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Marketing To The Federal Government

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Over Several Decades Fabiani & Company Professionals Have Positioned A Broad Range Of Clients To Achieve Their Goals Relating To The Federal Government

PSHC Industry Webinar – Knowledge is Power – Marketing to Federal Government (FY21)

While goals vary from organization to organization, the overaching idea remains the same: in order to be appropriately positioned for government funding, partnership or advocacy opportunities, an organizations products and services must be positioned and presented to decision makers in the context of current events and needs.

This positioning involves the development of a beginning-to-end strategy, the preparation of targeted materials, and participation at strategic meetings and events.

As part of the process, we ensure that all stakeholders are identified and considered when developing our federal marketing strategies.

Endorsements Influencers And Reviews

If you use endorsements in your marketing, do they meet the standards of the FTC Act and the FTC’s Guides Concerning Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising ? And what about social media influencers? If your business works with influencers or if you’re an influencer yourself, are you both taking necessary steps to clearly disclose material connections? Find out more by consulting FTC compliance materials. You’ll also find resources about consumer reviews, including information about complying with the Consumer Review Fairness Act.

Tips For Marketing Your Business To The Federal Government

If you want to compete for available contracts with federal agencies, implementing new strategies to make your company stand out will be a great business move. Here are some recommendations to help market your business effectively.

1. Know your company Draft your value proposal so that reading it takes two minutes or less. Be prepared to provide more details if youre asked to. Answering these questions will help you briefly define your business:

  • What does my business do?
  • What makes me different from the competition?
  • What are my strengths and weaknesses?

Its important to define your products and services using federal government language. For example, classify your business according to the pre-established codes in the North American Industry Classification System . Find out which codes describe your business by industry, according to the list in the Product & Service Code . This will help you maximize your profile in the System for Award federal bidders register.

2. Gather information and create a strategic plan for your business As part of the research process, and to understand agencies purchase tendencies, its important to be familiar with how they work and what theyre looking for. The following questions can help decide whether youre ready to do business with the federal government or whether you should re-visit your strategies:

To help you answer these questions:

Here are some articles you may find interesting:

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Selling To The Military And Department Of Defense

Specialized Information on Selling to the Military

Many of the DOD contract announcements and registration requirements for businesses have been incorporated into FedBizOpps, with registration at Central Contractor Registration . However, there are often special requirements for selling to the military. The vast majority of DOD contracts are awarded by DODfield organizations, or specific mission-oriented agencies within an organization.

Fundamentals Of Government Marketing Best Ways to Market to the Federal ...

There is existing competition in the government marketplace as it is an established market. As a new entrant it makes navigating this market and finding the correct decision makers for sharing your value proposition critical. Then determining what contracting vehicles these decision makers utilize is critical for delivering an actionable business proposition in the federal space.

Another analysis that must be conducted is that there are two macro markets within the federal space. Your firm can pursue either prime contracts or subcontracting opportunities. Both of these segments are very large markets the small business prime market is over $100 billion in annual sales. The subcontracting market representing approximately 70% of the small business prime contracting market in any given year. This is due to the regulatory requirements placed upon large prime businesses generally requiring that 35% of their awarded dollars be subcontracted to small businesses. Both of these markets should be analyzed as a first step in any federal marketing strategy.

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Understanding Business To Government

B2B business can be as modest as a small business providing IT support services to a town government. Or, it can be as big as Boeing, which builds helicopters, missile defense systems, fighter jets, and surveillance aircraft, among many other products, for the U.S. Department of Defense .

At the federal level, the General Services Administration is the government’s official buying arm, developing and implementing regulations on a vast array of products and services purchased for the U.S. government.

The Small Business Edge

Federal requirements often specify that certain amounts of appropriated funds must be spent on contracts with small businesses. This potentially can give smaller businesses an advantage in B2G activity, or at least offset some of the advantages that large, well-established government contractors may already enjoy.

The Small Business Administration offers an online guide to help small businesses win federal contracts.

In order to qualify as a small business contractor, a business must be properly registered as such, demonstrating that it is independently owned and operated and makes a significant contribution to the U.S. economy, among other requirements.

In addition to small businesses, federal laws and regulations often mandate certain amounts of spending be directed toward politically favored groups in society, such as veterans, women, and racial or ethnic minorities. Small businesses owned by members of these groups may enjoy special advantages in obtaining B2G contracts.

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Use Digital Advertising And Marketing To Support Government Services

As digital platforms come to be an increasingly usual means for the public to accessibility and use government solutions, electronic marketing can be utilized to advertise and route individuals to the appropriate online services.

Federal government divisions can utilize digital communications and also marketing activities to channel people to the appropriate services at the right times, offering effectiveness savings for government as well as offering members of the general public better outcomes.

Councils and federal government departments can carry out digital marketing to sustain their civil services, making them more efficient as well as efficient.

These efforts not just help federal government departments to boost trust as well as connection in between the public as well as the services that their tax obligations spend for, however also allows them to meet their objectives of raising understanding and also enhancing area comments and also engagement.

Joanne Sweeney has experience collaborating with neighborhood councils as well as government divisions to meet electronic advertising and marketing tasks to minimal budgets and also stringent timelines, while meeting core organization purposes.

Both of these projects not just allowed the government divisions to supply the public a clever and also important online tool, they were also delivered within rigorous time as well as budget plan constraints and also aided the divisions to meet essential business targets

Effective Marketing Strategies For Government Contractors

Federal government spending 10 times the market value for land is ‘gobsmacking’

Government contractors must be aware of effective marketing strategies to keep them ahead of the game.

Government contractors face a unique problem when it comes to marketing themselves. Compared to traditional business-to-business or business-to-consumer marketing, government procurement officers and program managers are a much more finite group to whom to market. Winning contracts requires building awareness among and relationships with all decision makers. For small to mid-sized contractors, proper allocation of time and resources is a necessity for successful government marketing. The following strategies are worth taking advantage of if you are serious about winning government contracts.

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Go Where The People Are Spending Time

From websites to social networks channels, digital platforms are growing and also people are increasingly spending time online.

This offers an audio instance for government divisions to be active on electronic tools throughout all elements of their advertising activities, whether it be online studies, educational write-ups or digital marketing.

Not only will this permit federal government to keep members of the general public notified, it likewise gives the public the alternative to communicate with the federal government with whichever digital tool matches them.

Digital advertising task is made for frequency, and our projects are made to enter front of individuals various times to record a target market when they are energetic online.

What Is Business To Government

Business to government is the sale and and services to federal, state, or local agencies. In modern lingo, there are three basic business models: business to consumer , business to business , and business to government .

B2G is not an insignificant chunk of business. The federal government alone spent anywhere between $18.2 billion and $42.6 billion per day in 2020-2021. Notably, a portion of its business is supposed to be spent on small business suppliers.

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Tips For Marketing Your Gsa Schedule Contract

A GSA Schedule Contract is a valuable tool for building your government business, but a strong foundation is needed for any successful build. A well-planned marketing strategy serves as the foundation for both commercial and government business. However, the government sector is unique and requires a specialized marketing approach.

Here are five mistakes to avoid while marketing to the federal government.

What We’re Calling For

Market to the Government

In light of the data, which shows the increasing interest in crypto trading, the rise in aggressive marketing and the huge growth in scams, CHOICE is urgently calling for better regulation.

“The crypto market is booming, but our laws are lagging behind,” says CHOICE senior policy adviser Patrick Veyret. “More and more Australians are purchasing crypto assets such as bitcoin and etherum without adequate consumer protections.”

CHOICE is hearing from many Australians about financial loss and other harm caused by purchasing crypto assets that were not what they appeared to be.

The crypto market is booming, but our laws are lagging behind. More and more Australians are purchasing crypto assets such as bitcoin and etherum without adequate consumer protections

CHOICE senior policy adviser Patrick Veyret

“There’s been a number of recent collapses of exchanges where people have lost all of their savings with no ability to get their money back,” says Veyret. “The recent collapse of the supposedly ‘stablecoin’ terraUSD is a clear example of the extreme volatility in this unregulated market.

“CHOICE has also seen a huge surge in scams on crypto exchanges. Our research shows that two in five people who are interested in crypto are not investing due to the risk of scams.”

Our submission to the federal Treasury

In our submission to the federal Treasury, we call for:

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Government Content Curated For You

A membership is more than just access to our courses, tools, and other resources to help you hone your government marketing craft. When you become a member, you become part of a community. A community of other smart government marketers looking to expand their knowledge, drive career growth.

Are You Prepared To Successfully Sell To The Government

When trying to market your products or services to the government, its important to create a government-focused marketing plan, look at a value-based understanding of your companys scope and abilities, create a government-specific web presence, and have government-focused capabilities statements for each agency. Using this knowledge and these tools will help target the needs of the government and its agencies. This will lead to greater government sales from new and reoccurring customers.

If you want to learn more information on how to sell to the government, check out our blogs, “How Do I Find My Customers Once I Have a GSA Schedule,” and “Beginner’s Guide to GSA IT Category Marketing.”

About Viviana Vargas

Viviana Vargas is a consultant for Winvales Government Contract Services Department. She is originally from Woodbridge, VA and graduated from James Madison University with Bachelor of Science degree in Public Policy and Administration.

3951 Westerre Parkway, Suite 250Richmond, VA 23233

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Need To Develop Digital Experiences For Government

Joanne Sweeney’s can assist if you function for a regional council or government division as well as are looking for digital advertising services.

We produce digital experiences underpinned by approach and information to help councils and also government departments deliver cost-efficient as well as results-driven solutions.

Our digital advertising offering consists of websites, strategic content manufacturing, social networks administration, e-mail e-newsletters and other custom digital items.

To figure out just how we can help your neighborhood council or federal government division achieve success in your next advertising and marketing campaign, offer us a call on or visit us No 5 The Odeon Rooms, Odeon House, Eyre Square, Galway, H91 YNC8.

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    Dallas Robson

    As the days went by and the amounts the Robsons invested went up, their adviser added a personal touch.

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    Scammers ramp up the pressure

    But then the man who’d been calling them every day for months claimed to have fallen ill with COVID-19, and a new man started calling.

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    The scammers apparently worked as a team.

    Couple loses everything

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    How Businesses Get Government Contracts

    Governments generally solicit services from the private sector through requests for proposal .

    The GSA website,, is a shopping portal for government agencies and gives an idea of the sheer breadth of products purchased by the federal government.

    Not surprisingly, given the enormous numbers and range of federal, state, and local purchasing requirements, an entire sector of the internet is devoted to matching businesses to government agencies. Some of the sites offering access to information on current government contracts include Periscope S2G ,,, and

    One: Register As A Government Contractor

    To kick off the process, the first thing youll need to do is register as a government contractor. This is a multi-step process that includes:

    Obtaining a Dun & Bradstreet D-U-N-S® Number. You will need one of these identification numbers for every physical location of your business. You can visit the D& B D-U-N-S Request Service website to request your number online.

    Registering in the System Award Management Database. Federal Acquisitions Regulations require that all companies doing business with the federal government be registered here before any contracts will be awarded. When completing your SAM registration, youll be asked to list any applicable North American Industry Classification System codes, so be sure you have those handy.

    Having a Past Performance Evaluation Completed. To secure contracts such as GSA Schedules, the FAR requires that companies prepare past performance reviews that cover a period of more than one year. These assessments must be repeated on an annual basis.

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    The Minor Role Of Marketing

    Sellers working in the government market may reduce their marketing budget to zero. First of all, they have no need for frequent marketing activities and a robust strategy, as the procurement process does not rely on brand awareness. Secondly, saving on marketing their budget allows a business to lower the price of products.

    The government market may seem too complicated to work in it. However, there are a great many companies that specialize in state procurements. Lets see how they make deals.

    Advantages And Disadvantages Of Business To Government


    Businesses that are used to interacting with other businesses or directly with consumers often encounter unexpected hurdles when working with government agencies.

    Governments tend to take more time than private companies to approve and begin work on a given project. Layers of regulation can drag on the overall efficiency of the contracting process.

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    Creating A Responsive Website

    Speaking of marketing on the web, never forget how important your website really is. Having a section of your website dedicated to government contracting is advisable. However, its also important to create responsive landing pages that work how you need them to: users on mobile devices should have a comparably effective experience as those who are looking at your site on computers.

    Responsive landing pages dont just make for a better user experience. These websites rank higher in search engine rankings so that your properly optimized website pops up above your competitors. This is because having a responsive website makes it easier for Google to scan your original content and thus rank better for search.

    Preferences To Certain Sellers

    Government institutions tend to prefer specific types of sellers. For instance, they often opt for domestic suppliers, even if foreigners provide better options. Moreover, government institutions may rely on non-economic reasons in decision making. They may favor depressed firms and areas, small businesses, minority-owned companies, and businesses that avoid race, gender, and age discrimination.

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