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Government Jobs For Mpa Graduates

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Human Resources Managers Salary

Government-sponsored students decry unemployment after completing their courses

This is another career you hear about when researching degree programs in public administration. Human resource managers have important responsibility to make sure the administrative functions of their company or organization is running smoothly. They also help bridge the challenges and differences between management and employees. The BLS states that human resource managers can expect to earn a median wage of $116,720 per year .

What Are Some Common Public Administration Jobs

Public administrator officials in a government job can be part of any type of public works department and assist with troubleshooting any problems that arise. MPA jobs typically involve supervisor roles with the expectation that the candidate will oversee daily operations and manage all departmental employees. Additional public administration job examples are governmental support staff team members. Researchers, policy experts, and consultants are also popular public administration job titles. These types of professionals are hired to review agencies and determine both the positives and the negatives of current public policies.

Non-profit organizations also seek to fill public administration jobs. Non-profit managers will help with the development, review, and termination of programs sponsored by the organization. Public administration careers within non-profits include fundraising specialist, foundation manager, and budget director.

Top Public Administration Jobs

Since public administration has a hand in a lot of different professions, it is possible to find graduates working for a variety of different companies. Some fields are more popular for recent graduates than others when seeking employment. Our experts have researched some of the trending career choices for public administration graduates to give you a better idea of where you could end up after graduation. This is not an exhaustive list by far, since public administration graduates are found in many sectors of professional society.

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Mpa Job Alert In Various States Cities Across India

Here you can search for latest MPA Jobs in all State-wise and Location-wise manners. In this page, you can immediately know the new and upcoming MPA Jobs in various popular cities like New Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Pune, Noida, Chennai, Bengaluru, Hyderabad and more. Find the latest MPA Jobs according to your preferred location instantly here.

Public Administration Vs Public Health Or Healthcare Administration


Public administration is part of many different public service agencies such as healthcare, education and even non-profit organizations focused on social change. Each of these elements can be part of positive change for society as a whole, which are great components toward better public health. People that are concerned with public health are often investigating better means for providing these services to the public, which is typically done through analyzing the current policies and regulations of these services and encouraging people in society to take advantage of them.

In a sense, public administration is a building block of public health agencies. In order for organizations focused on public health to operate efficiently, they should have administration specialists on staff to ensure that protocol is followed, teams are working effectively and people are receiving the services they need. If you want to become a helpful piece of public health, pursuing a career in public administration may be your first helpful step.

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Comparing Federal State And Local Governments

Local government employees typically deal with issues, programs, and operations that affect a specific town, city, or district . UNCs MPA program offers students a strong grounding in this area, allowing them to study the different divisions of government to learn how they individually and collaboratively impact their communities.

Local government jobs span various departments and issues, including policy analysis, budgeting and finance, community relations, strategic planning, and city/county management. Explore local government education at UNC.

State government employees work on programs and policies that affect state citizens, visitors, and those who want to conduct business within a given state. They shape education, state budgets, economic development, health-care administration, emergency management, communications, IT efficiencies, and many other critical areas.

Federal government employees address issues of national importance, such as border security, international relations, transportation, tax and budgeting, national defense, environmental protection, public safety and health, and government accountabilityjust to name a few.

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What Is Public Administration

Upcoming professionals that are interested in the field of public administration may benefit from learning more about the actual constituents of this degree program and the benefits of pursuing it as a career focus. Public administration is an increasingly popular field that calls upon people that are interested in being a part of the widespread public service field. This can include services provided at the local and state level, those involved with public health and safety, local government and education.

The best method for getting involved in the field of public administration is through obtaining a degree. At different degree levels, students can learn about finance, human services, policy and maintenance of organizations that serve the public. If you enroll in such a program, you could also learn leadership skills that are relevant to this type of career and communication skills that can get you up to par with others in the field. Your influence in this field could help to increase public services and organizations that were put into place to assist society with living normal and healthy lifestyles.

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Can I Do A Public Services Apprenticeship

If university study isn’t for you, a selection of public service and administration apprenticeships are on offer.

If you’ve already completed your A-levels or an equivalent qualification, you could consider a degree apprenticeship. You’ll gain a Bachelors or Masters-level qualification while earning a wage. Organisations offering degree apprenticeships in the public sector include:

  • BoE – provides degree apprenticeships in data science, digital and technology solutions, as well as the role of a professional economist.
  • GCHQ – offers two degree apprenticeships in cyber security and software engineering.
  • MI5 – offers a three-year software engineer degree apprenticeship and an 18-month infrastructure engineering apprenticeship.
  • The GES Degree Apprenticeship Programme – in partnership with the University of Kent, provides the opportunity to become an expert in economics and work in a range of central government departments across the UK.

Career Resources For The Mpa

Master Decisions: Public Administration, Angela Pool-Funai

The Career Center offers a comprehensive career development program. Career coaching along with other resources and employment opportunities are provided to help students and alumni develop and implement an effective career management plan.

For more information about Career Center services for graduate students, click here.

MPA Resources
  • Go Government: Guide to finding and applying to federal government jobs, including resume guidelines.
  • USA Jobs: Search and apply for open internships and jobs in the federal government including
  • Pathways Program for Students: Internship and full-time opportunities for recent graduates with advanced degrees.
  • Presidential Management Fellows Program: Leadership development program for recent graduates. The Career Center hosts an information session each fall to review the competitive and demanding application process.

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Full Public Administration Careers Table

Below is a comprehensive table with data straight from the United States Department of Labor, detailing some of the top public administration jobs in the United States as well as related areas. You will find salary information, expected growth or decline between 2014 and 2024, as well as which program area of study is the closest relation to the actual job.

Public Administration Related Career

Medical And Health Services Manager

  • Average Salary: $109,370 on average per year
  • Career Overview: Medical and Health Services Managers lead teams in hospitals and other health facilities.
  • Daily Responsibilities: The primary focus of managers in this realm include improving the quality of service for patients, developing goals that can help employees achieve better efficiency and work quality, recruiting and training staff, and overseeing work scheduling. People in this position may also be responsible for reporting medical center status to people higher in the chain of command, oversee organization of company records, and act as a representative for medical centers at board meetings.

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Masters In Public Administration Salary Outlook

The masters in public administration salary outlook is complicated by the particular careers that MPA graduates choose to pursue. The median salary for an administrative services manager, for example, is $96,940 per year, according to the BLS. The BLS estimates that the median salary for management analysts, on the other hand, is $85,260 annually. Industry, role and experience all influence MPA salaries. For more information about MPA salaries for particular occupations, please see below.

Certification Licensure And Associations

Master of Public Administration

There are no certifications or licenses for public administration. Once you earn your MPA degree then you can pursue specialized certifications and licenses like other professionals do for example, if you’re working on international projects, you might go for a Project Management Professional certification or Certified Associate in Project Management .

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What Can I Do With A Masters In Public Administration

When you drive through your city or town, you might take notice of traffic signals, sidewalks, landscaping, recreational fields, and fire hydrants. You might see new residential or commercial construction projects or road or utility work. When youre home, you flip on the lights, turn on the water, take out the trash and recycling. There is certainly a lot happening behind the scenes to maintain these services and facilities. Thats where the work of public administrators comes in.

Local State And Federal Government Work

Many times, those pursuing a masters degree in public administration have political aspirations or a strong desire to participate in government work. That can take different forms, so its important to narrow down your search by determining which aspect appeals to you the most. Administrative work in a department within your local government, a career as an information or records clerk and even roles influencing national policy are just a few of the wide-scaling career opportunities for MPA degree holders.

Some examples of MPA careers in the government and their salaries include:

  • Develop land-use plans and programs that help create communities, accommodate population growth and revitalize physical facilities

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Government And Public Administration

If you are interested in shaping or protecting the future of your city, state and country, the Government and Public Administration Career Cluster may be for you. Though there are some areas that are unique to military service, virtually every occupation can be found within government.

This career cluster is organized into seven career pathways:

  • Governance
  • Public management and administration

What Can I Do With A Masters In Public Administration Public Administration Jobs

5 Best Government jobs after life science graduation in India
  • What Can I Do with a Masters in Public Administration? Public Administration Jobs
  • Once a professional earns a Masters in Public Administration , he or she can secure positions in both the private and public sector. Those interested in public service will find MPA jobs in a variety of local, state, and federal government offices. Public administration job examples include government administrators with job titles such as council members, municipal managers, and finance managers. Within a public administration job description, duties listed will likely include regulating the use of funds for the maintenance of the infrastructure.

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    Jobs And Salaries For Graduates By Degree Level

    Public administration students often wonder how obtaining a higher level degree can affect their ability to earn. Going back to school for 2 to 4 more years can include a lot of opportunity costs that cause students to question their investment. After reviewing some of the different careers available by degree level, our team learned that it may be worth the extra effort to engage in higher degree programs before entering into the field. Having a higher degree paired with experience may be the best case scenario, since many of the higher paying positions require both a high-level degree and 2 to 3 years of work experience in public administration fields. Check out the list of salaries by degree level below.

    • Bachelors: Public Relations Specialist â $59,300 on average per year .
    • Masters: Budget Analyst â $75,240 on average per year .
    • Doctoral: Administrative Service Managers â $94,020 on average per year .

    Network Of Schools Of Public Policy Affairs And Administration

    The Network of Schools of Public Policy, Affairs, and Administration is an excellent resource for upcoming and current professionals within the field of public administration. The organization is a leading source of educational excellence â specifically for graduate programs within each discipline. Agencies such as this one work hard to ensure that degree programs are providing a curriculum that is in line with national expectations and teaches students relevants facts regarding each subject. Universities that are associated with this organization should be considered high-quality and great options for the pursuit of a degree.

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    Federal Law Enforcement Administrators

    Similar to local law enforcement, public administrators play an important role in federal law enforcement agencies, overseeing and monitoring everything from policy implementation to budgeting. Between the many departments of federal law enforcement, such as the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the Department of Homeland Security, the federal government employs a large number of professionals with MPA degrees.

    Pay is based on federal pay scales, being the Law Enforcement Officer pay scale and the General Schedule . Top-level supervisory roles are generally paid within the GS-13 to GS-15 classifications. According to the U.S. Office of Personnel Management, base salaries at these levels range from roughly $81,000 to $147,000 as of January 2022. Yet additional locality pay, premium pay and law enforcement availability pay can add substantially to these figures.

    Local Government Jobs For An Mpa Grad


    Many graduates from a Master of Public Administration degree program will find that working in local government jobs is a rewarding use of their knowledge, skills and experience. All areas of local government need managers and directors with the expertise that MPA graduates have to offer. The following is a list of seven local government jobs perfectly suited for MPA graduates.

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    What To Look For In A Masters In Public Administration Program

    Any program that offers a Masters in Public Administration should include an in-depth look at topics such as servant leadership, public governance, ethical decision-making, strategic planning and organizational administration. It is best to look for a degree program from a regionally accredited school, so you can trust the quality of education and the reputation of the program. Another issue to consider is whether you want to earn an MPA with a specialization.

    You could earn a general Master of Public Administration degree, or you could earn a masters degree that includes an emphasis in a particular area. For instance, an MPA student might focus on healthcare administration or government administration and governmental policies. The former would prepare you to succeed as a healthcare administrator , while the latter would facilitate a career as a government, nonprofit or NGO administrator.

    Sample Positions In The State And Local Government

    • City planner
    • Commissioner, state department of human resources
    • Deputy secretary to the governor
    • City manager
    • Legislative coordinator, mayors office
    • City budget analyst
    • State department of natural resources
    • County economic development officer
    • Deputy director of communications, Sierra Club
    • Vice president, policy development, Airlines for America
    • Political director, AFL-CIO
    • Director of development, Saint Marys Dining Room
    • Vice president of media relations and external affairs, California Chamber of Commerce

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    What An Mpa Degree Can Do For You

    A wide range of career opportunities are available in public administration and having an MPA clearly elevates the attractiveness of an applicant to the employer for such positions. Gainful employment in the federal government, state and local governments, and non-profits are the common professional routes for those with MPAs. Both federal and state/local government service offer interesting and stimulating work, the psychological and emotional rewards of public service, good entry-level salaries, comprehensive benefit packages, excellent retirement programs for long-term workers, and outstanding opportunities for promotion and advancement. Non-profit entities as well can also provide very satisfying work and healthy levels of financial compensation.

    Why Study Public Administration

    Govt’s push to help poly, ITE students clinch tech jobs will help ease talent crunch

    If youre interested in contributing to the inner workings of federal, state, or local government, or are passionate about helping a cause or community, a career in public administration may be a good fit for your interests. Advancing into higher-level positions within the public administration field often requires a related graduate degree, such as a masters in public administration .

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    Government Jobs In Public Administration Sector

    In the present world, every government is made to face some challenges like rapidly changing job market, threats of terrorism, technological changes, political and social upheavals, economic competition across national borders and globalization. These challenges can be met by the government only with the help of skilled personnel, who are the heart of performance. Public administration includes finance and public administration, public policy & administration and human resource management.

    With the efficient use of knowledge and skill people in the public administration sector of any nation carries out reforms, promote innovations and offer the best possible services to the Government. A job in public administration sector is crucial for any organization and the role of people in this sector is indispensable. Therefore, government organizations are look for efficient personnel for public administration sector.

    Public administration sector jobs in Government organization:

    As mentioned earlier, public administration is a crucial sector in any country and as far as India is concerned, Government is conducting Civil Services Examinations for appointing candidates to the following positions:

    District administrators

    Audit and revenue officers in


    oLaw & Order

    Educational qualification required for entering the Public Administration sector of the Government:

    What is the expected salary in Government Public Administration Sector?

    Scope in Public Administration Sector:

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