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Car Insurance For Federal Government Employees

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Saving Money On Auto Insurance

Your Federal Insurance Benefits 2017 for Active Employees

Public sector workers come in all shapes and sizes. Many of these workers spend long hours driving for work and for personal reasons, which means theyre constantly exposed to the potential dangers of the open road.

In order to mitigate such dangers, public sector workers need the best auto insurance coverage they can find.

Luckily, public sector workers who take a few moments to peruse auto insurance comparison shopping websites can count on finding the best coverage options for the best prices.

Average Annual Auto Insurance Rates by State


In addition, many individuals can receive price reductions by asking companies about discounts related to their field of work.

Theres always a chance for you to save money while finding the coverage you need. Enter your ZIP code below to find the best rate for auto insurance for public sector workers.

Retired Ontario Public Servant Employees

Retired employees may have their premiums paid for them once they retire. It will depend on the type of life insurance they have. But, this is only applicable to the Basic life insurance coverage. Also, it depends on the retirement date. Those that retired before January 1, 2017, will have their premiums paid in their entirety. Those that retired after this date will only have 1/2 the premiums paid for. The retired employee handles the other 50%.

Popular Organizations With Geico Affiliation Discounts

  • National Association of Federal Employees
  • National Association of Government Contractors
  • Texas A& M University
  • BJs Wholesale Club Members
  • World Golf Tour

If you find an organization that you belong to in Geicos list, go to the organizations website and sign in with your member credentials, if necessary. You can then go to the section on member benefits and find a link for a Geico insurance quote. Discounts vary by organization and state.

These affiliation partnerships help Geico market its products and expand its customer base. In return, organization members receive discounts on Geico insurance policies. The organizations also receive a fee from Geico for every member who requests a Geico quote, even if they dont buy a policy.

How much is Geicos Marriage Discount?

Geico does not have a marriage discount. Geico does, however, tend to offer lower rates to married couples over single people. Married couples also tend to qualify for more discounts, like Geicos multi-car and multi-policy discounts.

Married couples tend to be more careful and consistent, which translates to fewer accidents and less risk for the insurance company. Getting married should not cause your rates to go up, as a result, but there are exceptions. If your new spouse has a poor driving record or is considered a higher risk to insure for another read full answerreason, you could pay much more.

Driver Profile


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What Are The Requirements For A Federal Employee Discount

Not every federal worker will qualify for a special federal employee discount or the competitive rates through select providers. Most federal employee car insurance discounts and special pricing offers are designed specifically for full-time, salaried or hourly workers.

In some cases, part-time workers may also qualify, but contract employees rarely qualify for savings in this way.

Clothing & Retail Discounts

Car Insurance for Federal Government Employees

Adidas: Government employees who are subscribed to ServicePlus can get up to 25% off their purchase at Adidas Canada .

: Canadian government employees can get a 10% discount on select apparel at Marks Work Warehouse when they sign up for ServicePlus .

The Brick: The Brick offers discounts on select furniture purchases to Canadian government workers who are members of the ServicePlus benefits program .

Go to: Discount Programs, Car Rentals, Clothing & Retail, Health & Fitness, Hotel & Resorts, Insurance & Banking, Technology, Transportation, Zero-Emission Vehicles

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Aaa Auto Insurance Federal Employee Discount

AAA insurance does offer a federal employee discount, but it doesnt offer the discount as part of its online quoting system.

To get a federal employee discount through AAA, call directly for a quote. Be aware, though, that some people have reported that you can only get the discount the first time you call, so be prepared to buy when you call or potentially lose the discount.

Auto Insurance Discounts For Federal Employees

Geico and AAA offer discounted auto insurance for federal employees. AAA has gone a step further by allowing you to stack up with ongoing promotions. For instance, you can receive an AAA quote online, but you must call in advance and communicate with your representative to secure the discount. However, be advised that obtaining the AAA discount is only applicable for first-time purchases. Geico offers reduced premiums and two different insurance discounts. They have Regular Membership and Eagle Discounts, which cannot be combined, but still, provide federal employees reasonable savings.

Volkswagen also provides discounts on new vehicles to current federal employees through their Volkswagen credit program. Hyundai also offers a unique payment deferment plan for federal workers.

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Are You Officially A Government Employee

The first question to ask is your status. Your position, responsibilities, and the location of your job vary, and if you want discounts on your car insurance, you must work for an organization that falls into the category of government work.

Some associations and organizations that might qualify include:

  • Federal Law Enforcement Officers Association
  • Federal Physician Association
  • National Federation of Federal Employees
  • Federal Managers Association
  • Federally Employed Fire Service Professionals
  • Department of Agriculture
  • Department of Health and Human Services
  • Justice System
  • Internal Revenue Service

Typically, if you have a federal job, you would fall into one of these organizations or unions. Usually, when you are hired and meet with your human resources representative, they should tell you your status and possibly present you with some insurance savings options.

If they do not, you still have ways to unlock your savings.

Why Do Insurance Companies Offer Discounts To State Employees

Wright USA – Federal Employee Disability Insurance

Studies have shown that people in certain professions have lower accident rates than people in other professions. Generally, government employees get into fewer accidents and file fewer claims than people in other professions. For that reason, insurance companies like having government employees in their insurance pool.

Its important to note that according to Nasdaq, drivers with higher education get better car insurance rates. This can also help account for lower rates.

Even if an insurance company does not offer a specific discount to a state employee, you might find that you pay cheaper rates with that insurance company because youre considered a lower risk class than other drivers.

An insurance company might not specifically advertise a state employee discount, for example, but you could end up paying lower rates anyway.

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Are There Government Discounts For Car Insurance

Federal government car insurance discountsare a form of group discount,one of the simplest insurance discounts to get. And here’s how you get it: Ask around the water cooler: You’ll have the best luck starting with your boss,union rep or HR department. Ask if there’s a discount program with a particular insurance company.

Still Dont Qualify You Have Other Options

Major insurance companies do offer discounts to federal workers, including Liberty Mutual, Farmers Insurance, Nationwide, Travelers, and GEICO.

However, if you do not qualify as a federal employee under their plans, you have other ways to save. You could even consider a telematic system, which monitors your driving habits and permits the insurance company to assess your day-to-day driving skills. Once they have a full idea of how you drive, you can receive discounts for continuing to drive safely.

Some companies offering these discounts include Progressive, Esurance, Nationwide, Liberty Mutual, and Allstate.

Regardless, if you qualify for a discount, or think you might, always investigate it further. The more deductions you can unlock, the cheaper your monthly premiums can be, and the easier it becomes to insure your vehicle.

Help protect yourself on the roadwith Insurance Panda

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Car Insurance Discount Tips

Car insurance discounts arent always what they seem. For example, you might think big savings! when you see a discount advertised with up to 40% off, but that doesnt necessarily mean youre going to get 40% off your entire car insurance bill.

Here are some discount car insurance tips.

Beware of the up to. Youll usually find that discounts are listed as up to a certain percent. You might not get that percent. The highest discount may be offered only to certain classes of drivers, for example.

Some discounts apply only to specific coverage types, not your entire bill. For example, seat belt discounts might be applied only to your cost for medical payments coverage or personal injury protection, because those types pay for passenger injuries. Anti-theft device discounts might apply to only to comprehensive coverage, because thats the coverage that pays for car theft.

Some discounts are required by state law. Youll get state-mandated discounts from any insurance company. For example, New York mandates a 10% discount off of liability and collision coverage for three years for drivers who take a defensive driving course and send a certificate of completion to the insurance company.

Discounts can be capped. You might qualify for multiple discounts, but the insurance company usually limits the total possible discount percentage. For example, you might add up discounts that look like 75% off your auto insurance , but the total might be capped at 20%.

The Benefits Of An Independent Insurance Agent

Auto Insurance for Federal Employees (2021 Guide)

So now you know how federal government employee insurance discounts work. But your time is valuable, so why do all the hard work yourself? Our independent insurance agents stay on top of the industry and all the latest discounts so you dont have to. That means theyll help find the right coverage at the right price for you.

But theyre not just there in the beginning, either. If you get into a bit of a pickle and need to make a claim, theyll help you meet deadlines and ensure youre getting all the benefits youre entitled to. Article | Reviewed byPaul Martin

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How Does A Government Employees Insurance Company Pay Auto Claims

A government employees insurance claim is paid out the same way as any other policyholders.

The only real difference is that government employees using their cars for work purposes may need a special policy, like a business owners or other policy designed to cover them during work hours, similar to what Uber drivers and pizza delivery people might need.

Which Jobs Qualify You For Federal Employee Auto Insurance Discounts

Every provider will define the limits of occupations that qualify for federal or government employee discounts.

Often, being a healthcare worker, local government official, federal or state worker, or even a teacher may qualify for a federal employee discount. You can sometimes also get a discount if you are a government contractor.

If you decide to go with GEICO, you should ask the representative if your career or job will qualify you for this discount.

There are many other insurance companies that offer various types of discounts. You just have to do a little homework and ask the right questions.

If you are filling out a form online, you may be asked what type of work you do. Be sure to answer this question honestly, and you may be given a chance to get a discount on your insurance near the end of the application process.

Being a federal employee can be difficult, but it comes with some perks too. For example, you might be wondering if government employees get discounts on flights? Or how much do federal employees pay for health insurance?

You will find there are a lot of perks to your job you may not have known about. Besides cheaper flights or health insurance rates, another big one is discounts on hotels.

You can search directly for lodging discounts for federal employees with FedRooms, or see if your hotel of choice offers a government rate when booking.

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Technology Discounts For Federal Employees

Federal employees can enjoy excellent discounts from leading cell phone carriers such as T-Mobile, Verizon, Sprint, and AT& T on both accessories and phone service. Often, the discounts range between 5%-20%, and most companies are willing to combine special offers with discounts. Be advised, though, most of these offers are mainly available to new customers.

Similarly, multinational computer outlets such as Microsoft, Lenovo, HP, Dell, and Apple offer federal employee discounts and have regular special offers on various computers and accessories. For instance, federal employees are entitled to Microsofts Home Use Program for less than $10 by factoring discounted computer packages.

Progressive Federal Employee Discount

Welcome to the Forest Service New Employee Orientation: Federal Employee Group Life Insurance FEGLI

Progressive Direct auto insurance doesnt offer a federal employee discount at this time.

It does, however, offer a number of other discounts according to its website, including:

  • Multi-policy
  • Senior Driver
  • Safe Driver

Check the company website or contact them directly to make sure you are up-to-date on any and all available discounts.

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Auto Insurance Discounts For State Employees

If youre driving a government-owned vehicle such as a postal delivery van or a garbage truck, those vehicles will be insured by a commercial policy held by the state.

Employees who dont drive for the government wont be covered under a commercial insurance plan, but they may be offered a discount through the state for their auto insurance.

Each state offers different benefits and discount programs to their employees, but one of the most common discounts provided is auto insurance for state employees.

For example, the state of New Jersey offers discounts on auto insurance with Liberty Mutual and NJM Insurance Group to their employees. Some states dont have anything specific on their website, such as the state of Florida. Employee auto insurance discounts arent listed, but that doesnt mean they dont offer them.

If you work for a state government and want to know if discounted insurance is available to you, reach out to your human resources representative.

What Is The Cost Of Car Insurance For Government Employees

While there is not a specific rate or less expensive government employee car insurance policy, it is important to note that rates are based on a number of personal factors. Occupation is not a significant factor in car insurance rates, though some providers may provide special coverage options or discounts. However, your employer, such as the government, may entitle you to additional discounts.

The national average cost of full coverage car insurance is $1,674 per year, according to Bankrates 2021 study of quoted annual premiums. Your rate will likely differ and could be higher or lower based on your vehicle, driving history and other personal factors like your ZIP code, age or credit score, depending on the state you live in. No matter who you are employed by, you should check with several carriers for quotes, since rates can vary greatly from one carrier to another.

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What Does Car Insurance Discounts Do Progressive Offer

What Discounts Are Offered by Progressive Car Insurance?Progressive insurance offers a variety of different insurance policy options.The e-sign car insurance discount gives a $50 discount when initially signing up for Progressive insurance online.The pay-in-full discount offers a discount for any policyholder who pays their car insurance premium in one lump payment.

How Does Your Education Level Affect Your Auto Insurance Rates

Car Insurance for Federal Employees

Education requirements for federal government employees will vary based on the job. Some jobs will require more education than others.

How College Education Can Affect Rates

It might surprise you to learn that having a higher education equals lower car insurance rates. Some car insurance companies believe that having a higher education lowers your risk of being in an accident.

Not all companies will charge you less for having a college education, but it can be used to calculate your rates in most states. In addition to getting lower rates initially, some companies also offer discounts for college degrees or memberships with alumni associations.

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How Does Your Job Affect Your Car Insurance

Even within the federal government, your car insurance rates will be different based on the job you hold. This table will give you information on Geicos average annual car insurance rates based on your occupation within the government.

Geico Average Rates by Federal Government Occupation

Federal Occupation

These numbers will give you a comparison as you shop for your car insurance. You can see that the rates do change based on the job you hold.

Do Federal Employees Get Auto Insurance Discounts

If you are a federal employee, there are many companies that will give you a discount. Federal employee auto insurance discounts vary by company and occupation, so make sure to shop around for the very best rates.

Military, federal law enforcement, and government contractors are just a few of the careers that can earn you a discount.

Generally, government employees are not considered risky drivers, which is why auto insurance companies are more likely to offer a discount.

They can also earn multi-policy discounts by combining their auto insurance with other policies, such as a life insurance policy or homeowners policy, maybe even a boat insurance policy.

Lets look at who has access to these discounts and which companies offer them.

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How Much Car Insurance Do I Need

You need to purchase at least enough auto insurance coverage to meet your state minimum requirements. While you need auto insurance to legally drive in most places, the bare minimum is typically not enough coverage to offer significant financial protection. Most insurance experts recommend that drivers carry higher liability limits if their budget allows, which offers greater financial protection if you are in an at-fault accident.

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