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How To Add Minutes To Safelink Government Phone

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Can I Use A Tracfone With Safelink

safelink wireless add minutes

SafeLink customers may purchase and use any SafeLink or TracFone Airtime Cards for their SafeLink Phone. PLEASE NOTE: TracFone markets Double Minutes cards for TracFone users. When purchasing Double Minutes, all SafeLink customers automatically receive Double Minute benefits on any purchases of additional airtime.

Tracfone Minutes Extend Your Safelink Phone Airtime

When you first got your cell phone, you thought 250 Safelink minutes and one thousand texts a month are going to be enough. But, what if you get put on hold when youre calling the doctor? What if you call social services with a question and get switched from person to person before you can get an answer? What if theres an emergency and you have to spend the day making a series of calls. Fact is, any number of things could eat up your minutes.

Safelink Wireless phones come with up to 250 minutes of airtime and 1000 texts a month , depending upon which of the three free Safelink plans you use. That should be enough for most people who are truly using the phone as a lifeline. But sometimes running out of minutes is just plain unavoidable.

Luckily, there is a way to get more minutes as soon as you need them. Its not free, but it is affordable. Heres how easy it is:

Buy More Minutes From A Local Retailer

The first thing you need to do is buy a Tracfone Airtime Card. You can get one online by going to, by calling Tracfone at 1-800-378-1684, or in person by visiting any of 70,000 retail locations across the country, such as Walmart, Target, Kmart, Radio Shack, Vons, Family Dollar, Dollar General, CVS, Rite Aid and many others.

The Safelink website allows you to buy minutes in four different packages of Airtime Cards with a different number of minutes in each package. But take our advice: Dont buy from here because you can find many more packages and some great deals over at the Tracfone site. So save yourself some money and just go there directly to

Tracfone.coms Airtime Card page will show you many different options. Each option will show you the number of minutes you will receive.

For example, if you purchase 30 minutes, Safelink will give you 100 minutes for just $9.99. If you purchase 60 minutes, theyll give you 200 minutes for just $19.99. If you purchase 90 minutes, theyll give you 250 minutes for just $24.99. And, finally, if you purchase 120 minutes, theyll give you 300 minutes for just $29.99. Bargains one and all, wed say.

Once you choose the Airtime Card thats right for you, youll need to enter either your cell phone number or your phones serial number. If you are unable to make and receive calls, enter your serial number.

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What Type Of Phone Does Safelink Give You

type of phone SafelinkSafelink

Evans Uttenthaler

  • “Prepaid” will be displayed across your screen.
  • Press OK or SELECT.
  • Go to “Redeem Airtime” or “Add Airtime”.
  • Press OK or SELECT.
  • If your screen displays a message, go down and press OK until you see Card # or Airtime PIN.
  • Enter 555 and press OK.
  • If you are prompted for a promo code, press NO.
  • Nasreddine Meiner

    Safelink Wireless By Tracfone

    USA ah FREE Phone &  Line Ngahtheihnate

    40 GB Lifeline Service thru Safelink Wireless SafeLink Wireless is a provider of the Government’s Lifeline support program. The program limits Lifeline Support Service to one per household. Persons who already participate in State or Federal assistance programs such as public housing, food stamps or Medicaid may be eligible. For enrollment information call 1-800-SAFELINK. Tech Support Unlimited domestic long distance included Promotional Codes

    Promo codes are generally not available for unlimited plans, but when they are we will automatically apply.


    Plans Include: Caller ID / Call Waiting / Voicemail

    Business Hours

    Live customer service reps are available from 6:00 am until 5:00 pm Monday thru Friday and until 3 pm on Saturday and Sunday and all Holidays

    Customer Service

    For WirelessRefill.Com Support call 1-800-486-1707


    PPO monthly discount codes are valid on all Tracfone airtime orders.

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    Safelink Offers Three Plans

    68, 125 and 350 free monthly minutes. The plans offer local and national long distance and nationwide unlimited text messages, free roaming, free 911, 411, Voice mail with call waiting and caller ID, carry-over minutes with the 68-minute plans and 100 international long distance. With a 350 minute plan, there are no carry-over minutes unless you buy more airtime.

    Customer Service 1-800-378-1684

    How To Buy Extra Budget Mobile Minutes

    Budget Mobile is another rapidly-growing free government cell phone company. It currently offers plans in 30 states and is expanding into an additional 17 more states and Puerto Rico. Here is how they outline their How to Add Minutes policy:

    ADD MINUTESTalk and text all you want on your Budget Mobile Lifeline phone. If you run out of minutes or text messages, simply purchase more on-line with a click of a few buttons!

    There are NO pins to enter. Minutes are automatically added to your account once your purchase is complete.

    Budget give you options of adding 100, 250 or 400 voice minutes 1000, 2000 or 4000 texts 50, 125 or 200 mms messages and 100, 250 or 400 Megabytes.

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    How Do I Check The Total Time On My Phone

    On recent versions of android we can see that, theres a new application Digital Wellbeing where it specifies the number of times phone unlocked, followed by usage time of applications and can even set timer to those application. You can view total usage after startup by setting > about phone> status> uptime.

    Why Should You Choose Best Safelink Wireless Plans

    safelink wireless add free minutes

    Safelink Wireless is the leading provider of accessible and affordable wireless packages for most low-income families in the US. The company offers several wireless services, such as Safelink wireless plans, which benefit those who qualify and enrolled in any government assistance program or whose income meets the government guidelines. The services vary from State to State and are only open to an individual in a household.

    Safelink Wireless is an affiliate of TracFone Wireless that serves eligible households in the Lifeline Program. Thus, to qualify in the Safelink Wireless service, specific eligibility requirements must be met, enshrined by each State where the service gets offered. However, these requirements depend on a persons participation in state, Federal support programs or by attaining the Income Poverty Guidelines provided by the US Government.

    Safelink Wireless provides various affordable plans for the beneficiaries with no Bills, no Contracts, and no surprise fees. Besides, there are SafeLink compatible phones, data plans, plus voice and text packages. Unlike other prepaid providers, Safelink does not require customers to commit to a service contract thus, customers enjoy the freedom of changing plans and switching carriers at will hassle-free.

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    Add Minutes Online For Smartphones And Feature Phones

    Through TracFone

    As SafeLink Wireless is a TracFone service, you can also add minutes online on Tracfones website.

    Recharge is a service that allows you to choose your provider and add minutes online.

    Safelink Plans Add Minutes

    You can add Safelink minutes to your phone or someone elses by simply selecting a top-up amount and fill in the number of the person whose phone youre recharging. They could be anywhere, in the US or abroad. The recharge reflects immediately, and you can charge any Safelink phone following the three simple steps:

    • Select your preferred Safelink product from the list provided in the product section.
    • Fill in the phone number you want to recharge, either yours or anyone elses number. You have to include your contact information so that you can get notified regarding your order.
    • Pay and get recharged. Immediately your payment gets completed, youll receive your order in seconds.

    However, the best way to add minutes to a Safelink phone is to purchase one of the many bundle combos. Getting one of these recharges includes minutes and data to get both calls and video calls using your phone.

    You can enjoy more data, texting, and voice minutes for as low as $10. Each Airtime Card comprises a set number of minutes/data and service days that begin when the airtime card gets added to the phone. The plans include

    i) $10 additional minutes

    • You receive 500Minutes, Texts, and 500 MB of Data

    ii) $12 additional minutes

    • You receive 1,000Minutes, 1,000 Texts, and 1 GB of Data

    How Do You Add Minutes To Your Safelink Phone?

    You Can Check Your Safelink Minutes Via

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    Buy Minutes From A Local Retailer

    The first step is to buy a physical TracFone Airtime Card. You can do so on their website, by calling TracFone at 1-800-378-1684 or by visiting any of their many retail stores throughout the country, such as Walmart, Target, Kmart, Dollar General, CVS, Vons, etc.

    SafeLinks website offers four different packages or Airtime cards, each with a different number of minutes. However, at TracFones website they offer many more packages, that may better fit your needs, therefore its best to buy a card on their website. Once you choose a card, you will be required to enter your phone number or your phones serial number.

    Once you have purchased your card, you can add minutes either online or by phone, following the instructions above .

    In case you also need information How To Replace SafeLink Phones

    How Do I Add Minutes To My Safelink Smartphone

    SafeLink Wireless Review

    Add MinutesSafelinkHow to Access your Monthly Minutes

  • Press the MENU option.
  • Prepaid will appear on your screen.
  • Press OK or SELECT button.
  • You will be taken to Redeem Airtime or Add Airtime.
  • Press OK or SELECT.
  • . Similarly, it is asked, how do I add minutes to my Safelink phone?

    Since you already have a free government cell phone in your hand, adding minutes by phone is pretty simple, too. Just call Safelink at 1-800-378-1684, press a few buttons, and your additional minutes will be automatically added to your account.

    Secondly, does safelink give free smartphones? WellCare Safelink Phone Program. Eligible WellCare members can get a free smartphone, with free text messages, data and minutes each month. The smartphone gives members easy access to: Care support.

    Similarly one may ask, can you add minutes to a government phone?

    Adding CashThe process is simple: just call the phone number that’s pre-programmed into your phone. If you go over your allotted 250 free minutes, the plan will then dip into your account. Assurance charges 10 cents for every minute over the free plan. In other words, it costs $1 for every 10 minutes of talk time.

    How many minutes does safelink provide?

    AT& TT-MobileSprintVerizonU.S. Cellular

    Fatoumata Piron

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    Can I Get Free Internet With Lifeline

    The primary government Internet access program is Lifeline. The federal government will subsidize a familys Internet connection by paying for some or all of the monthly cost. Generally, the household does need to pay a small monthly fee for the program, but it can offered for free to some households.

    How To Buy Extra Terracom Wireless Minutes

    YourTels sister company, offers Lifeline Assistance cell phones in Arkansas, Indiana, Iowa, Maryland, Nevada, Oklahoma, Texas, West Virginia or Wisconsin. The information on its website is exactly the same as YourTels except for the company phone numbers:How do I top-up my TerraCom Wireless phone?

    There are 3 ways to top up your TerraCom Wireless phone: Go to your nearest TerraCom retailer and purchase a TerraCom Wireless PIN, Add airtime on the TerraCom Wireless website, or call customer care at 1-877-524-2260. If you call us, you will need a credit card.

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    How Do You Apply For A Safelink Phone

    If you meet the required details, you can qualify to apply for a SafeLink phone, and you can do that on SafeLinks website. To apply for SafeLinks lifeline program, you will have to enter details such as your home phone number, email address, name, social security number, and address.

    However, your social security number will be used as a baseline to determine if you are currently getting any government benefits. If your application gets approved, you can wait for your phone within five to ten business days. The phone gets sent to you using US registered mail.

    As stated earlier, you can qualify for SafeLink Wireless if you meet the following criteria

    • You currently get federal assistance which includes benefits such as food stamps, public housing, and Medical, etc.
    • No member of your household currently receives SafeLink service
    • Your total household income is below or at the national or State poverty level
    • You have a valid US street address that accepts mail from the US Post Office.

    To track the status of your SafeLink application, you can utilize the Online SafeLink enrollment status tool. Alternatively, you can contact the customer support team. On the status confirmation tool, you need to enter your SafeLink enrolment ID.

    This ID is the one that you got when you first applied for the services. If you can not find the enrolment ID, enter your date of birth, the last four digits of your Social Security number, and your ZIP Code.

    How To Buy Extra Freedompop Minutes

    How To Check Minutes On Safelink Phone Smartphone?

    FreedomPop is a bit of a square peg in the round hole known as free government cell phones. We wont get into why we say that here, but you can read about FreedomPops unique cell phone service and pricing here. FreedomPops bring-your-own-phone policy says:A handful of the smaller, regional free government cell phone companies neglect to include their add-more-minutes policies on their websites and have not responded to our requests for information. Despite our best efforts, we were unable to determine the policies of Alaska Communications and True Wireless , and i-Wireless .

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    How To Buy Extra Yourtel Wireless Minutes

    Yourtel now offers free government cell phones in Kansas, Illinois, Missouri, Maine, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, Washington, Rhode Island and Washington. Heres what the companys website says about purchasing additional minutes:

    How do I top-up my YourTel Wireless phone?There are 3 ways to top up your YourTel Wireless phone: Go to your nearest YourTel retailer and purchase a YourTel Wireless PIN, add minutes on the YourTel Wireless website, or call customer care at 1-877-388-1082. If you call us, you will need a credit card.

    How To Buy Extra Safelink/tracfone Wireless Minutes

  • Press the Menu key in the center of your navigation or arrow keys. When the Prepaid menu appears, press Select.
  • Using your arrow keys, go to Redeem Airtime or Add Airtime. If your screen displays a message, scroll down and press OK until you see Card# or Airtime Pin.
  • Enter your 15 digit Airtime PIN.* Press Enter. If your phone displaysHave a promotional code select NO. What if you have a Promo Code?
  • Make sure to keep your SafeLink Wireless phone ON to receive your Minutes.
  • * Your Pin number is located on the back of your airtime card or on your receipt.**Keep your card until you receive your minutes

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    How To Add Minutes To Your Safelink Phone

    SafeLink Wireless is a government program meant to benefit low-income earners. SafeLink provides no or low-cost wireless service by offering both free and discounted plans services to approved customers. How do you add minutes to your SafeLink phone, though?

    Choose the Most Suitable SafeLink Plan

    We encourage our customers first to select the best programs that best suit their needs. Our programs may vary depending on where you are. So it is essential to look at the plans in your area and then choose the best. You can visit our website to learn more about the programs in your place. With SafeLink, buying monthly minutes has been made easier. We also encourage our customers to contact our customer service desk to select suitable monthly plans.

    How to Add Minutes to your SafeLink phone

    There are several options available for adding minutes to your safe link phone discussed in detail below. Review them to learn more about them. You will have to choose the one that suits you best and then follow the simple steps given.

    Add minutes via the “buy now” option by following these steps:

    Rapid Refill for Active Phones

    Through Recharge

    You can choose a provider and add minutes online on your SafeLink phone using the recharge service:

    • Go to the recharge website.
    • Select the minute plan that you desire.
    • Follow the instructions given after you have pressed “order.”

    Getting Pending Minutes for Active Feature Phones

    Follow the following easy steps:

    Contacting Customer Care

    Use Prepaid Bill

    What To Do If When Experiencing Errors Problems And Questions

    SafeLink Wireless Program

    In case you check your balance and it seems incorrect or if you have trouble checking the balance on your phone or if your phone isnt working properly, you can contact SafeLink for technical assistance. Their customer service provides a toll-free number for support.

    Keep in mind that long-distance calls may be charged to your balance. As such, it may be best to use a landline phone to call technical support, as landline phones dont charge for toll-free calls or a cell phone with an unlimited plan.

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    Walmart Family Mobile Safelink Benefit

    • The Walmart Family Mobile SafeLink Benefit allows qualifying Lifeline assistance program customers to save $10 or more per month.
    • The Walmart Family Mobile SafeLink Benefit program is not available in Colorado, Alaska, Montana, Nebraska, North Dakota, South Dakota, Oregon, Wyoming, Virgin Islands.
    • The monthly discount varies from one area to another.
    • To get the monthly discount, you must purchase a monthly plan that includes 1000 minutes or 3GB of data as a minimum.
    • The monthly service plan must be purchased at WalmartMoneyCenter,, or by calling 1-877-440-9758

    Walmart Family Mobile Service Plan Features

    • No contracts.
    • Nationwide 4G LTE coverage with T-Mobile network.
    • More lines mean more savings.
    • No hidden fees or overages.
    • Bring your own phone .

    Walmart Family Mobile PlansFor $14.88 instead of $24.88

    • Unlimited talk and text.
    • 3GB of high-speed data, then 2G speeds.

    For $19.88 instead of $29.88

    • Unlimited talk and text.
    • 5GB of high-speed data, then 2G speeds.

    For $29.88 instead of $39.88

    • Unlimited talk, and text.
    • Video streams at 480p .

    Walmart Family Mobile PhonesCan I put my SafeLink SIM card in another phone?can I transfer my SafeLink service to another phone?Who is the carrier for SafeLink?Can you bring your own phone to SafeLink?What is the EBB program with SafeLink?Is SafeLink really free?What network does SafeLink wireless use?Safelink Free TabletSafelink free government phoneWhat kind of smartphone does SafeLink give you?

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