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Us Federal Government System For Award Management

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Transition To Unique Entity Id

System for Award Management (SAM), What You Need to Know FAST Forward Session 3

On April 4, 2022, the federal government stopped using the DUNS Number and started using new Unique Entity Identifiers as the primary means of identifying entities registered for federal awards government-wide in the System for Award Management . The UEI is a 12-character alpha-numeric value. Once issued, your entitys SAM UEI will not change. All DUNS numbers have been removed from SAM.

Users will need the SAM UEI to search entity registrations, exclusions, and contract opportunity awards by entity identifier. If your entity is registered in SAM.gov today, your entity already has a Unique Entity ID and you can view it in SAM.gov. SAM registration will continue to require annual renewal.

This change simplifies the process of registering an organization to do business with the federal government. Entities will no longer need to go to a third party to obtain an identification number or get support.

As a reminder, JustGrants uses SAM as the primary source of agency information in applying for and managing DOJ grant funding. In JustGrants, an award recipient organization is called an “entity,” and information in an entity’s SAM account is automatically updated in JustGrants. JustGrants automatically pulls entity information from SAM, thereby, reducing the burden on award recipients to manually update information across multiple systems, and helps DOJ validate information from recipients.

Benefits Of Sam Registration & Renewal

The System for Award Management was created to streamline the process of obtaining and procuring federal contracts by bringing multiple procurement systems into one.

Once your business is registered with SAM.gov, you will receive a CAGE code which is essentially a five-character compilation that showcases your SAM registration approval and allows the Government to pay you for contracts won, or grants received.

The SAM registration expires each year and must continually be renewed to be eligible for contract opportunities.


Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency

DARPA Distinguished Civilian Service Medal DARPA Superior Civilian Service Medal DARPA Meritorious Civilian Service Medal DARPA Distinguished Public Service Medal DARPA Superior Public Service Medal DARPA Meritorious Public Service Medal DARPA Honorable Service Medal

DTRA Honorable Civilian Service Medal

Formerly the Defense Special Weapons Agency Awards

DSWA Director’s Lifetime Achievement Award DSWA Exceptional Civilian Service Award DSWA Meritorious Civilian Service Award

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Youre In Good Company With Usfcr

Working with USFCR is like having a government contracting department added to your business at a fraction of the cost. Our Case Managers, Contracting Specialists, Bid Trainers, and Special Services teams are dedicated to your success. USFCR is trusted by tens of thousands of businesses, nonprofits, and government agencies of all sizes. Weve completed over 100,000 compliant SAM registrations during our 10 years of helping our clients win in the federal sector.

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Disa Cloud Storage Contract Protested By Oracle Corp


Jul 10, 2014 10:17:17 AM / by USFCRposted inNews

This past month the technology giant Oracle filed a pre-award protest on the the Defense Information System Agency and their decision to award the $427 million cloud storage contract to VION Corp. Now in some cases protests can be filed for legitimate reasons and sometimes they can be filed because the losing company wants to cry over missed milk. Oracle has not yet stated their reasons why they filed the protest over the DISAs decision but hopefully their will be a statement released by the end of the week. The DISA contract would award the recipient $427 million over the course of four years. The contract requires the company to provide cloud services that are responsive and cost effective. These infrastructure services would include the installation and configuring of software at several locations across the world.

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Sam Users And Registrants

Users of SAM include contracting officials, grant-makers, contractors, and the public. Those required to register in SAM include:

  • Vendors: Those doing business with the federal government “will be able to log in to one system to manage their entity information in one record, with one expiration date, through one streamlined business process. Federal agencies will be able to look in one place for entity pre-award information. Everyone will have fewer passwords to remember and see the benefits of data reuse as information is entered into SAM once and reused throughout the system.”
  • Grant-seekers and grantees: “Active SAM registration is a pre-requisite to the successful submission of grant applications!”

There is no charge for registration. Renewal must be done annually.

Resources For Using The System For Award Management

JustGrants uses the System for Award Management as the primary source of agency information when applying for and managing DOJ grant funding.

Information in an entitys SAM.gov registration is automatically updated in JustGrants. Therefore, maintaining an updated account in SAM.gov is critical to an entitys registration in both ASAP and JustGrants.

This automatic process reduces the burden on award recipients to manually update information across multiple systems, and helps DOJ validate information from recipients.

Prior to applying for any funding opportunity, prospective applicants must first register with SAM.gov. An active SAM registration is required to both do business with the federal government and to apply for funding opportunities. You must have an active entity registration to be eligible to receive contract awards or payments, submit assistance award applications via Grants.gov or receive certain payments from some federal government agencies.

The Federal Government-wide policy at 2 CFR Part 25 states that an agency may not make an award to an entity until the entity has complied with the requirements to provide a valid unique entity identifier and maintain an active SAM registration with current information.

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Solicitation Provision And Contract Clauses

Insert the provision at 52.204-7, System for Award Management, in all solicitations except when the conditions in 4.1102 apply.

Insert the provision at 52.204-7, System for Award Management, with its Alternate I when the solicitation is anticipated to be awarded in accordance with 4.1102.

Insert the clause at 52.204-13, System for Award Management Maintenance, in solicitations that contain the provision at 52.204-7, and resulting contracts.

Joint Chiefs Of Staff

Training for New MAS Offerors

CJCS Award for Distinguished Public Service CJCS Award for Outstanding Public Service CJCS Joint Meritorious Civilian Service Award , its military equivalent is the Defense Meritorious Service Medal Joint Civilian Service Commendation Award , its military equivalent is the Joint Service Commendation Medal Joint Civilian Service Achievement Award , its military equivalent is the Joint Service Achievement Medal

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New Unique Entity Identifier

In the future, the federal government will stop using the DUNS number to identify entities in IAE systems. A new unique entity identifier is assigned and visible to entities that are already registered in SAM. Entities that register in SAM for the first time will obtain their UEI as part of the registration process. The DUNS number remains the authoritative identifier of entities in SAM until April 2022. Our UEI Updates page has more background and the latest information.

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Gwacs: Top 20 Government Contracts Set For Release In 2015

Oct 6, 2014 11:09:18 AM / by USFCRposted inNews

In a report conducted by the firm Deltek , it was predicted that over $206 billion would be spent on government contracts just through Government Wide Acquisition Contracts just in 2015. This total is $45 billion more than the top 20 government contracts for 2014. The United States Government is planning on investing a 5% increase in spending for IT GWACs for the 2015 year. Even with agencies doing their best to create contracting vehicles that will spend more efficiently still cut costs in the process. Our government still wishes to invest $45 billion extra in IT services and security. This is a spending trend that may show our government is bouncing back and will begin to spend even more on government contracts starting in January 2015.

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My Entity Is Already Registered In Samgov

  • If your entity is registered in SAM.gov, you already have a Unique Entity ID. This includes inactive registrations.
  • You do not need to update your existing registration to be assigned the UEI. You can view your Unique Entity ID on your entity registration record in SAM.gov.
  • The UEI can also be found on SAM.gov on the page displaying the results of an entity search.
  • This response to a frequently asked question provides more details on where to find your entitys Unique Entity ID.

What Is Sam Registration

SAM.gov The System for Award Management (SAM) is the Official U.S ...

The United States Government is the largest purchaser of goods & services in the world and purchases products and services from businesses that are registered correctly in SAM.GOV.

A SAM Registration must be completed and active for a business to participate in Government spending. It allows you to sell your products and services to the Government and participate in the billions being awarded.

System for Award Management Registrations are a simple and easy process that can be done at NO COST through SAM.GOV. However, it takes several hours and is often not completed properly when doing it on your own. Select GCR can help you get it right the 1st time and begin earning Government contracts now!

SAM is essentially a database of vendors the Government is approved to do business with. It is also the payment mechanism for the Federal Government that allows them to pay a company or entity after they have attained a contract and/or grant.

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Animal And Plant Health Inspection Service

Distinguished Honor Award

Aldo Leopold Award for Overall Wilderness Stewardship ProgramBob Marshall Award for Individual Champion of Wilderness Stewardship Bob Marshall Award for Group Champion of Wilderness Stewardship Wilderness Partnership Champion Award Excellence in Wilderness Stewardship Research Award Connie Myers Award for Leadership in Wilderness Education Line Officer Wilderness Leadership Award Outstanding Wild & Scenic River Stewardship Outstanding Wild & Scenic River Manager Outstanding Line Officer Leadership for Wild & Scenic Rivers

Sam Registration: 9 Questions To Ask Yourself Before Registering In System For Award Management

The biggest problem with individuals filing their own SAM registration or CCR to SAM Migration is that they input incorrect information, leave simple errors and are subject to possible fines.

According to the civil penalty stated in the FAR 31 1352-. if your business files the SAM registration and files incorrect financial information the business can receive a fine between $10,000 to $100,000 depending on the severity of the error.

The government fines companies for the incorrect data filing of the Reps & Certs section because it appears like the business is lying about their financial information.

Another sad fact is that our government will not tell you what specific thing you did wrong in your SAM registration. The Federal Government has no required obligation to point out to you where you made your error. In fact, they wont even tell you how to fix it either.

Ask yourself, is this honestly a risk I am willing to take?

Ask yourself these 9 questions before you attempt to conduct your own SAM registration :

1) Do you have an in-house attorney?

2) Do you hire an accountant to professionally file your taxes?

3) Have you read the current updated FAR Manual?

4) Do you employ someone at your business to track all your accounts?

5) Are you or any of your employees free of felonies?

6) Are you familiar with the federal governments acquisition process and/or FedBizOpps?

7) Do you have a dedicated marketing person on staff?

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Start A Sam Registration

Start a New SAM Registration

Complete a System for Award Management registration as a business for federal contracting or grants, or nonprofit entity for grants. Your SAM registration will be valid for one year from the date the registration is complete.

A SAM registration must be renewed each year to remain active and compliant. USFCR recommends renewing 90 days prior to the SAM expiration date. If you are renewing an existing SAM registration, please .

USFCR is Here to Help

If you have any questions or would like assistance with federal registrations and contracting, call USFCR at 252-2700, Monday-Friday, 9:00 AM 5:00 PM ET. Our federal registrations and contracting experts are here to help.

A System For Award Management Registration Is Required For Businesses To Do Federal Contracting And For Nonprofits To Receive Grants With 10 Years Of Experience And Over 100000 Sam Registrations Completed Us Federal Contractor Registration

MAS Modification Guidance Training Webinar

Why a SAM Registration with USFCR?

  • Guaranteed SAM Compliance – We guarantee your SAM registration is federally compliant and completed in a timely manner.
  • Case Manager Support – Case Manager support for questions and updates to the registrations for the entire year.
  • Registration and Regulation Maintenance – We monitor your registration against the Federal Acquisition Regulation to ensure you remain compliant.
  • Government DSBS Profile – If a qualified small business, we optimize a profile in the Dynamic Small Business Search .
  • SBA Set-Aside Program Qualifications – Small Business Administration set-asides including women-owned, veteran-owned, HUBZone, and 8.
  • USFCR Verified Vendor Seal – Authorization to use the USFCR Verified Vendor seal recognized by contracting officers and prime contractors.
  • Client Portal – Access the exclusive client section the Advanced Procurement Portal .

USFCR provides a better path to success in the federal sector. More than a SAM registration, USFCR is your partner in federal registrations and contracting. Our SAM registration service provides more value than the federal government or any other third-party.

Guaranteed SAM Registrations and more.

USFCR is the largest and most trusted System for Award Management registration and renewal services company and has completed over 100,000 compliant SAM registrations.

Watch Our Getting Started Video

Advanced Procurement Portal

Trust the USFCR Professionals

Why Work With USFCR?

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Simplify Sam Registration With Fedvital

We take care of every little thing in the process of SAM registration on behalf of your company

  • Verify and validate legal business name, business address and DUNS number
  • Streamline the process of registration which include assigning core data, NAICS codes, FAR provisions & point of contact
  • Keep an eye on the IRS & CAGE code validation and communicate with the DLA until processed
  • Maintain a compliant active SAM.gov registration

So, what are you waiting for? Talk to us to speed up your SAM registration process.

System Of Award Management Bulletin

The requirements for SAM registration have changed. You are only required to register in SAM if you enter into a contractual agreement with the Federal Government. Payments in Lieu of Taxes payment recipients are not required to register in SAM even though electronic payment is the most cost-effective, convenient method of payment. We encourage you to register in SAM.

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System For Award Management Formerly Central Contractor Registration

Please note that the System for Award Management , formerly Central Contractor Registration registration is now required for all vendors doing business with the federal government with the following exceptions:

  • Purchase orders and contracts awarded by September 30, 2003
  • Purchases at or under $2,500.00 that either:
  • Are made using a government-wide commercial purchase card or
  • Are not paid using Electronic Funds Transfer
  • Awards made to foreign vendors for work outside the United States, if it is impracticable to obtain SAM registration
  • Other exceptions listed in FAR 4.1102.
  • Whenever reference is made to CCR registration, SAM will now serve as CCR replacement.

    Please note that assignees of claims must be separately registered in the SAM database ), in addition to vendors described above. For more details on the SAM registration requirement, see the Final Rule on CCR registration published in the Federal Register on October 1, 2003.

    SAM registrations are performed online. Should you need help completing your registration, please contact the Federal Service Desk toll free at 606-8220 or go to www.fsd.gov to find answers about SAM registration in FSDs Answer Center.

    Coast And Geodetic Survey


    Coast and Geodetic Survey Distinguished Service Ribbon Coast and Geodetic Survey Meritorious Service Ribbon Coast and Geodetic Survey Good Conduct Ribbon Coast and Geodetic Survey Defense Service Ribbon Coast and Geodetic Survey Atlantic War Zone Ribbon Coast and Geodetic Survey Pacific War Zone Ribbon

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    Sam Registration Is The First Step To Business With Federal Government

    Planning to venture out in the federal marketplace? Wondering what it takes to win lucrative government contracts? Then, before everything else, get SAM registration for your company. Precisely, a SAM enrolment is the initial step to working with the worlds #1 buyer, the United States government.

    Every single administrative organization utilizes the SAM database to recognize organizations enlisted to work with bureaucratic, state, and local level government. Both military and regular citizen offices use SAM for various sourcing and obtainment needs. They also use SAM database to recognize organizations and register for SAM with burdened business assignments, for example, WOSB or VOSB.

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    Important Facts About The Samgov Transition

    Core functions of SAM will not change.

    • Entities with an active registration do not need to take action.
    • The process to register to do business with the government will not change.
    • New security requirements are being introduced to provide additional protection of entity data.
    • Security requirements include new controls for federal users who access FOUO and sensitive entity data

    Core data will not change, although the user interface to search and access data is being updated.

    • Data associated with existing entities will carry over to the new environment.
    • User roles will also migrate, provided the users SAM.gov account and beta.SAM.gov accounts are associated with the same email address in their login.gov account.

    Questions about the integration can be directed to the Federal Service Desk at FSD.gov.

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