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Government Contract Specialist Job Description

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NIH Job: Contract Specialist

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    Responsibilities For Contract Specialist

    • Prepare contractual agreements using current research methods and a knowledge of a client’s needs and ability to fulfill its requirements
    • Collaborate with a legal team consisting of lawyers, paralegals, and office staff
    • Ensure that the terms of contractual agreements written in language that is legally binding and in accordance with the desires of the client
    • Assist clients to fulfill the terms of or to terminate contracts on mutually amicable terms
    • Review contract terms and conditions to verify that they are in compliance with company policies and all applicable federal and state regulations
    • Clearly explain contract terminology to clients and other interested parties in simple, everyday language
    • Self-monitor progress according to the schedule of completion to submit drafts and documents in a timely manner
    • Proofread, edit, and fact-check legal documents for accuracy and consistency, according to a style guide if provided by the client

    Writing And Editing Contracts

    One of the main responsibilities of this role is writing and editing contracts on behalf of the company for potential clients. To do this, it is necessary to have detailed knowledge of contract language as well as contract style guides. If you have experience creating contracts, make sure you refer to it in your resume.

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    We Are Hiring For This Position At Many Locations Across The Country

    Normally when a vacancy is announced, it’s for a job opening at a specific location. However, because this position is in high demand it’s considered an “open-continuous” announcement. That means you get to choose your top two facilities that you want to work at. Here’s how it works:

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    • When a position becomes available at one of the facilities that you selected, you will be considered for that position, and if you are selected we will contact you with an offer.

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    Contract Specialist For The Office Of Applied Physics

    Contract Administrator Job Description  Every Detail That Matters In ...

    The Office is looking for a contract specialist. Work involves assisting in the development of policies, reviewing guidelines, procedures, rules, and regulations, establishing priorities, standards, and measurement tools for determining progress in meeting goals, and coordinating and evaluating program activities.

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    Contract Specialists: A Career In Government Contract Management

    A career as a contract specialist is ideal for detail-oriented individuals with good negotiation skills. Government contract specialist training may be provided for interns and new employees. As you gain experience, you may be asked to draft and negotiate new contracts and take on more responsibility.

    Contract specialists are responsible for drafting, editing and reviewing contractual agreements. They may also develop procurement proposals, build relationships with reliable vendors and facilitate salary negotiations. Ensuring that clients adhere to contractual obligations is their primary role.

    Employers look for candidates with a bachelor’s degree in a related field. A government contract specialist’s resume that includes a master’s degree and work experience is more likely to be noticed. Some organizations only require a high school degree and a few years of hands-on experience.

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    Pursue A Professional Certification

    Contract Opportunities Management

    Having a professional certification in contract management can help you refine your skills, showcase your dedication and prove your expertise to current and prospective employers. You may even be able to complete a training program without previous experience and earn qualifications that help you find a contract specialist role. In addition, if you have experience that can easily translate to the role, these certified training programs may take the place of formal relevant education.

    There are many professional organizations that provide training and career development resources to help you learn the skills, rules and best practices. Join and get training from these organizations:

    National Contract Management Association

    This organization provides the following industry-standard certifications:

    Federal Acquisition Institute

    As a current or prospective federal contract management professional, consider pursuing FAI certifications like:

    World Commerce & Contracting

    Formerly known as International Association of Contract & Commercial Management, the organization recommends starting your training with them by first completing their Fundamentals of Commercial & Contract Management course. Then, you can earn one of the three levelsâPractitioner, Advanced Practitioner and Expertâof the following certifications:

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    Contract Specialists: A Career In Government Contracting

    A career as a contract specialist is ideal for detail-oriented individuals with good negotiation skills. Government contract specialist training may be provided for interns and new employees. As you gain experience, you may be asked to draft and negotiate new contracts and take on more responsibility.

    Employers look for candidates with a bachelor’s degree in a related field. A government contract specialist’s resume that includes a master’s degree and work experience is more likely to be noticed. Some organizations only require a high school degree and a few years of hands-on experience.

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    Contract Specialist Job Description Final Thoughts

    Before you apply for the job youve set your sights on, read the job description carefully. Make sure you understand all of the requirements and have the necessary skills and education. You then need to make sure these elements are highlighted in your resume so that they dont get overlooked.

    It is also important to do as much research into the company as possible as well as the role. Find out about the companys typical clients and the types of contracts you would work on.

    You can then include details in your resume that showcase your unique skills and attributes.

    All the very best in working as a Contract Specialist!

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    Building Relationships With Contractors And Vendors

    It is important to be able to establish a rapport with important contractors and maintain good working relationships. This will help your company to provide the best services for different clients when needed. You should be able to maintain a database of different vendors and contractors you can rely on.

    Are Federal Procurement And Acquisition Jobs Right For You

    Government Contract Specialist Resume

    Throughout my federal career, I was involved in acquisition functions. I was a Contract Specialist and a Program Analyst for the Department of the Army. Acquisition functions are found in all of the agencies and branches of the military.

    Acquisition Functions

    Congress is responsible for the passing of the federal budget and the appropriation of funds. Once these funds are appropriated, the federal government can acquire goods and services to include real property.

    The procurement process is initiated through the use of contracts. Government contracting is heavily regulated and subject to many statues and other regulations including the Federal Acquisition Regulation . All procurement activities must follow the FAR that deals with the federal contracting process.

    Each branch of the military and all federal agencies have implemented additional regulations, which are derived from the FAR, and unique to that particular branch or agencys procurement practices.

    Government contracting agents are required to obligate funds, through contracts, for the procurement of goods, services, or real property. Federal employees are assigned agent responsibilities and many contract types and solicitations are used in the procurement process. The federal employee can negotiate contract terms and conditions and this is strictly controlled by the FAR and other statues.

    Acquisitions Careers

    Contract Specialist Requirements

    Review the related qualification standards for additional information.

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    How To Become A Contract Specialist: What You Need To Know

    The Indeed Editorial Team comprises a diverse and talented team of writers, researchers and subject matter experts equipped with Indeed’s data and insights to deliver useful tips to help guide your career journey.

    If you’re interested in managing professional relationships and promoting an organization’s financial growth, consider becoming a contract specialist. Not everyone is suited to this position, so make sure you have the details before pursuing this career path. Knowing what the role entails, how much you can make and what it takes to find a contract specialist job can help you determine if this career fits your goals. In this article, we explore what a contract specialist does, where they can work, how much they can earn, the skills needed to excel and the steps to succeed in this career.

    Government Contract Specialist Job Requirements

    In order to become a government contract specialist, one must typically meet the following requirements:

    Education: Government contract specialists are typically required to have a bachelors degree in a field such as business administration, finance, accounting or public administration. Some of the coursework that these degrees offer includes economics, business law, public policy, business communication and accounting.

    Training & Experience: Government contract specialists typically receive on-the-job training. This training may include learning about the companys specific policies and procedures, as well as the software and technology they use. The length of the training depends on the company and the government contract specialists role.

    Certifications & Licenses: While not required, many government contract specialist jobs require certification or licensing to show an individual has the necessary skills to perform the duties required.

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    Consider A Master’s Degree

    In addition to years of experience and relevant certifications, employers hiring for leadership positions within contract management may prefer candidates to have an advanced degree to demonstrate expertise in the field and readiness for complex tasks. Many contract specialists seeking career advancement pursue a general MBA or an MBA specialized in their field, like HR or finance. Some may also pursue an industry-related master’s degree, such as a contract specialist in a government construction agency earning a Master of Science in civil engineering.

    Please note that none of the companies mentioned in this article are affiliated with Indeed.

    Earn An Undergraduate Degree

    Acquisition Gateway – Forecast of Contracting Opportunities Tool

    Many employers prefer candidates to have at least a bachelor’s degree in business administration, marketing, accounting, finance, economics or a similar field. However, some entry-level candidates may find work with an associate degree or previous coursework in business administration, management, human resources and related subjects. Business-related courses provide you with a comprehensive understanding of business operations, professional writing and project management.

    Other aspiring contract specialists may choose to pursue law-focused programs, such as an associate’s degree, professional certification or coursework in paralegal studies. This coursework provides knowledge of legal writing, research and business law.

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    Becoming A Contract Specialist

    Contract specialists are responsible for drafting, editing and reviewing contractual agreements between an organization and vendors, suppliers and other third parties. Depending on the job, they may also develop procurement proposals, build relationships with reliable vendors and facilitate salary negotiations. Their primary role is to ensure that clients adhere to contractual obligations.

    The Federal Acquisition Institute points out that contract specialists work under the guidance of a contracting officer. This profession requires a good knowledge of regulatory and legislative issues. New employees often start out as contract specialists and then move up to higher positions, such as contract officers or administrators, project officers, procurement analysts and more.

    Most employers seek candidates with a bachelor’s degree in law, business management or a related field. A government contract specialist’s resume that mentions a master’s degree and work experience is more likely to get noticed. However, some organizations only require a high school diploma and several years of hands-on experience in the field.

    What Does A Contracting Professional Do

    Federal acquisition professionals, including contracting professionals, make strategic and innovative business decisions to help the United States acquire vital goods and services needed.

    The most common contracting professional in the Federal Government is a Contract Specialist. These personnel act as business partners to Program Managers in their Agencies, assisting them in planning for and acquiring the goods and services needed so that Agencies can accomplish their mission.

    Contract Specialists are in high demand as the Governments need for goods and services has increased dramatically over the past few years and the services being acquired are more technically complex as well as the projects and contracts being of longer duration.

    Contracting professionals:

    • Act as business partners to the Program Managers in their agencies
    • Assist in planning for and acquiring the goods and services needed so that agencies can accomplish their mission
    • Are in high demand as the Governments need for goods and services has increased dramatically over the past few years

    Specific day-to-day tasks include:

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    Contracts: A Job Description

    Unless a company wants to rely on a gentleman’s agreements, they need a good contract for each relationship they have with both their suppliers and customers. If you have any professional experience with drafting or reading contracts, you can explain what you did and what types of contracts you worked with. Read the job description carefully.

    Do they write about the negotiations with their business partners? If they do, you will always try to negotiate the most favorable contract conditions for your employer, and it will be an important role. You have excellent communication and problem solving skills, and you believe that you will be able to lead such negotiations, understand the expectations of both contract parties, and translate them into a legally valid agreement.

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    Contract Specialists: A Master’s Degree In Business Administration

    Wateen Telecom Limited Contracts Specialist Jobs In Lahore

    You can enter the profession of contract specialists through a degree in law, even if you have a bachelor’s degree in business administration. If you want to work for the federal government, you must complete the federal acquisition certification. The National Contract Management Association offers accreditation for contract specialists who want to work in other fields.

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    Government Contract Specialist Work Environment

    Government contract specialists work in a variety of settings, including government offices, private businesses, and law firms. They may work full time or part time, and their hours may vary depending on the needs of their employer. Many government contract specialists work more than 40 hours per week, and some may be required to work on weekends and holidays. Some contract specialists may be required to travel to attend conferences or meet with clients. The work of a government contract specialist can be stressful, and they must be able to handle a large workload and meet deadlines.

    Government Contract Specialist Job Description

    Government agencies often work with private-sector organizations, suppliers and contractors. For example, they may hire construction companies to build new roads or restore old buildings. Contract specialists who work for the government are in charge of drafting contracts and negotiating prices between the parties involved. These professionals may also be asked to solve disputes between contractors and government agencies, evaluate bids, cancel or modify contracts, and maintain relationships with vendors.

    A job listing posted by the U.S. Forest Service states that contract specialists may need to answer questions from bidders, approve or reject special requests and supervise other employees. Their day-to-day duties may also include developing budgets, training staff and monitoring employee performance. The ideal candidate should have strong communication skills and in-depth knowledge in math, accounting, business and contract law.

    The grade level assigned to this role determines how much you’ll get paid, as well as your level of responsibility. Most contract specialists working for the federal government advance from GS-5 to GS-9 and GS-11. New employees receive on-the-job training and work under the guidance of a more experienced contract specialist. Those who advance to GS-9 may assist with contract writing, select bidders, monitor contract work and check bids for completeness.


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