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Indiana Government Grants For Small Business

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Indiana small businesses eligible for $50K in grants

Wheres your schools plan?

Options: Choice of in person or elearning.

Schedule: Five days a week of in-person instruction or virtual elearning for all students following set school day schedule.

Masks: Students and staff are required to have a mask with them at all times. Required in most contexts, except when eating or in classrooms where social distancing is appropriate.

Important dates: Students first day pushed back from Aug. 12 to Aug. 24.

Indiana Small Business Development Center

The U.S. Small Business Administration is currently accepting applications for Economic Injury Disaster Loan assistance. Applications can be submitted at These loans up to $2 million may be used by small businesses as well as private nonprofits to pay fixed debts, payroll, accounts payable and other bills that cant be paid because of the disasters impact. All Indiana counties are eligible for these loans.

A step-by-step guide for how to submit an application can be found here.

for more information on resources from the Indiana Small Business Development Center such as additional funding sources and advising.

Small Business Innovation Research Program

This government grant is awarded to businesses making strides in technology innovation. Funds are provided for research and development with additional support being given for the commercialization of the technology or service created.

The grant began in 1982 as a part of the Small Business Innovation Development Act and has provided funding for a variety of companies in the defense, environment and healthcare industries. Funds are obtained from the Federal Research and Development Project. Any small business that is awarded this grant must complete the three phases of the program to receive the full grant award.

  • Phase I The budgetary allocation for this phase does not usually exceed $150,000. The Federal Research and Development team determines whether your project is truly viable.
  • Phase II The results of Phase I determine the funding requirements for this phase. Funding usually does not exceed $1,000,000 and is dispersed over a two- year period.
  • Phase III This is a non-funded phase where the product is commercialized. Other government agencies associated with the project may be the main consumers.

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Small Business Grants For Minorities

According to the California Public Contract Code, a minority is defined as follows:

âa citizen or lawful permanent resident of the United States who is an ethnic person of color and who is: Black Hispanic Native American Pacific-Asian Asian-Indian or any other group of natural persons identified as minorities in the respective project specifications of an awarding department or participating local agency.â

The same with women-owned businesses, to be considered as such, 51% of the ownership must belong to minorities.

This goes for all third party certifiers and other pro-minority programs including a) SBA 8 Business Development Program, b) National Minority Supplier Development Council Certification, c) Department of Transportationâs Disadvantaged Business Enterprise Program, and d) State and Local Programs .

As the process is generally the same for both women-owned businesses and minority-owned businesses, we would instead discuss the differences among the qualifications of the third party certifiers.

Covid Small Business Relief: Private Sources

Indiana extends Small Business Restart Grant Program ...

Some private companies and organizations have established grants for small business relief. Facebook is one such company. The was created to help small business owners amid disruptions that are being caused by the coronavirus.

Certain credit card companies and banks, like Bank of America, are also offering economic relief for their small business members.

For a larger list, visit our guide to private grants for small business relief.

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Minority Business Development Agency

The US Department of Commerce attempts to make it easier for women and minorities to get grants and assistance for small businesses. The Department of Minority Business Development Agency provides such as granting grants help in many ways. But before attaining grant applications, the bureau provides business development specialists that can allow you to develop business plans, write grant proposals, connect to the grants for your small business, help you find and obtain different forms of financing. If needed, and assist you in finding business opportunities provided by the government, in addition to some private companies.

East Porter County School Corp Return To Learn

Wheres your schools plan?

Options: On campus or elearning.

Schedule: Students on campus will follow a traditional school schedule. Remote students must attend all recorded or live instruction sessions and communicate with teachers during school hours.

Masks: Masks are recommended when riding the bus, when dropping a student off to enter the school building and where social distancing is not possible.

Important dates: Students first day is Aug. 12.

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Support From The Environmental Protection Agency

An agency that focuses on preventing and cleaning disasters might not be the best alternative for minority women. EPA assigned subsidies for minority-owned companies and girls. A decision of the United States Supreme Court and an order led to the agency to change the way it made companies begin including minority contractors and suppliers. Since the prerequisites may require considerable capital, the agency provides grants to assist small minority companies to meet with the criteria for working with the EPA.

Covid Small Business Relief: Loans And Grants

Indiana small business grants to offer some relief

Depending on the size of your small business, you may be qualified for certain loans and grants on both the federal and state level.

What is considered a small business?

Small businesses are defined based on what type of industry they belong to. To determine if your business is considered to be a small business by the Small Business Administration, visit the SBA Size Standards webpage.

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Small Business Loans In Indiana

Many business people or entrepreneurs frequently struggle to find capital to either start or grow their businesses. This has been made easier by the local government in Indiana. The state of Indiana has laws and regulations that govern the lending firms. These laws ensure that all people get to access small business loans in the state regardless of their age and religion. The State of Indiana also offers grants to entrepreneurs and small business owners to enable them to start their businesses. Many lending institutions in Indiana offer small business loans. Each of these firms comes with different loan terms.

The Small Business Development Center in Indiana offers assistance to entrepreneurs and small business owners the required information to run a business and where they can find financing for their businesses. The lending firms in Indiana understand the needs of each small business. They work towards offering customized services to every customer. An entrepreneur must have a good business plan for them to qualify for a small business loan in Indiana. Having a good business plan assures the lender that the business you wish to venture into is not high risk. It is vital for entrepreneurs to consult with business planning experts who can help them come up with an excellent business plan for them to be able to convince the lenders.

Natural Resource Sales Assistance Program

In addition to the billions of dollars spent purchasing goods and services, the federal government also sells large amounts of natural resources and surplus property. The SBA Natural Resource Sales Assistance Program sets aside a percentage of these goods for bidding by small businesses only. In addition, federal agencies sometimes divide surplus materials into smaller parcels, making it easier for small businesses to purchase. The five categories are:

  • Timber and related forest products.
  • Strategic materials.
  • Leases involving rights to minerals, coil, oil and gas.
  • Surplus real and personal property.

The program also provides training for small businesses on government sales and leasing.

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Fundraising From Those Around You

It is the best idea when youre interested in financing. These funds collected from relatives, friends and other connections are called love money . They permit you to benefit from discounts or tax exemptions.

The family is among the first sources of financing for company creation in the USA: household loan, contribution, helping hand We are discussing love money. Be careful, it isnt because you ask your family for cash which you could do without a suitable business plan. As confronting a financier in precisely the same way, it is going to be necessary to reassure and convince!

It is possible to ask your friends to help you fund your start-up. It is up to you to decide whether it is better to proceed with a loan or an equity investment. In the instance, you may establish a close bond which you might regret

Small Business Grant Basics

Indiana Expands Small Business COVID

Learning the basics of what a small business grant is can help you understand whether or not this is the best option for your business funding needs. Every business is different and what works for one business may not be beneficial for another. For this reason, it is essential to do sufficient research and learn the small business grant basics.

What is a personal grant?
What are small business grants?
How does a grant work?
What is the difference between a grant and a loan?
How do grants impact a business?
Is grant money income for a business?
What businesses are grant fundable?
What does a grant mean in business?

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Restart Indiana Grants For Small Businesses Extended For 1 Month

INDIANAPOLIS The Restart Indiana grant program was set to expire Tuesday night, but Gov. Holcomb has extended the application deadline to Jan. 22.

Over the past several months, that state has handed out grants hundreds of grants to Indiana businesses ranging from a few hundred dollars to $20,000.

Meet Adam Hampton: He and his husband own and operate a small business in Irvington that was forced to shut down for almost three months.

We first pivoted our business to sell online. Every moment there were updates. I followed updates, especially about small businesses. As soon as I found out there was something for small businesses, I jumped on it, said Hampton.

He found the grant shortly after closing the shop and applied for and received just over $4,000. To qualify for the money, he had to provide past tax statements, sales and expense figures along with rental agreements.

Within I would say three weeks, it had been approved, said Hampton.

He said his monthly sales went from $40,000 a month to almost nothing, but the grant gave him the time to get back on his feet and open and running again.

I can reopen my doors, and Irvington came out and the neighbors came out, and because of that reason, because we pivoted, that small business loan or grant and the neighborhood we are open and we will stay open because of it, said Hampton.

I-Team 8 had asked the state for a list of grant recipients several weeks ago, which they finally provided and have since put online.

Create Or Update Your Business Plan

Regardless of what type of lending or financing opportunity you seek out, a business plan is likely to be a requirement. Grants are no different, and in some cases, especially when it comes to federal grants, a business plan is required.

A well-written business plan will provide a comprehensive overview of your products or service, the target audience, and financial and operational requirements, among other things. Together, these things show lenders and grant providers that youve done your homework and developed a comprehensive plan to get from point A to point B.

If you already have an existing business plan but your applying for a grant that will allow you to expand, pivot, or renovate, be sure to update your plan, as an outdated plan may not accurately describe your business or show how it meets the grant requirements.

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Covid Federal Small Business Help

As part of the Coronavirus Aid Package , small businesses can also apply for forgivable loans that can be used to pay employees and fund other day-to-day business operations. To learn more, visit our guide to the CARES Act.

The Small Business Administration is providing disaster loan assistance in all states. These low-interest loans are targeted toward small businesses and nonprofits that have experienced severe economic injury due to the coronavirus.

Read more about the SBAs Economic Injury Disaster Loan Program to see if your small business qualifies. You can also download the SBA’s Indiana EIDL Fact Sheet for more information.

Apply For As Many As You Want

Indiana bill would give small businesses grants

With all the grants out there, you are able to apply for as many grants as you want, from as many organizations as you can find, that fit your specific needs. There are NO limits. Dont forget, these grants, once received are FREE money to you and your new business and never need to be repaid. In June of 2014 over 1.5 million dollars was earmarked for Womens Business Ownership Assistance. 12 states are eligible for these grants and women owned businesses who qualify can receive funding for up to 5 years. We are well aware of all the intricacies that you need to consider as you apply to receive your small business grant. We know all the variables that can help you to increase your chances of success and get you all the grant money you need. We know the type of industry, the specific focuses, the certain areas, which the funding organizations believe to be beneficial to help the economy and job growth. We know the business sectors and the geographical locations that have the greatest influence on the obtainability of small business grants for women and their success.

Department of Agriculture, Department of Commerce, Department of Defense, Department of Education, Department of Energy, Department of Health and Human Services, Department of Homeland Security, Department of Transportation, EPA, NASA , National Institute of Standards and Technology , National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration and the National Science Foundation.

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Small Business Relief Grants

Small businesses account for 44% of all economic activity and two-thirds of all job creation. They are critical to the health of our economy and our communities. However, cancellations, closures and social distancing necessary to reduce the spread of the COVID-19 virus have significantly impacted businesses, resulting in revenue shortfalls, layoffs and closures.

This impact is even more acute for minority, immigrant and women-owned businesses who may not have the same access to resources and flexible, affordable capital. After a decade of business ownership gains, the COVID-19 recession has the potential to be disproportionately devastating to Minority/ Women-owned Business Enterprises , according to Brookings. The resiliency of these businesses will be critical to our economic recovery, so we must prioritize investment in minority, immigrant and women-owned businesses in historically, underserved neighborhoods.

With financial support from our partners, LISC Indianapolis has offered 76 $5,000 grants to provide relief to minority, immigrant or women-owned small businesses.

LISC is a national organization and both the Indianapolis office and the national office are offering small business grant opportunities. You can find the link to the national grants here. You are able to apply for grants offered by both offices.

Indiana Small Business Grants: 17+ Best Funding Options For Any Business

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  • Small businesses across the globe including Indiana are currently facing difficult times. The only help in sight comes in form of grants, loans, or a competitive advantage in the challenging market environment. While Indiana small business grant options may be limited to an extent, this post will focus on options for startups, women, and any business in general that will accessible by not just Indianaians but the whole country. But considering the fact that the government hardly dishes out help in form of grants, heres a breakdown to help you figure out whats out there.

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    Writing To Get A Grant

    Many grants require a written proposal before they will award funding to the applicant. Learning how to put together a grant proposal can increase your chances of obtaining the grant that you need for your business. Writing to get a grant can be a very involved process but with the right knowledge, you can move forward through the process confidently.

    How do I write a grant?

    To write a grant, start by reading the grant application in detail, write a summary of the statement, and then create an outline. Once you have everything in place for the outline of the project, complete the grant proposal.

    How to write a proposal letter for a business grant?

    In order to write a proposal letter for a business grant, start by writing a business plan and read the grant requirements thoroughly. Align your proposal with the grantâs required outline for the best chance of success.

    How to write a business proposal for a government grant?

    To write a proposal for a government grant, the proposal should have the details of the businessâs activities and missions, their future goals, and their plans to use the grant money to expand their business and help the community.

    How to write a business plan for a grant?

    You can begin by writing the outline for the grant and then fill in the details. Make sure that your business plan is in alignment with the requirements set forth in the grant application directions.

    How long should a business letter grant proposal be?

    Portage Township Schools Re

    42 Wabash County businesses to receive COVID

    Wheres your schools plan?

    Options: All Portage students’ learning will be virtual for the first quarter of the school year. Grades K-6 to return in-person in the second quarter. Grades 7-12 will return in hybrid with full virtual available to both sets of students.

    Schedule: Grades K-6 will attend five days a week in person. Grades 7-12 will return in a hybrid model, attending either Mondays and Tuesdays or Thursdays and Fridays in person. All other days will be elearning.

    Important dates: Students will begin their first day of virtual learning on Aug. 12. In-person learning to begin Oct. 20.

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