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How To Get Free Laptop From Government

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Donations Of Educational Enterprises

how to get free government laptop/ government free laptop scheme application form/ free laptop/à²à²¨à³?ನಡ

Educational enterprises usually give away used electronics after upgrading. A lot of private schools and universities sign up for charity. Although they might prefer donating to low-income households in their school or college, you can still reach out to them for assistance. Conduct a timely check on charitable programs operated by educational enterprises in your locality.

Are There Any Restrictions For A Lifeline

Yes, there are restrictions. You can get one laptop for a particular person. You can get a laptop for yourself by fulfilling all the requirements.

You need to meet the eligibility criteria as well as fill all the applications appropriately. You cant select which laptop you need the guidelines may vary depending upon the lifelines you need to cooperate with them.

Bonus: Where To Find Highly

There are tons of other places to find highly-discounted laptops if you dont qualify for the programs above. Check eBay or Craigslist for cheap computers. People like to unload their old tech gadgets on these sites, so make sure you check them out to see what you can find.

Amazon is another solid spot to check. The site recently started offering Renewed products or, in other words, refurbished so if you need a new laptop but cant get one for free, check out what theyre offering.

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Is There Also Free Internet For Low

The answer is yes, there are many organizations offering free internet but not necessarily with free laptops. Some charities offer free internet and laptops in addition to free internet service. These organizations can be found online. The internet service provided by companies like AT& T is also quite cheap.

It is the only way that low-income families can benefit from free internet along with free laptop computers provided by organizations that provide the service. Public places provide citizens with free Wi-Fi service. There are many public areas where free internet is available, including McDonalds, Subways, and libraries.

Families with low incomes can receive free tablets. For the laptop and Internet service, it would be best to know the eligibility requirements. The government requires your yearly income to be below the poverty line. A free laptop for low-income families program is only open to these individuals.

The government collaborates with non-profit organizations to make sure that only needy people receive free laptops. While other government benefits are easy to obtain, receiving free laptops is more difficult. Using a computer, the presentation will put youth on the cutting edge of technology. To apply, please go to the official website and fill out the application for free laptops for low-income families.

Tamil Nadu Free Laptop Scheme Online Apply

Get free Lenovo Laptop from Government à°«à±?à°°à±à°à°¾ లాపà±?à°à°¾à°ªà±? à°à±à°à±?à°à±à°¯à°à°¡à°¿ð¤ ...

On-time to time the government has initiated different-different schemes, for the welfare of the citizen living in the TN state. But for having these advantages candidates need to complete the registration as per the criteria decided by the state government. So we have to provide details related to features of the scheme, laptop specifications, its eligibility conditions, and also a document list for completing the application procedure.

Tamil Nadu Free Laptop Scheme Eligibility Criteria 2021

  • At first, the Applicant should be a student from class 10th or class 12th.
  • Then the student must be a permanent citizen of Tamil Nadu state.
  • Also, there has a preference under this scheme for students from the Scheduled Caste category and Schedule Tribe categories.
  • Applicant should also show their passed certificate from previous class examinations.
  • Students registering under this scheme should be studying under the Government school or government-aided school from Tamil Nadu state only.

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What Documents Are Required For A Free Laptop

While applying for an EBB program, you will be required to provide certain information. The provider will try to verify the provided information automatically. However, if they are unable to do so, you will be required to provide certain documents to verify your identity and prove your eligibility. The documents you may need to provide depend on your eligibility criteria.

Generally, an EBB provider may ask you to provide one or more of the documents listed below:

The only people who can participate in the EBB program are adults who are 18 or more years old and emancipated minors. Therefore, in case you are an emancipated minor, you must also provide an official document proving it, such as a court document, or a certificate.

Note: Make sure to only provide copies of the documents instead of original ones.

If you apply for the PCs for People EBB program, for example, you may be required to provide a form of a photo identification document , a document that proves your participation in a qualifying income-based assistance program, or a document that shows your households annual income.

You can find out more about PCs for Peoples slightly unique eligibility criteria and a list of acceptable documents at

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Discounted Laptop Way #: Apple Or Manufacturer

If you go directly to the brand of computer youd like, they usually have a refurbished section. These are laptops that have been broken in the past but the company takes it back, fixes it up so its like new. They usually offer warranties on these products as well.

This is probably the best way to get discounted laptops. The shipping time will usually be around 4-7 days depending on location and company. Regardless, there are all types of brands, prices, and features. These companies will make the process great and make sure to ge=t you a fantastic deal.

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Free Laptop Way #: Wake Forest University

This university is offering a grant to any students that need financial help. This grant will allow for a free laptop. To qualify you will need to be enrolled in their classes. Any Student receiving-based aid, merit scholarship, or athletic scholarship, can apply.

They also give a heavy discount for all students that dont get accepted for the technology grant.

Wake Forest is known for its medical, business, and biotech programs. They support each and every student and want to help the ones in need. They dont say exactly what laptop they give out but most likely its a Microsoft or Apple laptop.

Southern New Hampshire University

how to get free government laptop/ government free laptop scheme application form/ free laptop/à²à²¨à³?ನಡ

Location: Manchester, NHReputation: Ranked #1 in Innovation nationally by US News

Southern New Hampshire University is a private and respected school of 3,000 undergraduates. SNHU is also a leader in online learning.

While this university doesnt offer freebie computers, they have a partnership with both Dell and Apple. You can check those out on the manufacturer sites or at the SNHU electronics store.

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How To Get Free Money From The Government

The federal government funds several programs to help U.S. citizens with basic necessities. Most of the programs and services are income-based and have other eligibility requirements but others are available to anyone, regardless of income.

If you need financial assistance, these programs can help.

Get A Free Laptop From Computers With Causes

Computers With Causes has operations in all fifty United States and can assist you in getting a laptop for free. This organization collects computers as donations from people that dont want them anymore to give away to those that do. Specifically, this organization donates computers to educational programs and to foster homes. They also give away free laptops to households in need, returning members of the military as well as to underprivileged kids. The primary objectivity of Computers With Causes is to make sure that the computers go to the people that need them the most.

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Free Laptop Scheme From State Governments

There are many students who waiting for laptop scheme by government. We all know that there are many government scheme launched by state govt. If you want to get benefits of a laptop distribution scheme by government. Before going to apply online you have to check all eligibility criteria and document required.

How to apply online for free laptop scheme?

  • First navigate to official web page of desired state.
  • On the homepage, you need to select free laptop distribution scheme link.
  • A new webpage displayed on your screen.
  • Now you need to fill online application form of free laptop scheme by government.
  • Upload necessary documents.
  • At last click at submit option.
Madhya Pradesh free laptop scheme

What is Free Laptop Scheme?

Various state government had introduced Meritorious students free laptop Scheme.

How can I get laptop for free?

There are various eligibility criteria if you fulfill these criteria then you are able to get free laptop from government.

how to apply for a free laptop?

There is no need to apply for free laptop. Government shortlist the student as per merit basis. If you have scored good marks in your board examination then you will get free laptop from government.

How can I get all laptop free in India?

There is nothing that called free. But there are various free laptop scheme started by state governments.

Final Words: I hope you will get complete information regarding the schemes. For more updated information stay in touch with us and get latest updates.

Check Out Pcs For People

[September]How to get Free Government Laptops for Low income families

PCs for People provides computers and low cost internet to eligible recipients. Its a Microsoft Registered Refurbisher as well, so its computers come with licensed copies of Windows 10.

Youll need to be below the 200% poverty level or currently be enrolled in an income-based government assistance program to be eligible for a laptop.

Check out the eligibility page here to see if you could qualify for a free laptop.

  • Where to apply:

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Odisha Free Laptop Scheme 2022 Online Form Distribution

Odisha Free Laptop Scheme 2022 apply online form can be checked Distribution Merit List district wise, beneficiary list pdf. In Odisha state. To help the student with online education. The Odisha State Government has announced Odisha Free Laptop Scheme 2022. Through this many students get an advantage. And also they can study well as per their classes. The government has giving free laptops. For the students of Class 11th and 12th. This will be a big relief for them. As some families can not afford laptops due to financial conditions.

Online Registration For Tamil Nadu Free Laptop Scheme

If you fulfill the above-mentioned eligibility criteria then you can apply in online mode by following given steps.

  • Firstly, you have to visit the official website of ERP Software Solution Government of Tamil Nadu. After this the home page of the website will open in front of you.
  • On the homepage of the website you will see the login page, now you have to enter all the information asked in this page.
  • After you have entered your name, password and captcha code, you have to click on the login button. After this a registration form will open in front of you.
  • In this registration form, you have to provide all the necessary information. Here students will be asked their roll number, class and other details.
  • After that the students have to click on submit after checking the information entered in the registration form.
  • In this way, your registration for Tamil Nadu Free Laptop Scheme will be completed.

TN Free Laptop Scheme Beneficiary List

If you want to check the beneficiary list of PM Free Laptop Scheme, then for this you have to follow the steps given below.

Helpline Details

  • Address: Information Technology Department, Government of Tamilnadu, 2nd Floor,NKM Building, Secretariat, Chennai-600009.
  • Phone No: 044-2567 0783

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Get Free Internet And A Refurbished Laptop From Pcs For People

PCs For People is another nonprofit organization that gives away free refurbished laptops for those that need it the most. Qualified recipients are able to get laptops that are complimentary. This organization donates computers that have Windows 10 licensed copies since it is a refurbishing organization registered with Microsoft. All you need to do is to get on their website and see if you meet their eligibility requirements to get a laptop for free. The best part is that this organization even offers free unlimited internet plan for eligible applicants. Make sure you look at the list and see if you can avail of free internet from this organization.

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Miscellaneous Government Assistance Programs

How to Get Free Government Laptop/Government Free Laptop Scheme Application Form/Free Laptop Kannada

Whether you need assistance with your phone service, starting a business, or have suffered a job loss, there are programs that can help.


Lifeline is a discount cell phone service administered by the FCC, and is available to low-income people in every U.S. state, territory, commonwealth, and on Tribal lands. The cost is $9.25 per month.

In order to use Lifeline, you must meet certain income eligibility requirements. This means your income should be at or below 135% of the federal poverty level. You may also be eligible if you participate in certain assistance programs including:

  • Medicaid
  • Federal Public Housing Assistance
  • Certain Tribal assistance programs

Lifeline provides both cell phone and landline service and works with broadband. However, you may only use the Lifeline program for one service FCC rules prohibit more than one Lifeline service per household.

FCC takes big step in automating Lifeline eligibility verification. For more info, visit: #ProtectingConsumers#Lifeline


If you find that you need help with your phone service but dont qualify for Lifeline, there are other ways to get free or discounted cell phone service.

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Small business loans

If youre interested in having your own business but dont have the start-up capital, a loan from the Small Business Administration can help.

Temporary Assistance for Needy Families

Senior benefits

Unemployment benefits

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Free Internet For A Laptop With Foods Stamps

When there is a laptop, it is important to ensure internet and high-speed internet. High-speed internet is provided by the internet service provider and the client is severed through the ISP provider. The government also assists internet and Emergency Broadband Benefit program is one of them. This program provides discounts of up to $50 per month for eligible households and this amount goes up by $75 for households qualifying tribal lands.

Emergency Broadband Benefit is an FCC program to make sure the struggling families at least keep pace with the fast and forwarding world. They can know what is happening in this pandemic, and they can complete the works online that is possible at home.

To check out the eligibility, one may receive food stamp benefits currently, and it is the eligibility criteria under the EBB program. When you are a food stamp participant, you will be automatically eligible under this program. But you should also apply through and print out a mail-in application. More importantly, it is also important to contact the local internet service provider to select an eligibility plan and discounts program.

What Are The Reasons For Not Accepting The Qualification

In case your application doesnt get approved and accepted, chances are that the reason for it is any of the following:

  • You do not qualify for the EBB program as you do not meet the governments EBB eligibility criteria. In case your annual household income is not at or below 135% of the Federal Poverty Guidelines, do not participate in any of the qualifying government assistance programs, have not been approved for benefits under the free and reduced-price school lunch program or the school breakfast program, and have not received a Federal Pell Grant during the current award year, you wont be able to get a government free laptop for low-income people.
  • You are not a resident of any of the states where the provider offers its services.
  • You are not a United States citizen.
  • You are not 18 years old or an emancipated minor.
  • You did not provide valid ID proof.
  • You did not provide valid address proof.
  • You did not provide an official document that proves your program eligibility.

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Free Laptop Way #: Tech For Troops

This non-profit company has a very good system. Tech For Troops currently accepted donations of either working or nonworking laptops. They will then re-furbish the laptops and give them out to veterans that are in need.

This organization receives all different types of laptops and help out every veteran they can. Tech for Troops is located in Virginia but serving everywhere in the US. To qualify you must be veteran and theyll have to receive proof before proving a free laptop.

Tamil Nadu Free Laptop Scheme Registration

How to Get Tamil Nadu government free laptop # 2017,18,19 12th finished ...

Last year, due to the coronavirus epidemic, classes of students have also started through online mediums, so that they could be saved from this deadly disease. But for online classes students not only need an internet connection only. because they also need some smart system on which they can learn their subject and get more knowledge. So, the Kerala government has released Tamil Nadu Free Laptop Yojana 2021.

The main purpose behind this scheme has to bring digital services to the students who belong to poor families. As their parents can not afford these kinds of gadgets, the government has come forward to help them with their childs development. However, this scheme has only applicable for 10th class students and 12th class students from Tamil Nadu state only.

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