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Government Grants For First Responders

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National Institute Of Corrections

Gov. DeWine pushes for $250 million grants for first responders

The National Institute of Corrections is an agency within the U.S. Department of Justice, Federal Bureau of Prisons. NIC provides training, technical assistance, information services, and policy/program development assistance to federal, state, and local corrections agencies. Through cooperative agreements, NIC also awards funds to support program initiatives.

Grant Program Available For First Responders

By ohtadmin | on January 13, 2022

HURON COUNTY The need for additional first responders and the necessary tools to support those individuals is a critical issue being felt across the state.

In rural areas such as Huron County, where municipalities have fewer people to draw from, the problem is many times intensified.

In response to the issue, the state last week announced the launch of a $5 million grant program to assist local governments in addressing critical needs in recruiting and training first responders.

First responders are on the front lines of our health and our safety and are always there for us when we need them the most, said Governor Whitmer. We have to work together to put them first. We must find ways to recruit and train the next generation these real-life community heroes today so they can be there for us tomorrow. With these new grants, we can hire more law enforcement officers, firefighters, EMTs, paramedics and local corrections officers to keep us all safe.

As a part of the First Responder Training and Recruitment Grant Program, all Michigan cities, villages, townships, counties or fire authorities are eligible to apply for a grant up to $100,000 related to first responder training and recruitment. First responders include police officers, firefighters, Emergency Medical Technicians , paramedics and local unit of government corrections officers.

Applications must be submitted by Feb. 15.

Province Announces Grants To Support Mental Health Of First Responders

CALGARY, AB To say that emergency first responders go through a lot is an understatement.

That is why the Alberta Government has announced $1.48-million in funding that will aid several groups in supporting the mental health of firefighters, police, paramedics, sheriffs, corrections officers, and emergency healthcare workers.

Labour and Immigration Minister Tyler Shandro says the money will be distributed through the Supporting Psychological Health in First Responders program.

First responders and emergency healthcare workers are at greater risk for work-related mental health issues, which is why funding is being provided to organizations and researchers to improve services. First responders and emergency healthcare workers have our backs and its appropriate that we have their backs by providing for their mental health needs.

Organizations receiving funding include:

  • Vincent Agyapong, University of Alberta $150,000
  • Suzette Brémault-Phillips, University of Alberta $206,137
  • Doug Gross, University of Alberta $49,494.50
  • Bonnie Laskewicz, University of Calgary $209,525
  • Linda Duffett-Leger, University of Calgary $201,614
  • Rose Ricciardelli, Memorial University of Newfoundland $187,966
  • Dwayne Van Eerd, Institute for Work & Health $172,820
  • Service providers
  • Alberta Critical Incident Provincial Network $99,875
  • Alberta Fire Fighters Association -$134,662.50
  • Edmonton Fire Rescue Services $40,000
  • Wellness Works Canada $31,600
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    Key Expected Results And Indicators

    As an acknowledgement of the critical role that first responders play in protecting Canadians, the Memorial Grant for First Responders is intended to recognize the service and sacrifice of Canada’s first responders, resulting in a well supported community of first responders and their families.

    The program contributes to the achievement of departmental and governmental objectives by contributing to enhanced public safety, ultimately leading to a safe and resilient Canada. The program aligns with section 1.3.2, Law Enforcement Leadership of PS’s Program Activity Architecture, which provides leadership to Canada’s law enforcement community.

    The Performance Measurement Strategy for this program outlines a plan that will be implemented by the Department to ensure that there is sufficient performance information available to effectively plan, monitor, and report on results throughout the delivery of the Program, and to effectively support evaluation of the Program.

    Corporate And Family Foundation Grants

    First Responder Home Programs

    Corporate and family foundations are also a great place to find unrestricted funding for drones, such as Target, Walmart, Firehouse Subs, Union Pacific and more.

    The Firefighters Charitable Foundation provides equipment and other fire/disaster items needed.

    Already have drones? The DARTdrones Public Safety Grant funds training for police and fire departments.

    The following organizations can also potentially fund drone projects:

    Consider contacting SPCA for a collaborative animal rescue/first responder grant using drones to find animals to rescue during an emergency such as a flood or fire through their Shelter Support Fund.

    Final Tip: Set up a reminder to do regular Google searches for drone grants to track new funding sources.

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    Grants For First Responders & Volunteer Fire Departments

    All for one, and one for all!

    I cannot help but think of this phrases true meaning, especially when regarding our first responders.

    All for one- We leave no one behind. The community should act for the benefit of everyone. If one person faces problems, the whole community faces them together.

    One for all- Each person acts for the benefit of the community.

    COVID-19 has put financial stress on individuals, businesses, and most of all, our first responders. During these times of difficulty for our nation and our world, our first responders are stepping up to the front linesone for all. This is a dangerous fight that puts their health and the health of their family at risk.

    Thankfully, our government has created several grants to provide financial support to our first responders, specifically our fire departments. The various programs are outlined below:

    For Individuals

    The First Responders Childrens Foundation offers the most relevant grant for individuals. First responders who have experienced, or are experiencing, financial hardship because of COVID-19 can apply for a $1,000 grant. This grant also supports first responders families who have made the ultimate sacrifice by paying for funeral expenses and college scholarships for their children . To apply, you can visit .

    For Fire Departments

    There are several grants now open through FEMA to provide aid.

  • Assistance to Firefighters Grant Program
  • Helpful Tips:

  • Fire Prevention and Safety Grant
  • Ivf Financial Assistance: Grants Scholarships & Free Care

    Finding financial assistance for In Vitro Fertilization requires creativity and an open mind to alternative labels because the demand for free money consistently exceeds the supply.

    Other online resources provide long lists of foundations that offer IVF grants or scholarships. However, most donor-supported organizations can help only a handful of couples each year.

    Instead of following these ill-fated pathways, try something different: go after the deepest pockets, those with enough resources to make a meaningful impact.

    The federal government, health insurance carriers, and pharmaceutical companies have ample financial capacity to help couples willing to think differently.

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    Training & Funding In Times Of Crisis

    When it comes to the challenge of training during a pandemic, Action Training Systems customer Mike Simmons, Academic Director at Kilgore Fire Academic fortunately had his hybrid training program up and running prior to the pandemic. Mike felt he definitely had an advantage and was in the perfect position to continue his program. He had this advice for other departments who may be scrambling to keep their training on track and need grants or funding.

    With covid 19 virus going on and government challenging us to continuing to train firefighters in creative ways. That means its going to cost us some money. I encourage you to check with your state and federal resources because, during these times of crisis, the government understands and knows that those are the things that will have change or to be developed, so theres probably a lot of grant money out there that you can pursue through the state for training funds.

    Name Of Project Amount Funded And Description

    Gov. Dewine proposes $250 million in grants for first responders

    Delivering and evaluating an established model of peer support for Alberta’s first responders. Alberta Critical Incident Provincial Network

    Funding will support the training of up to 200 first responders to receive their certified peer supporter designation. Once trained, the first responders will be able to support the in-house delivery of pre-incident resilience training, deliver individual and group crisis interventions based on the protocols of the model and educate on helping first responders access evidence-based formal mental health services when needed.

    Alberta occupational awareness training for health care professionals: First responder trauma. Alberta Fire Fighters’ Association

    Funding will support cultural competency training of dedicated health care professionals who seek to provide care for first responders throughout Alberta. The additional training to those that provide care should result in better treatment outcomes for post-traumatic stress injuries at all stages of the psychological health continuum.

    Edmonton Fire Rescue Services mental health app. Edmonton Fire Rescue Services

    Mental health and resiliency training for first responders. Wellness Works Canada

    Funding will support mental health and resiliency training for first responders in Edmonton and Calgary. The training will teach attendees to identify, respond and support themselves and colleagues who are at risk and/or experiencing signs or symptoms of post-traumatic stress injuries.

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    Emergency Preparedness: Federal Funds For First Responders

    GAO-04-788TSkip to Highlights

    The terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001, highlighted the critical role first responders play at the state and local level when a disaster or emergency strikes. In fiscal years 2002 and 2003, Congress appropriated approximately $13.9 billion for domestic preparedness. A large portion of these funds were for the nation’s first responders to enhance their ability to address future emergencies, including potential terrorist attacks. These funds are primarily to assist with planning, equipment purchases, training and exercises, and administrative costs. They are available to first responders mainly through the State Homeland Security Grant Programs and Urban Area Security Initiative grants. Both programs are administered through the Department of Homeland Security’s Office for Domestic Preparedness. In this testimony, GAO addressed the need to balance expeditious distribution of first responder funds to states and localities with accountability for effective use of those funds and summarized major findings related to funding distribution delays and delays involving funds received by local governments, as presented in reports issued by the Department of Homeland Security Office of Inspector General and the House Select Committee on Homeland Security. The testimony incorporated supporting evidence on first-responder funding issues based on ongoing GAO work in selected states.

    Sb 2 Planning Grants Program

    The SB 2 Planning Grants program provides one-time funding and technical assistance to all eligible local governments in California to adopt, and implement plans and process improvements that streamline housing approvals and accelerate housing production. Eligible activities include updating a variety of planning documents and processes such as general plans and zoning ordinances, conducting environmental analyses, and process improvements that expedite local planning and permitting. The planning grants program is funded through the Building Homes and Jobs Act Trust Fund . HCD intends on releasing the NOFA in March of 2019.

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    Fund Critical Equipment Needs For The Fire Service

    The FY 2021 AFG Program has three activities:

  • Operations and Safety
  • Vehicle Acquisition and
  • Regional Projects
  • The objectives of the AFG Program are to provide critically needed resources that equip and train emergency personnel to recognized standards, enhance operational efficiencies, foster interoperability, and support community resilience.

    What this grant does for your agency

    The AFG Program provides financial assistance directly to eligible fire departments, nonaffiliated emergency medical service organizations, and State Fire Training Academies for critical training and equipment.

    The AFG Program has awarded approximately $7.7 billion in grant funding to provide critically needed resources that equip and train emergency personnel to recognized standards, enhance operational efficiencies, foster interoperability, and support community resilience.

    The AFG Program represents part of a comprehensive set of measures authorized by Congress and implemented by DHS. Among the five basic homeland security missions noted in the DHS Strategic Plan, the AFG Program supports the goal to Strengthen Preparedness and Resilience. In awarding grants, the FEMA Administrator is required to consider:

  • The findings and recommendations of the Technical Evaluation Panel
  • The degree to which an award will reduce deaths, injuries and property damage by reducing the risks associated with fire related and other hazards
  • Estimated Total Program Funding: $414 million

    Firehouse Subs First Responder Grants

    Fund for first responders a trickle

    This funding record is inactive. Please see the program website or contact the program sponsor to determine if this program is currently accepting applications or will open again in the future.

    Funding areas include:

    • Life-saving equipment such as vehicle extraction tools, AEDs, and fire hoses
    • Prevention education tools to demonstrate the importance of public safety in order to prevent disasters in the home and community
    • Scholarships and continuing education assistance for individuals pursuing a career in public safety
    • Assistance and resources during and after natural and manmade disasters
    • Support for members of the military

    The Foundation recognizes the needs of rural and volunteer departments throughout the country and will consider their applications despite not being within 60 miles of a Firehouse Subs restaurant.

    Law enforcement, EMS, public safety organizations, nonprofit organizations, and schools are encouraged to apply.

    The Foundation suggests that grant requests fall between $15,000-$25,000. Requests over $50,000 will not be accepted.

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    Finding Money: Lists & Resources For Grants

    To find other grant opportunities for first responders you can find lists on the Homeland Security, Science, and Technology site. Another reliable source, with a broader base of funding, is the Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance . This catalog lists all of the available funding programs to all levels of government, nonprofit organizations, for-profit businesses, and other eligible entities.

    Also, provides a consolidated search for grants and cooperative agreement opportunities from all federal grant-making agencies. You can search for grants using filters and apply for specific grants. Other resources that you may find helpful but are subscription-based, includes The Foundation Center which maintains a comprehensive database on the U.S. and global grantmakers and their funding opportunities. And, the Funding Information Network facilitates access to grant resources and publications to under-resourced entities and populations.

    National Disaster Medical System

    The National Disaster Medical System is a federally coordinated system that augments the Nations medical response capability. The overall purpose of the NDMS is to supplement an integrated National medical response capability for assisting State and local authorities in dealing with the medical impacts of major peacetime disasters and to provide support to the military and the Department of Veterans Affairs medical systems in caring for casualties evacuated back to the U.S. from overseas armed conventional conflicts.

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    Regional Early Action Planning Grants

    The Regional Early Action Planning program helps council of governments and other regional entities collaborate on projects that have a broader regional impact on housing. Grant funding is intended to help regional governments and entities facilitate local housing production that will assist local governments in meeting their Regional Housing Need Allocation .

    National Housing Trust Fund

    Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine announces $250 million first responder grant proposal

    National Housing Trust Fund is a permanent federal program with dedicated source of funding not subject to the annual appropriations. The funds can be used to increase and preserve the supply of affordable housing, with an emphasis on rental housing for extremely low-income households . This year California is receiving approximately $10.1 Million for the program. to the Multifamily Housing Programs e-mail list to receive notification of their availability. Funds will be made available through a competitive process and will be announced through a Notice of Funding Availability.

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    Femas Grants Management System

    All AFG, SAFER, and Fire Prevention applications and grant awards will be through the FEMA Grants Outcomes . This is a grants management system that allows users to apply, track, and manage all disaster and non-disaster grants. It also improves oversight and monitoring.

    FEMA suggests that you:

    • Make sure that your SAM.GOV registration is and remains ACTIVE during the period of performance of your grant.
    • Be sure to update SAM and FEMA GO if there are changes in your AOR.
    • Make sure your FEMA GO registration is good to go NOW.

    You can find more information and guidance about this process on the FEMA website and here you can find Regional contacts for FEMA. State and regional directories can also be found using the Community Foundation Locator and will direct you to grant-making foundations in your area.

    Providing Incredible Savings To Our First Responders

    As a first responder, you are always just one call away for those who are experiencing an emergency. You stand guard to protect our communities and respond to dire situations. You spend your days serving the communities we live in, and now its our turn to serve you. With our mortgage programs, first responders can qualify for home loans at lower interest rates. You may even qualify for certain rebates and grants.

    Your days can be exhausting, overwhelming, and stressful. We can help you find a home you can call your own at the end of every day. You need a place to relax and unwind. We work closely with first responders to get you the advice and financing you deserve. Owning your own home is within reach!

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    How Drones Aid Rescue Dogs

    Drones overall will be more impactful than I think people recognize, in positive ways to help society, according to Bill Gates, Microsoft Founder.

    Several public safety use cases are fueling investments in drone uses. Drones can be equipped with thermal imaging, infrared and broadcasting cameras. First responders routinely use drones for active shooter, drug interdiction, lost hiker, accident investigation, prison escapes, pursuit, surveillance, and search and rescue operations.

    Drones cost between $100 to several thousand dollars. In comparison, a new search and rescue Bell 206 JetRanger helicopter costs $700,000. One skilled drone operator using camera technology can search a 1,000-acre tract of land for less money than a helicopter.

    Even though drones do cost first responders up front, they make up the cost difference exponentially in the rear. In a article, Matt Waite, a journalism professor at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, wrote:

    You can buy a really good drone kit for about $1,800, that’s about what it would cost you to fly a helicopter for an hour.”

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