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Government Jobs That Require No Degree

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The 20 Importance Of Higher Education: College Or University

A lot of entry level government jobs with no experience needed are available for individuals or fresh graduates looking for ways to build their careers.

Generous benefits, good wages and lots of career opportunities are some characteristics of government jobs that make them a great place for you to start.

These jobs can grant fresh graduates the opportunity to grow their careers in public service or in the governmental sector immediately after graduating from school.

This article features some entry level government jobs with good pay and great career potentials to help you kick start your public service journey. To find these jobs, you have to look at the right places. Below are some places to find some of these jobs.

Media And Communication Equipment Worker

  • Median salary: $79,700

One way to get your foot in the door of show business is to become an equipment worker. If youre good with electronics and enjoy working in a fast-paced environment, media and communication equipment workers are needed to install and repair audio and visual electronics and systems in the film industry, as well as businesses and homes. Experience in electrical installation and repairs will be a plus, but you can also receive on-site training.

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Are Entry Level Government Jobs Worth It

Government jobs like everything else has its pros and cons. Nevertheless, entry level government jobs offer some interesting benefits ranging from competitive pay to career advancement and other noteworthy advantages.

To determine whether these jobs are worth the effort, you will need to examine these benefits against the disadvantages.

New Learning Modalities For A New Economy

No Degree Government Jobs

For the first time in history, no one truly knows what the job market will look like in 20 years. Theres no reason to believe a university degree cant evolve and continue to provide people with a solid foundation to pursue the career of their dreams. Plus, a university experience offers countless benefits beyond job-ready skills.

But the pandemic has been a stark reminder that were never done learning. The old modalitiessemesters, massive in-person lectures, paper-bound course materialare as susceptible to improvement as television sets and the economy itself.

So, we can look past headlines about the Great Resignation, and kick-start the Great Re-imaginationwhere Canadians give themselves permission to explore and carve out new paths to career success.

Robert Furtado is the CEO of CourseCompare, Canadas marketplace for education. Robert is a former marketing agency executive and instructor at the Humber School of Media Studies. He created CourseCompare to make it easier for people to identify and pursue in-demand skills across Canada and beyond.


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Search For Jobs At A Specific Agency

Though most federal agencies post their jobs on USAJOBS, some post jobs on their websites. If you want to work for a specific agency, find its website through the A-Z Index of Government Agencies.

There is never an application fee or a testing fee to apply for a government or U.S. Postal Service job.

Jobs That Pay Over $50k And Dont Require A Degree

With student loan debt climbing, many people are beginning to look for careers that dont require a college degree. But what are the options for good-paying jobs without a degree? Using data pulled from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, U.S. Career Institute compiled a list of 80 jobs that dont require a degree and have an average annual salary of more than $50,000. While some of the jobs listed may need a bit more education and require a postsecondary nondegree award, many of the jobs only require a high school diploma or equivalent. You will also discover that some high-paying jobs on the list dont require any formal education credential. The highest-paying job with the least amount of schooling was found to be farm labor contractors, who earn a median wage of $61,910 and require no formal education at all. Learn more about the 80 jobs that pay well without a degree and their projected job growth over the next ten years.

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Nuclear Power Reactor Operator

Need a job? These California state jobs pay better than other employers

If the idea of controlling nuclear reactors isnt intimidating, this could be one of the best high-paying jobs without a degree for you. The on-the-job training is extensive, and youll need to get licensed along the way, so you wont start out with a stellar salary immediately. But, as you learn how to monitor the systems, your pay will go up, potentially to the $76,360 to $133,170 per year range.

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Do Jobs With The Government In Germany Have Advantages

Among the advantages of working at the start is the strong job security, regular pay and a variety of additional benefits that are provided in the civil service. There are opportunities to further your qualifications and pursue a higher career path. Jobs with the government are generally considered to be crisis-proof however, forced transfers may occur, for example, if an agency is closed or restructured.

Where The Degree Gap Led Us

Just a few years ago, researchers at Harvard Business School warned of a degree gap, in which employers were posting for jobs that demanded degrees a significant percentage of those currently in such roles didnt have.

Fast forward to today and a growing number of high-profile companiesfrom Apple and Google to Penguin Random House and Bank of Americaare dropping degree requirements for many roles altogether.

This shift is being fuelled in part by the rising volume of unfilled jobs, a challenge that has only intensified since the outbreak of COVID-19. Just look at the data from StatsCan, which reported 815,835 vacancies in its most recent report in June 2021.

Meanwhile, a survey of 4,000 Canadians by Indeed revealed 18% of those currently without a job describe their search as not urgent, and only 27% were actively looking at all.

For those still actively engaged in the job market, including those who want to upgrade their skills or change careers, shorter, more flexible learning options that offer work-integrated learning opportunities are becoming more popular. A report from StatsCan in the spring of 2021, for instance, showed that even among those who earn a bachelors degree, 14% wind up continuing their education at college.

Below are 10 examples of fields that already offer a fast-track, or at least unconventional path, to high-paying employmentno degree required.

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Take The Civil Service Exam

Government jobs require a civil service exam, even for those without a degree requirement. The civil service exam is a competitive exam you need to pass to qualify for a government position. Youll have to sign up for an open test date, then begin studying and preparing for the test. After passing the test, your name will be on the list of potential candidates for government jobs.

Power Distributors And Dispatchers

No Degree Government Jobs
  • Median salary: $85,960

These system operators control the flow of electricity from power plant generating stations to substations and users. They monitor transmission and distribution lines and resolve issues and transmission failures. Applicants will need on-site training and experience. In addition, any work done on power plants that affect the power grid will require specific certification.

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Transportation Storage And Distribution Managers

In this role, youd spend your days making sure that shipping processes run smoothly. Youd coordinate the transportation and storage of a range of goods, ensuring everything is distributed properly.

Getting started with a high school diploma is possible, though you will need some distribution experience to qualify. Once you have that, a yearly wage of $94,560 is within reach.

Be Confident During Interviews

Lack of experience shouldnât stop you from applying for entry level government jobs. Show your interviewer that you are confident in your abilities to contribute to the progress of the agency or organization.

Be respectful, confident and mature in your communication with your prospective employer. Emphasize your determination to work with the agency and show that youâre motivated and willing to learn.

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Social And Human Service Assistant

Dept. of Public Safety Communications (9-1-1) Job Recruitment

Social and human service assistants perform roles in social work, such as rehabilitation, psychology, and others. Some work for non-profit organizations and state and local governments. Their clients include various types of people. They usually work full time, while some work night and weekend shifts.

Instead of on-the-job training, social and human service assistant roles only require a high school diploma. They dont need to have a postsecondary non-degree award. Many individuals who aspire to become licensed social workers use the role as a stepping stone.

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How Will I Know If Im Eligible For A Government Job

As a federal government employee, you might not be eligible for every government job that is available. Therefore, it becomes very important for you to understand certain things so that you dont waste your energy and time on jobs youre not eligible for.

We would also like you to know that being qualified for a job and being eligible for a job are two different things. Ignorance of this can lead to several wrong decisions.

Some important things you should understand includes:

  • The Service you belong to.
  • The type of appointment you are serving on.

Top 33 Jobs That Require Little Or No Experience

Not all jobs require extensive experience or years of postsecondary education . Some entry-level jobs pay quite well, and many offer paid on-the-job training or apprenticeships too.

Using data compiled by the Bureau of Labor Statistics , we surveyed hundreds of high-paying jobs that dont require a four-year college degree to build this list of the best-paid entry-level jobs for U.S. workers.

For the most part, this list favors positions with manageable on-the-job training requirements and faster-than-average growth potential. In other words, employers are creating these positions faster than the overall job growth rate.

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What Is The Highest

The highest-paying job without a degree is that of a commercial pilot, which was found to have a median annual wage of $121,430. The only education requirement is a high school diploma or equivalent, although all commercial pilots will need training and to earn their commercial pilots license before being able to start the job. Below is a list including 19 other careers that pay well and dont require a college education.

20 Jobs That Earn the Highest Annual Salaries Without a Degree
  • Commercial Pilots: $121,430
  • Transportation, Storage, and Distribution Managers: $94,560
  • First-Line Supervisors of Police and Detectives: $91,090
  • Power Plant Operators, Distributors, and Dispatchers: $85,950
  • Elevator and Escalator Installers and Repairers: $84,990
  • First-Line Supervisors of Firefighting and Prevention Workers: $77,800
  • Postmasters and Mail Superintendents: $76,900
  • Transportation Inspectors: $75,820
  • Makeup Artists, Theatrical and Performance: $75,730
  • First-Line Supervisors of Non-Retail Sales Workers: $74,760
  • Petroleum Pump System Operators, Refinery Operators, and Gaugers: $74,180
  • Signal and Track Switch Repairers: $73,890
  • Lighting Technicians and Media and Communication Equipment Workers: $73,460
  • Farmers, Ranchers, and Other Agricultural Managers: $71,160
  • Gas Plant Operators: $70,710
  • Occupational Health and Safety Specialists and Technicians: $70,480
  • Subway and Streetcar Operators: $67,880
  • First-Line Supervisors of Mechanics, Installers, and Repairers: $67,460
  • Top 5 Jobs In Canada That Don’t Require A Degree

    Careers With the Most Job Openings

    There is a lot of hype when it comes to skilled immigration to Canada with many healthcare professionals and other professionals making the move. However, there are also plenty of jobs in Canada that dont require you to have a degree. Whats more, is that there are also various immigration programs on offer by the federal government and different provinces/territories in Canada that make this possible.

    Weve listed a few of the top jobs available in the Canadian economy with some falling on the list of in-demand occupations for certain provinces. You can begin your Canadian visa application through one of these programs to start paving the way towards permanent residency in the country.

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    Oil And Gas Field Roustabout

    • Degree or Certificate Requirements: High school diploma or equivalent preferred
    • Training Requirements: A few months on-the-job training
    • Median Salary : $39,420
    • Salary Range : $28,700 to $60,650
    • Growth Outlook : 14,700

    Dont let the funny name fool you. Roustabouts perform a boring but essential oil-and-gas-field function: assembling and repairing mechanical and hydraulic equipment. Its not glamorous, and job growth is perennially at the mercy of volatile energy markets, but its a great business to be in when extraction companies are hiring.

    If maintaining oil field equipment doesnt strike your fancy, dont worry. Although the U.S. oil and gas industry is price-sensitive, the fracking revolution has dramatically increased the countrys accessible reserves, creating plenty of opportunities for equipment operators, drivers, and other hydrocarbon-adjacent workers.

    Many of these positions require no more than a high school diploma and a willingness to work long hours in remote locations.

    Which Disadvantages Do Jobs With The Government In Germany Have

    In our experience, working for the state is interesting mainly for those people who are oriented towards a stable employment relationship with fixed working hours, fixed tasks and a high degree of routine. Those who are looking for variety, novelty, strong advancement and a diverse activity are in many cases ill-suited to the public sector. In our experience, you also often encounter older material equipment in the state, especially in the area of IT. It can also be disadvantageous that the employer has a say in transfers and can also prevent them. If you want to change jobs, this can be quite difficult. In the private sector, it is often much easier to change jobs.

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