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Records Management Software For Government

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Rapid Requests For Records

What Is Records Management?

With GovOS Records, your team can build custom forms that citizens can use to request specific records. With our Studio platform, these can be built and brought online in a matter of minutes, and quickly edited at any point, improving workflows for both citizens and staff.

Certified Vital Records Request
Court Records

Filehold Implementation Is Fast And Easy

Implementing a enterprise wide document management system can seem daunting but FileHold document management software is easy to use, easy to install, and has intuitive interface. Moving all documents into a central repository will eliminate the need for paper, storage, duplication, lost records, and allow for quick and easy searches for information. Records are stored safely using multiple levels of security and information is never lost. Logs and audit trails ensure the integrity of documents and keeps you in compliance.

To learn how a document management systems could benefit your Government organization contact .

Choosing The Records Management Software

As you make decisions on what records management software to buy, keep the following in mind:

  • Select software that is the right size for your organization.
  • Learn what is included in the price of the software. A low-cost software may become pricey if you include maintenance and upgrades costs.
  • Test the software products before purchasing them.
  • Attend vendor software demonstrations.
  • Visit a current user to evaluate the system, but without the seller present.
  • Before you contract with sellers, check their financial stability and the length of time in business.

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Why Is Gilbyim So Different

Gilby IM is a fully managed service and opens out the benefits of an EDRMS to all organisations, from large to small. It allows the management of specific record sets without the need for expensive organisation-wide projects or support teams.

Unlike traditional EDRMS deployments, GilbyIM is offered as Software-as-a- Service and can be deployed within a few days. Organisations have the option to adopt a templated solu- tion or have the platform configured to their specification.

As a fully managed service, GilbyIM gives organisations the freedom to deploy quickly an EDRMS just for the information assets that need manag- ing without the need for a full deploy- ment. This dramatically reduces costs. Whether it be electronic records covering HR, contracts or finance, paper files or back scanning a whole file range ready for an office move, GilbyIM solves this problem and solves it quickly.

Managing Public Records Requests

Public Records Management Software for Government

Today, people expect almost instant results. Combine this expectation with the volume of constituent and media-led Freedom of Information Act requests. You must upgrade your public records request processes to be successful and keep your sanity.

Public records management software connects you to all the necessary information you need to fulfill a request. It does this by first storing all your documents and data in a single digital location. With your information in one place you can swiftly search for records and deliver results, even digitally. Your constituents simply place their request online . The solution compiles the documents and posts them to an online portal for fast, efficient delivery.

From requests, tracking, approvals, redaction, and fulfillment, public records request management software alleviates frustration. Allowing you to deliver better results faster.

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Docuware Document Management For State And Local Governments

With DocuWare document management for government agencies, you can improve operations by providing employees with secure and instant access to documents and processes while in the office, working from home or in the field. From securing vital public records to running civic projects and fulfilling the daily needs of citizens, DocuWares digital processes provide faster, easier and more accurate public service.

Manage Files In Accordance With Government Records Policies

Tracking, controlling, and monitoring government documentation is essential to align with regulations and policies. These policies are often referred to as recordkeeping requirements, which define and outline government personnel responsibilities for handling, creating, or maintaining federal records. Government policies and requirements also specify particular records and documents that agency systems must include.

Effective record management also assists government personnel in:

  • Preservation of history

  • Planning and operations

These elements are crucial for archiving essential functions and protecting federal records. Precise document-management policies can also help prevent unlawful, accidental, or unauthorized removal and destruction of official records, which is a necessary step for compliance. When controlling the processes of managing files, all aspects must be accounted for. Government document management also emphasizes identifying possible issues or alterations that may require improvement.

Document management includes the entire records lifecycle, which consists of three different stages:

  • Creation of document or record

  • Document or record maintenance and use

  • Regulating, disposing, or destroying temporary records while transferring permanent ones to NARA

  • Government records management can upgrade document management systems to align with records policies by:

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    Integrate With Your Current Technologies

    A tribal document management solution integrates with your current technologies. You gain instant access to what you need without switching between systems. Integrations allow you to extend the value of the programs you already use, like:

    • Enterprise resource management
    • Court or human services case management
    • Law enforcement incident report management systems
    • Central enterprise content management document repository

    Your existing systems have unique benefits to offer you. On top of that, they also extend the value of the systems and programs you already use. It accomplishes this by seamlessly connecting to them. As a result, you can skip the painful transition period.

    Verified Tips To Hire The Right Document Management Development Services

    Records Management Training for Federal Agencies

    Finding the right agency is as important as developing flawless software. So, make sure you find the best firm for developing your government document management system. Here are some of the tried and tested tips to help you in your find.

    Get references

    You must have come across this suggestion, often. Why not? It is one of the most effective and smart ways to zero down on the best possible option. When you ask your friends and relatives to suggest firms, they will only give you names when you are satisfied with them. So, by doing this you get already filtered options and get closer to finding the best firms. It saves your time and of course effort.

    Pay attention to accreditation for data security

    We have mentioned before, government data and documents are highly sensitive and prone to malicious threats. So, you must be very careful about its security. To being with, it would be best to hire firms accredited for their data security standards. Make sure the firm is accredited for data security by authorized and international bodies. For example, you can hire firms accredited by ISO for quality and data security.

    Schedule a demo

    Ask for a quote

    Good and reputed firms are always transparent about their pricing. They are confident about their product and do not hesitate in asking a deserving price for it. Remember to ask the consultant to quote a cost for developing the software. It will give you a fair idea about the firms professionalism and transparency.

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    See What Box Has To Offer

    At Box, we focus on providing you with the right services to protect your files, encourage cooperation, and empower your people. We designed the Content Cloud to accelerate your workflows, improve collaboration across departments, reduce risk, and simplify case management.

    We are proud to offer resources, training, and support to our customers and help improve the online experience for citizen and employee engagement. With our solution, your agency can speed up document intake and enable your team to work, share, and access documents from any location. Contact us today, or to learn how we can help you accomplish your goals.

    Globalsearch Helps To Serve The Tax Payers Of Floyd County Indiana

    The Floyd County Clerks Office provides consistent, quality service to the general public and tax payers of Indiana in an efficient and honest manner. It is their focus on impartial teamwork, efficiency, and professionalism that makes Floyd County Clerks Office a reliable and trustworthy establishment. As a government entity, Floyd County handles all real estate deductions, transfers of property, tax sales and much more. Responsible for maintaining the public records of the county as required by Indiana State Statutes, Floyd County operates in a document-heavy, paper-intensive environment.

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    Box Solutions For Government Agencies

    All organizations benefit from systems that enhance their performance and innovation. Government agencies can rely on a content management platform to manage their classified documents and help uphold their retention schedules. This type of cloud-based platform also improves security and productivity, reduces operating costs, and supports compliance. With Box, government organizations will be more confident in their document management with an easy-to-use, automated platform. The Content Cloud provides simple integration and a cost-effective solution to speeding up approvals and engaging employees.

    Some of the Content Cloud’s essential features include:

    • Consistent, easy user experience

    • Emphasis on collaboration and security

    • Purpose-built productivity tools

    • Ability to manage, create, share, process, and sign documents

    If your agency is switching to a paperless system, the Content Cloud gives you the right tools to meet your standards. The Content Cloud fulfills all your content requirements and needs, reducing confusion and disorganization.

    The instant access to document retrieval, new-hire paperwork, finances, and other administrative services is convenient with our secure and compliant collaboration platform. Making decisions, transferring documents, and securely managing sensitive files becomes a much more effective process, increasing communication and transparency in your agency.

    Records Management Software: What You Need To Know Before You Buy

    Public Records Management Software for Government

    Modern records management software is designed to control records within an organization systematically and to offer key personnel an easy and quick access to any piece of information needed. Such software will help manage records in any format.

    But evaluating, selecting, and buying records management software depends on several factors. Not every system is right for all users. This is why googling the best records management software is not the right way to go.

    The system you choose should fit the complexity and size of your organization. To make the right choice, you will need to know what you need specifically:

    • What will you use the system for?
    • How much it will cost to acquire?
    • What records management legislation it needs to follow?

    These are just some of the factors you must consider when buying records management software.

    Manual records management may have been effective in the past, but this hardly meets the requirements of todays fast-moving technological environment. Manual systems are time-consuming, inflexible, prone to error, and very costly.

    An automated system will provide faster access to data due to its robust searching capabilities, and is easier to learn. Also, an automated system will help you organize your records, allowing you to capture, store, manipulate, and manage the data the records contain. These systems also help your organization to be data storage compliant because the companies behind the systems keep track of compliance requirements.

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    Unlock The True Power Of Govos Official Public Records By Using It Alongside Our Digital Transformation Platform

    The GovOS government software platform offers a suite of cloud-based solutions that enable local governments to automate and streamline operations, provide seamless access to resources and information, and deliver cutting-edge digital services to businesses, residents and agencies.

    Information Access

    The Benefits Of An Electronic Document & Records Management System

    An EDRMS is purpose-built to manage records to the highest standards. It can manage electronic and paper records, archives, libraries, image collections and back-scanned projects. It allows the application of strict rules and in-built controls to ensure that what is placed in the system is properly managed throughout its lifecycle.

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    Keep Records And Manage Them In Place

    Manage records in their current locations . Gain centralized control over content and records distributed across different systems, without costly content migration.

    • Centralize the creation and maintenance of your file plans and retention schedules apply them consistently across legacy applications
    • Provide customized search views and conduct federated searches across legacy systems for eDiscovery or hold requests and export in the EDRM XML format into review tools
    • Manage records across a range of systems with 70+ connectors including Microsoft Office 365, Microsoft SharePoint, Microsoft Exchange, Google Mail, OpenText, Documentum, IBM FileNet, SAP,, Boxand a host of others
    • Manage in place, migrate on-demand or migrate with the manage-in-place connectors

    Conducting A Records Inventory

    GSA’s Solution to Electronic Records Management

    As a user, first, you must determine what items and activities the records management software will manage. For example, active records, inactive records, historical records, vital records, records retention scheduling, and so on.

    Many organizations evaluate their records management needs by conducting a records inventory. Such inventory will determine what and how many records you have, their environmental and physical condition, their current location, and how often you refer to them.

    Also, an inventory will provide a survey of your current records situation, determine storage needs, identify archival and vital records, and provide a foundation for a good records management plan. Once you have collected this important information via an inventory, you can start to investigate what type of software will work best for your organization.

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    Ecm & Electronic Document Management System For Government Organizations

    Government agencies process a tremendous amount of documents daily. A central document repository that can integrate with necessary databases and EDMS systems is critical to optimize workflows and improve access to records from any location or device. This is where GRMs enterprise content management system with integrated document management software and workflow automation becomes an indispensable tool. Our ECM was created for highly collaborative environments, especially government agencies at the local and national levels.

    Our enterprise content management system is built over a powerful electronic document management system that speeds up data capture and data entry. With its intelligent character recognition software , our ECM makes filling out documents a breeze for anyone. Our workflow automation software helps ensure that these documents are always integrated into your organizations daily processes, eliminating day-to-day inefficiencies. Also, you may want to inquire about our secure, offsite document storage solutions.


    GRMs document management software is built with features like ICR, OCR, data capture and workflow automation software to make document creation, editing and sharing a breeze.

    Richard Obrien Director At Gilbyim Looks At An Electronic Document & Records Management System For Efficient Information Management

    Imagine walking into a bank and being told you can see your balance, but not your withdrawal history. Or that the money you deposit may not be valid when you decide to withdraw it. Sounds farfetched? Not in the world of Information Management. The answer is to use the right tool for the job an Electronic Document & Records Management System, which manages documents and records with precision and control, just like banks manage money.

    Documents are created and received by everyone. They vary in importance, and some have more value than others. Given that so much reliance is placed on documents and records, why is it that document repositories only tell you what you hold and not what youve deleted? And, with so many different content types, combined with multiple formats and technologies spanning so many years, how can you guarantee you can access the records when you need to in years to come?

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    Where Do Collaboration Platforms Fit

    Collaboration platforms such as O365, Google Workspace and Dropbox are useful tools. They allow a great deal of flexibility for users to access, create and collaborate on content. However, if they are configured to act like an EDRMS, they lose much of the functionality that make them such great platforms to work with. Rights need to be removed from users and complex processes need to be created and documented. And what is more, all these actions need to be managed by a central team.

    Government Document Management Solutions

    Public Records Management Software for Government

    Government document management is helpful in many different areas of recordkeeping and regulation compliance. Agencies of different sizes have various requirements and policies. A document management system can help meet these needs and provide effective solutions in all departments. Software solutions allow organizations to simplify and automate their procedures in many ways, including:

    • Incorporating electronic files with existing software

    • Reducing the risk of duplication

    • Restricting access to sensitive documents

    • Managing workforce files

    • Creating records from form requests

    • Monitoring expiration dates

    • Streamlining new-hire and onboarding paperwork

    • Reviewing and comparing contracts or policies

    • Automating document workflow

    Document management solutions streamline the process of managing records and notify users about changes, renewals, and approvals. Software solutions can also implement payment features for employee payroll or copies of specific records and documentation. Customer service and citizen satisfaction will improve with reduced wait times for copies of personal or property records. With paper documentation, these processes are often tiresome and inconvenient.

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    Digitization And Document Management Software Offer Clear Advantages For State And Local Government

    Document management and workflow automation let you digitize paperwork and securely save it in an organized repository for quick retrieval when needed. Easily capture, store, manage, process, share and track documents with controlled access. Task lists and email notifications enable staff to handle daily responsibilities more efficiently and decision makers to approve, reject or request more information along checkpoints in all your processes.

    DocuWare delivers these key capabilities to communities and agencies:

    How Can Docedge Dms Help

    The most important need of government agencies is security. The type of documents handled by these agencies makes it necessary for any software to provide security.

    docEdge DMS Software is not only secure but also help manage your documents. They can reduce reliance on paper and conventional methods of document distribution such as shipping and courier.

    docEdge DMS, our secure Document Management Software can do all these and much more.

    See our line of products docEdge DMS and bpmEdge BPMS in Action!

    Whether your organisation is looking to go paperless or to automate business processes, our line of products are the Umbrella Platforms for your needs.

    Schedule a demo today with one of our solution consultants.

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