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How To Get A Government Pardon

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Why Does The Pardon Application Need To Be Notarized

How Do You Get A Presidential Pardon? | Ron’s Office Hours | NPR
  • Honesty is vital in the presidential pardon process. Accordingly, the requirement that a federal pardon application must be signed under oath before a notary is meant to make clear that honesty is paramount in the application process.
  • In addition, the requirement that the application include three notarized character affidavits is also part of the goal of complete candor with the Office of the Pardon Attorney.
  • As noted previously, the Pardon Attorney engages in an in depth, careful review of a pardon application.
  • The notarized character affidavits, and the amount of detail requested in the application itself allows for that careful review. Indeed, the entire application process rides on the honesty of the applicant.
  • Therefore, the Pardon Attorney includes a number of safeguards to ensure that the investigation is based on truthful information. Otherwise, the process is moot, and any indication that there are falsehoods in the application will result in a negative outcome for the applicant.

Crimes That Cannot Be Cured By A Pardon For Immigration Purposes

Certain offenses can still be used to deport a non-citizen, even if they have been fully and unconditionally pardoned by Californias governor.

Such crimes include, without limitation:

  • Any offense involving a controlled substance, other than a single drug offense involving possession for ones own use of 30 grams or less of marijuana,57
  • Failure to register as a sex offender, 58
  • Most firearms offenses, 59
  • Domestic violence, stalking, or child abuse, 60 and
  • Human trafficking. 61

Getting And Applying For A Pardon In Ontario

Are you wondering how to get a pardon in Ontario?

We all make mistakes. However, we grow over our mistakes we accept the consequences, bear with them and come out as a better person.

Some mistakes may lead to a criminal offense. These mistakes are the ones that stay with you forever with consequences that make it impossible to ignore.

However, you can still put criminal convictions behind your back by putting into place a Record Suspension .

Dont worry if you arent aware of Canadian pardon services and the terminologies relating to the same in this article, well be covering this topic in depth. Getting DUI Pardon In Ontario is also important.

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What Is A Pardon And Does It Get Rid Of My Criminal Record

A pardon is forgiveness by the governor for a crime committed. A person who is pardoned cannot be further punished for the forgiven offense and should not be penalized for having a record of the offense. . But, the Ohio Supreme Court also has said that just because the governor grants someone a pardon, the pardon does not automatically entitle the person to have their criminal record sealed. .

The application to ask for a pardon is called an application for clemency. These applications must be in writing and must be sent to the Adult Parole Authority.

The Ohio Parole Board, a part of the Adult Parole Authority, processes all clemency applications. Your application will be reviewed by the Parole Board. After reviewing your case, the Parole Board gives the Governor a recommendation. The Governor decides whether to grant the pardon.

The Governor grants pardons to people who show that they have been rehabilitated and have assumed the responsibilities of citizenship. In 2005 and 2006, the Governor received 63 clemency requests and he granted 29 pardons. In 2007, the governor granted 39 pardons out of 233 requests.

Can I Attempt My Own Pardon Application

How to Get a Pardon from the Governor (with Pictures ...

It is absolutely your privilege to try. There is no legal requirement to use an accredited processing firm or Pardon service for your Pardon application. However, similar to representing yourself in court, attempting your own Pardon application carries several risks. Each stage of the application process has strict requirements, and each one must be done in a specific order and time frame. If any one or more of the requirements are not met, or not done in the right sequence, your Pardon application may be rejected or deemed invalid, and you will have to wait a minimum of twelve months before starting the process over from the beginning. This can add to both timeline, cost & frustration. For most applicants looking to obtain a Canadian Pardon, it makes sense to ensure the application is done accurately and correctly the first time.

Why not speak with an A+ Accredited Pardon Officer first before making the best decision for you. There is no obligation to make a payment or start a file unless you are ready to do so. Call or Apply Now to get started!

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What Are The Benefits Of A Canadian Pardon

Obtaining a Canadian Pardon could provide substantial measurable benefits to your life. A criminal record can negatively affect your life in a number of ways. A record can make it more difficult to find a job, buy a house, get a bank loan, apply for self-employment contracts, travel abroad, do volunteer work, enroll in education programs, immigrate, get custody of a child, rent an apartment and more. The option to seal your criminal record from public visibility is a privilege truly unique to Canada the vast majority of criminal record holders elsewhere in the world must live with the full consequences of their record for the rest of their lives. Assuming you qualify and can afford a minimum monthly payment of $80.00, contact Pardon Applications today via to get started.

Here Is How We Help People

  • It is with humility and profound gratitude that I accept this pardon. I feel like a new person because I am able to visit my family in the United States and not have to worry. For so many years this has been a burden on my shoulders. That has now been lifted, thanks to your generosity and help.

    DUI conviction in BC

  • First offTHANK YOU! Oh gosh, I dont think there are enough words or ways to show how happy and grateful I am for helping me with my record suspension. There are so many doors open for me now. The day I received the brown envelope, I cried for joy, in the lobby of my building.

    Petty Theft in ON

  • To whom it may concern, This letter is to say thank you for your big help. Getting this pardon is a big lift off my shoulders. Its a dream come true. Now, my wife and I can travel to the USA without being worried getting denied.

    Uttering Forged Documents

  • I will tell others if I get the opportunity about your excellent work. While it has been a long process, it was worth it. Thank you for the hard work and expertise behind this careful process.

    Fraud Over $5000

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Punitive Collateral Consequences Of Conviction

A criminal conviction involves not only statutory punishment, but also entails the loss of certain civil rights and disqualifications referred to as punitive collateral consequences of conviction.The following are punitive collateral consequences of convictions as set forth in the Missouri Revised Statutes. This is not an exhaustive list of restrictions that may be encountered.

  • Statutory range of punishment applicable to the offense.
  • Forfeiture of public office upon conviction and until completion of the sentence.
  • Forever disqualified from holding any public office upon conviction of a felony connected with the exercise of the right of suffrage.
  • Forever disqualified from serving as a juror.
  • Disqualified from voting:
  • while under a sentence of imprisonment
  • while on probation or parole after conviction of a felony until final discharge from such probation or parole
  • after conviction of a felony or misdemeanor connected with the right of suffrage.
  • Firearms restrictions as set forth in U.S. Code, title 18, part I, chapter 44
  • Denial of a concealed carry endorsement for individuals who have pled guilty to or been convicted of a crime punishable by imprisonment for a term exceeding 1 year under the laws of any state, other than crimes classified as a misdemeanor that do not involve an explosive weapon, firearm, firearm silencer or gas gun.
  • Pardons Canada Wait Times

    Get a Presidential Pardon

    When people realize that they can remove their criminal record from public visibility, they often want to deal with it immediately. This just isnt the way it works. First off, when you submit an application to obtain a pardons Canada, it can take 6 to 12 months for your application to be processed by the Government of Canada.

    Not only does it take a long time for an application to be processed, but it can also take a long time for an applicant to gather all of the necessary documents required for a successful application. There are a few institutions that an applicant needs to contact in order to get supporting documents, and this can also take more than 6 months. It is best to get these documents ready before you are eligible to apply for a Canadian pardon.

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    Which Of My Convictions Will Be Pardoned

    A Canadian Pardon will permanently seal an individuals entire publicly visible criminal record, including all convictions & non-convictions associated with your name and fingerprints. You do not choose which convictions or charges you want to be sealed. The purpose of a Pardon is to give a 100% clear, fresh start at an individuals criminal record forever. First, start by seeing if you qualify for a Pardon or call .

    What Is The Difference Between A Pardon And Commutation

    One thing that is important to note as we discuss all aspects of presidential pardons is to understand the difference between two forms of clemency: pardon and commutation.


    • A pardon is, as noted earlier, an expression of forgiveness from the president. It is granted when a petitioner demonstrates an acceptance of responsibility for his or her crimes, and has shown good conduct for a significant period of time after completion of a criminal sentence.
    • It is important to remember that a pardon is not an assertion of a persons innocence. Rather, it is a way in which to forgive, or show mercy, and to restore certain civil rights that you may have lost by virtue of a criminal conviction or sentence.
    • Those civil rights could include lifting restrictions on the right to vote, hold elected office, and sit on a jury.
    • In addition, a pardon removes the stigma that comes from a criminal conviction.
    • Finally, a pardon can help with obtaining employment, licenses, or bonding, and can eliminate any basis for removal or deportation under U.S. immigration law.


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    Make Sure The Pardon Process Is Done Right

    Your pardon application must be completed correctly to ensure that it is approved. To avoid any confusion or missteps, get the help of professionals who have experience with amnesties and are familiar with the policies and laws of Ontario or other specific provinces. This somewhat delicate legal process is not one that you want to risk making mistakes.

    Qualified professionals will have a clear understanding of not only the federal legal system but also of areas where provincial and federal laws could conflict and cause problems with the processing of your pardon application. Furthermore, professionals will understand more about the changing nature of laws and policies on both the federal and provincial levels.

    If you want to find out more about getting pardoned in Ontario? Pardons Canada is committed to helping people who have previously committed crimes attain the freedom and rights that are required to help them live a normal life. We have been guiding people through this process for over 25 years.

    Were here to assist you in obtaining a record suspension, accomplishing every stage of the application process correctly, and ensuring that all of the necessary administrative bodies have the right information.

    If you have a criminal record and youre looking for more information on how to get a pardon in Ontario, Pardons Canada is happy to help you through the pardons process and make sure that everything is completed correctly. Contact us today for more information.

    Can You Guarantee My Pardon Will Be Approved

    How to Get a Pardon from the Governor (with Pictures ...

    It would be irresponsible for any individual, service or organization in Canada to promise guaranteed success of your application, since it is only the Canadian government itself that ultimately makes the final decision on your application. However, using an accredited Pardon application service like Pardon Applications of Canada will maximize your opportunity for success.

    Since 1970, over 500,000 Canadians and/or residents of Canada have received a Pardon, with an application approval rate of over 92%. In fact, more than 95% of all Pardons granted over the span of 50 years are still in effect today!

    Each Pardon application is assessed by the Parole Board of Canada in accordance with the Criminal Records Act and also for a number of mitigating factors. Each Pardon applicant is reviewed to determine the effect on rehabilitation and any potential benefit to be gained from receiving a Pardon. Depending on your offence, the Parole Board of Canada may also assess whether granting a Pardon would raise any questions about the fair administration of justice.

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    Procedure For Filing A Pardon Application

    A pardon is an act of executive grace that completely eliminates all consequences of a conviction. However, a pardon does not remove the record of conviction. A pardon removes any further punishment and restores civil rights. A pardon does not remove the historical fact of the conviction from the states official arrest and conviction records it simply adds to the record that a pardon has been granted. To remove the historical fact of a conviction, you must apply for an expungement after a pardon has been granted for the conviction.


    Before proceeding with your pardon application process, you must obtain a certified copy of your criminal history from the State Bureau of Identification and certified court dockets and sentencing orders for all adult dispositions listed as guilty, unknown, unobtainable or transferred on the criminal history. This process will take several weeks. You will not be able to fill out your application correctly without this information.

    To apply for a pardon, follow the instructions given in the Board of Pardons Checklist in the order in which they are listed. FAILURE TO FOLLOW EACH STEP MAY RESULT IN A RETURNED APPLICATION. All forms listed in this checklist can be found in the Pardon Application Packet or individually on the Forms Page.

    For assistance with these instructions or with the forms, contact the Board of Pardons by phone or by email listed on our contact page

    What Is The Difference Between A Pardon And Clemency

    Clemency is a general term for reducing the penalties for a particular crime without actually clearing your criminal record. A pardon is meant to indicate forgiveness of a particular crime, either because a person was wrongfully convicted or the punishment was not appropriate for the crime committed.

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    Once Approved Can I Lose My Canadian Pardon

    The Canadian government does has authority to revoke your Pardon if you are convicted of a criminal offence AFTER your Pardon is granted. Depending on the new offence, you might be eligible to reapply after a wait period.

    Obtaining a Pardon in Canada is a mutual commitment you are making to the government not to re-offend going forward in your life. Take that seriously. Call to get started on your Pardon today.

    How Does Someone Obtain A Governors Pardon In California

    How to get a sentence commuted (executive clemency) in California?

    There are three possible ways to get a California governors pardon:

  • File a petition for a Certificate of Rehabilitation from the superior court,
  • File an application directly with the governors office, or
  • Receive a recommendation for a pardon from the California Board of Parole Hearings .
  • While it might seem as if a direct application would be the best approach, the choice is not up to the applicant.

    Lets take a closer look at each of these three methods.

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    Can A Pardon Restore The Right To Possess A Gun

    • If you have been convicted of a federal felony, it is possible that you have lost the right to possess a gun.
    • At this time, the only way to regain the right to legally possess a gun following such a federal firearm disability is through a presidential pardon.
    • There is actually a statute, 18 U.S.C. § 925, that allows the Attorney General to remove a firearm disability in certain circumstances. However, Congress has prohibited the Attorney General to exercise that function.
    • Therefore, a presidential pardon is the only way a person convicted of a federal felony may obtain relief from a firearm disability.

    Canadian Pardon How Long It Takes Final Words

    There are many factors that could lead to an even more prolonged application process. These include your local jurisdiction and an incomplete or incorrect filled-out application. If you are planning to apply for a Canadian pardon, make sure that you understand the entire process before submitting an application so that you know what to expect.

    We specialise in pardon applications in Canada, get in touch today to see how we can help!

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    Why Is Getting A Canadian Pardon In Ontario Important

    If a person is convicted of a criminal offense in Ontario, Canada, his or her name is tied to the RCMPs national database any name in this database is exposed to background checks unless a record suspension is granted.

    And again, for those who dont know about RCMP-

    The RCMP, is both a federal and national police force in Canada.

    Whether a person is convicted of one or multiple crimes, his fingerprints, police files and other details remain in the system. As stated above, this can lead to a higher risk of discrimination in several areas.

    A Record Suspension is important for it allows a person to seal the criminal record associated with their name. Therefore, that person can proceed through life as if they have never had a criminal record in the first place.

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