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Erp Software For Government Contractors

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Best Contract Management Software For Nonprofits

Microsoft Dynamics Convergence 2014 – ERP Solution for Government Contractors

When it comes to nonprofits, contract management needs to be transparent, easy, and reliable.

Non-profit contract management software should help companies streamline their documents, expedite their lifecycle, and make it easy to track contract milestones and expiration dates.

Heres the best contract management software for nonprofits:

Simplify Pay Rules With Shop Floor Time

  • Single Source Timekeeping solution that can handle complex pay rules, such as 9 80 schedules and more
  • Leverage RPA, MES, MRO, Bar Code Scanning and other best-of-breed partner offerings for unique growth needs
  • Extensive DCAA compliance support such as audit trails, valid labor charging enforcement and mandatory comments

Quarterly Compliance Update Q4 2021

Join JAMIS Software guest presenters, Craig Stetson and Brian Gallagher of the Government Contracts Practice at Capital Edge Consulting, Inc. as they review the compliance updates and challenges that will affect government contractors and may impact various areas of the business. Video Recording Coming Soon.

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Looking Into New Erp Systems Built For Govcon Here Are 5 Key Areas To Evaluate

When seeking out an enterprise software application to serve as the foundation for running your business, there is no such thing as a stupid question. Finding the right software, and the right provider for your cloud ERP systems is imperative, especially for government contractors.

Government contractors cover a wide range of industry expertise. However, all government contractors have two things in common, a high level of oversight and security concerns. As you begin searching for the best provider with the solution that meets your business requirements, your questions and their answers will lead you to the right choice.

Here are 5 key areas to evaluate during the software selection process:

4 Implementation What is the implementation timeline? How long does it take? Who will handle the implementation? What are their qualifications? What is the protocol if implementation runs longer than expected? Who is responsible if there are implementation problems? What training is included in the proposal? What is the timeline for employees to become skilled in using the software? What specific training resources are available? Videos? Webinars? Classroom sessions? Is the documentation complete and user-friendly? Lots of questions to ask here before heading down a path that has many points of failure but loads of potential for success.

Originally published and posted by Jamis.

Key Features Of Dcaa Compliant Accounting Software

ERP Software for Government Contractors
  • Expense Reporting: Measure financial data in a general ledger to balance Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable and report on all direct and indirect costs
  • Cost Accounting: Accurately report on the allocation of funds to produce goods and services during government contracted projects
  • Contract Management: Manage the creation, negotiation, signing, and renewal of legally-binding government contracts, including subcontracts
  • Project Management: Coordinate and streamline the execution of project tasks to optimize direct and indirect costs related to labor and equipment utilization
  • Timekeeping System: Use timesheets for employee time tracking on all DoD contracted work assignments to ensure accurate hours are reported

The scope of the different project accounting practices available to government contractors is as varied as the types of businesses that perform government contract work. Some small businesses will need to perform their own accounting in-house while others can afford Certified Public Accountants to handle the work for them. With so many possibilities, accounting software packages designed to meet DCAA requirements for government contractor companies must offer a full range of financial management tools. Accounting features include the ability to track real-time expenses, manage payroll from labor distribution, estimate job costs, perform bank reconciliations, and create top level financial reports.

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Track Time & Expenses

Simplify time and expense tracking for your people. Compliance is built-in, and robust auditing features have made Unanets time tracking and expense reporting software the best option for government contractors. The Unanet Mobile App provides simple and easy time entry, accessibility, and compliance, all from the palm of your hand.

Accounting Time And Expense For Government Contractors

Generic ERP or Accounting Systems cant support the specific needs of government contractors.

WrkPlan is a purpose-built system that handles accounting, time and expense and more!

  • Manage Federal Government contracts with a system that supports DCAA Compliance.
  • Properly segregate contract costs as needed for government invoicing.
  • Monitor indirect rates and incurred costs.

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Easy Government Contracting & Acquisition

Cost-Effective Government Contracting

Fiduciary goals are obtained by reducing costs. Use a complete system that supports requisition, bidding, rating, awards, contracts, monitoring, purchasing, source funding, budget management, payment, and close out. This is inclusive of annual rating of contract awards for performance.

Legal Compliance With Contracting

Legal compliance is obtained by leveraging workflow approvals, approved bids, contract templates, merging of approved clauses and terms, electronic signatures, and post-execution monitoring and close-out. Ensure best value contract awards with automated bid advertising.

Government Purchasing & eProcurement

CobbleStone Software was built to support better government contracting. This includes procurement transparency, fair competition, accountability, fiducial responsibility, legal compliance, and procedures set forth by the government agencies that require a higher degree of compliance.

Transparency With Government Contract Management

Transparency is accomplished by providing visibility to comply with the disclosure required for the vendor selected by implementing the CobbleStone Contract Public Portal Module. Reduce open records requests with the self-serve contract public portal.

Contract Insight® Software is conveniently located on the United States GSA Schedule 70.

Contact us today to learn more.

What Is Contract Management Software

DCAA compliant Microsoft Dynamics NAV Project Accounting solution for GovCon

A contract management software handles each document through the entire contract lifecycle. It helps users learn from contract data, provides contract storage, automates multiple tasks, and can help with contract negotiation.

Some contract management tools can even generate smart contracts to automate contract creation and enable companies to follow strict privacy guidelines.

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Understanding Service Contract Act / Davis

During this presentation, we will be covering what federal contractors should look out for when they have employees and contracts subject to Service Contract Act or Davis-Bacon Act, and what their compliant options are. In addition, we will highlight the advantages Government Contractors receive when outsourcing the H& W Benefit administration to a third-party administrator. Government Contractors are able to reduce their health costs and reduce their administrative burden of fringe compliance, ACA reporting, and hour tracking. View Video >

Here Is What Unanet Erp Software Can Do For Government Contractors

Your business is driven by the value of your projects and people, but do you have a clear view of their performance, capacity, and profitability? Unanet ERP for Government Contractors provides perfect clarity and total control over day-to-day operations as well as forecasting and planning.

Purpose-built in-house by GovCon professionals, Unanet is the only native integrated Cloud ERP solution built from the ground up to serve this unique market. And, DCAA compliance and audit confidence are foundational, not simply a goal to achieveUnanet features support DCAA requirements at each stage.

Unanet is your single-source solution that integrates Professional Services Automation and Project Portfolio Management software with Financials to help organizations reliably plan, track, and manage projects and people.

Unanets efficiencies and processes have allowed us to grow by 30% this year without having to grow our Finance team.

Charles Bonner

Vice President of Finance, NVE Inc.

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Navigating The Government Contracting Landscape With Jamis Prime Erp

With unprecedented visibility into your crucial business processes and data, you can discover new opportunities to cut costs and boost revenue. With an ERP system designed to facilitate an agile work environment, youll be able act quickly on those opportunities and out-maneuver your competition. View On-Demand Video > >

The Future Role Of Blockchain In Business

ERP Software for Government Contractors

Blockchain has long been an exciting and promising technology. As more companies make the move onto public or private networks, the future of manufacturing hangs in the balance.

While implementing blockchain in ERP is a transformative change with many benefits, keep in mind that it will require you to focus on the people and process components of IT implementation. To learn more about these components, contact our ERP consultants below.

Blog Topics

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Why Is Contract Management Important

Contract management is important because it helps businesses oversee their contracts, record their processes, and automate contract actions. Contract management can also act as contract storage and editor, enabling business teams to create and send contracts much faster.

It is important to have a contract tool that can automatically create a contract, send it, and handle it throughout the entirety of its . It can help businesses optimize financial and operational performance, learn from their data, reduce costs, increase security, and much more.

Erp Software Solutions For Government Contractors

We understand that the success of your business often depends on choosing a software solution that works like an ERP for Government Contractors instead of a generic ERP solution that may not fit your business requirements. At SIS we focus on helping you achieve and maintain productivity enabling you to work on the business instead of in the business while providing the DCAA compliant reporting you need.

A modern ERP system designed and configurable to fit your Industry, can allow your team to be more productive with more strategic issues, rather than mundane repetitive data entry and reporting that so many Government contractors are burdened with.

SIS combines our industry knowledge and more than twenty years of experience with the robust functionality and the ease of use of Microsoft Dynamics to help you keep your business in line with the requirements of Government Contracting.

We combine collecting, storing, managing and interpreting data from many areas of your business. This includes project planning, cost and budgeting, supply chain, manufacturing and service delivery. We deliver a simplified approach to accounting with Defense Contract Audit Agency compliance, combined with robust business operations support to streamline key and unique processes with excellent audit support for fast and flexible reporting.

Microsoft Dynamics Government Contractor Software Complies With These Federal Regulations:

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Integrated Finance And Contract & Subcontract Administration: Getting Your Teams On The Same Page

Efficient contract management processes are critical to ensure that goods and services are delivered as expected and engagements are profitable. Federal government contracts often have detailed terms and conditions that require strict contract oversight and administration. In many cases, the failure to adhere to these requirements can result in delayed payments, penalties, or even cancellation of the contract. And should any of these scenarios occur, it could prove to be problematic in winning another government contract. View Now >

Erp For Government Contractor Industries

The Microsoft Dynamics Project Accounting Alternative for Government Contractors
  • Have any questions?
  • ERP for Government Contractor Industries

Ensuring robust ERP for Government Contractors

A fully cloud-based ERP tool for progressive business governance

Enhance the functioning of government contract-based projects and the business systems to meet CMMC, FISMA/NIST 800-53, ISO 27001-2013 Compliance, HIPPA Security Standards, etc. with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

Adherence to a stringent frame of compliance, security and risk management, and others are a few of the central challenges that are specific to government contractors. They are faced with multiple hindrances pertinent to the Federal, State or Regional levels of government. Quite irrespective of the services and products put forth by such government contracting agencies, there are a plethora of other concerns that need to be addressed by them. Therefore, a very coherent medium of work-environment becomes a precursor to such projects.

How Microsoft Dynamics Can Benefit Government Contractors?Financial Operability of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business CentralMicrosoft Dynamics Functionality

All-embracing cloud ERP solution for businesses of any size.

VLC’s Customized Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central Configuration

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Audit Tested For Government Contractssingle

  • Time tracking meets all DCAA and Gov Con requirements
  • Auditor approved expense tracking with receipt capture
  • Digital certification by employees prior to submittal
  • Ability to associate cost pools to GL accounts
  • Realtime calculation of overhead, GA and Fringe multipliers
  • Customizable chart of accounts to meet FAR & CAS

How Software Helps With Dcaa Compliance

The SF 1408 Pre-Award Survey assesses your accounting system capabilities. This process is designed to be simple and transparent, so small businesses can effectively prepare for this crucial step in becoming a government contractor.

While no software program ensures that you become DCAA compliant, selecting a solid program can make the process smoother. When considering the best accounting software for small government contractors, keep in mind some of these chief areas for DCAA compliance:

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Aspire Cloud Accounting Platform For Growing Government Contractors Launched By Tbs Team Including Original Deltek Founder And Developers

ASPIRE SaaS fees average 50% of competitors rates.ASPIRE includes Daily Project Calculations, Mobile Project Reporting,Workflows, AP Automation and flexible Payroll.

Wednesday, November 14. Laurel, Maryland ~ Technology & Business Solutions LLC, a Cloud hosting and services pioneer since 2004, today announces the launch of ASPIRE, a project-based Accounting, Financial Management and Collaboration platform for growing government contractors.

Built by developers that created the initial release of GCS Premier, the very first commercially available accounting system for government contractors, Aspire is viewed by many as the natural successor to Delteks popular ERP, recently designated by Deltek for sustaining support.

Over the last few years it seems the legacy software vendors have really ceded the space for smaller and growing govcons. Software features have stagnated, and pricing continues to rise, says Eric Brown, TBS Co-Owner and COO, whos spearheading the launch and development of Aspire. We decided to leap at the chance to help growing govcons with a new and nimble system that embraces your entire business.

The Aspire accounting platform is NIST800, FAR52 and ITAR compliant, assured with an annual SOC2 Type II audit.

To learn more about Aspire, the new Cloud-nativeAccounting, Financial Management and Collaboration platform for govcons,visit, or call 703.444.6562, extension 1.

What To Expect From Your Govcon Erp In 2021

Project ERP for Government Contractors

We believe that government contractors deserve technology solutions that improve how they serve their federal customers, not get in the way. How many of us are doing things you never imagined, even just a few years back? Utilizing features like Siri and Alexa, or Azure Cognitive Services to read forms and translate text. Prime will keep your business up to date with the evolving technology ecosystem of tomorrow. View On-Demand Now >

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Automate And Streamline Govcon Time & Labor Management

If youre a federal contractor with contracts subject to the Service Contract Act or Davis-Bacon Act , payment of prevailing wage and fringe benefits, basic record-keeping, and the notification requirements associated with it can be daunting. JAMIS Prime ERP has the tools you need to automate and streamline the management of your workforce. View Now >

Which One Is Right For Your Business

In our 30+ years of Federal Government/DCAA compliant accounting and contract management, we’ve had extensive experience working with different accounting and timekeeping software and systems. As an independent expert, and not a biased re-seller of software, ReliAscent® can help you identify the best systems for your small to medium-sized business. A common mistake we routinely see is contractors that have over 100 employees with multiple government awards , still relying on QuickBooks to do their accounting. QuickBooks can provide value for smaller companies but as the company grows it can stretch thin in the areas of Inventory, Internal Controls, ERP, GAAP compliance and quick turnaround of useful information for project managers. At this point there are a number of better systems we may need to integrate into your QuickBooks Accounting System, or larger, or manufacturing companies may want to consider other platforms. Conversely, many smaller contractors unwittingly find themselves using software that is overly expensive and complicated for the level of contracting they perform.

To learn which government contract accounting software may be best suited to your business, watch our video above, and click the button below to tell us more about your business and needs:

Some examples of the systems that ReliAscent® has working knowledge of include:

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Digitally Transform Your Finance Team

Expectations have become higher for Finance leadership positions within organizations. Rising customer expectations, increased competition, and stricter regulatory requirements are spurring firms to adopt innovative cloud-based software, automated processes, and real-time access to information. Digital transformation is now a realistic goal for the finance function within an organization because of modern technological advances. View On-Demand Video > >

Determining The Best Accounting Software For Small Government Contractors

The Microsoft Dynamics Project Accounting Alternative for Government Contractors

Written by Hobie Frady on September 15, 2020

People often misunderstand the term DCAA-compliant accounting system when it is applied to accounting software. The truth is, this term alone does not guarantee the best accounting software for small government contractors. It doesnt even ensure that your accounting system is compliant with DCAA regulations.

In order to be DCAA compliant, your accounting system must meet several requirements. While some accounting software systems address these principal requirements, there are alternative ways to achieve the same purpose without breaking the bank.

It doesnt take a massive investment in purchasing, implementing, maintaining and training for your accounting system to become DCAA compliant. You simply need to understand how accounting software can help you achieve this aim.

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Project Accounting For Government Contractors

JAMIS Primes Project Accounting Suite is designed to meet the critical accounting, back-office, and operations needs and challenges of the most demanding government contractors, while offering real-time insight into key contract and project management performance metrics. Proper use and configuration of JAMIS Prime provides government contracting clients with an ERP system that will enable full compliance with DCAA, FAR, and CAS requirements. View Video>

It Services Engineering And Other Professional Services Federal Contractors Rely On The Flexibility And Security Of Jamis Prime Erp

JAMIS Prime ERP is a future proof application, built to last for years to come. It enables you to work from anywhere, enabling flexibility, efficiency, and business continuity. Get a quick preview of why JAMIS customers love using Prime ERP to help them control costs, boost performance, and grow their business. View Video >

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