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Government Funding For Black Owned Businesses

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Small Business Innovation Research Grants

City plans to earmark stimulus money for Black-owned businesses

The SBIR Grants program is designed to support small businesses in terms of providing funding opportunities for these businesses to help them thrive. -mandated set-aside program that aims to help small businesses stimulate technological innovation. This program also provides for some business support and technological backup in many areas of your business development.

Nase Growth Grants Program

If you are self-employed and a member of the National Association for the Self-Employed , you may be eligible to participate in the organizations Growth Grants program, which offers microgrants. The purpose of these grants is to help self-employed business owners grow their businesses. Business owners can receive up to $4,000 in microgrants, which can be used to develop marketing materials, hire employees or contractors, and even purchase equipment.

While grant applications are offered monthly, they are reviewed and awarded on a quarterly basis.

Health And Human Services Department Office Of Minority Health Grant Programs

The Office of Minority Health seeks to help organizations use data, develop and implement strategies that have a positive impact on the health of minority populations. Grant receivers focus on minority access to and/or use of health programs and their outcomes. A currently-funded project focuses on advancing COVID-19 public health information in minority populations.

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How To Apply For The Incubation Support Programme

  • Applicants can contact the DTI directly or appointed support agencies.
  • They can assist you with the application process.
  • You need to submit a completed application form to the DTI.
  • This must outline the objectives of the project and demonstrate how the incubator would function and be sustainable.
  • Submit your applications to the Incubation Support Programme Secretariat at the DTI.
  • Founders First Capital Partners

    Empowering Florida black businesses to thrive during unprecedented ...

    The Founders First Capital Partners offers a unique take on funding with revenue-based investment for service-based companies led by minority, veteran or women founders. The organization has a flexible payback model where payments are determined from cash flow instead of being a set amount each month. On top of investments, the firm also has business accelerator programs and a learning platform that can help business owners.

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    How To Level The Playing Field For Minority Business Funding

    There are many valid reasons why minority-owned businesses need to be able to access funding. These include benefits for the business, for the surrounding community and for the economy.

    • Support minority communities

    In many cases, the need for business funding is the greatest in the communities where it is the hardest to obtain. Overall, American small businesses offer almost half of all jobs for workers in the U.S. Thriving small businesses have the money to hire more people and help their neighborhood and city prosper. Minority business loans can help these small and startup companies grow.

    • Facilitate cash flow management

    Most companies canât realize a positive cash flow during their early stages of growth. Even later, a business owner might hope to make an investment in a company that will make it tougher to meet operating expenses. Access to minority loans can make sure that the company can keep their equipment in good condition or take advantage of an opportunity to buy inventory at a discount without worrying about meeting payroll.

    • Invest in the future

    Getting a loan approved might be challenging for a minority-owned business for multiple reasons. However, there are some sources of minority small business loans that wonât discriminate because of credit scores, owner stakes or even the neighborhood a business is located in.

    Why minority business owners should consider all lending sources

    • State and local agencies

    Small Business Innovation Research And Small Business Technology Transfer Programs

    The SBIR and STTR programs are two federal grants that help small businesses in the research, development and commercialization of new technology. They are administered by several agencies, including the Department of Defense, the Department of Transportation and NASA. You do not have to be a minority-owned business to qualify, but your organization must be for-profit, based in the U.S., have less than 500 employees and be at least 50% owned and operated by a U.S. citizen or permanent resident.

    The award amounts depend on the research phase. Phase I awards typically range between $50,000 to $250,000. Phase II awards are typically $750,000 for two years.

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    How To Apply For Sefa Funding

    Your start-up and existing survivalist, micro, small and medium business must meet these criteria:

  • Submit a completed application form
  • Submit a completed comprehensive business plan that meet SEFAs application requirements. Include initial and supporting documentation.
  • Demonstrated ability to repay loans
  • Personal and business credit references
  • The applicant must be an owner manager
  • The applicant must be a South African citizen with ID documents or a valid permanent residence. Alternatively, the business can be in the control of a South African citizen.
  • The business must be legally constituted including sole traders with a fixed physical address
  • Must have contractual capacity
  • All operations including projects, programmes activities etc. must be within South Africa
  • The enterprise must be compliant with accepted corporate governance practices
  • A trust that has within the trust deed the power to borrow money and pledge assets as security and to give surety for borrowing.
  • Find Programs For Veteran

    Grants to help Black-owned businesses across Colorado
    • Hire our Veterans Tax Credit: This program provides a State income tax credit to small businesses who hire qualified veterans. The credit is based on wages paid to those veteran employees.
    • Military Personnel and Veteran-Owned Small Business Loan Program: Small businesses that employ or are owned by military reservists, veterans, National Guard personnel are provided with no interest loans.
    • : Each State agency in Maryland must structure procurement procedures with the goal of achieving an overall minimum of 1% of the agencys total dollar value of procurement contracts to be indirectly or directly made up of veteran-owned small businesses.

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    An Overview Of The Mbda

    The Minority Business Development Agency began more than 50 years ago as the Nixon administrations Office of Minority Business Enterprises . President Richard Nixon created this office as part of his Black Capitalism political strategy, which promoted the idea that more entrepreneurial behavior among people of color would promote economic opportunity and equality. However, the OMBE was just that: a political strategy that was largely symbolic, with no real authority, dedicated budget, or power to expand access to wealth and capital. Over the following years, the OMBE was moved to the U.S. Department of Commerce, transformed into a federal agency charged with fostering the establishment and growth of minority-owned businesses, and renamed the Minority Business Development Agency. Today, the small agency pursues its mission through policy, research, and public and private sector programming. While the MBDA does not directly fund small businesses, its network of 44 business centers renders management and technical assistance and helps clients secure contracts and capital. Despite its largely symbolic origins, the MBDA remains the only federal agency that exists solely to improve the economic well-being of people of color.

    Our Top Resources To Help Black

    Keep in mind that grants can have rules and limitations so be sure to read the fine print when applying. For example, in some cases, you may have to use funds in a specific way and submit receipts to ensure that you do not have to repay the granter.

    Here are 4 other valuable resources to help you stand out and be in the best position to get awards.

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    Kinetic Business Black Business Support Fund

    Kinetic Business by Windstream offers grants of up to $2500 to support Black-owned small businesses. These grants also come with free internet and business consultations.

    This grant is for a very specific demographic. For eligibility, your business must be located in one of these three locations:

  • Georgia
  • Your business must also meet the following criteria:

    • Fewer than 26 employees
    • Not currently involved in bankruptcy proceedings
    • Not a: nonprofit organization, liquor store, check-cashing agency, adult entertainment business, gun store, CBD store, or pawn shop

    If you receive a grant, your business must continue to meet these requirements for the duration of your one-year grant period.

    Also, you can only apply on behalf of one business. Previous recipients are not eligible to reapply.

    If you are a Black small business owner and meet all of these eligibility requirements, you should definitely apply for this grant.

    Top 11 Georgia Supplier Diversity Programs

    Small Business Marketing Grant: Part 1

    Financial Experts Fear Nearly 95% Of Black

    Does Google, Bing, and DuckDuckgo deliver free traffic to your website?

    Driving organic traffic from search engines can be a meaningful way to support or grow your business because it can consistently deliver people interested in your products or services to your websitefor free. There may be no better time to try and drive organic traffic than during this Covid-19 pandemic. We will help. This program aims to support Black-owned and minority-owned businesses by providing free SEO evaluations, advice, and planning.

    There is currently no cap on the number of possible marketing grant recipients per month. Grantees will be selected on a rolling basis. There is no application deadline.

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    Minority Small Business Grants

    What qualifies as a minority business you may ask? A minority business is a business venture owned by a minority. There are grants that are specific to this given demographic. If you are a minority business owner looking for funding for your business, you are in the right place.

    Minority business grants exist if you know where to look to find them. One way to start your journey of finding grants is to ensure that you meet the grant eligibility criteria that grant-issuing agencies have set for grant applicants. Check out the grants for Black business owners who have compiled below.

    Grantsgov Has Many Opportunities For Minority

    The Department of Health and Human Services, by way of their President’s Management Agenda, established’s website in 2002 and it has been evolving ever since.

    With’s management office website becoming more digitally friendly, searching for grants here is simple and direct. This website has more than a thousand grant programs from 26 grant-making government agencies.

    To find grants available for black-owned businesses, just use the search box or browse the Business and Commerce category to find a list of leads.

    From now until 2023, is offering hundreds of grants to Black business owners impacted by the pandemic. This site is an excellent place to get started.

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    Small Business Administration Grants

    The Small Business Administration provides most of its funding directly to community organizations and educational institutions to support entrepreneurs in need of business development support and counseling. However, the Small Business Innovation Research and the Small Business Technology Transfer programs can be applied directly by small business owners. Both of these grants are focused on scientific research and development with the purpose of commercialization.

    How To Find Black

    Financial support offered for Black-owned businesses

    Indeed, knowing how to find a Black-owned business where you live is essential to support them. One great way of finding Black-Owned businesses from Black women business owners to Black companies to Black stores is to look in our Black-Owned Business Directory.

    This is a great way of showcasing your goods and services, growing your business, and connecting and contributing your own quota to growing the Black-Owned community. Whatever it is you may be interested in, there are a ton of tools and resources that you can utilize to your advantage, to help you gain the advantage of all the spots to find Black-owned businesses.

    When you have found a Black-Owned business in your locality, then you can start to look at the different options that exist and start the process of supporting these businesses. One thing to bear in mind is that Black-Owned businesses are spread across cities, states and you can find many online using our search feature to sort through the hundreds of listings.

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    The Coronavirus Pandemic Has Brought Unprecedented Challenges For Small Businesses And The Black Community Has Been Hit Especially Hard

    The Coalition to Back Black Businesses is a multi-year initiative to support Black small business owners and the communities they serve as they recover from the COVID-19 pandemic and chart a path forward. Small businesses are critical parts of communities the strength of these businesses is essential to the recovery of their communities.

    Through the Coalition, American Express, ADP, AIG Foundation, Altice USA, Dow, S& P Global Foundation, Shopify, Stanley Black and Decker, the National Black Chamber of Commerce, National Business League, U.S. Black Chambers, Inc., Walkers Legacy, and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation, will work together over the next four years to provide over $14 million in grants, training, and resources to empower Black-owned small businesses in distressed communities that have long been struggling with economic growth.

    From 2020 through 2023, we will distribute $5,000 grants to applicants each fall, followed by mentorship and training, and select few will receive $25,000 enhancement grants the following summer. We hope these grants can provide some assistance to the Black business community to emerge from this crisis stronger than ever. We know the need for assistance is great, and we wish we could help everyone who needs it.

    State And Local Funding

    Itâs definitely a good idea to investigate state and local sources of funding when looking for a minority business loan. There are a variety of regionally-focused redevelopment agencies and other organizations that can help.

    Operation Hope is one such organization that is helping people in low-wealth communities who want to grow businesses. Their Small Business Development program provides:

    • Business training
    • Access to SBA loan program financing
    • Access to lines of credit

    Many states offer specific minority business loan programs. For example, the State of Ohio offers a Minority Direct Loan Program which provides fixed, low-interest rate loans to certified minority-owned businesses that are purchasing or improving fixed assets or creating or retaining jobs.

    Eligibility for the program is determined by a number of factors including:

    • Number of jobs created or retained as a result of the stateâs investment
    • Extent of participation by the business and a lender in the project
    • Demonstrated need for the funds.

    The minimum amount for this loan program is $45,000 with a maximum amount being $450,000. However, the Director of the Ohio Development Services Agency may authorize a higher amount to address unique and demonstrated economic development needs.

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    National Association For The Self

    The NASE offers entrepreneurs and small business owners a variety of resources and tools to help run their businesses. Members are provided with a monthly newsletter and unlimited access to tax, finance, retirement and/or operations consultants. NASE offers a NASE Succeed Scholarship for members who need assistance paying for college or university, business certification or training programs, or other business-related courses/seminars.

    In addition, NASE provides members with discounts on:

    • Legal help
    • Healthcare insurance plans, including major medical, prescription drug, plus dental and vision plans
    • Home office insurance

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    The Different Types Of Idc Funding

    Campaign Launches to Strengthen 1,000 Black

    1. Development Funds.

    • These funds aim at supporting projects that will have high long-term impacts on the economy through growth.
    • Its aim is to bring projects out of the informal sector and into the economic mainstream.
    • Please find more information on these funds and links to the online application process here.

    2. Agro-Processing Competitiveness Fund

    • This government fund provides support and helps businesses to achieve increased competitiveness, business growth, job creation and development in the agro-processing and beverages industries.
    • For further information and a link for the online application process please visit here.

    3. Product Process Development Scheme

    • The aim of this fund is to provide financial support to micro and small enterprises where the total assets are below R5 million, annual turnover is less than R13 million, and the business employs less than 50 people.
    • The fund intends to promote innovation and technology development with financial support.
    • This enables the development of new products and/or processes.
    • For more information on the PPD Scheme continue to the website here, to apply for funding, please visit their website , click on Online Funding and follow the prompts.

    4. Risk Capital Facility Programme

    This programme provides three channels of funding:

  • Direct channel operating alongside IDCs mainstream business
  • Through a niche fund channel
  • Third party channel.
  • 5. Transformation and Entrepreneurship Scheme

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    Who Is Eligible For Minority Business Grants

    Eligibility requirements for minority business owners can vary based on the grant application. The great thing about applying for grants is that they serve a variety of business sectors including nonprofit organizations, for profit, startup businesses, early-stage and beyond. Its important to always read the terms and conditions to be sure that you qualify for the grant money. Additionally, private grants versus federal grants may differ based on the nature of the minority small business grants being offered.

    However, here are a few requirements that are often consistent in terms of eligibility for a small business grant:

    • Must be 51% minority-owned
    • Be at least 25% operated by an individual of Asian American, Pacific Islander, African American, Native American, Latinx or Hispanic descent
    • Have a business thats located in an economically vulnerable community

    You can also obtain a Minority Business Enterprise certification for your business which can immediately qualify you for minority-based funding as long as you also meet the additional eligibility requirements. This certification accepts legal residents, for-profit businesses in the U.S., and details the ethnicity requirements here.

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