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Government Center Garage Monthly Parking

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How Do I Update My Account

MBTA Green, Orange Line Service Disrupted After Collapse At Government Center Parking Garage

You can update your email, password, license plate, vehicle, favorite spots, and payment information through your account settings!Website:

  • Select Set up Business Profile
  • Follow the steps in the app to finish setting up your account!

    To update your SpotHero for Business account settings, go into Account Settings from the main menu of the app, and select Business Profile. From there, you can update your email address, default payment method, expense provider, opt-in or out of consolidated expense reports, and delete your business profile.

    Why Can’t I Extend My Reservation

    There are a few reasons why you may have trouble extending a reservation.

    If the spot is sold out or the garage cannot accept extensions, unfortunately, an extension isnt possible. Please do not purchase a second reservation if unable to extend as locations cannot process multiple reservations. You can always give us a call to see if we can help!

    Can I Sync My Calendar

    Yes! With Calendar Sync you can sync iCal and select the specific calendar to import into SpotHero. This will NOT automatically book parking for that calendar. Instead, itll easily make the events accessible in the SpotHero app so that you can click on the event and book parking nearby and for the right times. Theres no additional cost and no obligation to purchase the recommended spots, so go ahead and try it out in the app! Learn more about Calendar Sync on our blog. Available on iOS only.

    How it works:

  • In the app menu, go to Settings Calendar Sync
  • Choose the calendars you want to sync to SpotHero
  • On the search screen, swipe up to see your events and tap an event to book parking
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    How Do I Apply Credit Or A Promo Code

    SpotHero credit will apply automatically toward your next reservation as long as youre logged in and not checking out as a guest.

    To apply a promo code, click on Have a promo code? if youre on the website or Apply Promo Code if youre on the app, and type in the promo code youd like to apply. You can also enter a promo code before you search by clicking on Promo Codes from the main menu once youre logged in, and enter your promo code, which will apply toward your next purchase as long as its valid.

    What Is A Service Fee

    BRA approves: Government Center Garage project

    A service fee is added to each transaction on a per-reservation basis. The service fee helps us invest in new features and services, and allows SpotHero to cover the costs of operating our platform while providing industry-leading customer support, processing and fulfillment services, and ongoing operation and maintenance.

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    Will My Card Get Charged Automatically Each Month

    If you choose to purchase a spot that says recurring monthly on the checkout page, your card will be automatically charged until you cancel. Decide you dont want to park anymore? Get in touch with our customer heroes and theyll cancel it for you right away.

    If you select to purchase a spot that says non-recurring monthly on the checkout page, you are only paying for the initial month of parking payable through SpotHero. For the second month and on, you must set up recurring billing through an account with the parking company that owns the location youre parking at. During the hand-off process the parking company will correspond with you and us to make sure youre getting set up correctly.

    Do I Need To Download The Spothero App

    You dont need to, but it does make your experience easier! When logged in, the app will store all of your parking passes. If you dont have the app, thats ok too! You can always show your reservation by bringing your parking pass printed out or pulled up from your email. Dont forget to double-check if a spot is a printout required, to ensure you are redeeming your reservation properly.

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    How Do I Add More Time To My Pass

    You can extend the end time of your reservation once youre logged into the website or app as long as the reservation is still in session and as long as we have inventory available. If you go into your current parking pass from My Reservations, you will see a link where you can extend your parking, confirm any price change, and check out.

    How Do I Change The Dates/times On My Spothero Reservation

    Construction Worker Dies While Working On Demolition Of Government Center Parking Garage

    Its easy to edit, extend or change your parking reservation at most facilities . To do so:

  • Log into your account
  • Go to your reservations
  • On the website, youll be able to make changes from there. On the app, click on the reservation you want to change and press Edit.
  • You also can extend your reservation once it has started as long as the reservation is still in session and inventory is available!
  • If you need to make changes to the start time after the reservations started, give us a call at and we can help look for whats available for you!

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    Is This Location Safe

    Your safety is our top priority! We strive to offer you the very best parking locations. We provide several pictures and important details for each of our spots. This allows you to review your spot before you book!

    If you do not feel comfortable, please feel free to give us a call at . We can help to answer any questions you may have. We are here to help!

    How Does Spothero Work

    SpotHero is a parking reservation service. We partner with different facilities nationwide to provide you with tons of parking options and premium rates.

    While SpotHero does not own or operate any of these locations, we do work very closely with the operators we partner with to ensure you have a seamless parking experience every time you park!

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    What If I Have Another Question

    You can check out our FAQ page to see if something has already been asked.

    Our Customer Heroes are here to help, as well. If you would like to report an issue please reach out to our Hero team either by phone , or email for a prompt resolution.

    Please note If you have already made a reservation, please have either the Rental ID number or the email address you used to book handy to help us quickly locate your information.

    What Is A Business Profile

    Columbia VAMC New Parking Structure

    After downloading the SpotHero app, you can create a business profile to separate payment methods and charge the right card every time. With business profiles, you can avoid expense management each month with automated reimbursement through integrations with Concur, Expensify, Certify, or Chrome River. If you use a different expense tool, you can schedule automatic spend summaries for easy reporting.

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    Why Should I Create A Business Profile

    Next time you visit a client or rent a car on a business trip, you can use SpotHero to save time parking and easily separate expenses with a business profile. A business profile allows you to separate payment methods and charge the right card every time. Plus, you can automate receipt forwarding by integrating with your expense tool and adding expense memos to make expense reporting faster.

    Can I Purchase Multiple Spots

    Yes, you can purchase as many spots as you need as long as there is sufficient inventory available for the dates and times you are requesting. After you book one reservation, there will be an option to purchase this spot again, which will open up a checkout page identical to the one you just reserved.

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    Can I Change Or Update My Reservation

    Yes! Its easy to edit or extend your parking reservation. To do so from the website, log into your SpotHero account and go to your reservations. In the app, click on the reservation you want to change and press Edit.

    You can also extend your reservation once its started as long as the reservation is still in session and inventory is available! If you need to make changes to the start time after the reservation has started, give us a call at and we can help to see whats available for you!

    What Is Spothero’s Cancellation Policy

    MBTA Delays Expected ‘Until Further Notice’ After Deadly Government Center Parking Garage Collapse
    • Hourly Parking: cancel up to the minute your parking reservation begins for a full refund!
    • Monthly Parking: cancel up to the minute your first month of parking begins for a full refund. The cancellation policy for subsequent months varies with the type of facility. Please refer to our monthly FAQ for more info.
    • Airport Parking: the cancellation policy for airport parking reservations varies with the facility. Most allow free cancellation up to the reservation start time, but some are strict and dont allow cancellations or refunds. Well indicate the specific policy at checkout!

    Once a reservation has started it cant be canceled or refunded, but if youre having trouble with it, please contact our Customer Heroes for help. Were happy to help resolve your situation!

    Note: This is our standard cancellation policy, but in some cases, exceptions may apply. We will communicate where a different policy applies. For more information, refer to our Terms of Use.

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    Can I Use My Pre

    Absolutely! Simply click on the monthly tab on the SpotHero mobile app and monthly parking options will populate when you search. Select your Commuter Benefits Card at checkout. We also have an in-house monthly parking specialist who can help you find the perfect spot. Our monthly parking specialist can be reached directly at .

    Boston Monthly Parking Garages With Valet

    Most of the garages in Boston that offer monthly parking are self park only. But if youre commuting downtown for work every day, we can understand the desire to park as quickly as possible so you can get to work and start your day. A good way to get in and out quickly? Valet parking.

    FEATURED VALET GARAGE 400 Stuart Street

    Monthly Rate: $355 | Book Now > >

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    Are There Any Additional Fees

    The SpotHero price is the entire price youll pay for a reservation, and all applicable taxes and fees are included in the price that you see on the app or website!

    Some locations charge a separate oversize fee for vehicles that are taller than 65 or longer than 181, which is payable at the garage directly and is assessed on-site. Youll be able to see if this spot would charge an oversize fee before and after purchasing in the details.

    Also, if you enter before your reservation starts or exit after the reservation has ended, you will be subject to pay for the time you spend in the spot outside your reservation.

    Lastly, we never calculate tips into our valet reservations. We want this to be at the discretion of the customer based on your experience.

    What If Something Goes Wrong With My Reservation

    Government Center Parking Ramp

    Having some trouble? Have no fear, our Customer Heroes are here! If you would like to report an issue please reach out to our Hero team either by phone , or email for a prompt resolution.

    Please note If you have already made a reservation, please have either the Rental ID number or the email address you used to book handy to help us quickly locate your information.

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    Is My Vehicle Oversized

    Below is a guide to what types of vehicles are generally considered Oversized, or Specialty Oversize vehicles.

    Note: Almost all New York City garages charge an extra fee for oversized vehicles. Users have the option to pay oversize fees through SpotHero for some garages. For others, this fee is assessed and paid upon arrival and determined by the on-site staff.

    Though there is some variation between garages, SpotHero defines oversized vehicles as any vehicle 65 to 75 tall and over 181 long, or any vehicle taller than 75 regardless of length. SpotHero is intended for personal vehicles only and cannot guarantee reservations for commercial vehicles or large oversized vehicles.

    Large oversized vehicles include but are not limited to, cargo vans, passenger vans, large trucks, rental moving trucks of any size.

    Standard-Size Vehicles include but are not limited to:

    2-door cars

    Is This Valet Or Self

    SpotHero partners with all kinds of different facilities, including self-park and valet locations! The type of location youre booking will always be listed in the title of the spot as well as the redemption process details.

    Some locations do have some crossover between valet and self-park, but those details will always be outlined in the parking pass. As always, if you have any questions about the redemption process, you can give us a call for clarification.

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    What Will Be My Monthly Parking Rate Going Forward After I Purchase With Spothero

    If you choose a spot with an introductory rate, the price may go up to the regular drive-up rate after the intro rate time period has ended. This information can be found in the spot details. If you do not see the post-intro rate listed on SpotHero, please get in contact with the garage office. Some monthlies are handled directly with the location after the first month, so the facility is required to give you notice of a rate increase.

    What If I Didn’t Follow The Correct Redemption Instructions

    MBTA Green, Orange Line Service Temporarily Change After Government Center Parking Garage Collapse

    You can still use your SpotHero reservation! If youre still in the garage, see if any on-site attendants are available to assist you, or press the call button at the exit kiosk to get connected to a garage attendant. If you paid to exit the garage, give SpotHero a call at . Our heroes would be more than happy to help out right away!

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    Boston Monthly Parking Faqs

    1. Is there a Boston monthly parking app?

    Try the following resources to learn more about parking apps in Boston:

    2. What is the average cost of monthly parking in Boston?

    Depending on where you want to park, rates can vary. The Financial District is the most expensive, with monthly parking ranging $400 to $540.

    Parking near the Seaport District is a bit cheaper, running from $190 to $400. Some parking garages also provide reserved spots in the same location for an additional cost.

    3.Where is the cheapest monthly parking in Boston?According to SpotHero, the cheapest monthly spot in Boston is at Christian Science Plaza Garage at 235 Huntington Ave. at $120 a month. However, this garage has limited hours and is a 34-minute walk to downtown.

    4. Is there monthly parking for my motorcycle?

    Boston is very friendly to motorcycles and scooters as part of Bostons Green Initiatives. Newbury and Boylston Streets offer metered parking for .25 cents per hour. Motorcyclists can also feed the meter here, allowing them to park all day without moving.

    If youre looking for winter parking or storage for your motorcycle, Craigslist is probably your best idea. Make sure the spot is heated and allows you 24/7 access.

    Is That The Price For The Whole Stay

    Yes! As long as you have the correct times and dates in your search field, the price for the entire time you requested will show up on the search page. Unless otherwise stated, you can enter any time after the start time of a reservation and exit any time before the end time for the price of your SpotHero reservation.

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    What Is A Parking Pass

    Any time you make a reservation with SpotHero, we send you a parking pass to the email address you provide.

    Your parking pass serves as your access pass to the facility, and it will have all the information you need for a smooth parking experience: date and time of reservation, the address, directions, map and photo, steps for redeeming your pass, and any other important details. You can also find the parking pass in My Reservations on the website and in the mobile app.

    Are There Any Restrictions When Using My Pre

    Tobin Center Parking Garage
    • Pre-tax cards are intended strictly for use near a work or public transit stop on the way to work.
    • You are only able to enter one work address and must be parked within a 1-mile radius of said office and/or public transit stop.
    • The IRS allows $255 / month in pre-tax parking to be used, which resets each month.
    • WageWorks allows up to five parking reservations per 24 hours using your pre-tax card.

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    How Does The Billing Cycle Work

    Most locations are set up with the billing cycle to be on the 1st and the 15th of every month.

    If your start date is the 15th of the month, your first bill through the parking operator could be for a month and a half. The 1.5-month bill will allow you to park for 1.5 months and allows the parking operator to get you on a 1st of the month billing cycle. In all cases, your rate will stay the same. Going forward your bill will be for just one month if this is the case.

    Can I Only Park For One Month

    It depends on the type of spot you bought. If there is a contract, you will need to provide payments for the term of the contract. You will be able to tell if there is a contract for a location if you see something called Contract Required.

    If you purchased a recurring billing spot , all you have to do is email us at to notify us that you would like to cancel your recurring monthly reservation.

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