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Master Of Policy And Governance

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Why Public Policy & Administration At Ryerson

Master | Public Policy and Governance (Political Science) | University of Amsterdam

Located in the heart of Canadas largest metropolitan centre, X University offers an exciting and innovative graduate program with full- and part-time study options leading to a Master of Arts in Public Policy and Administration. Launched in 2005, the program gives students the extraordinary advantage of proximity to, and engagement with, business, government and community agencies. This proximity is a significant asset in supporting student research, networking and co-op placement/internship opportunities.

This innovative program integrates the fields of public policy and public administration to reflect the theoretical and practical realities of the political context of policy development, implementation and analysis and, prepares graduates for further academic pursuits and careers in the public service at all levels of government, in the non-profit sector, in private sector organizations with significant relationships with government and in international organizations.

The MPPA Program is committed to implementing the Calls to Action from the Truth and Reconciliation Commission. For further details, please see our PDF fileMPPA TRC Review Report 2020.

The Program is also accredited and a member of the Canadian Association of Programs in Public Administration CAPPA, external link.

Double Masters In Policies & Governance In Europe Ma

Prepare for a new political and economic reality post-Brexit with the Double Masters in Policies and Governance in Europe.This integrated Double Masters will provide you with an in-depth understanding of major political and economic developments in Europe, and of the analytical approaches developed to account for them.

Fachspezifische Beratung: Berufsbegleitende Master

  • Arts and Cultural Management – M.A.
  • Master in Auditing – M.A.
  • Digital Production Management – MBA
  • Digital Transformation Management – MBA
  • Governance and Human Rights – M.A.
  • Nachhaltigkeitsrecht – Energie, Ressourcen, Umwelt – LL.M.
  • Performance Management – MBA
  • Arts & Cultural Consumption and Audiences
  • Arts & Cultural Production and Cultural Organizations
  • Baurecht und Planungsmanagement
  • International Cultural Management in Transition
  • Personal Performance Management für Führungskräfte
  • Practices of Sustainable Chemistry
  • Produktionsmanagement in der Industrie 4.0
  • Recht der Energiewende
  • Sustainable Chemistry and Benign by Design
  • Sustainable Chemistry and Regulatory Affairs
  • Umweltrecht
  • Verhandlung und Konfliktmanagement im Bauprojekt

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From Study To Simulation To Public Policy Reality: Why Communication Is Key

This years International Education Day, 24 January, occurs in the wake of a global pandemic that closed schools and universities worldwide. We hear from course tutor Victor Osei Kwadwo, among others, on the value of training in public policy communication, especially in the context of an extended lockdown.

Current Students

We live in an era of profound economic, social, technological and environmental challenges. Our students rise to the challenge of addressing complex issues. The Master of Public Policy and Administration prepares students to interpret and apply input from diverse sources, identify tradeoffs and ethical concerns, and make evidence-based recommendations. Through course work, co-op opportunities, professional workshops and extensive networking opportunities, our graduates become versatile, analytical and independent thinkers who are well-connected, informed and ready for careers working in or engaging with the public sector.

Applications Are Closed For September 2022 Entry

Master of Public Administration (MPA)

to receive updates about the programme and find out when applications open for 2023 entry.

Submit your application online

Applications are made through ouronline application system, which gives you the flexibility to complete your application in your own time and save your progress. The form includes questions about you and your educational history to date.

If you wish to be considered for the Doctoral programme, please follow the steps below:

As part of your application, you will be required to provide the following:

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West African Senior School Certificate Of Education

West African Senior School Certificate of Education including acceptance of WAEC Scratchcard*

  • C6 or above in English

*UWS will accept a WAEC scratchcard confirming that an applicant has achieved C6 or above as evidence of meeting English language requirement from Nigeria if the student graduated within the last 5 years. After 5 years applicants would be required to provide the WAEC Certificate.

Policy On Additional Costs

All students should normally be able to complete their programme of study without incurring additional study costs over and above the tuition fee for that programme. Any unavoidable additional compulsory costs totalling more than 1% of the annual home undergraduate fee per annum, regardless of whether the programme in question is undergraduate or postgraduate taught, will be made clear to you at the point of application. Further information can be found in the Universitys Policy on additional costs incurred by students on undergraduate and postgraduate taught programmes .

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Economics & Public Policy

The research areas of Economics, Health Economics and Policy sit within the Department of Economics and Public Policy. The department investigates a diverse range of topics including: the effect of government climate change policies on business the contribution of knowledge assets to economic growth determining fairness and value in the telecommunications industry and how to improve the quality of service in the public sector.

The department welcomes applicants from a wide variety of academic disciplines who are united by a desire to conduct innovative quantitative or qualitative research that aims to inform policy and practice at global, national and local levels. PhD students have the opportunity to work with renowned faculty whose projects engage a range of different industries as well as researchers from across Imperial.

Sample Classes For Public Policy & Governance:

Multilingual and Multicultural: Master in European Policy and Governance in Nice, Canterbury, Berlin

These courses are just a sample of those that may be a good fit for a Public Policy and Governance concentration. This is not a list of pre-approved courses, as all courses used for your theme will need approval from the PPE Associate Director. You are encouraged to look for courses outside this list, as well.

The following links provide easy access to courses offered in some related disciplines:

  • Wharton: Health Care Management
  • Wharton: Legal Studies and Business Ethics
  • Wharton: Business Economics and Public Policy
  • Perelman School of Medicine: Medical Ethics and Health Policy

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How Much Does It Cost


£9,500 per year for full-time students
Channel Islands and Isle of Man students:
£9,500 per year for full-time students
International students:
£18,975 per year for full-time students

If you study part time over two years, youll be charged 50% of the equivalent full-time fee in each year of study. Your second-year fee if you continue your studies without a break will be subject to a 3% increase .

Note that your fees, once theyre set, may be subject to an increase on an annual basis. Find details on our tuition fees page

If youre a self-funded international student, youre required to pay a tuition fee deposit. Find out more about Masters tuition fee deposits

The Master Program Is Now An Official Member Of Agep

The German Association of Postgraduate Programs with special Relevance to Developing Countries is an umbrella organization comprising various postgraduate study programs oriented to developing and threshold countries as well as countries with economies in transition.

AGEP ” rel=”nofollow”> standards guarantee that its members maintain ahigh scientific level and apply modern methods of teaching and research. The lecturers are highly qualified scientists with additional comprehensive experiencein research, project work and cooperation with institutions in developingcountries.

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Beratungsangebote Zum Berufsbegleitenden Studium Fr Interessierte

Sie haben noch Fragen rund um das berufsbegleitende Studium oder zu einzelnen Studienprogrammen oder sind sich unsicher wegen Ihrer Studienentscheidung? Oft hilft es, Fragen und Unsicherheiten in persönlichen Beratungsgesprächen mit Expertinnen und Experten durchzugehen und zu reflektieren, um den Schritt in das Studium beruhigt angehen zu können. An der Professional School stehen Ihnen deshalb für allgemeine und fachspezifische Fragen rund um das berufsbegleitende Studium diverse Beraterinnen und Berater zur Verfügung, mit denen Sie persönliche Gesprächstermine vereinbaren oder sich telefonisch sowie per E-Mail austauschen können. Nehmen Sie gerne Kontakt zu uns auf!

How Much Does Public Policy Master Degree Holders Earn

Understanding M.Planning (Master of Policy and Governance ) # ...

According to the Center on Education and the Workforce atGeorgetown University, graduates of public policy masters degrees earn anaverage salary of $92,000 a year, with those in the top 75th percentile bringinghome $142,000 a year.

With the growing interest in politics and politics since the2016 elections, specialistswith knowledge of public policycan compete for top jobs in this area.

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Dual Degree Program: Master Of Global Affairs / Master Of Public Administration

Program Description

This dual degree program creates a pathway between the U of T Master of Global Affairs and the London School of Economics Master of Public Administration programs. In Year 1, students complete MPA coursework at the London School of Economics and Public Policy in the United Kingdom. In the Summer session of Year 1, students complete an internship that is part of the MGA program. In Year 2, students complete MGA coursework in Toronto and in the final Summer session, complete a policy paper as part of the dual degree requirements.

Students will gain both degrees in two years rather than the four years it would take to acquire the degrees consecutively. The pattern of registration is F/W/S/F/W/S with students completing both programs by the end of June in Year 2. This dual degree program is open to applicants from all disciplinary backgrounds.


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Double Masters Degree In Governance And International Politics

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The Double Masters Degree in Governance and International Politics offers the opportunity to achieve both an MA from the University of Bamberg and an MA from the Aston University in Birmingham within the standard period of study .

Study Profile

Through this programme, graduates gain a high-level understanding of political and economic power in a globalised world. Studying modules on topics such as Religion and Global Politics, Security and Defence in Europe and International Political Communication and Leaders, students develop wide-ranging insights into political behaviour and skills in the critical analysis of contemporary political issues.

At the University of Bamberg, Political Science is taught as a social science with a strong empirical focus. Students will be taught by a number of scholars with a reputation for international excellence, who are committed to offering and developing an outstanding learning experience for students from all backgrounds. The university is in a position to offer courses in all major subfields of Political Science, including a range of modules in English. Both our teaching and research are strongly driven by theory, and cutting-edge research methods are also a central focus. Moreover, the university provides students with an excellent library and ICT facilities.

Two countries – two qualifications

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Masters Degree In Public Policy

Master of Public Policy is a degree program that understands the role of both political and economic factors in making effective decisions in the public interest. The skills learned can be applied in a number of sectors internationally, regionally, and even locally.

A masters degree in public policy is what public office owners and administrators should take to shape their careers and leadership capacities. The program aims to provide comprehensive know-how on democratic policymaking in the public interest.

What Can I Do With A Masters In Public Policy

Governance of Innovation — Master’s in Public Policy and Human Development (subtitles)

Masters degrees in public policy appeal to students withdifferent educational and career backgrounds. Students who like to solveproblems, develop creative communication plans, set clear processes and work inand around the world of politics and politics often choose this degree.

Work settings range from 9 to 5 standard days in offices forfull-time employees to more on the go and when traveling for consultants whoset their own hours. While many Masters in Public Policy do not offer practicalexperience, they provide students with the toolbox they need to find suitableemployment after graduation.

Political Scientist

Political scientists work primarily in research positionsand investigate, analyze and measure changes in political systems. They examineindividual governments to identify different styles of government and politics,to observe political trends and to collect data related to the development andcontinuation of politics. Most roles require at least a masters degree.

Annual Income: $115,110

Urban and Regional Planners

Working with city commissions and mayors, city and regionalplanners help cities develop plans that create common spaces, ensure thattransportation systems serve residents and visitors appropriately, design plansfor growth, and existing properties to meet the needs of the community to adjust.Most roles require at least a masters degree.

Annual Income: $71,490

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Which Universities Offer The Best Public Policy Masters Programs

Here are the universities where you can complete a mastersdegree in public policy and get the best and highest quality studies.

JohnsHopkins University, Baltimore

Tuition: $4,234 per course

John Hopkins University offers an online Master of Arts inpublic management that prepares graduates for leadership roles in non-profitand government organizations.

This degree requires 12 courses and takes 16-24 months. Thecore courses include assessing Public Policy and the political process,economic viability for public decision-making, financial management andanalysis in the public sector, and the basics of non-profit management. Intheir final semester, students have to complete a keystone project.

NorthwesternUniversity, Evanston Illinois

Tuition: $3,590 per course

Northwestern University offers an online Master in PublicPolicy and Administration with specializations in Public Administration, PublicPolicy, Global Policy, Global Health and data analysis for Public Policy.

This program prepares learners to take on leadership rolesin governmental or non-profit organizations and helps them improve theiranalytical skills to inform policy solutions.

This Master in Public Policy comprises 13 courses and takes1-2 years. Courses include topics such as public finance and budgeting,microeconomics for Public Policy, statistics for research, and programevaluation and policy analysis. Students complete a keystone project or athesis.

Public Policy And Human Development

How can public policy promote innovation-based growth? What is lacking in the current social protection policy in your country and how can it be improved? What are the key factors that governments should take into account when forming their migration policy? If you want to develop the skills to answer these questions in a professional capacity, then the masters programme in Public Policy and Human Development is a good fit for you.

The Master of Science in Public Policy and Human Development emphasises the connection between public policy and decision-making processes, or more specifically, the effectiveness and efficiency of governance. You will be equipped with a variety of skills, tools and knowledge which enable you to work as a policy designer or policy analyst. You will be capable of working within public and private institutions at local, national and international levels. The one-year masters programme is offered as a double degree in collaboration with United Nations University .

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The Application Period For Candidates Of The Daad Helmut

Seminar Germanys Development Policy in Bonn

Our new intake has participated in the seminar Germanys Development Policy – Towards New Approaches in Bonn. The seminar is a cooperation of the Institute of Political Science of the University of Duisburg and Engagement Global on behalf of the BMZ .

The students had the opportunity to get to know the German Development Policy in institutions such as the German Development Institute or the Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit .

Our intake 2018 at the seminar “Germany´s Development Policy” in Bonn

trip to Brussels and a visit at the European Parliament with Professor Kaeding in 2018

Our intake 2017 at the Seminar “Germany´s Development Policy” in Bonn

Our intake 2016 at the Seminar “Germany´s Development Policy” in Bonn

Master Of Public Policy

Masters Scholarships for Public Policy and Good Governance

Program Description

The Munk Schools prestigious Master of Public Policy brings together an impressive array of students and faculty for a two-year, full time program that bridges Canadian and global policy.

In addition to a paid summer internship and a wide range of career support services, students develop core competencies considered essential for policy practice and take electives from both within the Munk School and in the broader University.

Visiting public sector leaders along with a renowned multidisciplinary faculty bridge theory and real-world experience, providing contact with senior professionals in government and the broader public, private, and community sectors.

Students may also apply to the combined degree program Juris Doctor / Master of Public Policy as well as pursue collaborative specializations with other graduate departments. A Munk School education, located in the heart of downtown Toronto and in close proximity to an extraordinary concentration of policy leaders, will empower students to achieve their professional and personal goals.

Minimum Admission Requirements

Program Requirements

  • 0.5 elective FCE: either GLA2029H or GLA2034H.

  • Summer between Year 1 and Year 2, or during Year 2:

  • PPG2006Y MPP Internship. The internship research report is graded on a Credit/No Credit basis.

  • Year 2:

  • 1.5 required FCEs: PPG2000H, PPG2002H, and PPG2003H.

  • 0.5 elective FCE: either PPG2011H or PPG2022H.

  • Program Length

    5 sessions full-time

    Time Limit

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    Political Governance And Public Policy

    41.04.04In english

    Duration 2 years

    The Masters programme is a two-year programme for learning at the level of the highest world standards. It is based on the achievements of scientific schools at St Petersburg University and ensures the innovative nature of education. Modern computer programmes and new information technologies are used in order to achieve a high level of professionalism and leadership qualities of graduates. The key and auxiliary disciplines are included. It aims to develop the practical skills required for analytical, expert, consulting and organisational work in the government and municipal authorities, in the sphere of corporate public policy, and in political parties and civil associations for developing, implementing, and evaluating policies and public programmes.

    Full description

    The programme is focused on the training of highly qualified analysts, managers and political leaders who will link their careers with the field of public administration and policy, including government agencies, international organisations, business and the non-profit sector.

    Among future students, the University would like to see students with high-quality skills in social sciences, focused on obtaining high-quality education, willing to connect their future careers with science and scientific support of public policy, wishing to gain skills in the field of public policy analysis, and possessing leadership skills, communication skills, and a desire to work in a team.

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