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Market Research Template For Government Contracting

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Use The Agile Contract Format To Procure Agile Software Development Services

Administrative Staffing Sources Sought Response on Beta.Sam (Government Contract Market Research)

By Waldo Jaquith, Randy Hart, , and Vicki McFadden

Challenge: Agencies are not structuring their contracts to support buying Agile software development services.

Executive Summary

  • Legacy contract formats3 that detail hundreds to thousands of software requirements up front are not suitable for Agile software development services.

  • With the Agile contract template, available as a template, agencies should procure developers time, as prioritized by the government product owner through an Agile cadence. Any contract must secure sufficient data rights for the agency in the work product or result of the development effort based on their mission needs.


For more than 20 years, using non-performance based formats, such as the Statement of Work, for professional services, has been strongly discouraged, as enshrined in FAR Part 37 – Service Contracting:

Performance-based acquisition is the preferred method for acquiring services . When acquiring services, including those acquired under supply contracts or orders, agencies must

Use performance-based acquisition methods to the maximum extent practicable

Performance-based service contracting emphasizes that all aspects of an acquisition must be structured around the purpose of the work to be performed with an objective assessment of contractor performance, instead of prescribing the manner in which the work is to be performed. It ensures that:

Structuring solicitations for Agile projects

Why Go For Marketing Research Templates

If you have worked in the marketing field for a while now, you must be pretty familiar with the concept of marketing research. This is the most important function of the marketing department of the company. For example, if the company is launching a new product, they would like to study the trends of the market before they launch marketing campaigns.

They should also be able to study the response of the market to such a product. All that is covered in marketing research. Now, this can be pretty complicated unless you know shortcuts. One such shortcut would have to be the various marketing templates that are found online.

Market Research Phase Process Flow

The market research phase of the procurement lifecycle is defined as the process of defining the specific need and determining the most appropriate acquisition method for a procurement. The market research phase is arguably the most important phase of the procurement lifecycle in that it is where the research is performed, the vast majority of major decisions are made about the procurement, and where the key components necessary to manage the contract after award are incorporated prior to solicitation.

The following are the major steps in the process flow for the market research phase:

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Evaluate Contractor Proposals Based On Industry Best Practices

By Waldo Jaquith, Randy Hart, , Vicki McFadden, Kelsey Foley, Miatta Myers, and Stephanie Rivera

Challenge: Traditional evaluation methods of custom technology practices are not based on industry standards.

Executive Summary

  • Review the strengths, weaknesses, and risks of contractors proposals and then invite the most highly rated for a verbal interview.


Scenario: An agency has received contractors proposals and their evaluation team is about to embark on the important mission of determining which contractor is best suited to meet the agencys needs.

This overview supports the evaluation team and helps them identify both indicators that show a strong proposal and red flags that indicate a weak proposal. This list is not exhaustive every procurement is different.

Evaluation process

At 18F, we typically conduct targeted market research to identify a strong candidate pool of companies. As a best practice, we use the procedures allowed under FAR Part 8.405-2 to identify around ten potential companies interested in bidding before we issue any solicitation on GSA Schedule 70 this ensures that we solicit qualified and interested bidders. This method balances good competition and a reasonable number of proposals for the evaluation panel to assess.

Invite the companies with the most highly rated proposals for an interview. This is when the agency can verify that the contractor can perform to the level proposed in their bid.

Technical Approach

What to look for:

Use Time And Material Contract Types For Custom Agile Software Development Services

Standard Market Research Template Free Download

By , Vicki McFadden, Alan Atlas, and Waldo Jaquith

Challenge: Firm-fixed-price contracts are not appropriate for custom Agile development.

Executive Summary

  • Use time and material contracts with a not-to-exceed ceiling. If there is an engaged government product owner on the development team, they will know what the team is working on every day, so the historical risk of T& M contracts costs spinning out of control is reduced.

  • Your team wont know the exact requirements for a software product before development, so dont use firm-fixed-price for Agile software development.

  • Dont measure Agile quality or outcomes by the completion of a number of sprints or user stories.


We recommend a time and material contract for Agile software development with a not-to-exceed ceiling.7

Flexibility is an absolute necessity for Agile software development. In an Agile project, there are no predetermined requirements listed as shall statements.

Instead, there is a product backlog comprised of user stories, which the product owner regularly adds to and re-orders to reflect each storys priority. Priorities can change at any time based on user research, changing agency needs, law or policy changes, etc. There is no way to know in advance what work will need to be done.

Find more information in our sample T& M determination and findings, which agencies can modify for their needs.

Labor hour contract
Firm-fixed-price contract

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Printable Marketing Research Proposal Template

Check out this market research proposal template that can help you do your market research effectively. This professionally designed template gives you a complete map of how you can outline the objectives and goals for your market research so that you can save enough time to do other tasks that are related to market research. You can use file formats such as MS Word and Pages for customization and editing purposes.

+ Free Marketing Research Templates Word Excel Pdf Docs

Anyone who has worked in the field of marketing must have come across the term market research at least once! The marketing department of a certain company carries out market research analysis at regular intervals to find out about market trends, ups and downs, and other factors that could affect your company.

Normally, a is used for such a purpose. Every company has a fixed target audience, and it is important to find out about how these marketing strategies could be implemented and how they can prove effective with that particular target audience.

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Dsca Market Research Guide

Federal Government Contracting – MARKET RESEARCH – Best Practices – Win Federal Contracts

After the market research has been carried out, an official report has to be presented, stating the findings and observations. Given the fact that this is an official report, you will have to adhere to the specific format. If you arent aware of this format, dont worry! To create this official report, youll need to follow a specific format that is demonstrated in a market research template Word!

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