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Free Government Smartphones In Alabama

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How To Get A Free Government Cell Phone In Alabama

free government phones for seniors in alabama

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Youre here because you need a smartphone and want to know how to get a free in Alabama. It is true. The US government provides cell phones and free data plans to residents of the great state of Alabama through AT& T. The Heart of Dixie and the home of the background of many American Civil Rights events is a great place to live. Alabama gives a phone to people who need extra help so that they can work and stay in touch with friends and family. You will get a smartphone with 3 gigabytes of data, unlimited text messages, and 350 voice minutes per month. All you need to do is visit the AT& T Lifeline website.

Alabama: Companies Providing Free Government Cell Phones

If there were ever a state that needed the Lifeline program and whose citizens could really benefit from it, that state would be Alabama.

The statistics do not paint a pretty economic picture in Alabama. Due to the recession in which we now find ourselves, more people and making less and need more public assistance to survive and more people are sinking into poverty.

According to the latest statistics we could find, 17.5% of Alabama residents, a staggering 804,683 people, fall below the poverty line. Thats not only higher than the national figure , its a 13.1% increase from the previous year.

Shockingly, 340,000 Alabamans now live in deep poverty, which is defined by the Census Bureau as an income less than half the poverty level.

Help is on the way, Alabama! The Lifeline program is now available in your state. You may be eligible for a free telephone and 250 free minutes each month. Just imagine how much that could help you land a job, talk to your doctor, and stay in touch with your children.

Wait Are These Obamaphones

Yes, they are often called that but this program didnt start with Obama.

This program actually has its roots back in the 1930s, when the government established the need for universal phone service. It began providing free phone service under Reagan and was later expanded by Bush and Obama but the free phones provided by this program is nevertheless referred to as Obamaphone program.

It is more properly referred to as the Lifeline program.

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What If I Dont Qualify For An Obamaphone

Fortunately, there are other providers that offer cheap cell phones and services for all customers .

Mint Mobile offers wireless service starting at just $15/month! Mint has been highly recommended by many of my readers. Learn more about Mint here!

Do you know of another provider we havent written about yet? Let us know in the comments and well check it out!

Free Government Cell Phones: Which Phones You Can Get

Safelink Wireless Phone Types

The various carriers that participate in the Lifeline Assistance program do a pretty good job of giving their customers some great options in terms of cheap or free phones.

Take Assurance: the carrier offers a host of smartphones like the Alcatel Dawn, Kyocrea Hydro Reach and ZTE Prestige 2. Or Truconnect: they sell the NUU A3 and ZTE Warp Elite N9518.


Unfortunately some of these carriers aren’t very forthcoming with their phone lineups until after you go through the qualification process. However, doing so will help you determine what kind of stipend you’re working with for your free or cheap government phone.

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Top 5 Free Government Cell Phone Alabama Provider In 2022

Having a free government cell phone Alabama service is truly beneficial to those who receive government assistance. You can save hundreds or even thousands of dollars each year and never have to worry about late payments again.

So if you think this program is right for you, then head on over and sign up today! Its quick and easy, with no credit checks or long-winded forms to fill out. You cant beat a deal like this, so take advantage of it today!

Are you looking for a free government cell phone Alabama provider? If so, look no further! Take your free phone today with no credit check required. As seen here, all you have to do is apply.

How Do You Qualify for Alabama Free Government Cell Phone Service?

Lots of reasons why you may qualify for free Alabama government cell phone service. If you receive cash assistance like Food Stamps or Medicaid, you will automatically be eligible. Or, if your household income is at or below 135% of the Federal Poverty Guidelines, then you will also qualify!

If none of these apply to you, dont worry! There are other ways to qualify. For example, if you are enrolled in one of the following programs Medicaid or Section 8 then you will also be able to get a free cell phone Alabama provider!

Users Of Free Government Cellphones To Start Paying State 911 Tax

The state capitol in Montgomery, Ala.

MONTGOMERY, Alabama — An estimated 200,000 low-income Alabamians who receive free cellphone service through a federal program will have to pay a state tax that supports 911 services starting Aug. 1.

Groups opposing the change wrote a letter to Gov. Robert Bentley this week. The company that provides the free cellphone service under the federal Lifeline program has filed a lawsuit to block it.

The monthly tax, which applies to cellphones and landlines, will increase from $1.60 to $1.75 a month starting Aug. 1, in addition to being expanded to include Lifeline users.

The tax, expected to generate about $105 million this fiscal year, pays for personnel, infrastructure, equipment and other costs for 88 city and county 911 districts, said Jason Jackson, executive director of the Alabama 911 Board. Jackson said the tax provides the only state dollars for the 911 offices.

Jackson said the board had to increase the monthly tax and add Lifeline users to those paying the tax to meet its obligations to the local 911 offices. That’s because of the steady decline in the number of landlines, he said.

“The only way we could continue to do what we’re legislatively required to do was to go up on the rate,” Jackson said.

A letter from seven organizations to the governor that was distributed as part of a press release this week called the tax on Lifeline users “punitive.”

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Find The Best Government Cell Phone For You

If your income is below certain levels or if you already participate in other government benefit programs, you could qualify for a free government cell phone plan. This can be incredibly important if youre trying to find or keep a job, as well as for coordinating childcare and more. Make sure you work with a provider who will give you the flexibility, service, and coverage you need.

These Are The Providers That Offer Landline Phone Service

Best Free government phone Truconnect unlimted talk and text plus 3g of data on Tmobile Network!

Cell phone service is great when you are on the go, but many people, especially seniors prefer landline service.

  • Windstream CommunicationsTo apply for assistance from Lifeline, call 800-501-1754. You can also visit their website for more information at, You can also sign up at a Windstream retail store.
  • Union Springs Telephone Co Inc You can submit an application at a Union Springs Telephone retail store. To get further assistance visit the company website at Call 334-738-4400 for further information.
  • TEC Cherokee DivisionYou can apply for Lifeline assistance at any certified TEC retail store. More information can be found on their website at, 256-359-4321.
  • TSI Telephone CompanyTo apply for Lifeline call TSI Telephone by calling 877-870-9111. Or visit their or go to a certified TSI Telephone Company retail store.

For more Alabama Home Phone Providers

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Alabama Government Phone Providers:

You are eligible if you receive any of these programs in Alabama:

  • Food Stamps
  • Temporary Assistance to Needy Families
  • National School Lunch Supplemental Security Income
  • Low-Income Home Energy Assistance
  • Federal Public Housing Assistance/Section 8

You are eligible if your total household income is at or below 135% of the federal poverty guidelines or receive benefits from any of these programs in Alabama, or receiving help from one of the federal assistance programs. .

Free Government Cell Phones: Plans Devices How To Apply

  • FAQs
  • Thanks to the governments Lifeline Assistance program, you can qualify for free cell phones and inexpensive cell phone plans.

    For those of you who struggle making your cell phone payment every month, this government program was made for you. Now lets see if we can set you up with a free government phone. In this article we’ll explain how you can qualify for the Lifeline program, as well as run through the carriers that offer free government cell phones. Finally, we’ll present some low cost cell phone plan alternatives to this free program.

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    Companies Providing Free Government Cell Phones

    If one has an issue with paying off the mobile bills or has a non-affordable plan, then the government has different free government cell phone plans lined up for people like you. Lifeline Assistance, a government-sponsored free cell phone plan that is compulsory by FCC and is given to economically disadvantaged people only. Deals like 250 minutes talk time, texting and internet on a low cost are available for such people. There are around 12 to 15 million subscribers to the free government cell phones and another 5 million lined up to subscribe for the same. Some of the free government cell phone providers under the Lifeline Assistance are as follows:

    Access WirelessIt is a free cell phone with 750 minutes talk time, unlimited messaging, and internet pack of 200mb per month. States like Alabama, Arizona, California, Arkansas, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, Columbia, Florida, Georgia, Illinois etc. are accessible to these offers. If you are eligible the free government cell phones are on a subsidized rate on local and outstation numbers. California by luck has a special consumer deal plan with 1000 free minutes and messages and a data of 250mb per month.

    Best Free Government Cell Phones To Get In 2022

    Government phone give

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    Getting a free government cell phone has become essential. Your phone connects almost everything and everyone. A so-called food stamp cellphone is the fastest and cheapest way to stay in contact with your family and friends. It could be a lifesaver in times of emergencies or distress. Free government cell phones will also be your ticket to starting a career, so employers can contact you once they want an interview or are ready to hire you.

    The Lifeline Assistance Program provides free government phones to people on food stamps and other reasons. It was initiated by the US government to help millions of Americans who dont have access. This FCC-mandated program mandates several service companies to provide devices with mobile plans which include minutes and text every month. For example, Verizon usually includes 250 minutes or more of calls, text allowances, and some even offer data allocation. AT& T only offers a discounted rate on voice minutes.

    Over 12 to 15 million Americans are already enjoying this benefit, allowing them to contact loved ones and stay in the loop for the next career opportunities. You only have to contact one of the best free government providers below to get started.

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    Companies That Provide Obama Phones And Free Service

    IMPORTANT NOTE: The plans of the various companies below can vary considerably. Some may give unlimited minutes, some unlimited texting, and most now include up or 500 MB of mobile internet data . And the phone models can vary greatly as well, with some providing smartphones. We urge you to compare plans of all providers who serve your state.

    Assist Wireless This Lifeline cell phone provider offers cell phone plans in Arkansas, Maryland, Minnesota, Missouri and Oklahoma. They have a number of different plans.

    Assurance Wireless Assurance, a rapidly-growing subsidiary of Sprint Nextel, is number two in the Obama phone business with 2.7 million customers. It offers phones in Alabama, Arizona, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, District of Columbia, Florida, Georgia, Idaho, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Virginia, Washington, West Virginia and Wisconsin.

    Cintex Wireless This regional Lifeline provider offers cell phone plans in Arkansas, Maine, Maryland, Rhode Island or West Virginia.

    Easy Wireless If you live in Oklahoma, Kentucky, or Missouri, you can contact Easy Wireless for your Lifeline cell phone.

    How To Get Free Government Cell Phone Service In Alabama

    Alabama Free Government Cell Phone Service Guide

    Alabama is a southeastern state that is the 30th largest in the country. The state is known for its natural resources, hospitality, and football. Alabamas largest industries include: automotive, information technology, forestry, and chemicals.

    Unfortunately, nearly 17% of Alabama residents struggle with low income. If youre struggling to pay your bills, you may qualify for Alabama free government cell phone servicefrom Lifeline!

    This article will help you understand the background of the Lifeline free government cell phone program, its benefits, the qualifications, and whether the program can help you.

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    Free Phones And Phone Service For Low

    Most of us can’t imagine functioning without a cell phone. We take it for granted that we can stay in touch with family members and co-workers and access emergency services with the tap of a finger. But for low-income families, cell phones and cell service are often out of reach due to their high cost.

    There’s a government program called Lifeline Assistance that partners with several of the major wireless companies to provide qualifying families with free phones and free service.

    Currently, you can get a free government cell phone in close to 40 states the program is being introduced in new states at a rapid pace. If you currently reside in a state where free cell phones are not currently available, you can still qualify for a free landline.

    Alabama Salvation Army Angel Tree

    Best Free Government lifeline service available in 31 states.get a GSM (Att and Tmobile)Sim Cards

    Every year the Salvation Army Sponsors the Angel Tree event. Each event location is filled with toys and gifts and there is a sea of bikes, coats, toys, and stockings filled with candy. If you are interested in signing your kids up to receive gifts, call a local Salvation Army the first week in October so that your child/children wont be left out this year.

    This Christmas charity is sponsored by the Salvation Army and provides Christmas toys for children and gifts for teens and seniors and families in need. This program is run by the generous donations from groups, organizations, and caring people like you! Your donations help these precious children each year!

    Salvation ArmyMajor Susan Brown, Associate Area CommanderCoastal Alabama251-438-1625

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    How Can I Get Free Phones And Free Cell Phone Service

    There are several providers that offer these plans. However, the plans are not the same from each provider. Its important to carefully review the plan terms and figure out which one is best for you.

    Some providers operate nationwide and some are state-specific. Be sure to check both of our lists!

    These companies offer free cell phone services nationwide, or at least in multiple states.

    Access Wireless

    Access Wireless uses the Sprint Network to bring free cell phone service to low income customers. All information about plans is hidden behind a screen that requests your zip code, so I am unable to provide additional information here.

    American Assistance

    American Assistance offers free phones and free cell phone service with free minutes, data and unlimited free text messages. Their service uses the T-Mobile network.

    Assurance Wireless

    Assurance Wireless offers free phones and free cell phone service to low income households through the Lifeline program. Their plans include unlimited texting, as well as a free data and minute allotment. They use the Sprint network. However, its important to remember that this is the same company that was proven to distribute phones with malware so be careful.

    Blue Jay Wireless

    Blue Jay Wireless offers free smartphones, free minutes, free unlimited text messaging and even free data to low income users in 18 states.

    FeelSafe Wireless

    Life Wireless

    Safelink Wireless

    SafetyNet Wireless

    StandUp Wireless

    TAG Mobile


    TerraCom Wireless


    Free Government Phones In Alabama

    These phones are made available through a program called Lifeline Assistance. Lifeline has been around for decades, helping low-income adults and families in the United States with free or affordable landline and cell phone service. The phone program has been a help to many but didnt get the wide exposure until the cell phone portion was added. Today, a few dozen providers are working with government subsidy outreach to help the poor.

    The program offers free phone, up to 250 free minutes as well as text messaging, some providers charge a minimal fee for text messaging, while others give up to 1000 free text minutes. If you are struggling, it will be worth your while to find out if you qualify for a free government phone. You will qualify for the Lifeline program if you are receiving federal assistance from one of the government agencies, or your gross family income is below the poverty level.

    • Medicaid
    • Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Program
    • Aid to Families with Dependent Children
    • Temporary Assistance for Needy Families

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