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Federal Government Truck Driving Jobs

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Typical Truck Driver Duties

New federal rules could impact truck drivers Ohio bus drivers already meet requirements
  • Operate and drive straight or articulated trucks, weighing over 4600 kg with three or more axles to transport goods and material to destinations
  • Oversee all aspects of vehicles, such as the condition of equipment, loading and unloading, and safety and security of cargo
  • Perform pre-trip inspection of vehicle systems and equipment such as tires, lights, brakes and cold storage
  • Perform emergency roadside repairs
  • Obtain special permits and other documents required to transport cargo on international routes
  • Record cargo information, distance travelled, fuel consumption and other information in log book or on-board computer
  • Communicate with the dispatcher and other drivers using citizens band radio, cellular telephone and on-board computer
  • May drive as part of a two-person team or convoy
  • May transport hazardous products or dangerous goods.

Compliance Safety And Accountability

In 2010 the FMCSA enacted the Compliance, Safety, and Accountability program, formerly known as Comprehensive Safety Analysis 2010 or CSA 2010, a data-driven safety compliance and enforcement program. The program was implemented to improve commercial motor vehicle safety and prevent crashes, injuries, and fatalities using the carrier Safety Measurement System using the Behavior Analysis Safety Improvement Categories . The categories are: 1)- Unsafe Driving, 2)- Hours of Service Compliance, 3)- Driver Fitness, 4)- Controlled Substances and Alcohol, 5)- Vehicle Maintenance, 6)- Hazardous Materials Compliance, and 7)- Crash Indicator. The HM and crash indicators are not currently publicly available.

There have been improvements, such as the combining of the original Inspection Selection System and the Motor Carrier Safety Status Measurement System to create ISS-2 in 2000 but many issues remained unsolved. A 2012 FMCSA rule change addressed issues but still presented many problems including the Hours of Service rules for those drivers falling under the required “record of duty status” . The system in use until 2019 uses a relative scoring system that is based on comparing carriers to their peers

Is The Truck Driver A Self

A self-employed worker carries on their own business. The self-employed worker enters into a contract for services with the payer. The payer and worker may sign a written agreement or contract that either one may terminate with short notice.

For more information on the responsibilities of self-employed workers, go to Business taxes or Small businesses and self-employed income.

In this relationship, the self-employed truck driver agrees to provide a transportation service and is not under the direction or control of the payer or person they provide the service to.

The following indicators can help you determine if a truck driver is self-employed. This is not a complete list, and not all of these indicators will be present in every situation. Consider all facts related to the working relationship.

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How To Negotiate For A Higher Salary In Your Interview

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Jobless Americans Left Scrambling After Pandemic Unemployment Benefits Endyour Browser Indicates If You’ve Visited This Link

Federal government move to ease drive

Nearly 18 months after Congress came to the rescue of jobless Americans, its historic expansion of the nation’s unemployment benefits system expired nationwide this weekend.


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Are You A Student Or Recent Graduate

Jump-start your career with an exciting position at FMCSA. With training and mentorship you will be on your way to a dynamic career.

In 2010, the President issued an Executive Order opening the doors to recent graduate to careers in the Federal government. The Pathways Recent Graduate Program offers growth experiences with the possibility for career appointment to civil service employment.

  • Recent graduates who have completed, within the previous two years, a qualifying degree or certificate from a qualifying educational institution are eligible.
  • Veterans unable to apply within two years of receiving their degree, due to military service obligation, may apply within two years of discharge or six years from the receipt of the degree, whichever comes first.
  • Announcements for the Pathways program have specific requirements for education and will be posted on USAJOBS.
  • Visit the USAJOBS Students and Recent Graduates page for video tutorials and other tools to start your job search.
  • Search for current recent graduate opportunities on www.usajobs.gov.
  • Create a government résumé and upload to USAJobs.gov. Note: as stated above, these are different than the traditional one or two page résumé in the private sector. For Federal résumé writing tips, try searching for sample résumé for Federal government job on the Internet.

Government Grants For Cdl Training

Government Grants for CDL Training There are several ways for you to finance your CDL training. One of the most sought after options is to have grants for CDL training. The CDL training and trucking school in general is a good way for backing up your trucking career.

As you may have known, trucking is one of a few careers that offer continuous opportunities. That opportunity will only grow if you are to have a trucking and shipping relevant education and training. Another huge benefit of having proper education and training is that you have the ability to bargain competitive wage for your service.

In the long run, having good trucking training and education will contribute to your financial stability. It is a common knowledge that good companies prefer to employ truck drivers with a degree or certificate. However, one of the main problems for many future students is the cost of school and training.

The education cost in United States is expensive the same goes to trucking schools or trainings such as CDL training. Fortunately, there are several Federal grants for CDL training or trucking school available. There are basically two types of government grants offered based on its funding source, which are the Federal grant and State grant. But where can one find such grants?

Government Grants for CDL License

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Truck Driver Training Tuition Assistance From The Federal Government


Truck driving careers are a great fit for independent, hard-working men and women who love the open road. After just a few months of training, you could be commandeering a flashy big rig. But first, you must figure out how to pay for the schooling you will need to get a commercial driver’s license .

Depending on your financial situation and the school you select, you may qualify for a federal Pell grant or low-interest student loans. Unemployed and dislocated workers can seek a Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act grant. Military service members can qualify for additional federal programs that cover education-related expenses. If you dont meet eligibility guidelines for federal assistance, you could apply to a trucking company that offers free CDL training, unless you have a generous relative willing to help you out, of course.

Safety Is Not Simple Its Our Passion

Truck driving jobs are in demand

Meeting our safety mission requires effective policies and rules. But they are only as good as the dedicated people who enforce them. All our work is geared to helping drivers, truck and bus companies, and the public share the roads safely so that people and goods all arrive at their destination safe and sound.

You can become an integral part our safety mission. FMCSA offers a variety of opportunities for career advancement in one of our many field locations across the country or at our U.S. Department of Transportation headquarters in Washington, D.C.

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Can A Truck Driver Be Classified As An Employee And A Self

No matter which classification the worker falls under, they cannot be considered both an employee and a self-employed worker under one contract or agreement. Each case must be reviewed on its own merits. It is however possible for a worker to be considered an employee under a contract or agreement, while at the same time being considered a self-employed worker under another contract or agreement.

Here is an example:

  • Mr. D is an employee of Company X. He drives Company Xs truck to haul medical goods and food products where they tell him to go. He has a regular 4-day work schedule and he is paid hourly. He has to ask permission to be absent from work.
  • Mr. D is also a self-employed worker. He owns his own truck and advertises his moving services in the local newspaper. In the evening and on weekends, he offers his services to different clients to haul furniture in his truck. He sets the price for his services, and he can accept or refuse work. Mr. D hires and pays helpers from time to time to help him with loading and unloading the furniture.

In this example, Mr. D is considered an employee under his contract with Company X while at the same time he is considered self-employed for the work performed for different clients.

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Where we serve as a data processor, our Customer contracts and policies require us to either instruct you to contact our Customer, or redirect your inquiry to our Customer

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West Coast Truckers Could Get Stuck In Ab 5 Traffic

Californias A.B.5 law has been embroiled in a series of lawsuits that include truck driver associations. Truckers won an early injunction that prevented the state from making Owner Operators and other independent drivers company employees. But the misguided law prompted carriers to distance themselves from independent drivers.

Although A.B. 5 has been California law since Jan. 2020, an injunction remains in effect as the case makes its way through the courts. The U.S. 9th Circuit Court of Appeals upheld the initial injunction against the state from negatively impacting truckers. The 9th is expected to render a decision in 2021, and the outcome could have wide-reaching implications regarding your right to work for yourself. Hard-working truckers can anticipate that if the state loses, it will appeal to the U.S. Supreme Court. Although this case applies to only one state now, others could follow suit if truckers do not prevail.

We want to take this opportunity to thank our friends on the road for your extraordinary efforts in 2020 and success throughout 2021. CDLjobs.com will continue to support you by posting news about changes, trends, job opportunities, and issues affecting your trucking lifestyle.

Government Grants For Cdl Training Provider

Feds, truckers clash over new safety rules

The Workforce Investment Act is the first source of grant you should look for. This program offers financial aid for trainings, including CDL trainings for people in many industry fields. Just like many other government-based assistance programs, the WIA program prefers individuals who are in financial need. There are two phases of review, therefore it is advisable that you keep everything on the record and store it somewhere safe, so that when the guys from WIA program call you, you are prepared.

Another good source to finance your education is from the Pell Grant. Although many people tend to think that the Pell Grant is only available for the standard undergraduate programs, students of truck driving schools can also apply for this grant. The eligibility of this grant is determined by the Free Application for Student Aid. You need to complete the form online, and from there your eligibility is determined.

The amount of award for this grant is up to $4000 each semester, for up to 12 semester. Pell Grant recipients are usually eligible for many other Federal grants from the U.S. Department of Education. There are also a bunch of companies-based scholarships and grants that base their preference on the Pell Grant. The FAFSA will also determine whether you are eligible for PLUS LOAN, Stafford Loan, and Work Study Programs.

CDL Grants for School


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Federally Regulated Trucking Companies Not Required To Mandate Vaccinations

by Today’s Trucking

The federal governments announcement requiring mandatory Covid-19 vaccinations for federal workers will not apply to federally regulated trucking companies, the Canadian Trucking Alliance confirmed.

Transport Minister Omar Alghabra made the announcement Friday afternoon, saying federal public service employees will need to be vaccinated as early as the end of September.

Vaccinations will also be required for those working in the federally regulated transportation sectors of air, rail and marine, as well as all commercial air passengers.

But federally regulated trucking companies will not be required to mandate vaccinations, though the government is strongly encouraging employers to continuously urge vaccination within their workforces, the CTA says.

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Become A Truck Driver And Becomeessential

The spotlight on truckers will probably dim a bitas the COVID-19 pandemic passes, and our world returns to normal. However,the vital and essential worker role trucker drivers play in our world willremain as strong as ever. Now is a perfect time to enter the trucking industry,as history has shown us, truckers are always in demand. If you have thoughtabout a career in the transportation industry, Knight Transportation hasprograms for obtaining a CDL license. If you have at least a year of OTR experience,consider driving for Knight Transportation. Our pay, benefits,and bonuses are what makes Knight stand out in the trucking industry.

Check out some of our most recent job listings, then call us to learn about all of your options or apply now. Contact us at to learn more.

Truck Driver Wages And Duties

Private sector will repair infrastructure better than federal government: Truck driver

Hourly wages for truck drivers are currently competitive with both national and provincial averages.

According to job bank and Statistics Canada data, the median wage is slightly below the national average, although it can rise to more than $8 above that average to $32 an hour in many cases.

As labour market demand increases, as is expected over the coming years, wages for truck drivers are likely to rise.

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Indicators That The Worker Is An Employee

The payer:

  • a pension plan
  • requires that the truck driver ask permission to be absent from work
  • provides all tools, including the truck and communication devices, and does not charge the truck driver a fee to use them
  • pays for all the operating expenses, such as fuel, oil, maintenance, insurance, and repairs
  • normally arranges for a replacement if the truck driver is unable to work the truck driver does not normally hire and send their own replacement
  • pays premiums for workers compensation on behalf of the driver
  • does not allow the driver to keep earnings from backhaul loads
  • pays or reimburses the truck driver for any helpers needed to load or unload the cargo
  • reimburses the truck driver for any expenses relating to the services they performed for the payers business
  • The truck driver:

    Some of the above indicators may be considered to be neutral or inconclusive when they are present because of the type of work, for example, for safety issues.

    Example of an employee

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