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How To Become A Government Spy

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Access Agents And Access Techniques

How to Become a CIA Agent

An access agent does not have significant access to material of intelligence value, but has contact with those who do. Such a person could be as simple as the barber outside a military base, or as complex as a think tank or academic expert who deals regularly with government personnel with access to sensitive material.

Within private and public organizations that handle sensitive material, human resource workers, receptionists, and other seemingly low-level personnel know a great deal about the people with sensitive access. Certain employees, such as guards and janitors, who have no formal access, still may be able to gain access to secured rooms and containers there is a blurry area between an access agent that might let your collector into an area, and a support employee who can collect information that he may or may not understand.

Crash Vs Gradual Approach

Suvorov describes the “crash approach” as the most demanding form of recruitment, which is to be done only if the local rezident, or chief of the GRU unit, convinces GRU headquarters that the risk is worthwhile. “Quite a few examples are known of recruitment at the first meeting, of course following the secret cultivation which has gone on for many months”.

Recruiting Through Business Relationships

As part of Technical intelligence gathering, key business personnel, or even a business itself, might be recruited. Both the KGB and GRU used this route. The KGB service for this was Line X, which reported to Directorate T of the KGB First Chief Directorate.The GRU ran recruitments at industry trade shows. Suvorov explains that recruitment was extremely effective with small firms: “The owner of a small firm, even a very successful one, is always at great risk, always keen to strengthen his situation…In any case, if he sells his product he can hide the fact from the authorities. It is equally easy for him to hide the money he has received”. The businessman, however, may forget that while he might not report the cash transaction to his own government, the GRU certainly has recorded the act of payment, and can use it for subsequent blackmail.

Suvorov explained that while the most strategic information appears to be associated with major firms, there are several reasons why an approach to a smaller company is the place to begin.

  • In many products, the true breakthroughs are not the entire aircraft or tank, but some subcomponent.
  • People recruited in small firms may become access agents for recruitments in large companies.
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    You Must Complete Security And Medical Evaluations

    Because of the classified nature of our work, all CIA applicants must go through a comprehensive security clearance process.

    Background Investigation

    During the background investigation, we interview neighbors, friends, supervisors, and co-workers to evaluate your character, trustworthiness, and loyalty to the United States. We also look into any conflicts of interest or potential for coercion, as well as your ability to protect sensitive information.

    Polygraph Interview

    All applicants must take part in a polygraph interview. Our polygraph examiners are highly trained security professionals. We keep all answers confidential.

    Physical and Psychological Examination

    During the clearance process, you also need to complete a medical exam to assess your physical and mental health as it relates to essential job duties. We take the protection, release, and use of health information very seriously and follow strict privacy standards as stated in the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 .

    Keep Quiet About Applying

    Can the US Government Spy on its Citizens?

    When youre ready to apply, dont blow your chances by telling everyone you know. Think about it: spies have secret identities and personal relationships to protect. The moment you become one, you have to be careful about everything you say.

    Spies know how to do everything from cover their steps to leave town without being seen and even set up temporary emails with tools like TechinDroid. You may as well start working on these things now. The last thing you want to do is brag about applying to be a spy, only to realize no one should really know what you do.

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    Directorate Of Intelligence Offices

    The DI is comprised of 13 offices that are focused on the regional political and economic issues, broad transactional issues, and policy and collection. Agents within all offices must receive adequate training as to properly identify, monitor and analyze the efforts of foreign threats:

    • Office of Transnational Issues
    • CIA Weapons, Intelligence, Nonproliferation, and Arms Control Center
    • CIA Crime and Narcotics Center

    Recruitment Through Professional Interests

    The traditional openness of the scientific community can be exploited to obtain information from an individual with access to commercially, scientifically, or militarily valuable material. “There is another important source, peculiar to scientific intelligence. This is the body of experts in particular fields of science available in one’s own country for consultation. The phenomena of nature are independent of political boundaries, and the experts are in the position of agents spying on these phenomena insofar as they throw light on the feasibility of a suspected enemy development”.

    A 1998 document describes typical foreign intelligence recruitment against citizens with access to sensitive technology. “Hostile intelligence services begin the agent recruitment process by scrupulously collecting information on persons who are connected to industry, RDT& E laboratories, government institution staffs, military bases, and design organizations”. A candidate for recruitment usually fulfills the following criteria:

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    Cia College Degree Qualifications For Investigative Positions

    The CIAs team of special agents within the Office of Inspector General is responsible for conducting investigations and reviews into illicit activity within the Agency. This may include inquiries into:

    • Violations of rules, regulations and laws
    • Mismanagement or gross waste of funds
    • Activities that threaten the public health and safety within the CIA
    • Abuse of authority

    Special Agent/Investigator College Degree Requirements

    Individuals interested in pursuing CIA special agent jobs must possess, at a minimum, a bachelors degree with a minimum 3.0 GPA, as well as at least three years of experience in criminal investigations that are focused on complex matters.

    Although there are no specific college degree requirements for special agent jobs, it is typical for individuals interested in this career path to possess degrees related to criminal investigation, such as:

    • Criminal justice
    • Analytic methodologist

    Analyst College Degree Requirements

    Just as the focus of these analyst positions varies, so do the qualifications and requirements for achieving these jobs. All analyst positions require, at a minimum, a bachelors degree from an accredited college or university with a minimum 3.0 GPA, although the CIA notes that competitive candidates often have higher GPAs, relevant experience, and foreign language proficiency.

    • Computer engineering

    Do Something In Public Service

    Want To Be A CIA Agent? Heres How To Become A Spy | CNBC

    Since being a spy is a public service, why not start in the public sector from the get-go? Think about joining your local police force or becoming a fireman for a little while. If youre willing, enlist in the Armed Forces.

    Not only does this show you know how to follow orders and work to protect and support your fellow Americans, but it also proves you can work the long hours mentioned above.

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    Everyone Seems Really Interested In Your Future

    If someone is telling you that theyre really interested in what youre going to be doing in a few years in the future that might be an idea that they dont necessarily want you to work for them in a legitimate way, Shriver said. With encouragement from the MSS, Shriver applied several times to the US foreign service. He was caught when he tried applying for the CIA.

    What Does A Cia Agent Do

    A CIA agent is a federal employee who collects and evaluates intelligence information as it pertains to national security. Some CIA agents work overseas to gather information on foreign intelligence but most work in the U.S. Your duties as a CIA agent will vary depending on your specific role, but they might include:

    • Gathering and analyzing data that could be important to national security
    • Reviewing foreign newspapers, magazines and other media sources for information related to potential intelligence
    • Examining satellite imagery to monitor potentially threatening activity
    • Determining the credibility of any information obtained from a foreign source
    • Writing reports to relevant government authorities based on data gathered
    • Researching and developing technologies for gathering information
    • Cooperating with other agencies to help investigate international crime and terrorism

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    Learn About Travel And Foreign Languages

    Most American spies spend a lot of time on foreign soil. They have to be ready to catch a flight at a moments notice and know what to do when they land at their destination.

    As such, it pays to know a thing or two about travel and have a few foreign languages under your belt. These things make you incredibly useful for spy agencies. They allow higher-ups to assign you cases that best align with your international knowledge.

    No Parades For The Cia

    Government spying on Americans increased under Obamas ...

    While those in the military may march in parades and wear their medals proudly, the CIA must serve in the shadows. Thats where their laurels must remain as well.

    Reward is never public, so if you want to be a silent contributor while serving your nation then your personality would suit the CIA, said Burgess. Many success stories wont be told or see the light of day, only failures will be attached to your hip publicly. It takes its toll, which is why I retired at age 50.

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    Be Willing To Deny Yourself Your Own Identity And Family Life:

    When you want to become a spy, you must understand that its a profession which requires round the clock attention. Because of all the work, will require to do, its unlikely that you will have a blissful domestic life.

    At times your family life may suffer because of your job. So if you aim to be a spy then before applying for it, you need to be mentally prepared to deny yourself a holistic family life.

    Along with this, becoming a spy might involve going undercover at times, so also learn to deny your own identity. That will surely help you become a good spy.

    Qualifications For Spy Training

    Before you apply to be a special agent, make sure you meet all the qualifications. You must be at least 23 years old, but younger than 37 unless you’re a veteran and meet waiver qualifications. You’ll need a bachelor’s degree from an accredited university, some work experience and a driver’s license. In addition, your degree and qualifications should fall under one of four categories: accounting, computer science, language, law or diversified .

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    Salary Expectations For Cia Agents

    As part of whats known as the intelligence cycle, officers of the Central Intelligence Agency collect, disseminate, and analyze foreign intelligence as it relates to national security.

    Vital members of the U.S. Intelligence Community, CIA officers provide intelligence to senior U.S. policymakers. The agency is just as complex as youd imagine , and much of the work of the organization is shrouded in secrecy.

    While the FBI is the federal agency charged with domestic intelligence, the CIA oversees all foreign intelligence. But dont mistake it for a police agency, as no law enforcement arm exists here. Instead, the officers of the CIA identify, recruit, and manage foreign assets with access to pertinent information, with the sole purpose of extracting intelligence of a national security interest. The information gained by CIA officers help shape U.S. foreign and national security policy, including decisions about initiating covert operations and striking high-value targetsyes, its that important.

    As you would expect, its a career path that comes with its share of personal and professional rewardsincluding salaries that often reach the six figures along with federal government benefits that are the envy of other agencies.

    Love Honeypots And Recruitment

    Is the U.S. government spying on me?
    See Sexpionage

    U.S. intelligence services, for example, are concerned when their own personnel could be subject to sexual blackmail. This applied to any homosexual relationship until the mid-1990s, and also applied to heterosexual relationships with most foreign nationals. See honeypots in espionage fiction for fictional examples. In some cases, especially when the national was a citizen of a friendly nation, the relationship needed to be reported. Failure to do so, even with a friendly nation, could result in dismissal.

    One former CIA officer said that while sexual entrapment was not generally a good tool to recruit a foreign official, it was sometimes employed successfully to solve short-term problems. Seduction is a classic technique “swallow” was the KGB tradecraft term for women, and “raven” the term for men, trained to seduce intelligence targets.

    During the Cold War, the KGB frequently sought to entrap CIA officers. The KGB believed that Americans were sex-obsessed materialists, and that U.S. spies could easily be entrapped by sexual lures.The best-known incident, however, was of Clayton Lonetree, a Marine guard supervisor at the Moscow embassy, who was seduced by a “swallow” who was a translator at the Embassy of the United States in Moscow. Once the seduction took place, she put him in touch with a KGB handler. The espionage continued after his transfer to Vienna, although he eventually turned himself in.

    Examples of people trapped by sexual means include:

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    How It All Works

    The Basics

    The training includes over 800 hours, including a variety of web-based courses, in four major concentrations: academics, case exercises, firearms training, and operational skills.

    Currently, new agent training lasts approximately 20 weeks. Its a tough regimen, but trainees dont go it alone. They are supported by their classmateswho become close friends and partners over the course of their time togetherand by class supervisors, counselors, and instructors who challenge and uplift them.


    Since 1934, special agents have been authorized to carry firearms in the performance of their duties. As part of the preparation for potential deadly force encounters, all new agent trainees currently receive training with a Bureau-issued pistol, carbine, and shotgun. The FBIs basic law enforcement firearms training curriculum is grounded in the fundamentals of marksmanship and includes instruction on firearms safety, weapons orientations, weapon handling skills, and live fire training emphasizing marksmanship and practical shooting techniques. To demonstrate proficiency, trainees must successfully qualify with both the pistol and carbine, and participate in live-fire familiarization with the shotgun. The present firearms curriculum is comprised of 28 sessions totaling 110 hours of instruction, and includes approximately 5,000 rounds of ammunition.

    Physical Training


    Operational Skills

    Case Exercises

    Class Leadership and Instructors


    Center For Leadership Development

    The Center for Leadership Development focuses on leadership and management development. It was created to promote a culture of leadership through formal education, talent reviews, experiential learning programs, corporate assignments and leadership development tools. Programs within the CLD include classroom, online and experiential learning. Other resources include leadership coaching and a senior schools program.

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    How Do You Become A Spy

    A career as a spy, technically called a secret agent, can be difficult to attain due to its covert nature. Since careers in espionage require spies to be discreet, few inquirers can personally seek out a secret agent for information about how to become a spy. Fortunately, there are a number of helpful suggestions that greatly increase ones chances of securing such a career. Secret agents can find employment with a number of government agencies, such as the Central Intelligence Agency, National Security Institute, Federal Bureau of Investigation, and any of the military branches. Because secret agents are employed by such high-stakes government agencies, they must first fulfill several requirements pertaining to education, work experience, and personal background.

    What Do Real Spies Do

    How to become a spy in the summer holidays

    Real spies spend most of their time working behind desks. Where in the past intelligence officers spent more time in the field, the increased digital workload has meant a massive increase in the amount of time spent at a desk, writing reports and undertaking other activities. While some roles, such as an agent handler, will inherently involve spending time in field locations, most roles will be focussed on desk work. Intelligence officers primary role is to enable the protection of the UK and its interests, and as such a large part of this is communicating the intelligence they collect to other services such as the police, Ministry of Defence, and other civil service departments.

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    How To Join R& aw

    The Research and Analysis Wing doesnt have a website, so its harder to apply to become a spy for them. However, jobs advertised as Deputy Field Officer, Cabinet Secretariat, Government of India are thought to be recruiting for R& AW. See Cabinet Secretariat job vacancies. Otherwise entrance through the National Academy of Administration may be possible.

    You Must Be A Us Citizen And At Least 18 Years Of Age

    You must be a U.S. citizen or a dual-national U.S. citizen to work at CIA. If you are in the process of becoming a U.S. citizen, you can apply as soon as you are awarded citizenship, but not before. We do not help individuals apply for U.S. citizenship.

    Also, you must be at least 18 years of age to qualify for a job at CIA.

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    What Do Spies Do

    Although media representations of spies focus on exciting action, a spy’s work includes long hours completing common professional tasks like filing paperwork, conducting interviews and making reports. Responsibilities for a spy include:

    • Attending meetings with senior staff to discuss, plan and coordinate field operations
    • Monitoring the behaviors of individuals or groups of individuals to gather information
    • Creating a cover identify in order to enter an organization or region as part of a planned operation
    • Meeting with informants and assets to ask questions and provide instructions and guidance
    • Conducting remote surveillance
    • Networking in order to expand potential sources of information
    • Analyzing solicited information to identify key data points
    • Traveling in order to participate in operations around the nation or the world
    • Filing paperwork and creating reports on operations for higher ranking officials and other agency members

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