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Government Summer Programs For High School Students

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Cure High School Program

JROTC program at Medina Valley High School teaching students leadership, communication skills

The Herbert Irving Comprehensive Cancer Center CURE summer program encourages high school and undergraduate students to pursue careers in cancer research and provides mentorship. CURE aims to strengthen the pool of underrepresented minorities, economically disadvantaged groups, and first-generation college students entering into cancer-related research fields.

Top Summer Programs For High School Students

For high schoolers, the summer months are a nice break from the grind of the school year. While this is a good time to rest and recharge, its also an excellent chance to bolster your resume and get a leg up in the college admissions process. From math camps to journalism programs to leadership seminars, theres so many ways to spend your summer productively. In this guide, youll find a variety of summer programs for high school students.

Lake Forest College Writing And Thinking Workshop

If your student loves creative writing or want to get better at it, consider this three-week program run by Bard College! With a sister program in Massachusetts, both camps are fully residential and involve daily workshop-format classes, evening residential programming, and off-campus trips. Note that the application requires a letter of support from a teacher and a 500-700 word personal story in prose.

Grades: 9th, 10th, and 11th

Cost: $2,975 at Bard College, $2,020 at Lake Forest College

Deadline: Rolling apply early!

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New Hampshire State Senate Page Program

The New Hampshire State Senate Page Program allows high school students to connect with state legislators and have a personal experience with the workings of state government. Student pages are tasked with jobs like distributing documents and making photocopies, and are also given front row seats in the Senate Chamber for observing the legislative process.

Simons Summer Research Program

New Intern Program Matching Dozens Of Everett Students With Summer ...

Hosted by Stony Brook University in New York, this program gives students the chance to perform hands-on research in science, math, or engineering. Participants work with faculty members, learn laboratory techniques and tools, and get a glimpse of life at a research university. Students must apply during their junior year and participate during the summer before their senior year.

  • Cost: $3,200 housing fee a $1,000 stipend is awarded at the end of the program
  • Length: 7 weeks
  • Location: Stony Brook University

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Washington State Legislature House Page Program

Since 1891, the Washington State Legislature House Page Program has provided young Washingtonians the opportunity to participate in the process of state governmentperforming duties such as presenting the flags and distributing amendments during legislative sessions. This week-long experience is open to students between ages 14 and 17, and participants receive $35 a day for their work. Those interested in the page program are encouraged to contact their member of the House of Representatives.

San Francisco Summer Art Experience

San Francisco, California | July | Grades 10-12

The on-campus Pre-College Art Experience program is a four-week program offering students a glimpse into college life while meeting other young artists and exploring a variety of art and design fields. The program accommodates students from all educational and artistic backgrounds interested in exploring an education in art and design.

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Lied Center For Performing Artssummer Camps

Lincoln, NE | June, July | High school

The Triple Threat Broadway Intensive is a five-day workshop, for intermediate to advanced students interested in a career in musical theatre. A team of four Broadway and professional theatre artists will lead classes to strengthen skills in voice, dance, and theatre. In the Lied Center Piano Academy students participate in private lessons and masterclasses, engage in career-development workshops, and explore what life is like as a professional musician.

Summer Volunteeringabroad Or Otherwise

Destinations Career Academy offers high school students free virtual summer camps

Volunteering can be another great way for your child to spend their summer if their service reflects their genuine commitment and interest and doesnt come across as a perfunctory attempt to seem like a good person.

Like pre-college summer programs, volunteering comes with its own set of complexities, particularly when it comes to service trips abroad. While these types of trips are understandably popularinternational travel is undeniably exciting, and volunteering in a developing country often seems like a surefire way to stand out from the crowdthey run the risk of falling into the flashy and expensive trap we mentioned above. Not to mention that volunteer abroad trips for teens usually last only a few weeks, which is typically not long enough to make any real impact, raising moral concerns about how you should treat the situations of those less fortunate.

Generally speaking, if your child is looking to make community service one of their specialties, we usually recommend sticking close to home where they will have more opportunities to get involved in long-term projects. This will translate into them leaving a more profound, lasting impact on whatever cause they choose to work on.

However, if your child has the opportunity to go overseas to work on a cause that they are truly connected to, a service trip abroad may be worthwhile. This is doubly the case if a trip abroad provides them with opportunities that simply cant be had in your local area.


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Big Red Summer Academic Camps

Lincoln, Nebraska | June | Grades 9-12

During the week-long camps, participants will work with our university faculty to explore the topic of their particular camp, like filmmaking or crop science. After spending several fun-filled days on campus, participants families are invited to attend a special capstone event where youth showcase their achievements. Scholarships are available.

Characteristics Of A Strong Summer Internship

  • Helps students develop and achieve their learning goals
  • Involves more than just clerical and administrative tasks
  • Offers a mentoring program to company interns
  • Gives regular, constructive feedback to the intern
  • Encourages interns to offer fresh ideas that help their business grow
  • Teaches the intern about the organization and its various roles within the company

What should I expect to gain from a quality internship?

  • Meaningful, real work experience

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Nebraska High School Press Association Summer Workshop

Lincoln, Nebraska | July | Grades 9-12

Choose from workshops on editorial leadership, yearbook, journalistic writing, video production, newspaper productions, and digital photography. Get to know other student journalists from across the state and learn from the highest quality professionals that the journalism education world offers. Scholarships are available.

Why You Should Consider A Summer Program


The number one reason why aspiring college students should consider joining a pre-college summer program is the experience it affords them. Collective experience points you can win in these programs include:

  • Hands-on experience of college life that can help ease your transition
  • A feel for higher academics and what it entails
  • A chance to explore and battle test your academic interests in true to life scenarios
  • Possibility of developing relationships with like-minded colleagues and even course instructors who could end up writing you a letter of recommendation
  • Some programs offer the chance to earn college credits which can help you place into a higher level in some fields when you enter college

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Jackson Laboratory Summer Student Program

For students interested in genetics and genomics research, the Jackson Laboratory Program is an excellent opportunity. With the support of an experienced scientific mentor, participants develop an independent research project and report their findings at the end of the summer. The program is open to both undergraduates and high schoolers who are 18 and have completed grade 12 at the time of participation .

  • Cost: Free with a $6,000 stipend included
  • Length: 10 weeks
  • Location: Two campuses

Best Summer Programs For Law Political Science And International Relations

For future lawyers, political operators, and diplomats, high school is not always an easy time to find meaningful opportunities to gain experience in the field. Sure, during the school year, one can access activities like the debate team, Model UN, student government, and plethora of other relevant clubs, but the summer is not as conductive to such meaningful endeavors. As a solution, we recommend applying to a competitive summer program in one of these disciplines.

Our list of Best Summer Programs in Law, Political Science, and International Relations is comprised of 33 stellar programs that range in duration, cost, and eligibility criteria but all share the common trait of being respected by the academic community. Each of the aforementioned data points are provided for each school along with the location of the program, whether they offer a residential experience, and when the application window opens and closes. We also include the dates that applications become available, the deadlines, whether residential housing is offered, and the geographic location where the program takes place. Hopefully this list will help you locate the program that will lead to a meaningful summer experience and improved college admissions prospects down the road.


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Internships For New York Congressmen/congresswomen

Numerous New York members of Congress offer internships to high school students in their district offices. Internship hours are flexible during the school year, but two days of work are required in the summer. College students are preferred, but high schoolers are considered on a case-by-case basisso polish your resume and show off your maturity to land one of these exciting internships.

Uchicago Summer Immersion Programs

Jefferson County high school students getting early college experience

Location: Chicago, IL, Online

Overview: UChicago offers summer courses for students that focus on politics and government. Students can study online or on-campus, and the courses range from one to five weeks in length. All courses are part of UChicagos normal curriculum: high schoolers study alongside college students.

Age: All HS Students

Application Deadline: March 9th, 2022 , April 7th, 2022 , May 1st

Dates: Various, courses offered in different sections throughout the summer

Tuition: $4,300$7,775

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Who Can Participate In Harvards Pre

Harvards Pre-College Program is designed for mature, academically motivated students who are interested in exploring a potential major or simply finding out what college is really like.

Our Pre-College Program is open to rising sophomores and juniors. To be eligible for Summer 2023, you must meet both of the following criteria:

  • Will graduate from high school and enter college in 2024 or 2025
  • Are at least 16 years old by June 17, 2023, and will not turn 19 years old before July 31, 2023

To be considered for admission to our Pre-College Program, you must submit your application and all components must be complete by the application deadline.

Applications for Summer 2023 will open on December 1, 2022.

Uiuc Engineering High School Summer Stem Research Programs

Hello, $2,000 stipend! In this six-week research program, students work full-time in a UIUC laboratory and present in a poster session in late July. Opportunities in the Illinois Cancer Center have been filled now, but if youre into physics or engineering, theres plenty of room left. Note that a teacher recommendation and a 500-word statement of purpose essay are required.

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High School Summer Institutes

High School Summer Institutes allow students to discover a new passion, or dive deeper into an existing one, through a noncredit, interdisciplinary environment. Students interact with WashU instructors from across a variety of disciplines and examine the connections between these different fields of study and research. These programs are open to current sophomores, and juniors in high school.

What Is A Pre

All BAU summer programs are canceled

In widespread usage, the term summer program typically applies to pre-college summer programs that take place on college campuses. These programs offer recent high school graduate an avenue to acquaint themselves with college life while boosting their academic profile with classes from university professors.

However, while many still associate these programs with haggard living conditions and unsupervised ill-matching curriculums, thats far from the reality on the ground today.

Over the past few decades, the number of rigorous summer programs has increased on college campuses around the country, offering access to challenging classes while housing them correctly in dorms. Consequently, most elite colleges today have at least one summer program available on campus.

In addition to academic lectures, this scheme often also includes access to networking events and other avenues to socialize with fellow attendees and college students. The length of these summer programs for high school students can vary significantly, with some only a week-long, while others can last for up to eight weeks.

However, while summer programs are pretty much a standard feature at most colleges, the rigor of each program can vary significantly from school to school. Also, while most of these programs have high acceptance ratesoften, the only requirements are good grades and the ability to pay the fee, a handful of selected programs can be quite exclusive.

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Iowa Summer Music Camps At The University Of Iowa

Iowa City, Iowa | June | Grades 7-12

The Iowa Summer Music Camps offer students musical training and experience, including group instruction, master classes, and classroom instruction in most phases of instrumental music. The entire program is an invaluable experience for young people, not only in music but also in human relations.

Western Illinois University Summer Music Institute

Weeklong day camps and residential programs are available for musicians whod prefer to avoid the classical genre. If your child wants to be involved with steel band, jazz choir, or marching band, perhaps this is the camp for them! Note that specific camps may require audition materials.

Grades: Varies by camp, but most are open to 9th, 10th, and 11th

Cost: Varies by camp, ranging from $50 to $550

Deadline: Most are unspecified check specific camps and apply early.

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Your First Glimpse Of The College Experience

Our summer programs offer highly motivated students the opportunity to experience WashU in the classroom and beyond.

Please note a few of our programs will be offered virtually this summer while others are being planned to take place on campus. As the university continues to monitor and respond to the pandemic, the health and safety of our community remains the highest priority. Any changes in programming, including a transition to a virtual environment, will be made with careful consideration and will be communicated to students and families.

College of Arts & Sciences

For complete information, eligibility requirements, and applications, visit the College of Arts & Sciences Pre-College Programs website.

Maggie Hassan Senate Page

School to Skills program will help Birmingham high students get construction jobs after graduation

New Hampshires Daniel Webster received his first page appointment in 1829, and the U.S. Senate has welcomed young students to assist in its day-to-day operations ever since. Senator Maggie Hassans office continues the tradition, welcoming high-achieving juniors and seniors from New Hampshire between ages 16 and 17 to play a role in the functioning of the federal government. These students continue their schooling while working for a Senator hailing from a state known for its first-in-the-nation presidential primary and large role in national politics.

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Th Annual Odma Conference

A free opportunity for all parents/guardians as well as students in middle, high school, and college student to attend. Conference topics include: high school & college admissions, financial aid, financial literacy, internships, student support resources, academic/career development, and various panels. Please RSVP here and sign up for important updates.

Girls Who Code Summer Program

Girls Who Code teaches female and non-binary high school students the computer science skills they need to prepare for a career in tech. Participants learn to code through hands-on projects ranging from websites to apps to video games. They also get the chance to learn about tech careers by connecting with female engineers and entrepreneurs in the industry.

  • Cost: Free with stipends available for living expenses and transportation
  • Length: Available as 2-week intensive and 6-week self-paced program
  • Location: Currently virtual

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Want To Know How Your Profile Compares To Students With Similar Goals

See how your profile stacks up to other students and what areas you need to improve in order to meet your college and future career goals. Get started in minutes with your 100% free CollegeVine account!

Does your child have plans for the summer yet? If not, this might be the perfect time for them to explore academic interests, gain valuable work experience, or volunteer for a cause close to their heart. In particular, summer programs can be excellent opportunities for high schoolers to grow and learn while out of school.

In this post, we bring you some programs in Illinois to keep an eye on. The offerings are diverse, ranging from specific academic exploration to extracurricular training in areas like music, theater, and more. Keep reading to find out where your student could be this summer!

Biostatistics Epidemiology Summer Training Diversity Program

Summer School

BEST works to expand and diversify the behavioral and biomedical sciences workforce by introducing undergraduates from underrepresented populations to biostatistics and cardiovascular and pulmonary disease research. Students representing racial and ethnic minority groups, disadvantaged backgrounds, and students with disabilities join the Department of Biostatistics at Columbia Universitys Mailman School of Public Healths for eight weeks of research, training, academic, and career planning. Learn more about BEST here.

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Lead Global Summer Learning Institute

Various universities | June-July | High school juniors graduating in 2023

Students participate in experiential activities through applied learning facilitated by college professors, case studies, joint masterclasses, and virtual corporate site visits. Campers also prepare competitive pitch presentations for the LEADing for Life Challenge. The Challenge allows scholars to compete for seed capital to develop their enterprise idea further to make meaningful change in the world

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