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How To Get Government Funding For Your Business

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Business Plans Sell Investors

A Quick Guide to Small Business Grants (Its FREE Money!)

Business plans wont automatically convince investors that they should fund your business.

Yes, a well-written and convincing business plan present your business to investors in detail but they are investing in your business, not just a plan. Normally you have to have a team in place, have made progress toward idea validation, orbetter stilltraction . So youll need to do a lot of work before you get investors.

Nobody invests in ideas or plans. There are rare exceptions, in which investors know an entrepreneur well and are ready to invest in them at an early stage. In that case, they are investing in the entrepreneur, not the plan.

Energy For Business Nottinghamshire

Energy for Business has grants up to £8,000. Theyre aimed at businesses in Nottinghamshire or Derbyshire who improve energy, reduce emissions or are introducing sustainable technologies. The organisation will fund 40 per cent, up to £8,000.

Youve got a few conditions to bear in mind. The minimum project cost must be £2,500 and the maximum £20,000 youll be given the grant once the work is completed.

How To Find Small Business Grants

There are many ways to find small business grants. One way is to research online for funding opportunities. Government sites such as are excellent places to start your search because they offer the most variety of programs. However, there are also non-governmental sources where you can find grant programs.

One option is to ask your local chamber of commerce or other small business associations in your area about grant opportunities and where you can apply. Depending on your location, you can check out local and regional grant programs that focus on specific industries, such as manufacturing or tourism.

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Access To Transfer Payment Ontario

After you register your organization:

  • the system will automatically place a request for standard access to Transfer Payment Ontario
  • we will email you to let you know when you can access the system
  • Depending on volumes and peak times, it could take up to five business days for us to process your request.

    We recommend you register your organization and submit your request to access Transfer Payment Ontario well in advance of the program submission deadline. This will ensure you can submit your funding request on time.

    Malvern Hills Enterprise Scheme

    How to Get Free Government Money for Small Businesses

    The Enterprise Scheme aims to support new and young businesses. The scheme will encourage the occupation of vacant commercial premises, help regenerate town centres, stimulate entrepreneurship, create new jobs and enhance the sustainability of new businesses.

    Pre-start and new businesses trading for less than 36 months can apply for a grant of up to £500 or £1,000 if they meet the following criteria:

    • The business is in or moving into premises that are liable to business rates
    • The business employs or will employ two or more FTE employees
    • The business operates in the low carbon economy
    • The grant will be used towards expenditure that supports the business environmental sustainability

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    How To Choose The Right Government Funding Option

    Here are some questions you can ask yourself to see which government funding options are right for you and your business.

    • How much money do you need?
    • When do you need the money?
    • What will the money be used for?
    • What types of funding options would you accept?
    • Can you meet the minimum requirements for the fund?

    Hot Tip

    Read The Eligibility Requirements Carefully

    It sounds obvious, but its not hard to overlook aspects of grant eligibility requirements and end up putting a ton of effort into applying for a grant youre ineligible for. Read the requirements carefully and evaluate whether you qualify for the grant. If youre unsure whether you qualify, contact someone from the organization and ask.

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    Low Carbon Innovation Grants Warwickshire

    Low Carbon Innovation Grants helps companies to develop a low carbon product or invest in low carbon technology. Again, the council will cover 40 per cent of improvements, providing funding between £1,000 and £50,000. Its intended for energy efficient upgrades and putting eco-friendly waste management systems in place.

    Where Can You Get Startup Funding

    Free Money: How to Get a Small Business Grant

    Getting funds for your startup is not easy, especially when it has no product or service to offer. People wont believe your idea. And, the bad news is that you cant get funding for your startup from anyone who is not even believing your idea.

    So, what do you do?

    You go to your relatives. Your mom, your dad, they will believe you even if your idea is picking trash trash can sell too .

    In fact, top business celebrities like Nick Woodman, Donald Trump, Kim Kardashian, Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos, and many others took funds from their parents when they were in the early stages of their business. Later, they were able to turn this initial funding for startup into millions of dollars for themselves, and their family, with sheer hard work and smart decisions.

    Once you have funding from your relatives, you can survive for a year or two, But once you are out of that what do you do? Read below.

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    Coventry And Warwickshire Green Business Programme

    The purpose of these grants is to invest in equipment that cuts down on carbon emissions within your business. Warwickshire District Council will fund up to 40 per cent, providing grants between £1,000 and £50,000. The grants are for installing energy efficient equipment like LED controls and renewable technologies. Apply before June 2023.

    Government Grants For Small Business

    This guide gives an overview of a range of small business grants, both from the government and other organisations across the UK.

    You can jump straight to the government grants by following these links or keep reading for the full list of grants available for small business:

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    Applying To Every Single Program Offered

    Funding is available. Yay!!! Lets apply to every single funding program and surely we will get something

    Applying to every single program offered by the Canadian government is just plain stupid.

    Think about it like this you have a headache and a need some medication to help make it go away. When you go to a pharmacy, you look for the medication which is for headaches, you get it and done. You dont walk into an isle and just take any medication you see it may not be right for you, it may not be for head aches and its just plain stupid.

    So why would somebody want to apply for every single funding program?

    Government funding programs are separated by location, by industry and by funding needs. Certain funding programs only fund women, some individuals age 18 to 30, some are just for seniors, some are just for certain provinces, some are just for specific industries or just for specific funding needs..etc

    Funding is based on those factors and when you apply to a program without verifying what the factors are, chances are that you are just waiting your time.

    Make Sure Your Business Aligns With The Organizations Mission

    7 Government Grants Every Tech Entrepreneur Should Know About

    Organizations that provide small business grants do so in the hopes of achieving a specific goal they care deeply about. Ask yourself how your business model helps contribute to achieving this goal. If the answer is hard to parse, you might want to consider applying for grants with another organization.

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    Key Fund For Social And Community Businesses East Midlands

    Key Fund is one for socially driven businesses with community at their heart. Youll get support with your application plus flexible grant and loan packages. Investment from £5,000 to up to £300,000 to community and social enterprises operating in the North of England and the Midlands.

    Medilink Solstice is aimed at businesses in the life sciences sector who are based in the Leicester LEP area.

    Youve got three grants to choose from:

    • Innovation Support Grants
    • Med Tech Trials Grants
    • Specialist Networking Grants

    Small Business Grants For Veterans

    Active and former members of the Armed Services are eligible for grants and funding designed to upstart your business. Organizations, such as Warriors Rising and StreetShares Foundation, offer annual grants for veterans.

    The U.S. Small Business Association also operates programs, including Boots to Business, which helps support service members on their journey to entrepreneurship. You can also look to programs such as the Patriot Boot Camp and Institute for Veterans and Military Families for business training and exploration of funding opportunities.

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    Ontario Government Grant Loan Tax Credit And Funding Programs Mentor Works Can Write For Your Business

    Ontario government funding programs can support a wide range of strategic projects, including business expansion, research and development, hiring and training, and capital investment. By being proactive and applying for funding prior to the start of projects, companies can access government grants and loans that provide a boost to company investments and greatly improve project outcomes.

    Many of these programs are offered by Federal Economic Development Agency for Southern Ontario and Federal Economic Development Initiative for Northern Ontario .

    The Ontario business grants and loans listed on this page may offer support for your organizations upcoming projects. To discuss your eligibility for them and receive assistance with the application process, please contact Mentor Works.

    Mentor Works team of Canadian government grant & loan application writers have an average success rate of 86% across all government funding programs and provide our clients with an average of 95% time savings. Speak with a member of our team to find out what programs your business may be eligible for by calling us at or visiting our Get Funding Help page.

    Use the filtering options below to help sort the available Canadian government funding programs.

    Visitscotland Growth Fund Grants

    Unique Ways to Get Startup Funding for Your Business

    Scottish-based businesses who wish to do a collaborative tourism marketing campaign can apply. VisitScotland wants to work with businesses to help them build digital capability, market and measure outputs and success more effectively. We encourage applications for integrated marketing campaigns that will show visitors, through creation and promotion of inspiring digital content, that Scotland is Now.

    Successful applications must demonstrate:-

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    What Is The Difference Between A Grant And Loan

    By definition, a loan is money given to you or your business that you will be expected to pay back. A grant, on the other hand, will not ever need to be paid back, so its essentially free money.

    Additionally, a loan often requires that you qualify for it based on revenue, credit score, and experience. Grants also have requirements, but they vary widely. In most cases, grants are based on a businesss goals and financial need and less on its history.

    A grant can be an appealing option for your small business because it provides you with a financial jumping-off point no matter what stage of growth you are in. Learn more about ways to secure money for your small business.

    Government Grants For Small Businesses

    Government grants are a desirable source of funding for many small businesses. Well-known sources for government grants include agencies like,, the U.S. Small Business Administration , and the U.S. Economic Development Administration , but small businesses should look to every tier of the government to find the best grant for their business.

    If this is a funding option you are considering, check out these government grants for small businesses.

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    Seed Enterprise Investment Scheme

    Youll have heard of this scheme. It helps start-ups to raise money for their business. You get a maximum of £150,000 including state aid awarded in the three years running up to the date of investment.

    Make sure you meet the conditions so investors can claim and keep SEIS tax reliefs relating to their shares. Said tax reliefs will be withheld or withdrawn if you dont meet these conditions for three years after the investment. The money must be spent within three years of the share issue.

    UK businesses that are currently exporting can apply for support to:

    • Exhibit at or attend approved overseas trade shows and conferences
    • Potentially receive grants to cover some costs

    UK businesses can also apply for support if theyre thinking about exporting but are not currently doing so. The support available through the programme varies. All successful applicants will receive training on successfully exhibiting at:

    • Trade shows in general
    • The specific approved event that they have applied for

    Some businesses may also receive a grant of either £2,000 or £4,000 as financial support to cover:

    • Exhibition space costs
    • Stand costs
    • Conference fees, costs of preparing conference promotional material

    You must not have previously received support to exhibit from the UK Tradeshow Programme. You must:

    You must:

    Applications must be made at least six weeks before the start of the event.

    University Of Bedfordshire Productivity Escalator

    How to Get Free Government Money: Your Comprehensive Guide

    Productivity Escalator is an EU funded project developed to help SMEs in the South East Midlands Local Enterprise Partnership area to be more active online or with digital technology, thus improving their productivity, their potential to export and their recovery from Coronavirus impacts.

    Some of the areas Productivity Escalator can support are productivity, staffing for the future and data problems.

    The fund is for:

    • Businesses looking to do more online or with digital technology, e.g. e-commerce
    • Businesses looking increase broadband capacity
    • Established businesses and start-ups with fewer than 250 employees
    • Businesses based in the South East Midlands Local Enterprise Partnership area

    It gives you:

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    Rules To Get Government Funding For Your Small Business

    The UK government provides funding to help small business owners succeed.

    This funding comes from various levels of the British government, including the local government, regional offices as well as national level government.

    The funding, as mentioned can come in the form of government grants, government loans, or tax options. Each one has its own benefits as well as disadvantages.

    To ensure that you can successfully get any of these government funding options for your small business, the below 5 rules are what you should take into consideration:

    Rule # 1: Have a solid business plan

    Rule # 2: Ensure your financial statements are perfected

    Rule # 3: Know what you need in terms of funding and how much

    Rule # 4: Understand how to search the government funding options

    Rule # 5: Be extra careful with the applications

    Keep in mind that every single government funding programme is unique in its own way so on top of these crucial steps, each programmes application criteria and requirements may vary. Take the needed time to review the funding scheme in detail before you apply.

    Small Business Grant Vs Business Loan

    Although a small business grant and loan are both ways to get funds for your business, they operate differently. A small business loan, unlike a small business grant, has to be repaid, plus interest and any fees a lender charges.

    The business loan application process also differs. When you apply for a small business loan, a lender normally reviews your personal and business credit scores to determine whether you qualify. A grantor, on the other hand, doesnt check your credit since it doesnt expect repayment.

    In addition, when you apply for a business loan, youll likely receive funds faster than applying for a grant, provided you qualify. For example, some lenders can approve qualified applicants on the same business day and disburse funds within a few days. However, if you apply for a federal grant, it can take up to six months for a grantor to make a decision.

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    North Of Tyne Growth Fund

    The North of Tyne Growth Fund is a £4.6m programme of investment part-funded by ERDF that supports SME growth.

    You could be eligible for a grant of up to 30 per cent of expenditure if you are an SME planning capital investment of at least £67,000 and expanding or establishing in Newcastle, Tyneside or Northumberland.

    Arts University Bournemouth Vouchers

    Small Business Grants and Funding to Stay Afloat During COVID-19

    Access Vouchers allow businesses access to AUBs world-class facilities, which include SLS 3D printing, CNC routing, three and five axis CNC milling for prototyping and testing. They also enable businesses to work with our talented staff and students on solutions to their design problems.

    The university also facilitates match-funded Innovation Vouchers which support businesses undertaking Research and Innovation projects. Recipients can claim back up to 50 per cent of their financial investment in small research projects.

    Vouchers are supported by workshop events that allow businesses to develop new skills, experiment with new equipment and make contacts with like-minded businesses across the region. For example, our Meet the Maker workshops are run in conjunction with local business and focus on applications of technology and design theory. Such as the Introduction to 3D printing in collaboration with industrial designer Studio Wood and experts at our Museum of Design in Plastics. You can explore more workshops below.

    There are two grants available in Scarborough.

    Business start-up grants

    Start-up grants are targeted at new start-ups and businesses less than 18 months old with no more than ten employees. Applications can be made for assistance towards the cost of necessary equipment and machinery , the extension, adaptation or improvement of facilities within the premises and marketing, where it forms part of a promotional programme which is likely to lead to new jobs.

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    Cumbria Business Startup Support Programme

    For people starting a business or in their first three years of trading, this programme can include training, help developing your business plan and access to a £2,000 subsidy. Youll also get free basic membership of Cumbria Chamber of Commerce for one year when you start trading .

    The Department for International Trade has launched a European Structural and Investment Fund for eligible East Midlands businesses. Match-funded grants of between £1,000 and £9,000 will be available for future activity.

    Your company must be a small or medium sized enterprise with up to 250 employees No more than 25 per cent of the business is owned by an enterprise which is not a SME Annual turnover does not exceed 50m or annual balance sheet does not exceed 43m

    The funding can be used to support areas including :

    Market research

    • Culture and Leisure
    • Education

    Apprenticeship Support Grant is available to SMEs identified by Tees Valley Combined Authority as being in one of the above priority sectors:

    • Apprentices Aged 16-18 grant of £3,000 is available
    • Apprentices Aged 19+ grant of £2,000 is available

    For any employers who do not fall into one of the above Priority Sectors, the following Grant is available:

    • Apprentices Aged 19+ grant of £500 is available

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