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Us Government Polygraph Training Program

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Apa Continuing Education Hours Policy

Hiring Process Deep Dive Video Series: The Polygraph Exam

According to the APA By Laws, members are required to remain current with advances in the field by regular attendance at continuing education courses. Here are the By Law provisions:

3.3.3 A polygraph examiner shall, where applicable, comply with all state continuing education requirements. Practicing examiners shall complete a minimum of 30 continuing education hours every two years in coursework related to the field of polygraphy. A practicing examiner shall be defined as any member who has conducted polygraph training, quality assurance, or examinations in the previous two years. Examiners are responsible for maintaining records to document that they have met the continuing education requirement.

Within 10 business days following the conduct of training, the APA National Office will be notified in writing of the identity of those APA members or applicants for membership that attended, the number of hours each attended, and of any material changes from the approved course content, schedule/outline of subject matter and/or presenter.

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Listen to what professionals say about PolygraphAcademy.com:“It was an excellent course and gave me a great foundation to work from”.FOURListen to what professionals say about PolygraphAcademy.com:“As a Private Investigator for over 11 years you have a tendency to besomewhat suspicious of people. I saw PolygraphAcademy.com’s polygraph packageon the Internet and it seemed too good to be true. After mulling this purchaseover for weeks and speaking to John Grogan several times on the phone,I purchased the 40+ pound Polygraph package. I was extremely impressed withthe content of the package. This is without a doubt the most comprehensivepolygraph training program in America. The materials are an exhaustivereference for anything involved with the polygraph business, from history,marketing, techniques, protocol, to the various polygraph instruments onthe market. I was assisted with the secrets on deciding which polygraphinstrument to purchase and I received a large discount on a computerizedpolygraph instrument just for learning via this extensive program.I also attended a www.PEOA.us workshop which I found to be informative,educational and entertaining. The fellow attendees were a wealth ofquestions and information that you could only attain at a Grogan-led workshop.I would highly recommend this programto anyone looking to get into the polygraph business”.that it added up to be far closer to 500!includingListen to what professionals say about PolygraphAcademy.com:more

How To Become A Polygraph Examiner

If youre interested in criminology, consider pursuing a career as a polygraph examiner. Using a blend of psychology and physiology, this career puts your analytical thinking and attention to detail to good use. Understanding the role of a polygraph examiner helps you determine whether you want to pursue this career.

In this article, we explain the role of a polygraph examiner, list the steps to pursue a career as a polygraph examiner and answer frequently asked questions related to this profession for greater insight.

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What Is A Polygraph Examiner

A polygraph examiner conducts polygraph tests, better known as lie detector tests. As highly trained and disciplined technicians, they often give these tests to witnesses, suspects and other individuals involved in a criminal trial.

Not only do polygraph examiners administer these tests, but they also interpret the results. Using their knowledge of physiology and psychology, they aim to determine the deceptiveness of an individual taking a polygraph exam.

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  • Accurately conduct investigations to find the truth.
  • Technology encourages confessionsapplicants think twice about lying.
  • If polygraph is required, use EyeDetect+, the worlds first automated polygraph.
  • Helps in investigative interviews .

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What Skills Do Polygraph Examiners Need

Polygraph examiners require several skills to help them perform their job well. Here are some of the skills you need for the profession and how you use them on the job:

Communication skills

Since polygraph examiners speak with nervous examinees, its important for them to have good communication skills. Polygraph examiners also use their communication skills to testify in court, write reports and work alongside law enforcement members.

Analytical skills

Polygraph examiners use their analytical skills and attention to detail to evaluate the veracity or deceptiveness of an individual taking a polygraph exam. Using these skills, they make a more informed decision when it comes to the results of the exam.

Critical thinking skills

Polygraph examiners use their critical thinking skills to use their best judgment when evaluating an examinee and their test results.

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Complete Fieldwork Or Independent Study

Once you complete your polygraph examiner course, complete an internship or fieldwork. You often have one to two years to finish an internship or fieldwork after your course completion. During an internship, you get to work under the supervision of a polygraph examiner. You may get to write a research paper in lieu of the internship.

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Lease A New Computerized Polygraph Instrument then Buy It For $1 At The End Of The Lease

Not all polygraph schools are equal:Recently, we completely reviewed a setof every hand-out, guide, study-sheet, notes, etc,–virtually the complete & entire curriculum–from a recent class of DACA,the Federal government polygraph academy previouslyknown as DoD-PI .Very good – orderly and well-researched. But ‘dry’.No photographs. No color all black and white photocopies.And it is based on the type of exams conducted by governmentexaminers– where in most situations, the examinee is requiredto submit to the exam. So, the DACA materials are excellent forthat, but are lacking in training for the many variables encounteredin private-sector exams .Note: many tidbits of updated research & technique information wereobtained during this review, and they have been added to this 2009 version!Don’t we need to trust those’approving’ the polygraph school?:

Polygraph Training Program In United States

The Vocational Rehabilitation and Employment Program: Individualized Path to Employment

This article describes the polygraph training program and the standard of the training process and curriculum. Anyone who is interested in polygraph or intends to be a polygraph examiner must attend training courses.

All the Institutes of Polygraph were established with the objective and purpose to supply polygraph training to eager individuals who are in law enforcement and other organizations. These Institutes provide curriculum and training courses in polygraph sciences. They also provide the students with an opportunity to learn and develop the required knowledge and skills in order to be prosperous in the execution of polygraph tests. Furthermore, they examine the students qualification before they receive their diploma. All of these Institutes do not forejudge relying on race, sex, religion, ethnic origin, or disability. So they are open to all people.

But the question is how are these educational programs formed on what basis and standard?

The American Polygraph Association validated these kinds of training programs and curriculum and the American Association of Police Polygraphists acknowledge and recognize them.

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National Center For Credibility Assessment


The National Center for Credibility Assessment is the federal center for credibility assessment education, oversight, research and development, threat analysis, and operational support and guidance. NCCA supports 26 DOD and federal agencies in addition to warfighter elements by:

  • Providing initial education and training to qualify federal personnel for certification in credibility assessment technologies.
  • Managing the continuing education certification program for all federal agencies.
  • Managing the Quality Assurance Program that develops, implements and provides oversight of standards for the federal CA programs.
  • Researching, investigating, developing, validating and fielding credibility assessment tools that increase and enhance operational capabilities.
  • Providing strategic support to intelligence and law enforcement operations and investigations in the form of advice, analysis and assistance.


The original U.S. Army Polygraph School was established in 1951 as part of the Provost Marshal General School at Fort Gordon, Georgia, and graduated its first class that same year. In September 1962, the Provost Marshal School was redesignated the U.S. Army Military Police School , and the Army Polygraph School remained under the auspices of USAMPS. In 1975, USAMPS and its polygraph school transferred to Fort McClellan, Alabama.

Duties Of The Position

  • Coordinating, planning and administering polygraph examinations to CBP applicants applying for positions requiring polygraph testing.
  • Planning and conducting polygraph examinations in support of alleged violations of laws, policies, programs, and regulations.
  • Providing technical guidance to aid in investigative plans and strategies.
  • Identifying and collecting evidence, conducting witness and subject interviews and preparing written investigative reports.

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Benefits: Theyre No Lie

The benefits of attending an APA-accredited school are many. Because the APA is recognized nationally, graduation from an accredited school satisfies certification and licensing requirements in most, if not all, states. In addition, only students who graduate from accredited programs are eligible for membership in the APA. Joining the APA is not mandatory for polygraph examiners, but the resources available to its members are vast. The APA, for example, offers seminars, career information, the Advanced and Specialized Training Certificate and more to its members.


The Polygraph Institute Llc

UK Sex Offenders to Undergo Lie Detector Tests

Our school provides the finest credibility assessment training in the world. We offer basic and advanced polygraph and forensic interview courses to serve government, law enforcement and private security. The basic polygraph examiner course emphasizes upgraded Backster formats, the Empirical Scoring System and the use of computer scoring tools for highly objective polygraph test results. The forensic interview courses teach the use of a free narrative that helps identify evidence based cues for accurate evaluation of truth or deception. Our behavioral intervention method focuses on transformational methods with the subject for greater information flow.

Our graduates have a near 100% pass rates for state licensing exams, as well as achieving measurable success in the credibility assessment field. Our school is accredited by the American Polygraph Association , and recognized by the American Association of Police Polygraphists . We have protocols for vaccination and office sanitizing in place to protect students health during this Covid pandemic.

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Making A Successful Mentorship

See why building connections is vital.

AT& T Global Public Sector is a trusted provider of secure, IP enabled, cloud-based, network solutions and professional services to the Intelligence Community. We are dedicated to recruiting, developing and empowering a diverse, high-performing workforce that is passionate about what they do, committed to our shared values and dedicated to our customers mission

Our National Security Team supports the intelligence community, providing, operating and assuring critical voice, video and collaboration services for the full spectrum of operations.

AT& T has an opening for a Program Training Officer to support the Program Management Team in development and maintenance of training and training reporting across the customer program.

Description of Job Duties/Responsibilities:

Required Clearance: TS/SCI with polygraph.

Required Skills, Experience, and Education: Candidate must have a total of 10 years of applicable experience. The experience can be a combination of degree and work history. This can be a High School degree and 10 years of work history OR an Associates and 8 years, a Bachelors and 6 years, a Masters and 4 years or a PhD and 2 years of work history.

Desired: Certification in Education/Curriculum Development

Ready to join our team? Apply today!

Job IDDate posted

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Built From Years Of Polygraph Study And Practice

Also includes a CD-ROM of these importantdocuments, formats and templates to add to your computer:interview sheets, techniques, various types offill-in-the-blanks report samples, complete 1988 EPPA text,employee notification forms in English & Spanish, and more!Most content of this CD-ROM was built using WORD,so you can customize them at any time as needed.

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What Does A Polygraph Examiner Do

While polygraph examiners conduct polygraph examinations, they also have several other duties. Here are some of a polygraph examiner’s duties:

  • Preparing examinees for testing

  • Preparing reports regarding the results of a polygraph exam

  • Interpreting test results and form an opinion regarding the subject’s truthfulness or deception

  • Working with investigators

  • Testifying in court proceedings regarding the examination’s results

  • Gathering and submitting reports to your superior or client regarding the accuracy of your polygraph exams

The American Polygraph Association Schools

Becoming an Agent: The First Week

To ensure quality standards in polygraph training, the American Polygraph Association accredits schools across the globe. Individuals in law enforcement, the private sector or with the federal government attend these schools to learn to administer polygraph tests. These tests are used in situations including the screening of job applicants, the monitoring of parolees, the investigation of criminal offenses, and at the behest of private citizens.

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If You Need Help Entering Or Changing Your Email Address In Your Profile Please Call The Apa National Office Or Email The Editor At Or The Manager At

APA Members- Please keep your email address current in your profile. Also please review the new requirements to upgrade your membership.

This is the primary manner in which we contact you for important reasons such as

distributing magazines and journals, sending APA-related updates, electronic balloting, etc.

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Pass Your State’s Licensing Examination

If your state requires licensing, you may have to obtain a trainee license and complete a certain number of polygraph examinations or complete your internship requirements before you take the licensure exam.

The licensure exams typically include a polygraph examination stimulation and various multiple-choice questions to evaluate your knowledge level in this field. Depending on the state you live in, you may also have to do an oral interview with an advisory board or council.

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What Are Some Careers Related To The Polygraph Examiner Profession

If youre interested in a related profession, consider becoming a biological technician or a chemist and materials scientist. While biological technicians conduct scientific tests and experiments under the supervision of a biologist, chemist and materials scientists study the atomic and molecular levels of various substances and observe how they interact with one another.

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Polygraph Exam Frequently Asked Questions

No sweat? Colombia turns to lie detectors to tackle government graft

How do I prepare for the CBP polygraph examination?

What types of forms will I be required to sign on the day of my polygraph examination?

There are required forms that will be reviewed with each applicant to include the following:

  • CBP Applicant Release of Liability
  • Polygraph Examination Consent
  • Applicant Confidentiality Agreement for U.S. Customs and Border Protection Polygraph Examination

Upon review and discussion with your examiner, you will be asked to sign each form prior to your polygraph examination.

Will being nervous affect the outcome of my polygraph examination?

Being nervous is not something to be concerned about as that in and of itself will not cause you to fail your polygraph examination. Nervousness is normal everyone is expected to have and feel some level of nervousness during the polygraph process. Nervousness is taken into account throughout the testing process, including when reviewing and determining the examination result. Please do not try to help yourself or your examiner by attempting to fix your nervousness by relaxing or calming yourself, as that may affect your natural physiology and extend your polygraph examination session or require additional days of testing.

Will the polygraph examination be recorded?

Yes. The standard protocol is to audio record every CBP polygraph examination in its entirety.

What type of questions will be asked during the polygraph examination?

How long does the polygraph examination take?

What is Quality Control?

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Ukpa Advanced Training Course

We are the only polygraph association outside of America to run an training courses that have been approved by the APA. Itâs a requirement of American Polygraph Association membership that every examiner has to attend 30hours minimum of advanced training, the policy is below. Training is scheduled for June 2021 and has been already signed off by the APA training board, places are limited, we were full other years. This is run at a not for profit and to cover costs only at £300 per person. Prior to running this course a UK examiner would have to travel to the United States to attend advanced training. Again we are very fortunate to have Scott Walters as our trainer coming specially from Florida. If you would like to attend the course, please email [email protected]

Average Salary For A Polygraph Examiner

While the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics doesnt report salary information for polygraph examiners, they do have salary information for forensic science technicians, a category that includes the polygraph examiner profession.

It reports this median annual wage as $59,150 per year as of May 2019. It also reports the lowest 10% of employees in this field as earning $35,620 per year and the highest 10% as earning over $97,350 per year.

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Quickly Identify Insider & External Threats > Find The Truth

If someone lies to get a security clearance, theyll probably lie to keep it.

No government wants that risk.

EyeDetect helps find the truth about an applicants background and keep ongoing tabs on personnel. Military, police and intelligence agencies worldwide use this advanced technology to quickly and cost effectively detect deception.

To identify insider or external threats, use the best lie detector, EyeDetect, to do the following:

  • Identity trustworthy job applicants
  • Improve border security
  • Uncover the truth in investigations

Effectively vetting new hires and personnel reduces risk and threats to governments and communities. Screening tests take 30 minutes and test results are ready in less than 5 minutes. Investigative tests take only 15 minutes.

for more information.

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