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Government Land For Sale In Georgia

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Mike Yeargin Interim Director Of Real Estate

Cheap Georgia Land for Sale 2.1 Acres, Union County, Owner Financing

Real Estate Portfolio Real Estate maintains the Citys inventory of owned and leased properties, excluding Aviation and Board of Education properties. Real Estate assists departments with the acquisition, disposition and management of their real estate needs. Real Estates staff manages the citys three neighborhood centers that lease space to public and private agencies providing services to their communities. The primary functions of the division include property management the acquisition and disposition of real estate interests intergovernmental transfers and revision of the real estate code. The Real Estate Division has become the primary point of contact for both employees and the public regarding inquiries involving city-owned property as well as questions involving real estate in general. Property Management Leasing Acquisition.

Property Management This division is charged with the citys management of certain Enterprise Assets, including City Hall East, Underground, the Lakewood Fairgrounds, the Municipal Detention Center, the Honor Farm, former Fire Station #39 in Sandy Springs, and the Neighborhood Centers. Other property management functions include leasing and inventorying.

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Government Property For Sale Or Disposal

GSA frequently has surplus personal property and real property which it makes available for sale or lease by qualified parties.

Furniture and equipment such as appliances, wall hangings, technological devices, and the relocation expenses for such property.

Real Property relates to land and structures on that land, and includes undeveloped land, office buildings military holdings and more.

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Georgia Auctions And Sales

Why list “operational condition unknown”?

Sellers wrestle with this issue all the time. While more information may help the buyer make an informed decision, in surplus, this isn’t always an option. Often, the individuals reporting the property have no idea of its operational condition, if it is complete, and occasionally, what it even is!

Since Georgia State Surplus is located around the state, we can only see the description and photos provided. The equipment condition may change in the time it is presented and then sold and removed. We prefer to err on the side of caution and have the buyer inspect the item so there is no question.

Remember, you are bidding on used property, there is a reason it is being disposed of:

  • Please read all the terms and conditions before you bid on any property.
  • Offered property is used and sold in as-is, where-is condition.
  • Bidders are not only invited but strongly encouraged to inspect the property before placing a bid.
  • When applicable, GA sales taxes will be collected unless there is a tax-exempt certificate.
  • Please do not try to pick up property until you receive the emailed Georgia Bill of Sale with pick up instructions.
  • Any claim for mis-description must be made prior to removing the property.
  • Contact a Surplus Representative if you have any questions.

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See A Property You Would Like To Bid On

Follow this link to download an Offer to Purchase Form. Please submit the form via email to drop it by City Hall, located at 224 E. Bryan Street, in a sealed envelope marked ATTN: Georgia Henderson, or mail it to Douglas Land Bank Authority, ATTN: Georgia Henderson, 211 South Gaskin Avenue, Douglas, Ga 31534. Any questions, please call 383-0277.

Where Georgia Forestwatch Stands

Georgia houses for sale, foreclosed homes in Georgia ...

With an open mind, GAFW sees some positive aspects in the authorized land sales under the 2018 Farm Bill. We recognize that where small isolated Forest tracts are disconnected from core lands, there is opportunity for the FS to purchase or exchange better parcels that can be managed, used and protected. Also, proceeds from some of these land sales may allow the FS to leverage other funds to obtain larger/more valuable tracts. For example, the sale proceeds can be combined with foundation grants to other partners who are completing restoration work.

However, the land sales also leave us concerned. On a National level, we observe efforts to sell off public lands elsewhere, and we are concerned about the precedent that the CONF land sales may present here in Georgia. The arrangements and selection of land tracts for sale under the 2018 Farm Bill began at least seven years ago, and we wonder what other plans or deals may already be informally in process. Vigilance is critical, especially in light of potential changes in NEPA that could further limit our public voice regarding future efforts to sell off National Forest lands.

See our Interactive Map to see Land parcels for sale

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Buying Federal Undeveloped Land

  • 1Contact the regional office of the Bureau of Land Management . The Department of the Interior’s BLM has responsibility for undeveloped land, most of which is located in the western United States. Any sales to the public are coordinated by the nearest regional office with jurisdiction over that property.XTrustworthy SourceUSA.GOVOfficial website for the United States federal governmentGo to source
  • Keep in mind that undeveloped land is offered for sale to the general public rarely. These tracts typically are small, isolated parcels, and very few have any agricultural potential.
  • Land also may be sold that was acquired by the government for a specific purpose or public objective and is no longer suited or needed for the reason it was originally acquired.
  • Almost all land for sale by the BLM is located in Alaska, Arizona, California, Colorado, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, New Mexico, Oregon, Utah, or Wyoming.
  • There are other small tracts occasionally for sale in other states in the western and mid-western United States.
  • 2Evaluate sale information. Each BLM regional office has brochures for any undeveloped land in its jurisdiction that is available for public sale. These brochures provide detailed information about the property, including its precise location and basic characteristics of the property.
  • Land types vary widely almost all are isolated tracts that are difficult to manage. A few of these parcels are several hundred acres in size.
  • Strickland Road Roswell 30075

    Address: 2181 Strickland Road, Roswell, 30075

    Bid Opening: May 18, 2021 11:00 A.M. via ZOOM

    Property Description: This is a single-story flex/office building of approximately 3,360 square feet located on Strickland Road in the heart of Roswell in the North Fulton Submarket. Built in the 1980s and currently vacant, it was previously used as administrative office space. It offers a wealth of options for redevelopment, including expanding the footprint. The site is approximately 2 acres. Because of its location, size and availability of private parking spaces, this property represents a unique investment opportunity. Nestled at the end of a non-thru road, it offers a sense of privacy while its immediate access to Holcomb Bridge Road and Alpharetta Highway insure easy access to the areas primary arteries. Estimated household income and projected population growth tend to support adaptation of the space for various professional uses.

    Real Estate Commission: The Buyer must be represented by a licensed Real Estate Broker or Agent to bid on this property. Commission will be paid to the real estate brokerage at closing at no cost to Buyer.

    Vendor Registration: Bidders will be guided to register as Vendors of Fulton County before being granted access to Solicitations on Bid Net Direct.

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    Jackson County Ga Land For Sale

  • Georgia
  • Jackson County, GA land for sale
  • Find plots of land for sale in Jackson County, GA including large tracts of undeveloped land, small residential lots, farm land, commercial lots, and rural acreage. Properties matching your search have an average property price of $768,174 and a price per acre of $49,987. If you’re selling land nearby browse land brokers in Jackson who can get you the best price for your real estate.

    Tips For Participating In Government Auctions

    • The general rule for auctions is that the highest bidder wins, and cancellation is not possible. Check with the auction site ahead of time to find out if you can cancel a bid.

    • Each auction website operates differently. In some cases, the government agency itself runs the auctions. In other cases, the agency operates the shopping site, but a third-party company handles the auction itself.

    • Find out what forms of payment auctions accept. There is no uniform payment policy across all the different auctions. Some auctions accept credit card payments or personal checks. Others, such as the Internal Revenue Service , don’t accept either of these. Most auctions accept cashier’s checks.

    • For real estate auctions, you may need to work with a broker or real estate agent to bid or make the purchase. Also, for real estate auctions, find out if financing is permitted. Many times it is not and the full purchase price is due when you win the bid.

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    Do You Donate Properties To Non

    No. The County is prohibited from granting any donation or gratuity regardless of the worthiness of the purpose or the recipient. Where the public receives no substantial benefit, the donation or free use of county-owned property violates this constitutional prohibition.

    According to State law and the Real Property Disposition Policy of the Fulton County Board of Commissioners, the price of each property is based on its fair market value, which is determined by a qualified appraisal. Neither State Law nor County policy set out an exception for non-profit buyers.

    Buying Federal Real Property

  • 1Visit the GSA Auctions website. Real estate developed property including buildings or other structures that the federal government no longer needs is sold to the general public through online auctions run by the U.S. General Services Administration .XTrustworthy SourceU.S. General Services AdministrationIndependent U.S. government agency designed to support the basic functioning of the U.S. federal government.Go to sourceXResearch source
  • Most auctions of real property are entirely web-based, so you can complete the entire bidding process electronically.
  • Other types of property also are available on the website. For developed property, click on the “Real Estate” tab.
  • Some property, primarily personal property such as vehicles, is available at offline sales. Information about these sales can be found under the “Other Sales” tab, although these sales typically don’t include real property.
  • 2Review the terms and conditions. Before you take any action to bid on government surplus real estate, confirm you are eligible to register as a bidder and can fulfill the financial requirements should you win an auction.XResearch sourceXResearch source
  • Generally, bidders must be at least 18 years of age and must provide their date of birth at the time of registration.
  • Although bidding overall is not limited to U.S. citizens, particular property may be limited to U.S. citizens depending on the type of property. This limitation will be included in information about the specific property.
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