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David Packouz And Efraim Diveroli Before They Were Famous

War Dogs – TV Spot 9

Born into a Jewish family in St. Louis, MissouriDavid Packouz was a licensed massage therapist before he joined Efraim Diveroli as an international arms dealer. Efraim Diveroli was born into an Orthodox Jewish family from Miami Beach, Florida and practiced strict cultural and spiritual traditions growing up. His grandfather Yoav Botach was an extremely wealthy Los Angeles property owner and his uncle is the famous rabbi Schmuley Boteach

According to his memoir, Diveroli dove headfirst into the world of international arms trading when he was only fifteen years old. His family owned a shell company called AEY, Inc. named after the initials of Efraim and his siblings. He asked his father to sell him the company so that he could use it to start his own business facilitating arms contracts with the US government. His father agreed and AEY, Inc. was born.

Armed with a laptop, some weed, and an official business license, teenage Diveroli got to work from the sofa in his one-room apartment in Miami. His goal was simple: get rich by capitalizing on the emergent need for arms dealers to facilitate weapons contracts for the US military.

Meanwhile, his highschool friend David Packouz was struggling to provide for himself and his girlfriend as an underpaid massage therapist. When he found out that his girlfriend had become pregnant, he decided to make the risky jump from massage therapist to arms dealer in order to provide for his new family.

The Process 10 Key Things To Consider

Theres a reason the procurement process seems near impossible for a startup to break through. A startup hasnt shown a track record to give a buyer confidence.

She expects you to maintain a long-term relationship with the government and sustainably deliver. For you to build that confidence, you need to show the buyer:

  • That you exist
  • That you want to earn her business
  • That your startup can benefit the government
  • That you already have a product / service offering
  • That you can perform
  • That theres a way she can buy from you
  • That you have the best and fair prices
  • That youre willing to do whatever it takes
  • That you are committed
  • It would be amazing if your business lands a $50m contract from the US government. But what if you get the bid and you cant deliver? The buyer needs to know she can rely on you, that your business will sustain the demand.

    How To Bid On Government Contracts

    There are several different ways you can start bidding on government contracts at the local, state and federal level. Before choosing how you would like to approach looking for contracts in the public sector, however, first you will need to register your business with the System for Award Management to be eligible for federal contracts.

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    Fact: The Government Is A Major Buyer In The Us Economy Opening Tremendous Opportunities For Businesses Of All Sizes

    Government agencies at multiple levels mobilize $2 trillion in annual spending on bids, RFPs and long term contracts. The movie centers on Federal government defense purchases, but the truth is that the majority of that purchasing volume – $1.5 trillion, to be more explicit takes place at the state, local and education levels .

    Bid On Government Contracts: Step

  • Find the contract opportunity that you are interested in. It may be in the form of an RFP, an RFQ or an IFB. Each of these solicitation methods requires vendors to provide a different response make sure that you follow the guidelines when responding. Here is some information about the differences between RFPs and IFBs.
  • Make sure that you can provide the products or services needed. Many vendors make the mistake of bidding on contracts that arent a precise match with the services they offer, or try to take on a contract that is simply too big for them to handle. You can improve your chances of winning a contract by bidding only on the ones that you are absolutely sure you can handle.
  • Read the proposal submission guidelines closely and follow them to the letter. Government agencies will reject any bid proposal that does not conform to the submission guidelines. To avoid being rejected, make sure that your bid follows every rule of the agencys submission process and get your proposal in before the closing date and time.
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    Experience Is The Best Teacher

    The government provides two mentoring programs to help small businesses that want to win contracts. The first is the General Services Administration GSA Mentor-Protege Program. Qualified business owners will be paired with experienced owners of similar companies who can help them maneuver through the system.

    Businesses that are socially or economically disadvantaged and qualify for the SBAs 8 program will also be paired with a mentor in the SBAs Mentor-Protege Program who has experience in federal contracting.

    After youve done the hard work and secured a government contract, make sure you have the software to manage your contracts securely and efficiently. In addition, if you are interested in learning more about smart funding options for your small business, explore your possibilities with Quickbooks.

    The Truth About The Triangle Of Death Scenes

    In the Hollywood rendition of War Dogs, the movie veers into the realm of fiction when we get to this point in the plot. The movie greatly exaggerates the twos misadventures overseas in the Triangle of Death, which during the war was a dangerous region in the Middle East just South of Baghdad.

    The movie shows the duo being kidnapped and tortured by a crazed arms trader named Henry Girard who just happens to be on a terrorist watch list. Girard is the films main villain and antagonist, besides the immoral Diveroli. The kidnapping, and most of the other events that take place overseas in the movie, never happened in real life. The director of Mad Dogs took creative liberties to make these scenes more humorous and dramatic for the dark-comedy action film.

    War Dogs

    What the movie did get right about their trip overseas is that upon accessing the stockpile of ammunition in Albania, they discovered that it was manufactured by the Chinese Communist party. The 100 million rounds of AK-47 ammunition from the stockpile was a huge portion of the weaponry that AEY, Inc. was expected to provide to the US military according to the Afghan Deal.

    The catch is that the US military is strictly prohibited from using Chinese made ammunition due to arms embargo laws. This put the company 100 million rounds short of fulfilling the order.

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    Fact: Data And Search Technologies Are Indispensable For Vendors Selling To Government

    The movie depicts FedBizOpps as the eBay for government contracting. Eventually the protagonists company AEY hires a team of operators to scale their search activity, mainly because they needed more eyes to go through the painstaking process of manually sifting through thousands of RFPs to find opportunities matching their line of business and expertise. There are indeed a number of websites like that. The issue with most of them, however, is that they aggregate only perishable short term bids, and do not provide powerful search functionality.

    At Onvia, we offer a B2G Intelligence System that not only organizes the vast and fragmented volumes of B2G commerce data, it also makes it extremely quick and convenient to find the opportunities that businesses in multiple industries have to offer. We also have direct connections with government agencies that supply contract information directly into our system.

    War Dogs True Story: How Much Of The Movie Was Real

    War Dogs – Review

    War Dogs is based on a true story, and while a lot of the details regarding David Packouz and Efraim Diveroli are real, several events aren’t.

    Todd Phillips’ War Dogs movie was based on a true story, but a lot of it still wasn’t accurate to the real events. Warner Bros released the film in 2016, which recounts the surreal true story of Efraim Diveroli and David Packouz, two young men who accidentally scored a $300 million contract to supply guns to America’s allies in Afghanistan.

    War Dogs was an entertaining bro-comedy that received middling reviews and took in a worldwide gross of $86.2 million from a budget of around $40 million. While it wasn’t a widely seen film, it performed admirably. However, what’s most striking about the film is the rambunctious true story at its core. Jonah Hill and Miles Teller starred as Efraim Diveroli and David Packouz, respectively, the two twentysomethings best friends that landed a colossal arms deal with the Pentagon. Their contract meant they were responsible for arming allies of the U.S with weapons in Afghanistan. When things went awry, the pair set off on a globetrotting adventure that saw them meddle with corrupt politicians and volatile arms dealers to make an extra buck.

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    New International Business Opportunities In Gray Market Weapons Dealing

    During this time the US military was in desperate need of weapons and ammo to arm its allies in the Middle East. After the Cold War arms race ended in the 90s, there were stockpiles of weapons and ammo still hidden around Europe.

    In the 2000s the US government needed to tap into this market in order to compete with other military groups, but couldnt purchase the weapons and ammo directly without violating international trade laws. That is where companies like AEY, Inc. came into play to facilitate the sale of international arms for the US military in order to bypass international trade regulations.

    David Packouz was not in support of the war, but his personal opinions came second to his lucrative new business venture. A key plot point in the 2016 movie War Dogs is the internal moral and emotional struggle that Packouz faced working at AEY, Inc. with Diveroli.

    Efraim Diveroli was far from the typical teenage boy and he garnered a reputation as an arms wunderkind. He had an ambitious, reckless personality that led him to take extreme risks in pursuit of his goals. At first these risks seemed to pay off. As his business portfolio grew to include millions of dollars in arms contracts, more people started to take notice of him.

    Fact: When The Private And Public Sector Connect It Brings Civic Dividend To Communities Citizens And Tax Payers

    In one scene where the movies anti-heroes dramatically low-ball the price of a contract bid, David Packouz ironically rationalizes that the low price would at least bring some good to the American taxpayer. In fact, for the companies that do stand for a purpose, an efficient B2G marketplace truly can bring tangible civic good to communities, not only because of the resulting improvements in infrastructure and services, but also because of the agility brought to government agencies as they purchase goods and services.

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    Register Your Business On Sam

    Youll need to create a user account, and register your business on the System for Award Management website. Registration is free, and there are tools available that allow you to keep track of your registration status.

    You can register by following the instructions in the SAM User Guide . SAM also serves as a marketing tool because government agencies and contractors in search of subcontractors use the database to look for businesses based on size, location, experience, ability, and ownership.

    Once your business is registered in SAM and youve filled out your small business profile, youll automatically be entered in the Dynamic Small Business Search database. Contracting officers use the DSBS to search for small businesses that can fill their contracting needs.

    What Is A Duns Number

    War Dogs review: Jonah Hill sinks his teeth into nasty role

    The DUNS number is a unique nine-digit identifier for businesses that is assigned once the identity resolution process determines a company is unique from any other business in the Dun & Bradstreet data cloud.

    DUNS Numbers are often used as a reference by business partners or lenders to predict the financial stability of a company a requirement to apply for government contracts.

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    The Qualification Process To Win Government Contracts

    For businesses wanting to get their foot in the door, there are steps to take and qualifications to meet to successfully win a contract bid.

    First, you have to do your research to understand the federal marketplace and how the target agency prefers to purchase goods. This will help you craft your bid. Although price plays a role, so does a strong past performance, experience, and company stability.

    Proposals differ but will typically include developing a capability statement and small business profile, as well as a Dynamic Small Business Search profile. After you submit your bid, you may be asked to give an oral presentation. This will likely happen when the agency has narrowed their decision down to two or three bidders.

    During the federal procurement process, you may be contacted regularly for more information. This is great because it means they are interested.

    All things considered, researching the market and crafting an error-free proposal are the hardest parts of winning a government contract.

    Protesting Or Disputing A Government Contract

    If your business bids on a contract and the government makes a decision that you disagree with, you have options to protest or dispute the decision. In general, there are rules in place that give you the right to file a bid protest or to protest the award of the contract to another bidder. You also have the right to dispute a decision if a problem arises after you have won a contract.

    You may want to file a protest or dispute if the winning bid is:

    • A bid that is vague or lacks detail, making it difficult to understand whats needed.
    • An overly detailed bid .
    • A bid that is too restrictive or lists specs that are not needed.
    • A bid that contain ambiguous language.
    • A bid that conflicts with HUBZone issues.
    • The failure of the agency to list the contract for small businesses.

    When you dispute or protest a contract, the agency typically prefers you try to resolve it with them prior to filing with the General Accounting Office an independent agency that provides government agencies with information to help save money and work more efficiently. GAO provides an efficient and inexpensive forum for the resolution of bid protests.

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    Fact: B2g Opportunities Extend All The Way To Small Businesses Including Entrepreneurs And Minority Owned Businesses

    In the film, AEY briefly succeeded by taking advantage of the Federal government being encouraged to offer contracts to small business. In real life, governments do actually assign contracting quotas to small businesses and to minority-owned businesses, including business owned by veterans, women and the disabled. Onvia offers access to our B2GIS to small businesses. We serve a wide range of clients from those who offer , to construction services, information technology consulting and everything in-between.

    A Peek Into Efraim Diveroli’s Life

    War Dogs [Reviews’ TV Spot in HD (1080p)]

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    In 2011, after an official government investigation, Diveroli was sent to prison for 4 years and David was put under 7 months of house arrest. At the time of the sentencing, Diveroli was just 24 years old. In 2021, both of them have moved on from being arms dealers are living their own lives.

    After Diveroli was out of prison and learned that a film was being made about him, he filed a lawsuit against the producers of War Dogs, as reported by The Washington Post. He had claimed that the filmmakers had made parts of the film based on his own memoir without asking him for rights for the film. He also claimed that he should get a cut of the profits since it is based on his life. Warner Bros dismissed the lawsuit as ‘baseless’ and brushed it off. It’s unlikely anything is going to come off it.

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    Do Business With The Military

    Find out how your business can search and compete for contracting opportunities within the military.

    Where Can I Post Marketing Rfp

    Here are a few of the tools and methods that I have experimented with over the years, and the strengths and weaknesses of each. Onvia. Find RFP. RFP Database. RFP Postings on Professional Organization Sites. Local or State Government Purchasing Sites. Alerts and Social Media. Putting it Together.

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    Find The Best Option For Your Needs

    First, we will look at how you can find the contracts that youre interested in. Then we will explain how to bid on a government contract with step-by-step instructions.

  • Doing it Yourself

    Federal government contracts are published on the FedBizOpps website. If you want to pursue contracts at the federal level, you can register your business with FedBizOpps to receive notifications about new opportunities that align well with your business.

    Finding suitable contracts at the state, county, regional and municipal levels can be much more time-consuming for small and medium sized vendors. With thousands of Requests for Proposal , Requests for Quote and Invitations for Bid being published across the U.S. every day, it can be difficult to keep up with them all.

    In order to find opportunities in these jurisdictions, you will need to visit state bidding portals, municipal administration websites, and county purchasing departments. Most of these portals require you to complete a registration process.

    If your business employs a person dedicated solely to researching contract opportunities, the do-it-yourself method can work for you. Keep in mind, however, that the time required to evaluate if a contract is right for your business can lead to spending a lot of resources on research and evaluation, instead of bidding on contracts.

  • Using a Bid Service

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