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Amazon Prime Discount For Government Assistance

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What Items Are Available On Amazon Fresh

Amazon offers Prime discount for SNAP users

You can get a Prime delivery facility with your Amazon Prime membership and buy everyday essentials at additional discounts through Amazon Fresh. Here, you can purchase groceries, household items, and health and beauty products. And local products such as baked goods and prepared meals are also available on Amazon Fresh.

What Is The Amazon Prime Senior Discount

Currently, Amazon prime senior discount is offered to the seniors who have valid EBT cards. People having Medicaid facilities can also avail this offer. With this offer, you can take the Amazon Prime membership at $5.99 per month and subscribe to the Prime membership via the Amazon Prime EBT Signup option.

With senior citizen discounts, you can get free delivery on eligible items available on Amazon. In addition, Amazon offers various facilities to their Prime members, such as exclusive discounts, before-time delivery schedule, birthday discounts, discounts on minimum purchase, Prime pantry, and 2 hours delivery.

Amazon Prime: A Short History

Amazon Prime launched in 2005, and it originally offered members benefits like two-day free shipping the retailer charged an annual $79 for a membership initially. At the time, Bourlier said, this seemed like a pipe dream, and it has remained a substantial factor in motivating people to become Prime members. But over the years, Amazon has greatly expanded what members get when they join, like entertainment, fashion, savings and other perks.

Amazon Prime membership grew significantly during the pandemic. In a in April 2021, executive chairman Jeff Bezos said there are more than 200 million Prime members worldwide the retailer has not provided updated membership numbers since. In January 2020,Amazon had more than 150 million Prime members globally, according to marketing research company Digital Commerce 360 Thomson partially attributes the approximate 33-percent increase in members to the pandemic. Not only were people forced to stay home and increasingly depend on delivery services like Prime Delivery to shop for everything from office supplies to food, but they could also utilize Prime Video, Music, Reading and more to stay entertained. Quite frankly, if Covid didnt encourage people to get a Prime membership, I dont know what will, Thomson said.

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Snap Benefits: Amazon Offers A Discount On Prime Membership With Your Ebt Card

Even after raising its annual regular price for Amazon Prime service by $20, Amazon offers ways for certain customers to save money. Shoppers who are recipients of SNAP and SNAP EBT Cash benefits may qualify to save 50% off their Prime membership.


You can also use your SNAP card to purchase fresh groceries and other qualified products on Amazon.

Bonus Offer: Open a new Citi Priority Account by 1/9/23 and earn up to a $2,000 cash bonus after completing required activities.

To see if you qualify for 50% off Prime, visit To show you are an EBT recipient, enter your EBT number, upload an image of your card, and select the state that issued the card from the dropdown menu. Amazon wants qualifying participants to know their EBT card will not be used to pay for the discounted membership, which is $6.99 per month.

Recipients of other government assistance programs including Medicare, Direct Express , the National School Lunch Program , Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program , Supplemental Security Income , Temporary Assistance for Needy Families , Tribal Temporary Assistance for Needy Families and the Women, Infants and Children program may also qualify. Additionally, for a limited time you can upload an Economic Income Payment card to qualify for the discount.

Cash Back Offer: Get cash back on groceries with a picture of your receipt. Sign up now and get a $20 welcome bonus.

Sign Up For Prime Access

Amazon Prime $5.99 for Select Customers!

Qualifying EBT and government assistance recipients can save 50% on the monthly Prime membership.

Verify your eligibility for Prime Access by providing one of the following:

  • SSI: Image of complete eligibility letter for Supplemental Security Income
  • SNAP: Enter your EBT number and upload an image of the EBT card.
  • Medicaid: Upload image of your Medicaid eligibility letter.
  • DE: Image of Direct Express Debit Card.
  • TANF: Image of eligibility letter for Temporary Assistance for Needy Families.
  • NSLP: Image of letter showing current participation in the National School Lunch Program, with your child’s name, and the school name.
  • LIHEAP: Image of letter confirming your eligibility for Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program.
  • WIC: Image of eligibility letter for the Women, Infants, and Children program.
  • TTANF: Image of Tribal assistance eligibility letter.

NOTE: The image should be legible. It must show the issue date or the expiry date , and the beneficiary name.

To qualify:

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The Best Amazon Prime Benefits

In addition to free next-day or two-day shipping on millions of items, Amazon Prime can you save money on essentials like groceries, diapers, and baby food not to mention trips to the store. It’s also worth noting that Amazon now accepts SNAP EBT on qualifying grocery items.

With access to a massive library of TV shows, movies, and original content through Prime Video, membership can also help you cut the cord if you’re still paying for cable or satellite TV. The cost of Prime with all of its features also matches that of other major streaming services alone.

Amazon Prime Day 2021, Amazon’s big two-day sale is another major benefit of having Amazon Prime. Members have exclusive access to thousands of exclusive deals, many of which are just as good or better than Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales.

happened on June 21 and 22 this year. It was an event of equally grand scale compared to previous years, filled with rare, short-lived sales on popular items including streaming devices, smart home speakers and displays, robot vacuums, and more.

If you’d like to give Amazon Prime and its many benefits a try before committing to the monthly fee, now is a great time to sign up for a trial.

Amazon Household Isnt Available For Discounted Membership Holders

Amazon Household is a feature of Prime membership that allows you to set up separate accounts for family members within your main Prime account.

A discounted Amazon Prime membership wont allow this and your account will be yours only. Dont worry because you can always share your Prime account the alternative way. Which is basically, sharing your Prime login with your partner or BFF so they can add their credit card information and ship items to themselves.

Just be sure when you do this, you keep credit cards straight so nobody accidentally buys something using someone elses card!

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Benefits Of Amazon Prime Memberships

According to James Thomson, a partner at marketing agency Buy Box Experts, the most important thing Amazon can do is drive loyalty to the Amazon marketplace. He said the retailer does so through its Prime membership and the variety of benefits it offers, many of which are designed to offer shoppers convenience. The company wants to get consumers to say, Im not going to walk into a physical store because its so much easier to buy on Amazon, he said.

Does California Participate In The Restaurant Meals Program

Amazon Offers Prime Discount To Those On Government Benefits | CNBC

Yes. The Restaurant Meals Program allows CalFresh recipients who are 60 years of age or older, disabled, or homeless to use their CalFresh benefits to purchase lower-cost prepared meals at approved participating restaurants in certain counties.

If you fit one of the groups described above, you can use your CalFresh California EBT card at select restaurants and fast-food chains throughout the state.

Currently, the restaurant meals program is active in the following counties:

Most will display EBT Cards Accepted Here signs.

Also, some will display the Quest Logo.

If you do not see the Quest® logo, your EBT card may still be accepted. Check with the store before shopping.

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How To Get The Amazon Prime Discount For Customers Who Receive Us Government Assistance

wikiHow is a wiki, similar to Wikipedia, which means that many of our articles are co-written by multiple authors. To create this article, volunteer authors worked to edit and improve it over time. This article has been viewed 58,739 times.Learn more…

Amazon offers a 45-percent discount on Prime memberships, $5.99 a month instead of $10.99 month, to U.S. residents receiving government assistance: WIC, TANF, SNAP XResearch source You must have an EBT card. The best part is, if you are already a prime member with an EBT card you can take advantage of the discount right away.XResearch source

Amazon Offers Prime Discount To Those On Government Assistance Inc. has come up with a new program that offers discounts for its Prime service to people on a number of government assistance programs. Those who want to use the program have to demonstrate they qualify with a valid EBT card.

An EBT card is commonly used to disburse funds for several government assistance programs including Temporary Assistance for Needy Families , Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program and Women, Infants, and Children Nutrition Program , Amazon management said.

The price of the service will be $5.99 a month. Prime usually costs $10.99 a year. As is the case with regular Prime memberships, people can cancel at any time.

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Greg Greeley, vice president of Amazon Prime, said:

We know when people try Prime they love it, because they save time and money with low prices on millions of items, unlimited access to premium videos and music, and fast, convenient delivery. We designed this membership option for customers receiving government assistance to make our everyday selection and savings more accessible, including the many conveniences and entertainment benefits of Prime.

Amazon did not say how many people it thought would use the new program.

Prime fights for market share in the streaming video business against two other large providers of streaming services: Apple Inc. and Netflix Inc. .

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Enjoy Amazon Prime Benefits

You need to visit to avail your Prime membership benefits. Once you are on the site, you can log in to your Amazon account and start availing of Prime benefits. If you already have an account, you can simply log in by entering your username and password. Select the products that you want to buy. Add them to Cart, Go to Check Out, and provide billing details. Finally, make Payment, and you are done!

Why Amazon Prime Discount For Senior Citizens

*Special* Amazon Prime Discounted in 2020

The key reason why every senior must have an Amazon Prime membership is great savings and convenience. Everyone is aware that Amazon offers everything in one place from appliances, gadgets, apparel, and jewelry to electronics, furniture, office appliances, grocery delivery, medical aids, products for seniors, and a lot more.

However, the running cost of online stores is cheaper than brick-and-mortar stores, and Amazon is consistently facilitating this advantage to their customers. They offer the lowest price, and you can save your cost by paying fewer amounts than the regular price for an item.

Moreover, you can also save more during Amazon Prime senior discount days, and you can avail two-day shipping facility from . Amazon Prime will cover you whenever you place an order on Amazon. It is convenient for seniors to get their items delivered faster at their doorstep for convenience, especially for those with mobility and other issues.

People always check the delivery charges before placing an order on the online shopping portal because sometimes one might need to pay $10 as shipping charges for an item cost $5. However, a prime member doesnt need to pay any delivery charges. You can place unlimited orders on Amazon and get them delivered within 48 hours without any delivery or shipping charges.

Seniors with a Prime Membership of Amazon can enjoy Amazon Prime discount for senior citizens and avail facilities like:

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Amazon Prime Student Discount

Students enjoy an extended six-month , then pay just $69 a year, for a savings of $70 annually when compared to a standard annual membership. Exclusive offers are included with student memberships, such as access to the for $0.99 a month on top of the standard Prime benefit of . Prime Student members can also access the unlimited version of for just $0.99 a month for up to four years.

Meanwhile, a student membership also includes a two-month free trial to for digital versions of books and free food delivery from Grubhub for any order placed at $12 or more.

How can students prove they qualify for an Amazon Prime membership discount?

Students can prove they qualify for an Amazon Prime membership discount by providing an email address ending in .edu when signing upit doesn’t have to be the email used for logging in but must be provided for the initial verification process. Other accepted means, which can be emailed to , include a transcript, class list or tuition bill that shows your name, the name of the educational institution and the current term or an official acceptance letter for an upcoming term that includes the date you will begin.

What benefits can you access with a student Amazon Prime membership?

Are there limitations during the free trial period for students?

Do you pay month-by-month for a student Amazon Prime membership?

How often do you have to verify your eligibility for a student Amazon Prime membership?

Get Amazon Prime For $699 With Calfresh is reader-supported. When you buy through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission at no additional cost to you. You can read our full disclaimer here.

Great News for California EBT Recipients!! There is now Amazon Prime Discount for CalFresh EBT cardholders. If you are on CalFresh, CalWORKS, or WIC and have an EBT card, you can now get Amazon Prime Membership for $6.99 a month.

Additionally, Medi-Cal or California Medicaid cardholders are also eligible for this discount.

Why is this a great deal?

The regular Amazon Prime membership is $14.99 a month. However, if you have an EBT Card, you can get Prime Membership for $699. Thats over 50% off the regular price.

Read below to learn more about all the great benefits and perks of Amazon Prime and how to sign up for the Prime EBT Discount.

This post on Amazon Prime Discount for EBT will cover:

  • Benefits of Amazon Prime
  • What is Amazon Prime Discount for EBT?
  • How to Sign up for Amazon Prime EBT discount for CalFresh
  • Amazon Prime FAQs
  • California EBT Card Questions and Answers

What Does This Mean for EBT Card Holders?

This means that you can now get Amazon Prime subscription at more than half the normal rate.

You can now take full advantage of all the great benefits that come with prime membership. These include:

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If You Want The Best Deals On Amazon Prime Day On July 12 13 You May Want To Sign Up For Prime Heres How To Do That On The Cheap

Amazon Prime Day a massive two-day sale on the site will take place on July 12-13, 2022. But to take advantage of many of the deals Amazon is offering, you will need to be a Prime member. Amazon Prime is Amazons subscription service that offers perks like free one- and two-day shipping on millions of items free access to thousands of TV shows, movies and songs exclusive deals, and more. Amazon Prime is regularly priced at $139 for the year or $14.99 per month, but there are many ways to get it free or at a deep discount.

If you just want to sign up for Prime for Prime Day deals, you can do a 30-day free trial right now and then cancel before the trial is up if you dont want to continue. After your trial, Prime costs $14.99 per month. The Prime trial is a good way to see whether you like and use the benefits of Prime . If you order multiple times a month and in small quantities from Amazon, its often worth it for the free shipping alone if youre an infrequent shopper on Amazon, it may not be. Get a free 30-day trial here.

Students with a .edu email address can get this deal, and when you sign up you get six months free, after which you pay the discounted rate of $7.49 per month. This membership comes with the usual Prime perks, as well as free food delivery via Grubhub, flight discounts and more. Get the free 6-month trial here.

Amazon Discounts Prime For Customers On Government Assistance

Expanding Access to Amazon Prime | Amazon News

Amazon will now offer Prime at a discounted price for consumers participating in a government assistance program. Consumers who have a valid Electronic Benefits Transfer card qualify for the membership, which includes Prime Video, Prime Music, Prime Reading and Prime Photos. Plus, qualifying customers get unlimited fast and free shipping for $5.99 a month.

We know when people try Prime they love it, because they save time and money with low prices on millions of items, unlimited access to premium videos and music, and fast, convenient delivery, Greg Greeley, vice president of Amazon Prime, told MarketWatch . We designed this membership option for customers receiving government assistance to make our everyday selection and savings more accessible, including the many conveniences and entertainment benefits of Prime.

Customers cannot use their EBT card to pay for the membership and can qualify every 12 months for up to four times. Amazon is planning on adding additional ways to qualify for those participating in government assistance programs that do not utilize EBT.

According to Matt Sargent, senior vice president of retail at Magid, with the announcement that Prime will offer a discount rate for low-income shoppers, Amazon is trying to make headway with Walmarts core customer.


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