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Government Grants For Off The Grid Living

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Clean Energy Finance Corp

Josh Kalis, Taylor McClung, & Dane Vaughn – Off The Grid

The Clean Energy Finance Corp is an Australian Government statutory authority formed to ‘facilitate increased flows of finance into the clean energy sector’. It draws on expertise, extensive networks and market reach to make it easier for businesses and consumers to secure finance to transform their energy use.

The CEFC runs a range of programs targeting clean energy and energy efficiency improvements for small businesses, manufacturers and the agricultural sector, as well as small-scale commercial property. It also partners with external organisations to provide access to funding via co-financing.

The CEFC has comprehensive details of funding programs and a range of case studies where funding has been provided.

If you want to submit a funding proposal you will need to email or call the CEFC.

Public Funding Is Needed To Maximize The Impact Of Off

Off-grid solar has already enabled hundreds of millions of people around the globe to meet their energy needs and has a key role to play in the achievement of Sustainable Development Goal 7 : universal access to affordable, reliable, sustainable, and modern energy for all by 2030. OGS represents the fastest and most cost-effective way to reach a significant proportion of the population lacking access, particularly lower-income households, and more remote communities. Still, on current trends, 230 million people are projected to be left behind in the drive towards SDG 7, as they simply cant afford, or cant access, on or off-grid energy options. Further interventions are needed to ensure that the poorest and most vulnerable arent left behind in the drive towards SDG7.

in-depth understanding of the current state of the market is a prerequisite. Multi-tier framework surveys and market assessments looking at a markets financing needs and its broader context can build a strong foundation. Stakeholder mapping and capacity assessments can also help to ensure the effectiveness of the selected implementing agencies.

Whilst there is no one-size-fits-all public funding solution, the following key principles can help to ensure success:

Free Land In Anderson Alaska

Anderson is the only incorporated town in the Borough of Denali.

As the name suggests, the area is known for Denali, the tallest peak in North America.

Anderson is a small town of only ~250 people and is perhaps one of the most remote options on this list.

So, if you truly want to be a modern-day homesteader, this could be the spot for you.

Update: according to our research, it appears that Anderson has suspended its program, but please contact the Town of Anderson to confirm.

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How To Get Off The Grid And Live Rent

Many people dream of living off the grid, rent-free and a select few have turned that dream into a reality. It takes more than just a stack of solar panels and a tiny house though you need a plan that provides for all of the necessities of daily life. If youve ever wanted to make the leap to off-grid living but werent sure where to start, weve compiled a step-by-step guide to transitioning to a simpler, more sustainable lifestyle.

Off Grid Energy In Arizona

Living Off the Grid

Arizona is plentiful in solar energy potential, averaging between 67 Wh/day for every watt of array potential you have. That means a 1kW array would produce about 6.5 kWh on average throughout the year. Some of the highest energy production in the United States.

Note that you cant plan an off grid solar system around yearly averages. If you are considering an off grid solar system, read my free complete guide to designing your own low cost system

Wind power potential in Arizona is fairly low on average, with 80m wind speed averages around 4.5 m/s in most of the state. However, some localized areas have average wind speeds approaching 7 m/s, making it a potentially useful energy source in certain parts of Arizona. See the wind map below for details.

Note that this map shows average wind speed at 80m, about 250 ft, above the ground. Ground wind speeds vary considerably due to terrain, the tops of hills or valleys that act as wind tunnels usually being better. Be sure to measure the wind at any particular property before you commit to installing wind power at that location.

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Are There Any Government Grants For Solar Panels

There are no grants for solar panels available in the UK. The government used to provide interest-free loans and grants as part of the Green Deal, but this concluded in 2015. The Feed-in Tariff also came to an end in April 2019, but the new Smart Export Guarantee started in January 2020.

The story of the Green Deal is a short and disappointing one:

  • Back in 2013, the government set up the Green Deal, which gave people a loan to help them buy solar panels
  • In 2014, the government launched a second Green Deal, changing the loans to grants an upgrade that people took for granted
  • In 2015, the government scrapped the Green Deal, largely due to lack of interest from homeowners
  • The current Green Deal Home Improvement Fund is not quite the resurrection youd be hoping for. It focuses on multiple types of energy-saving home improvements, but theres no funding for solar panels.

    Crowdfund Your Off Grid Dream

    If someone can start a crowdfunding campaign after lathering her hair in gorilla glue, then so can you!

    Crowdfunding relies on how far you can spread your cause and be seen. If you have a pre-existing social following, this may prove a lot easier but this is not a necessity.

    To create a successful crowdfunding campaign you should share your true authentic self and advertise your goals and plans for your homestead. Share your personal story and journey, you may feel uninspiring in your own eyes but to many, you will have an incredible story and vision to share.

    Just as the government offers incentives for alternative energy, you can offer an incentive for support also. Use your skills and knowledge to offer something to those who support your crowdfunding pages. Let your passions guide you, if you are artistic, offer your crafts. If you have the expertise, write and offer guides and ebooks. If you have accommodation, offer a holiday and hospitality! Your imagination is the limit when it comes to raising funds.

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    Eligible Grants For My Home Retrofit

  • 5. Receive your reimbursement
  • We have become aware of a cyber security vulnerability affecting organizations around the world. As a precaution, we have proactively taken down the Canada Greener Homes portal while we address the situation. We have no indication that any vulnerabilities have been exploited on our servers.

    Our services will be available as soon as possible. We thank you for your patience as we work to resolve the situation.

    As part of the initiative, you have access to:

    • up to $600 for a home evaluation and expert advice so you can begin to plan your retrofits
    • up to $5,000 total to help you make energy efficiency retrofits to your home

    Qualification For Loans And Grants

    Eric Koston – Off The Grid

    The United States Department of Agriculture is one of the main sources for very low or no money down residential loans and grants. They support farmland and agriculture businesses.

    The federal government has a vague definition of what qualifies as a valid farm business. Anything which is grown, raised, or harvested from the wild qualifies.

    Unlike several years ago, the agriculture business for a small business commercial grant doesnt have to show a profit. It only requires the presentation of goods for sale and an attempt to make money from the endeavor.

    Basically, setting up an Eggs For Sale or Horse Boarding sign at the end of the road or online qualifies. Some land grants are specific to the state or county.

    Another funding aide gears to help female farmers, beginning farmers , minority, or organic farmers. Some of the grants and loans have acreage minimums and maximums.

    This requires you to read the full eligibility requirements before printing and filling out the grant application form online.

    Finding the right loan or a combination of funding source right for you might take a little digging, although self-reliant folks are no strangers to shoveling and doing the heavy lifting to get things done!

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    Log Cabins Cob And Natural Home Building Methods

    Not yet widely know, but increasing in popularity, are earth based natural building techniques. Generally based on centuries old techniques that predate modern construction, natural buildings can be quite inexpensive, as you may be able to build with hand tools and materials you find on site or can buy cheaply.

    Log Cabins

    Cutting and stacking logs, if you have the woods around you this is a fast and cheap option.

    I recommend the book How to Build and Furnish a Log Cabin which is a classic resource that teaches old fashioned methods requiring inexpensive tools. No expensive chainsaws necessary. Plus its step by step details make it easy to make both the cabin and log furniture from the woods already on your property.


    Cob is an ancient form of building from all over the world using earth, sand, and straw. Cob houses have been know to last centuries, and are great for off grid living because the thick walls naturally regulate internal temperature like the inside of a cave. Yet, they also help regulate moisture and buffer loud noises.

    Depending on the soil in your area, you may be able to build from earth already on the building site. But in every case you can amend the solid with local clay and sand to get the prefect mixture. Cob buildings can be anysize, including multiple stories, and can be quite low cost if you build yourself from free materials.

    The classic book on the subject of Cob house building is The Hand-Sculpted House which I highly recommend.

    Going From Commitments To Climate Action

    So while more people are talking about clean energy access and theres definitely momentum that is building, today the biggest obstacle to achieving SDG7 still remains insufficient finance for energy access, at the required scale and on appropriate terms. The off-grid solar sector needs to focus on how to deliver the necessary green transition by ensuring that the available financial flows arrive at scale, locally and faster.

    As a sector, we need more financing of all types, including public funding, in the form of initiatives that help to de-risk investment and leverage more private finance. Support programs that help make our products and services affordable to everyone, everywhere, are also necessary.

    To that end, one interesting initiative that could be catalytic is the Leveraging Energy Access Finance Framework blended finance programme, in which the African Development Bank and the Green Climate Fund are cooperating to address the financing barriers that prevent capital flows to the off-grid sector. This model should facilitate investment at scale, and hopefully many more such innovative partnerships will emerge soon.

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    Fannie Mae Home Ready

    Are you ready to do renovations to your home but need funding? Check out Fannie Mae HomeStyle Loans.#Renovation#Loans#FannieMae


    This loan does not have an acreage limit and allows the borrower to have a more than 45% DTI debt to income ration. The HomeReady loan requires a 3% down payment and has very low-interest rates.

    They also permit the downpayment money to come from another government or non-profit program, a tax refund, or as a gift from someone not on the loan.

    Non-borrower household members, adults who are related or unrelated to the borrower but live in the home or are a tenant on the property, regardless of their credit score, can be considered as an income-boosting factor during the loan approval process.

    Youll Want To Get Fit

    Living Off the Grid: 7 Places in the U.S. You Should Consider

    When you live off grid, you have to be physically active every single day, and this is different than most Americans daily lives.

    For those who sit at a desk job from 9 to 5, living off grid can be a challenge.

    It requires a certain level of physical strengthto hunt, gather, cook, and more.

    Youll want to strengthen your arms, legs, back, and abs as much as you can before you head off the grid.

    Any exercise that can help you mimic upcoming chores should help you prevent injury .

    Build that upper body and core strength now and thank yourself later!

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    Decide On Your Living Space

    You cant live off-grid if you have nowhere to live. How you acquire this living space is dependent on your resources and style. Those who seek the thrill of the open road would do best in a self-sufficient mobile home. For the DIY type, building your own, as Elizabeth Pearson did in Spain, might be the challenge you need. For those who are not particularly crafty, a prefabricated model like those sold by Big World Homes or Green Moxie would be more your speed.

    If you seek to settle down, think about where you would like to live and why. Are you seeking to abandon civilization entirely or do you simply want to live a more self-sufficient life? Are you willing to pay more for an ideal location near family and friends or are you flexible with your location? If money is not an issue, there are open plots of land even in the worlds most expensive real estate markets. If you seek dirt for dirt cheap, you have options.

    Do you want to support the growth of a new community or do you want to join one that already exists? If you are of the apocalyptic mindset, there are plenty of places to hunker down with those who also feel the end is nigh. If you wish to learn from the cutting edge of off-grid experimentation before you dive in, check out communities like the Off-Grid Experimentation Village. Of course, there are always the Earthship communities to learn from and join.

    Will The Green Homes Grant Really Help

    People are split on this topic. Vouchers can cover the price of double-glazing and boiler replacements, but there are plenty of energy efficient improvements that cost more than the £5000 and £10,000 price caps.

    As an example, the cost of external wall insulation can reach £15,000 for large, detached properties. The £5000 voucher issued by the Government wont cover two-thirds of the costs. With this in mind, experts think this will force people to take the cheapest options available to them.

    In terms of helping the environment, the Green Homes Grant is still predicted to be a huge success. Its expected that once fully rolled out, the scheme could result in carbon emissions being cut half a megaton per year, which is equivalent to taking 270,000 cars off the road.

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    Reduced Vat For Energy

    Solar panels are eligible for a possible 5% tax reduction under the new VAT pricing system for energy-saving products.

    If you are over 60 years of age or are receiving income or disability benefits, you may qualify for this tax reduction. There are specific eligibility criteria, and the tax reduction can either apply to the whole product or only the installation costs. You can read the government’s website for the full details.

    Climate Urgency Can Push Energy Access Forward

    Brad Cromer – Off The Grid

    We need to act quickly to avoid the worst consequences of climate change. That much was confirmed at last years COP26 climate summit. It is also clear that climate change is already happening, and its consequences will disproportionately affect the people who have least contributed to it poor people in low-income countries. These people, in many cases, have no electricity or a weak grid connection. Their livelihoods often depend on their ability to navigate increasingly unpredictable weather conditions. They are generally vulnerable to natural disasters and have limited capacity to absorb setbacks.

    A fair and just transition to an environmentally sustainable economy was a key theme at COP26, acknowledging that energy access and climate goals can work hand in hand, and that the worlds most vulnerable cannot be left behind in the green energy transition. We absolutely must reduce emissions, and urgently. But it is also important to avoid future emissions, and for growth in low-income economies to be green, using climate-smart technologies and approaches.

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    Tiny Home From Recycled Materials

    With the tiny home craze growing every year, there are many places to learn just enough about traditional stick frame construction to build your own tiny home on wheels. Tiny homes have several advantages for the low cost builder:

    • Easy to find materials
    • Can be built in down, and transported to the country
    • Fast to construct

    Where to Find Free Construction Material

    Most construction sites have large dumpsters, and end up throwing away substantial quantities of usable material. Contractors generally over buy lumber, sheeting, siding, and roofing in order to make sure they have plenty to complete the job. There will also me piles of cut offs that didnt make it in to the final home. Also, remodels may be discarding otherwise usable construction material that was removed from the home.

    The best way to get construction discards is to scope out construction sites in person. If you see anything usable, dont hesitate to ask the foreman if they have anything that you can take. Usually, if have anything that day, they are happy to see it gone, as you loading it up makes their job a bit easier. Be sure to leave everything as clean as possible and stay out of the way of work, in order to be polite as possible. Once you get know by local foreman, they may even start calling you if they have anything of use.

    Finding Free Tiny Home Materials on Craigslist

    ReStore Supplies for Low Cost Tiny Home Building

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