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Where To Find Government Rfps

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What Is An Rfp

How to Search Contract Opportunities by NAICS and PSC

An RFP stands for Request for Proposal. It is one of the many different solicitations that is released for government bids. Others include a Request for Quote and Invitation for Bids . These will be released along with the statement of work . The SOW is the specification containing all the details of the contract.

Win Your Next Government Rfp With These Pro

The government RFP process is notoriously complex for responders. So, we searched for an expert in the space who could demonstrate the best strategy for success.

Recently we chatted with Kevin Switaj, BZ Opportunity Managements President and CEO. In this podcast interview, Kevin delivers actionable protips and insights to help anyone responding to government RFPs. Take note, and get ready to win!

What Is A Government Contract Bid

A government bid is an offer to provide a service for the government in exchange for some amount of money. The bidding process is similar to what occurs at an auction, except that the different entities are competing to provide a service for the lowest price.

What is FedBid for government contractors?

Many government agencies are beginning to utilize FedBid, a reverse auction website which speeds up the contractor selection process and reduces the cost of awarding federal contracts. In order to place bids through their service, government contractors must complete a two part registration process.

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How Do I Find A Companys Rfps

Therefore you can almost always find public RFPs listed on the issuing organizations website. Theyre usually listed under the labels publishing or procurement. Oftentimes, RFPs are also published in newspapers or other local publications.

How to find RFP opportunities?

Use keywords. Whether you are using a bid service or not,determining the precise keywords that describe the RFPs that you want to find is crucial.

  • Know your NAICS code. Your business NAICS code helps bid services and government agencies classify your business according to the service you provide.
  • Choose your area of operation.
  • Pick your bid service.
  • Things To Know Before Responding To Government Rfps

    15 Sample Free Request For Proposal Templates

    You must follow the rules. You know how you have to bring the exact right information to get your drivers license or passport? Its the same way responding to government RFPs. Each agency has slightly different requirements, but make sure you read the entire document for whats needed. Be prepared to submit a certificate of insurance, agency-specific forms, and at least 3 references. If you dont submit the required information, your response probably wont be considered.

    Dont be discouraged! If its your first time responding to a government RFP, you may be overwhelmed by the documents. Take your time reading through them and ask for help if you need it. Remember that RFPs are competitive. You will need to think through your strategy and convey that in your proposal. Its definitely possible to win RFPs, even if they were written for another company, if you create a winning story that speaks to the evaluators.

    If you win, you must keep detailed records. Most government contracts outline specific requirements for managing the contract. For example, you might have to send monthly reports with the exact items purchased or you may have to meet specific SLAs. The contract requirements will vary based on your offering and the agency but keep this in mind when reviewing the contract documents.

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    How To Find Out About Bid Opportunities

    Many departments and agencies have the delegated authority to purchase their own goods and services valued at $25,000 or less without Public Works and Government Services Canada . Therefore, it is important to promote your goods and/or services to them.

    You should also consult the Government of Canada Tendering Service to keep track of requirements that departments and agencies publicly advertise.

    Requests For Proposals: Overview

    Before we dive into government RFPs, lets first define RFP. RFP stands for Request for Proposal, which is different from an RFI or RFQ . While this post focuses on government RFPs, the RFP process is similar across all industries. First, the organization identifies a problem, and once they have done a bit of research, they may release an RFI to learn more about potential solutions in the market . They will use this information to decide more concretely what they want, and create a formal Request for Proposal solicitation asking potential vendors to submit proposals for the project. Almost every RFP will include a question and answer period, a hard deadline for when proposals are due, and some sort of guidance on what information you need to provide. Many will specifically state a format and ask that you respond to specific questions.

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    Two Ways To Find Open Rfps

    There are two main approaches to locating open RFPs. You can look for RFPs manually or subscribe to an RFP database.

    Searching for RFPs manually

    A manual search for RFPs requires practice and research, but its the most cost-effective way to find new opportunities.

    Google search for government RFPs

    Because government organizations are required to make their RFPs public, they post them on their websites or in a searchable portal. You can quickly and easily find almost any state or local procurement page or portal with a simple Google search. When you search, remember that each state may use different terminology. For example, try searching by the state or municipality name plus contracts, procurement, RFPs, invitations for bid , or requests for tender .

    Finding open RFPs on social media

    While less common, some organizations post their RFPs on social media. LinkedIn is the most popular social network for finding RFPs, but you will also see some on Twitter. Luckily, the search functionality on these networks makes RFPs easy to find. Simply search your industry and RFP to browse through the results and find the latest open opportunities.

    Use an RFP database

    Best RFP databases

    The Bid Lab Can Help You Find Rfps

    Advanced Search of Contract Opportunities

    Because of the myriad places RFPs can be located, to save time and money it may be in the best interest of potential bidders to work with a bid consulting firm. At The Bid Lab, RFPs are what we do, all day every day. Not only do we specialize in finding specific RFPs that properly align with your business needs, but we also help manage your entire response to ensure you have a winning chance.

    If you think it might be time for your business to dive into the world of RFPs, contact us today for a complimentary consultation.

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    How To Look For Government Rfps

    When looking for government-issued Requests for Proposals, you can opt for manual searching of your own, or ask for professional help. Regardless of the option you choose, it is good to start by clearly defining the kind of project you are looking for. Similarly, it is good to precisely define which services and goods you provide and which areas you can cover.

    Once you define what you offer and what you are looking for, you can start looking for particular RFPs. Usually, you can start by looking up the web pages of different government organizations and checking their section on open projects, requests for tenders, and proposals. This, however, can be rather tedious, especially since not every RFP you find this way will be relevant for your business.

    Where Can I Find Government Awarded Contracts

    How do you win a government RFP?

    Winning RFP government bids comes down to having the right team.

  • Write RFP responses that show you know the client. Submit a proposal that solves the evaluators problems and headaches.
  • Have a standardized and flexible process.
  • Make government RFPs a focus at your organization.
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    Bid Prime Government Bids

    Bid Prime was launched in 2009 to simplify the sourcing of government projects across North America. They are a privately held company based out of Texas in the United States, that monitors over 90,000 government websites, networks etc. to pull active requirements across a wide range of categories to list on the Bid Prime website

    Request For Standing Offer

    Master Your Companyâs RFP Process

    This method is used to solicit standing offers to provide goods and services on an as-and-required basis, at firm prices, as per established terms and conditions. It clearly states the requirement, the evaluation method and selection criteria, the call-up procedures, the ranking methodologies, whenever applicable, to be used for making call-ups against the authorized standing offer, and all terms and conditions applicable to the contract that is brought into effect, as a result of any call-up.

    For more information, please visit the Standing Offers Web page.

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    How Can I Apply For Government Rfps

    So, youve conducted your government RFP search and found a contract you want to go for. You may be wondering what comes next. Its important to have good time management in order to be a winning RFP Writer. RFP deadlines are not to be underestimated and some submission portals can be unreliable and glitchy. This means you dont want to be leaving your submission until the last moment. Working backward from the submission deadline can help you adequately plan for response.

    Set yourself and your team realistic time restraints and internal deadlines. This can help ease the pressure if any additional data needs to be collected or analyzed.

    Some important questions to consider before responding to a government RFP are:

    • Are you a registered vendor?
    • Can you deliver the contract if you win?
    • Can you meet the submission deadline?
    • Do you have the necessary experience required?
    • Do you have any of the necessary qualifications or certifications required?

    Once youve thoroughly read the tender documents and you meet the financial requirements, its go time! You can start writing your RFP response.

    Request For Supply Arrangement

    This method is used to solicit bids from a pool of pre-qualified suppliers for specific requirements. The intent is to establish a framework to permit expeditious processing individual bid solicitations which result in legal binding contracts for the goods and services described in those bid solicitations.

    For more information, please visit the Supply Arrangements Web page.

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    Procurement Applications Supported By Buyandsellgcca

    Access the main procurement applications supported by to assist in viewing, creating and managing tender notices , as well as Standing Offers and Supply Arrangements . Additionally, request and personalize your Supplier Contract History Letter for business needs.

    Welcome To The Government Of Yukon Bid Opportunities Website

    Everything You Didn’t Know About Federal Government Contracting | Jason White | TEDxWeston

    This site allows businesses interested in bidding on Government of Yukon contracts to create a vendor account. When creating your account, select the commodity codes relevant to your business to receive email notifications about bid opportunities that match the commodity codes you have selected.

    Since August 18th, 2020, all Government of Yukon public bid opportunities issued were posted on this site. Opportunities release prior to this date can be found on the Tender Management System.

    Businesses are solely responsible for ensuring their vendor account information is accurate and up to date.

    Vendor resources:

    Please visit the support portal for written guides on topics including how to create and manage your account and how to submit an online submission.

    Please visit YG Learn to view tutorial videos on how to set up an account and how to submit an online submission.

    Questions? If you have questions about a specific bid opportunity, please direct your inquiry to the contact person listed in the bid document.

    If you have general questions about how Government of Yukon performs procurement, please contact the Procurement Support Centre at 867-667-5385 or email

    If you encounter technical issues, please contact

    Bid opportunities

    Government of Yukon bid opportunities are listed below. Please refer to the Status column in the list to determine if the bid is open, closed or awarded.

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    Top 5 Websites To Find Rfps

    Lead generation is a critical and difficult aspect without which a business cannot survive, irrespective of whether it deals with online or offline sales. Especially if you are a services company offering services like software development, marketing or design, it becomes extremely difficult to find clients who have active requirements that suit your expertise. We have analyzed, assessed and listed down the 10 best websites that would help you find RFPs

    The Importance Of Finding Current Rfps

    The last thing you want to do is miss out on the perfect RFP! Its easy to waste time searching for an RFP only to find the ideal RFP after the deadline to submit. Without a single site to consolidate all RFPs by deadline, its extremely easy for the average company to miss finding the RFP that is right for them. Alternatively, say you do find the perfect RFP, but its due in three days! Where do you even begin?

    At The Bid Lab, its our business to find the perfect RFPs for our clients. With our team constantly searching we can find the right RFP in plenty of time. Using that advantage, our clients are able to craft the exact responses needed with enough time to submit a winning bid.

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    Rfps Rfqs Tenders And Other Bid Solicitations

    RFPs, RFQs, tenders and other bid solicitations

    bidsCanada features:

    • A search engine that specializes in finding RFPs, RFQs, tenders and other bid solicitations posted on Canadian public sector websites.
    • An opportunity matching and e-mail notification service that consolidates details of RFPs based on your saved search criteria. You receive one concise daily notification of new and relevant RFPs.
    • A personal web page that uses your saved search criteria to provide quick, convenient and automatic results detailing relevant RFPs.
    • A RFP posting service. If you work for a Canadian public sector organization, Fortune 500 company or other large corporation as a buyer, you can post your RFPs, RFQs, tenders and other bid solicitations to bidsCanada free of charge, effectively reaching thousands of qualified suppliers to ensure best value in the procurement of goods and services. .

    Are you also interested in bid solicitations from the United States? There over 15,000 open bid solicitations listed on bidsUSA right now.What’s New

    Lowest Price Technically Compliant Vs Best Value

    15 Sample Free Request For Proposal Templates

    When trying to win government contracts, it is critical that you know how the proposals will be evaluated. There are typically two main ways: Lowest Price Technically Compliant or Best Value. Lowest Price Technically Compliant evaluations means that whichever bidder has the lowest price while meeting the technical requirements will receive the contract. Even if your competitor is only one dollar less than you and you offer more value-adds, they will be awarded because they meet the requirements and are the lowest priced. Unsurprisingly, these types of proposals are very competitive on price and often result in companies racing to the bottom by cutting margins to be the lowest priced. If you are already often the highest bidder, then its best to avoid these types of solicitations unless the contract is strategically important.

    Best Value opportunities, on the other hand, are evaluated based on overall value. Most often these types of evaluations place different points or weight value onto each evaluation criterion, and the bidders with the highest scores are invited to present or negotiate . In this type of solicitation, your proposal becomes even more important because you are able to showcase why your company is better in each category, which will ultimately result in a higher overall score, even if you are the highest priced.

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    Where To Find The Best Government Rfps

    Every year governments issue Requests for Proposals worth billions of dollars, awarding high-value projects to large, medium, and small businesses alike. While you might be familiar with RFPs issued by private entities, government-issued Requests usually include more documentation, stricter requirements, and a set of highly regulated procedures.

    Government RFPs are drafted following strict legal guidelines set by government agencies. This implies a lot of documentation that outlines each aspect of the project in a lot of detail. At the same time, businesses that submit their bids are expected to abide by the strict regulations and show their adherence to all legal requirements.

    Despite this rigorous procedure, government RFPs presents an amazing opportunity for your business. An average government organization will announce around twenty RFPs every year, receiving only around five offer submissions. While the bids for such government-run projects can be lengthy, often running around 100 pages, the government-funded projects tend to be transparent, fair, and attractive.

    The government is also a very reliable partner. Officials need to follow a set of rules and procedures, which ensures that you will not be facing any surprises or changes of mind on the way. Formalized deadlines and a clear division of tasks within the government agencies will help you stay organized and streamlined.

    Answers To All Of Your Government Rfp Search Questions

    If youre interested in procurement, you may be wondering how to conduct a government RFP search. The U.S government spends billions of dollars annually on the procurement of goods and services.

    Whats more, is that the government is actively looking to award 23% of those contracts to small businesses. Securing a government contract can be a great growth opportunity for your business. So, if youre a small business, you may be wondering how to get in on the action.

    Before you start, there are a few things you need to consider. You may have a few questions about the process. This blog offers answers to all of your frequently asked government RFP search questions.

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