Support Email:

Send an email to the company to

Assurance Wireless Support Fax Number:

No fax number exists at the moment.

Assurance Wireless Mail Address:

Assurance Wireless, PO BOX 686 Parsippany, New Jersey 07054

The Company

Assurance Wireless gives its subscribers who passed the application process satisfying all the eligibility requirements a free wireless phone linked with the plan of 500 free air talk minutes and unlimited texts each month. Currently, it provides the most significant amount of free minutes and free texts compared to other Lifeline free phone giving companies.

New eligible for Lifeline assistance customers receives a free Android smartphone loaded with free minutes, unlimited texts, and open monthly high-speed data.

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Free Government Smartphone Or Cell Services Offered By Phone Companies

There are a number of companies that provide the free government landline or cell phone services to consumer, and these services will be offered near you. Apple, ATT, Verizon, Samsung, Assuranc, Safelinee and other companies either give a free smartphone or pay the customer to get one. They also help with connecting to the internet with free or affordable plans. Locate .

They will often require a contract to be signed, and the terms and conditions will vary. As with any agreement that someone enters into, they should always review the terms of the deal closely. Many states also have agencies set up to answer questions from potential applicants.

Assurance Wireless is part of the T-Mobile network. They will provide the free government backed phone program is all states. In general, they will provide a qualified low-income customer with hundreds of minutes of free internet usage each month, texting as well as talk time each month as well. In general, a low-income family be also be given a free Samsubg Galaxy or Apple iPhone from Assurance , though it will generally be an older model.

Verizon also gives low-income families and people with no money a free smartphone, as they own Safelink . When it comes to the monthly service costs to customers, the terms and conditions on the usage of their cell phone is similar to the other providers it that they will offer a limited number of minutes, text message at no cost, and maybe even a free iPhone handset in some cases.

Free Government Phones: Plans Devices How To Apply

Thanks to the governments Lifeline Assistance program, you can qualify for .

For those who struggle to pay their cell phone bill every month, this government program was made for you. In this article, we’ll explain how you can qualify for the Lifeline program, as well as run through the carriers that offer free government cell phones. Finally, we’ll present some low-cost cell phone plan alternatives to this free program.

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Need A New Sim Card Or Getting Help In Verifying Documents Customer Care Would Help You Better

The support is available in all states and territories and there are special offers for Tribal areas. It has limitations that the company only operates in the state of California. I realise that this situation is difficult but lets try and find a solution. You can also contact them by calling their customer service number at 1-888-321-5880 to see if you are eligible for a device improvement. It has a large market of free cell phones and offers vast customer assurance wireless phone. The Free Government Cell Phone Program under Lifeline is paid for from the Universal Service Fund which offers free cell phone service to eligible Americans.

Another Article :Assurance auto wikipediaAssurance bcmAssurance bateau usage professionnelAssurance axaAssurance automobile obligatoire quebec

It has limitations that the company only operates in the state of California. Coming at the top of our list this acknowledgement statement was presumably popular amongst our readers because it acknowledges the difficulty of the problem without voicing a personal view on the matter and gives assurance to the customer. Send Us A Message. The support is available in all states and territories and there are special offers for Tribal areas. Assurance Wireless Customer Service Number. Assurance Wireless Phone Upgrade Complete Guide Other Units Compatible With Assurance Wireless Accounts Verizon Phones Cell Phone Companies Cheap Cell Phone Service.

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Are Government Phones Really Free

The Best FREE Cell Phone Plan | US Mobile

Did you know that you can receive a Free 4G/5G Smartphone without paying any hidden fees at AirTalk Wireless? AirTalk Wireless is an FCC-licensed Lifeline and ACP Provider which has provided federal assistance programs for over 10 years. Just take a look at what some of our satisfied AirTalk customers had to say about us!

AirTalk Wireless prides itself by going above and beyond to offer its customers a free 4G/5G smartphone at the companys own cost. Eligible customers will have a chance to receive a free smartphone from top iconic brands such as Apple, Samsung, LG, Motorola, and more! Moreover, AirTalk even provides the option for customers to upgrade their free phone to a higher-end model at deeply discounted rates of up to 80% off retail pricing.

to discover the top 5 free phones from AirTalk Wireless.

In addition to a free device, subscribers can also enjoy unlimited talk, text, and high-speed data plus unlimited calling to Canada and Mexico for only $5 a month as part of the ACP and Lifeline program.

All these offers come with no monthly bills, no contracts, and absolutely no hidden fees.

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How Do I Order Free Covid

You only need to provide the US Postal Service with a few bits of information to get your free test kits. You won’t be asked to provide any credit or debit card details, as both the tests and the shipping are free. Here’s how to get your free test kits.

1. Visit You can also get there via

2. Enter your contact details and shipping information.

3. Click Check Out Now.

4. Verify that your information is correct and select Place My Order.

All orders will be shipped via First Class Package Service.

People who can’t access the website or who have trouble ordering online can call 800-232-0233 to order their free tests.

Life Wireless Replacement Policy

Life Wireless does business in 25 states plus Puerto Rico. Its lost of stolen policy says:

Lost or Stolen Phones: If your Device is lost or stolen you must contact us immediately to report the Device lost or stolen. If your Device is lost or stolen, you will be responsible for all charges incurred on your phone number until you report the theft or loss. You can report your Device as lost or stolen and suspend your service without a charge by contacting us. You may request a replacement through customer service by paying a $20 replacement fee. Replacements will be shipped within 24 business hours on receipt of payment. After you report the theft or loss to us you remain responsible for complying with your other obligations under this Agreement including, but not limited to, payment of any monthly service fees. We and you have a duty to act in good faith and in a reasonable and responsible manner, including in connection with the loss or theft of your Device.

In addition to the Big Five free government cell phone companies, dozens of smaller, regional companies compete in the Lifeline Assistance business. The companies vary from state to state, so lets review some of the larger ones:

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How To Get The Newest Batch Of Free At

The tests will start to ship during the week of Dec. 19th.

Justin Sullivan / Getty Staff

The Biden administration is giving out a new round of free COVID-19 tests ahead of the holiday season and holiday gatherings.

The free rapid antigen tests can be ordered online through Each household is eligible to order four at-home tests, which will be mailed to them for free.

The tests will start to ship during the week of Dec. 19th.

Today, the Biden Administration is announcing a plan to stay ahead of an increase in COVID-19 cases this winter, the White Housesaid in a statement. While COVID-19 is not the disruptive force it once was, the virus continues to evolve, and cases are on the rise again as families are spending more time indoors and gathering for the holidays.

In addition to the free mailed tests, Americans with health insurance plans can access eight free at-home tests each month, which can be purchased at places like local pharmacies.

The decision to distribute more free tests comes as experts warn of a tripledemic with a high incidence of COVID-19 cases, flu, and RSV. When it comes to COVID-19, case numbers and hospitalizations have started to rise across the country, but cases remain nowhere near the numbers from January 2022, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Dr. Helen Chu, an associate professor of allergy and infectious diseases at UW Medicine in Seattle, told The New York Times it was a good time to mask.

How Do You Qualify For A Free Government Cell Phone

Fewer takers for free government cell phone giveaway?

To find out if you qualify for a free government phone, youll need to make sure that your household income is at or below 135% of the Federal Poverty Guidelines. Youll need to prove your household income with pay stubs, a W-2 form, or a letter from the government agency that you’re enrolled in.

You can start by entering your ZIP code here to see what free government service options are available in your area.

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Budget Mobile Replacement Policy

Budget currently offers free government cell phone plans in 30 states and have already announced expansion plans into 17 more states and Puerto Rico. Here is the companys lost or stolen policy:

We can suspend your account so no one can use the phone. If you happen to find your phone, please contact our Customer Service department, so we can restore your services. Unfortunately, if you are unable to find your phone, you will need to purchase a replacement phone.

To purchase a replacement phone, you may stop by your local Budget Mobile store, or you may mail a money order in the amount of $20.00 to: Budget Prepay Inc, 1325 Barksdale Blvd, Suite 200, Bossier City, LA 71112. Please be sure to include your account number or mobile number on the money order.

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How The Lifeline Assistance Program Works

Every qualifying person will get a free government cell phone or smartphone with free talk-time, data, text messages, and hot spot data. Nevertheless, the offer varies depending on the company and your state. Therefore, youll want to find a phone provider with the best benefits. It is also advisable to look for a Link-Up operator with an excellent customer service record. Like regular cell phone companies, Lifeline wireless services have varying levels of customer support, playing a significant role in a customers overall experience.

The Universal Service Fund finances the program so that you dont have to worry about making payments once you qualify. You are likely to be eligible if you receive government help or participate in one of the government poverty initiatives. Interested citizens can receive a free government cell phone through the following steps:

  • Find a participating Lifeline Assistance wireless company in your state.
  • Complete the providers application form on the internet or via mail
  • Attach your proof of identity
  • Provide evidence of your income through payroll stubs o submit an endorsement letter from a government agency.
  • Wait for the company to approve your application.
  • Receive your free government mobile phone via mail
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    California Public Utilities Commission Number For Tracfone Wireless Inc: U

    California Public Utilities Commission Consumer Affairs Branch 505 Van Ness Avenue San Francisco, CA 94102

    Phone Number: 1-800-649-7570* or TDD 1-800-229-6846

    *Please be advised that the 1-800 number is an intrastate toll-free number and will not work from locations outside California.

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    How To Get A Free Phone From The Us Government

    7 Best Virtual Business Phone Number Apps in 2022 (w/ Free Options)

    We are committed to sharing unbiased reviews. Some of the links on our site are from our partners who compensate us. Read our disclosure policies to learn more.

    The US government offers a program called Lifeline Assistance that can reduce the cost of phone and internet services, if you qualify.

    Sadly, Lifeline Assistance no longer provides free cell phones alongside their discounted services. But you may find that some of the wireless providers offering free plans through the Lifeline program still offer a free cell phone or free SIM kit. Scroll down to see a list of those providers below.

    Most cell phone providers participating in the Lifeline program also participate in the Affordable Connectivity Program, which can get you a cell phone or tablet at a discounted price of about $11.

    To qualify for Lifeline Assistance, you either have to have an income at or below 135% of the Federal Poverty Guidelines, or be currently enrolled in any of the following government programs:

    • Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program
    • Supplemental Security Income
    • Federal Public Housing Assistance
    • Tribal-specific programs: Bureau of Indian Affairs General Assistance, Tribal Temporary Assistance for Needy Families , Food Distribution Program on Indian Reservations
    • Assistance for Needy Families , Food Distribution Program on Indian Reservations , Head Start
    • Veterans and Survivors Pension Benefit

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