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Government Admits Ufos Are Real

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The Sea Monsters In The Sky

did the US government admit that aliens exist? #shorts

When confronted with the question of whether UFOs are simply Earth-bound vehicles or from another galaxy, Elizondo offered a third unsettling option. He started by emphasizing, This is important, then explained how humans can only perceive a narrow band of reality. A lot of stuff is invisible to the human eye. There are things that are right in front of your eyes, but you cant see them.

Elizondo then briought up sea monsters.

Imagine the first person who decided to get on a boat and sail over the horizon, he mused, recalling days before Christopher Columbus. Back then there was talk of sea monsters and krakens that will destroy your boat. But did it anyway.

As it turned out, of course, fearful sailors were not entirely wrong: There really are sea monsters but now, 500 years later, we call them great squids of the Pacific, great white sharks and whales. Theyre part of nature and we learned to understand them.

Elizondo said humanity could once again be faced with the same scenario. Maybe, he proposed, this is just another expedition over the horizon. Maybe were going to realize that what we thought were monsters are really just our neighbors.

Bu Today: Media Coverage Cited Experts Who Doubt Foreign Technology Could Have Been Invented Without Our Knowing It And That It Could Have Been Kept Secret

Weinstein: I wont go that far. China has developed some good technology much faster than we thought they were going to. To go back: if we think a foreign power has developed a technology, we would have then seen that technology later on in use or in testing.Bania: I agree with Professor Weinstein that until these recent reports, there has never been any evidence to invoke foreign technology 90 percent of UFO reports have always had prosaic, natural explanations. The point is, how do you interpret what these experts are responding tothe enormous speeds and maneuvers? If thats the case, I agree we would know if somebody had developed some device that could do those maneuvers. I am questioning that interpretation of the data without knowing the distance, there would be no evidence for enormous accelerations and avionic capabilities in terms of maneuverability.No new technology is required here . We know how to build things, drones, complex electronics. So do our adversaries. Youre talking to someone whos responsible for more than half of the UFO reports in Bergen County, N. J., in the late 1960smy Explorers Boy Scouts specialized in creating UFOs.

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Somethings Coming: Is America Finally Ready To Take Ufos Seriously

UFO-watchers say 2022 could prove a bumper year, as clamor for details grows in the wake of a highly anticipated report

Last year was a breakthrough time for UFOs, as a landmark government report prompted the possibility of extraterrestrial visitors to finally be taken seriously by everyone from senators, to a former president, to the Pentagon.

But 2022 could be even more profound, experts say, as the clamor for UFO disclosure and discovery continues to grow, and as new scientific projects bring us closer than ever to potentially discovering non-Earth life.

In June, the Pentagon released a highly anticipated report on unexplained aerial phenomena , the now preferred nomenclature by some in the extraterrestrial community, which found more than 140 instances of UAPs that could not be explained.

The report came after leaked military footage documented seemingly otherworldly happenings in the sky, and after testimony from navy pilots helped to somewhat destigmatize a subject that has long been defined by conspiracy theories and dubious sightings.

All in all, the newly sincere approach to UFOs has longtime sky-watchers excited.

Im confident that 2022 is going to be a seismic year for UFOs, said Nick Pope, who spent the early 1990s investigating UFOs for the British ministry of defence.

Every day, Graves said. Every day for at least a couple years.

Weve got to start thinking were not alone. Its: how crowded is it up there?

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Pentagon Ufo Unit To Publicly Release Some Findings

There seems to be a very distinct congruency between UAP activity and our nuclear technology, he continued. Thats concerning to the point where weve actually had some of our nuclear capabilities disabled by these things There is absolutely evidence that UAPs have an active interest in our nuclear technology.

If this starts to sound like a Twilight Zone episode Elizondo talks about UFOs pulling as many as 700 G-forces when our most technologically advanced aircraft can stand only 17 before falling apart its easy to hope for a fast and satisfactory wrap-up.

Clearly, that is what Elizondo is gunning for.

This is not a conversation like fine wine where the longer we keep a cork on it, the better it gets, he said. This is a conversation like rotten fruit or vegetables in the refrigerator. And the longer it stays in there, the more its going to stink.

Retired Air Force Captain Claims Ufos Would Temporarily Deactivate Nukes


A former Air Force Captain named Robert Salas who worked on ICBMs in Montana claims some very strange experiences. He alleges that UFOs were common and would mess up their nukes so the Air Force had to go back and reactivate them manually. On one occasion, all of their missiles were jammed for several minutes. Some other missile bases around the world have reported similar things.

He also claims his men once nearly approached a strange triangular craft and once saw a UFO that looked like it was spewing some kind of molten metal. According to Captain Salas, his superiors didnt dismiss or mock his story but instead either told him it was top secret or that it didnt happen.

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Senators Want The Public To See The Governments Ufo Reports

The five categories of possible explanations for the encounters include: common items such as birds, balloons or recreational drones weather or other atmospheric conditions new aircraft being developed by U.S. government entities or private companies and an unknown design from a foreign adversary. The report also includes a catch-all category of possible explanations it calls other that may require additional scientific knowledge to more fully understand.

The governments inability to categorize more than just one of the 144 unexplained sightings is attributed in part to a limited process for collecting such data, as well as different approaches by various government agencies, if any approaches exist at all. The report calls for expanding and standardizing the reporting methods.

We quite frankly have a bit of work yet to do in order to truly assess and address the threats posed by UAP, the official said.

Another major impediment is the lingering stigma surrounding UFOs that prevents pilots and other personnel from coming forward with their testimony for fear it could hurt their careers. Nearly all of the sightings examined by the Pentagon and ODNI were reported by Navy pilots.

Rubio hailed the report as an important first step but said the Pentagon and intelligence community have a lot of work to do before we can actually understand whether these aerial threats present a serious national security concern.

With New Study Nasa Seeks The Science Behind Ufos

Although modest in scope, a NASA research project reflects shifting attitudes toward the formerly taboo subject of UFOs

On June 9, with only a few hours notice, NASA held a press conference to announce a study it was commissioning on unidentified aerial phenomena . The acronym is a rebranding of what are more popularly known as unidentified flying objects, or UFOs, a topic usually associated with purported extraterrestrial visitations and government conspiracy theories. The question on the publics mind was why one of the U.S.s premier scientific agencies was getting involved in something often considered to be at the farthest fringes of respectability.

Yet the pronouncement also fit in with the suddenly more open-minded zeitgeist regarding UAPs. Last year saw the publication of a much-anticipated report on the Department of Defenses own investigations into the subject, following the release of first-person accounts and video from U.S. fighter pilots claiming to show encounters with strange objects in the skies. High-profile coverage in mainstream media and open congressional hearings about UAPs have kept the matter circulating in the public realm. A month after the Pentagons report came out, theoretical astrophysicist Avi Loeb, former chair of Harvard Universitys astronomy department, announced a private initiative called the Galileo Project, which is aimed at searching for potential evidence of alien technology here on Earth.

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Did The Government Say That Aliens Are Real In A Way Yes

While the White House’s official Twitter account isn’t publishing photos of little green men performing autopsies or going on record that the “Hangar 18” music video is based on true events, the Pentagon has stated that 2019 footage of an unidentified flying object captured by Navy Personnel is “legit.” And by “legit,” that’s their way of saying they have no idea what the heck they’re looking at.

The images look like something straight out of a science fiction film: Triangle-shaped aircrafts / devices / objects with blinking lights are flying through the sky, and no one has any idea what they are.

Other videos show that the objects resemble an acorn, a blimp, and a sphere. While it’s easy to wrap your head around the fact that a floating object could be shaped like a blimp, it’s kind of weird to imagine an aircraft as an air-acorn or a sphere.

While the videos were originally captured in September of 2019, they were released in April of 2020. Sue Gough, spokesperson for the Pentagon stated, “After a thorough review, the department has determined that the authorized release of these unclassified videos does not reveal any sensitive capabilities or systems and does not impinge on any subsequent investigations of military air space incursions by unidentified aerial phenomena.”

More: Pentagon Declassifies Navy Videos That Purportedly Show Ufos

Are aliens real? Interview with Harvard researcher as US Congress holds UFO hearing | Newshub

Officials who looked at that video found a similar pyramid shape. They concluded the phenomena were likely from drones that had been seen on sensors from another Navy asset.

“We’re now reasonably confident that these triangles correlate to unmanned aerial systems in the area,” Bray explained. “The triangular appearance is a result of light passing through the night vision goggles and then being recorded by an SLR camera.”

“This is a great example of how it takes considerable effort to understand what we’re seeing in the examples that we are able to collect,” he added.

Ahead of the hearing, Jeremy Corbell, a documentary filmmaker and UFO enthusiast who made public that “pyramid” video last year, said he was happy to see increasing awareness and government action.

“What is so great is that this is a direct response to public will,” Corbell told ABC News. “It is direct response to public pressure. It is representative government representing the citizens and their interest.”

“I am encouraged by the public desire to know and find out the truth of what UFOs represent to humankind,” Corbell said then. “It’s the biggest story of our time. And finally we’re beginning to have the conversation without ridicule and stigma that has so injured the search for scientific truth on this topic.”

Moultrie, the Pentagon official, said at Tuesday’s hearing that he wasn’t immune to a bit of the zeal himself as a science fiction fan.

ABC News’ Matthew Seyler contributed to this report.

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The Report Lists Five Possible Explanations For Uap

While the report does not offer much in the way of explanation for the objects, it offers five categories of possible explanations:

  • Airborne clutter, including birds, balloons, drones, or airborne debris.
  • Natural atmospheric phenomena, including ice crystals, moisture, and thermal fluctuations that may register on some infrared and radar systems.
  • U.S.-developed technology, i.e., classified technology developed by the U.S. or its industry partners.
  • Technology developed by foreign adversaries , like Russia, China, or other government or non-government entities.
  • Other, a catchall for encounters where there isnt enough information to determine categorization .

Assessing The Alien Hypothesis

Meanwhile all this strangeness has garnered considerable media attention, from front-page stories in the New York Times to 13,000-word articles in the New Yorker, as well as prominent coverage on 60 Minutes and other prime-time television programs. Through it all, a sizable contingent of true believers have steadily proclaimed, We told you so, insistent in their conviction that, whether called UFOs or UAP, the entities seemingly slipping through our skies are actually alien spacecraftand have been visiting Earth for a very long time.

Those deeply entrenched public beliefs, paired with the apparent reinvigoration of investigative interest in these incidents at the highest levels of government, can lead to dazzling speculations. Might we be on the verge of a formal disclosurebacked by irrefutable evidencethat humankind is not alone and is indeed being monitored by extraterrestrial civilizations? Or could it be that UAP are entirely homegrown products of revolutionary and clandestine technological advances, whether by other countries now challenging American airspace or by the U.S. itself as part of some supersecret domestic program meant to detect flaws in the nations defenses? The mind boggles.

Lastly, according to the New York Times article, the final report includes a classified annex of information deemed unsuitable for public releaseleaving more than enough room for die-hard UFO advocates to remain convinced that the U.S. government is hiding the truth.

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The Insiders Guide To The Pentagon Ufo Report


The report hints at several calls to action that Congress can facilitate, including an expanded research effort and additional funding to develop a systematic government approach for collecting and analyzing UAP data, which officials believe is incomplete.

Additional rigorous analysis are necessary by multiple teams or groups of technical experts to determine the nature and validity of these data, the report states.

The report is also the result of years of behind-the-scenes lobbying by former Pentagon and intelligence officials and outside UFO enthusiasts who have maintained that military and intelligence leaders have not taken the phenomenon seriously enough, which some maintain presents a blind spot for national security.

The hurdle is and was reliable data. We are in a better place because the Navy established a process in 2019 to overcome that problem and the Task Force is building on those improvements, said David Norquist, the deputy secretary of defense in the Trump administration who established the UAP Task Force.

The way ahead is to reduce the stigma, expand the data collection and use data analytics to better understand UAPs, he added.

For some national security veterans pressing the government for a more robust investigation, the report is a major step toward solving a mystery that has either been ignored by officialdom or relegated to the margins of intelligence gathering and analysis and scientific inquiry.

Defense Official: ‘our Service Members Have Encountered Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon’

DZ Ep 86

Many of those new reports are “actually historic reports” that were “narrative-based,” Bray said. The report released in June 2021 said that the U.S. government couldn’t explain 143 of the 144 cases of unexplained aerial phenomena reported by military planes between 2004 and 2021.

Bray said that since the early 2000s, the U.S. has seen an “increasing number of unauthorized and or unidentified aircraft or objects” in military-controlled training areas and other designated airspace.

“Reports of sightings are frequent and continuing,” said Bray, who explained that there has been an increase not only because of the effort to destigmatize reporting them, but also because there’s been an increase in unmanned aerial systems, clutter, mylar balloons, air trash and improvements in the capabilities of sensors in U.S. airspace.

Some objects cannot be properly identified, officials said. Bray, for example, played a video during the hearing taken from an airborne pilot’s cockpit operating in a U.S. Navy training range that showed a “spherical object” fly past the aircraft.

“As they fly by it, they take a video you see it looks reflective in this video, somewhat reflective, and it quickly passes by the cockpit of the aircraft,” Bray said. “I do not have an explanation for what this specific object is.”

Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff, D-Calif., said in his remarks that reports of these objects “need to be understood as a national security matter.

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A National Security Threat

Lawmakers at the hearing expressed concern that any unexplained aerial phenomenon might be a threat to national security.

Rick Crawford, an Arkansas Republican, said that a failure to identify potential threats was “tantamount to intelligence failure that we certainly want to avoid”.

“It’s not about finding alien spacecraft,” he added.

In the cases of objects with unexplainable propulsion, Mr Bray said that the US is “not aware” of any potential adversaries with such technologies.

Following the public hearing, the committee closed its doors for a private classified session with lawmakers.

What Happened At The Hearing

During the hearing at the House Intelligence Counterterrorism, Counterintelligence, and Counterproliferation Subcommittee, top Pentagon intelligence official Ronald Moultrie said that through “rigorous” analysis, most – but not all – UAPs can be identified.

“Any object we encounter can likely be isolated, characterised, identified and, if necessary, mitigated,” Mr Moultrie said.

A small number of incidents, however, still have no explanation. In one such incident in 2004, fighter pilots operating from an aircraft carrier in the Pacific encountered an object that seemed to have descended tens of thousands of feet before stopping and hovering.

In another incident, shown publicly for the first time on Tuesday, an object can be seen on camera flying past a US Navy fighter jet. The object remains unexplained.

“There are a small handful in which there are flight characteristics or signature management that we can’t explain with the data we have available,” said Scott Bray, the deputy director of naval intelligence. “Those are obviously the ones that are of most interest to us.”

Mr Bray also sought to dispel the notion that UAPs might be extraterrestrial aliens, noting that no organic or inorganic material or unexplainable wreckage has ever been recovered, and no attempts have been made at communicating with the objects.

“We have detected no eliminations within the UAP task force that…would suggest it’s anything non-terrestrial in origin,” he said.

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