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10000 Grant From The Government

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Easily get the $10,000 FREE Small Business Grant (Stimulus Bailout)

He noted that the grant will assist with our comprehensive efforts to leverage adaptive social protection as we continue to implement the 2014 Jamaica Social Protection Strategy.

He noted that the Government’s ongoing partnership with WFP also saw 11,300 poor families benefiting from food kits, which were distributed in July and August 2021.

The packages included rice, oats, pasta, salt, cooking oil and black beans and assisted with supplementing the food needs of the recipients and alleviated some of the hardships brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic, he said.

Samuda further informed that through this collaboration, the Labour Ministry also received equipment in February this year to commence the automation of the inventory management system of its central foods warehouse.

Additionally, we are benefiting from training and other technical assistance to implement this system. This is a most welcome initiative as we seek to move away from the use of manual systems and improve our systems of controls and accountability, he said.

The WFP has also donated 40 tablets to the Labour Ministry to facilitate the automation of its data collection in the field.

This will go a far way in improving the efficiency and effectiveness of our operations and enable us to better serve our clients and other stakeholders, the labour minister said.

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Residential Tenancy Support Package

Eligible COVID-impacted residential tenants who cannot meet their rent payments will be protected from eviction during the moratorium period in place until 11 November 2021.

The residential tenancy support payment assists COVID-19 impacted tenants and their landlords to maintain tenancies and reduce financial hardship. The amount for each tenancy is capped at $4,500.

From 11 November 2021, tenants can also apply for the residential tenancy support payment.

Applications close 31 December 2021.

Find out about the residential tenancy support package.

How Can I Demonstrate A 30% Reduction In Revenue

According to the SBA, you will be required to provide gross monthly receipts starting from January 2019 through the most recently completed month. For example, if youâre applying in February 2021, you would use January 2021.

The SBA will then use this information to determine if your business experienced a 30% or greater reduction in revenue.

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Specific Conditions For Eligibility

  • The damaged vehicle must have been in compliance with all state laws regarding vehicle registration prior to the start and during the FEMA specified incident period , inspection, licensing, and insurance requirements before the disaster.
  • Windshield stickers will not be allowed as proof of current registration.
  • The applicant does not own an operational second vehicle.
  • An operational vehicle is defined as a vehicle that may need cosmetic repairs or incurred minimal damage but complies with state registration and insurance requirements at the time of the disaster and can be legally driven.
  • The applicant must be determined ineligible for a Small Business Administration loan through the income test, be denied an SBA loan, or receive an SBA loan that is insufficient to cover his or her other needs related to necessary expenses and serious needs.
  • The damaged vehicle is owned or leased by the applicant, co-applicant or household member.
  • Considerations For Vehicles Registered To A Non

    NSW Government $10K COVID

    If the vehicle meets the requirement of liability insurance and is registered to a non-household member, verify if there is information within the file indicating the documented owner gave the vehicle to the applicant and the applicant is responsible for all maintenance, upkeep, fees, etc.

    Examples Related to Vehicle Repair and Replacement: The following examples demonstrate that the lump sum payment method does not consider the value of the vehicle or any outstanding loans on the vehicle. The applicant would receive $550 for repairs based solely on the FEMA inspector’s determination that the vehicle is need of repair.

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    Considerations For Group Insurance Premiums

    • GFIP coverage will be equal to the maximum amount of the IHP award each year.Note: That award amount is adjusted annually in line with the Consumer Price Index for all urban consumers.
    • The GFIP policy coverage will start 60 days after the declaration date and run for 36 months thereafter.
    • Applicants who live in a non-permanent travel trailer will not be eligible for a GFIP policy and will not be subject to a National Flood Insurance Reform Act requirement.

    Is The Grant Given To Everyone Who Applies

    According to the guidance released by the SBA, this grant will only be available to small businesses in low-income communities that applied for EIDL assistance on or before December 27th 2020.

    Starting February 1st, the SBA will first send out emails to businesses that received an EIDL Advance grant of less than $10,000 in 2020, followed by businesses that did not receive the grant in 2020 due to exhaustion of program funds.

    Other COVID-19 resources

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    Can I Reapply Or Get A Second Eidl Loan

    The SBA recommends you do not apply again as it will result in a notification that your application is a duplicate. However, you may be eligible for a larger EIDL loan. The SBA has recently increased the amount available to businesses that received EIDL loans. Your business may be eligible for an additional loan of up to $2 million for 24 months of economic injury. You should receive an email from the SBA inviting you to apply for the loan increase.

    If your business was declined for an EIDL loan you may request reconsideration. Send your reconsideration request to . If you prefer to mail it, send it to: U.S. Small Business Administration Disaster Assistance Processing & Disbursement Center 14925 Kingsport Road FortWorth, Texas 76155. The SBA instructs you to include your application number and any information you may have that will help overcome the reason for decline.

    General Conditions For Denial

    GET a $10,000 grant from the stimulus now that you don’t have to pay back.

    Revision 07-1 Effective May 1, 2007

    An applicant may be denied for all or portions of ONA if any of the following conditions are true:

    Revision 21-1 Effective August 10, 2021

    A necessary expense or serious need is not restricted to an incurred loss. An applicant may have a need that is not a replacement of a lost or damaged item. The examples below illustrate this concept.

    • A disaster destroys the only laundromat in town and the owner has no intention of rebuilding. A family of seven, whose house was also damaged, depended on the laundromat before its destruction. A washer and dryer may be eligible for this family even though they did not own these items before the disaster. The items could be considered under personal property assistance.
    • An applicant is injured during a disaster that causes her to be restricted to a hospital bed at home. The hospital bed may be eligible for assistance even though the applicant did not own one before the disaster. This applicant could be considered for medical assistance.
    • An applicant becomes unemployed due to disaster. He obtains a job requiring him to purchase tools and a uniform. Although the applicant did not own these items before the disaster, they could be considered for personal property assistance.

    The cost of estimates and service calls is an eligible expense, when the applicant is subsequently determined eligible for the associated item or service.

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    How Bench Can Help

    Getting approved for an EIDL loan is a great first step in successfully navigating COVID-19 as a business.

    But once you receive the loan, youâll need to spend the funds in the right way, and keep a number of records to comply with the SBA agreement you signed.

    In our EIDL Loan Handbook for Small Businesses, Benchâs expert bookkeepers outline the bookkeeping and recordkeeping requirements to remain compliant with the SBAâs loan terms. We also cover the conditions of the EIDL, including what you can and cannot spend the funds on.

    General Conditions Of Eligibility

    Revision 07-1 Effective May 1, 2007

    To be eligible for ONA an applicant must fulfill all of the following conditions, in addition to any category-specific conditions.

    An applicant must:

    • Have no, or insufficient, insurance coverage.
    • File an insurance claim, if applicable, and find that the settlement does not meet his or her other needs, related necessary expenses and serious needs.
    • Have the damages occur in the declared area and be directly associated with the disaster type with approved cause of damage.
    • Apply to all required government disaster programs for assistance and be determined unqualified for such assistance, or demonstrate that the assistance received does not satisfy the total necessary expense or serious need.
    • Certify to refund that part of the ONA award for which assistance from other means is received, or which is not spent on disaster-related serious needs and necessary expenses. This is verified when the applicant signs the registration form .
    • Meet the citizenship requirements set forth in 44 CFR. This is verified when the applicant signs the registration form .

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    Where Can I Get Help Filling Out The Eidl Application

    We recommend you connect with your local SBA resource partner such as SCORE, Small Business Development Center or Womens Business Center. Many are providing free help and education for EIDL grants and loans. Find local assistance at

    What could your business do with $10,000?

    Check out Navs Small Business Grant now to find out how your business could win $10,000.

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    What If I Never Applied For Eidl


    If you have not previously applied for EIDL, you may apply at You will be able to apply for the low-interest-rate EIDL loan through December 31, 2021 as long as funds are available. If it appears your business also qualifies for the Targeted Advance or supplemental advance, the SBA will invite you to apply.

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    Serious Need And Necessary Expense

    Revision 20-1 Effective June 1, 2020

    The criteria of serious need and necessary expense are applied to all categories of grant assistance. Serious need for an item or service is present if the item or service is essential for an applicant to reduce or overcome a disaster-related hardship, injury or adverse condition. A necessary expense is the cost of the item or service. Grants are awarded either to fill serious needs or to reimburse applicants for necessary expenses already incurred.

    The maximum grant amount that may be awarded to an individual or family is limited by federal law. The 2002 Disaster Mitigation Act established a maximum grant, to be adjusted annually. Each federal fiscal year the maximum amount is adjusted based on the Consumer Price Index.

    Revision 09-1 Effective July 20, 2009

    The worker applies the following eligibility test guidelines in making a grant determination:

  • Is the item or service in an eligible category of assistance?
  • Is the need for the item or service a direct result of the disaster?
  • Is the item or service essential to the applicant in this particular instance that is, is there a serious need for the item or service is it a necessary expense?
  • Is the applicant unable to meet the need for the item or service from another program or resource?
  • Example: The applicant claims that his vehicle was damaged by flood.

  • Is transportation an eligible category of assistance?
  • Is the need for vehicle repair a direct result of the disaster ?
  • Required Documentation For Medical And Dental Expenses

    Required documentation must indicate the expense was caused by the disaster, is medically required and includes the amount of the expense.

    Disaster-caused injury or illness documentation includes both of the following:

    • Itemized bills, receipts or estimates from the licensed medical or dental provider or pharmacy and
    • A written and signed statement from a licensed medical or dental provider, including the date of the disaster-caused injury and expenses necessary for recovery.

    Medical or dental providers may include audiologists, rehabilitation specialists or state-based agencies who can verify an applicants disability and need for a device or equipment.

    Replacement of prescribed medication documentation includes all of the following:

    • A written and signed statement by the applicant or the applicants medical or dental provider verifying the loss was caused by the disaster
    • A written and signed statement from a medical or dental provider verifying the prescription is required and was previously prescribed to the applicant or a household member and
    • Receipts or other verifiable documentation from the pharmacy showing the replacement cost of the prescribed medication.

    Loss or damage of medical or dental equipment documentation includes all of the following:

    Required documentation verifying the loss or injury of a service animal includes all of the following:

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    General Inspection Verification Guidelines

    Assistance will generally be awarded based upon the recorded line item by the inspector during on-site verification. Items will not be recorded unless they are determined to need professional repair or replacement. It is expected that items minimally affected will be cleaned by the applicant. These cleaning costs are not eligible.

    The level of damage will be recorded by the inspector as X Y Z or NA .

    Inspection History Verification Types

    During any FEMA inspection, the inspector will use one of the following loss verification types: Viewed During Inspection or Verbal Damage Supports Claim.

    • Viewed During Inspection: Personal property items were viewed and the appropriate degree of damage for each has been recorded. The Viewed During Inspection option may also include items with no degree of damage and are identified as not affected in the degree field.
    • Verbal Damage Supports Claim: The inspector did not see the damaged items but surrounding evidence/damage supports the applicants claim that the disaster caused the loss.

    Applicants must also meet specific eligibility requirements for each category of item for which they are requesting personal property assistance. These include:

    Applicants may be asked to provide the following documentation for essential tools not verified during a FEMA inspection:

    Accessible Items

    Considerations For Second Vehicles


    Justification that more than one vehicle is necessary to meet the needs of the household and the applicant does not have sufficient unaffected/operational vehicles to meet this need. This applies for one or two disaster-affected vehicles. The applicant certifies in writing the damaged vehicle is essential for the households daily usage, presents circumstances and explains the serious need for a second vehicle. Supporting documents will be reviewed, when available, but are not required if the written justification/circumstance is sufficient for processing.

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    Private Rental Support Rent Choice

    Rent Choice is a private rental subsidy that helps eligible clients with rental payments for up to 3 years.

    Rent Choice products include:

    Rent Choice Start Safely for people escaping domestic and family violence.

    Rent Choice Youth helps people aged 16 to 24 who are homeless, or are at risk of homelessness.

    Rent Choice Veterans for former members of the Australian Defence Force.

    Rent Choice Assist supports households that have experienced a major financial setback.

    Private Rental Subsidy help with medium-term accommodation, before social housing becomes available.

    Consideration For Miscellaneous Expenses

    The item may be purchased, rented or leased.

    In addition to meeting general conditions of eligibility , applicants must meet the following conditions in order to receive assistance for miscellaneous items:

    • The expense must be a direct result of the disaster.
    • The item must have been purchased or rented within 30 days from the incident start date or up to the last day of the incident period, whichever is greater.
    • Generator exception: The reimbursement period starts the day the governor declares a state of emergency and ends at the incident period closure date identified by FEMA in the Federal Register, or if warranted due to extraordinary circumstances, the date commercial power is restored to the applicants primary residence as verified by the FEMA Joint Field Office or commercial power provider.
    • Applicants must provide an itemized receipt or equipment rental agreement for eligible expenses.
    • The expense must not be covered by insurance or provided by any other source.
    • Applicants provide proof that the appliance is required for medical purposes .

    Reimbursement of rental cost will not exceed established retail purchase pricing guidelines for a 5.5 kw generator.

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    What Is The $10k Eidl Advance

    As part of the United States federal governments response to the COVID-19 pandemic, small businesses are now eligible for a number of loan programs through the small business administration. One of the most appealing aspects of the $2 trillion economic stimulus bill, called the Coronavirus, Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act, that was passed by congress and signed by President Trump is the Economic Injury Disaster Loan $10,000 advance program, which is offered by the Treasury through the United States Small Business Administration .

    This $10,000 advance is an emergency grant from the government, which is designed to provide small businesses with working capital to pay expenses like payroll costs, mortgage payments, and more, while their EIDL loan application is considered. These $10,000 advances do not have to be repaid and businesses are supposed to have access to these funds within a one week period after beginning the application process.

    Since its introduction, the advance has led to a great deal of confusion among small business owners. In this article, we will discuss the details and terms of the advance, as well as how your business can take advantage of the program during this challenging economic time.

    Scheme Applications And Awarding Of Funds

    Ashfords Accountants &  Advisory

    Initial payments were issued automatically to ratepayers who paid their business rates to LPS by Direct Debit within a week of the scheme being announced. As of Friday 16 October, a total of 24,611 small businesses in Northern Ireland have been provided with support through the Small Business Grant Scheme. Most payments were issued to applicants who had applied online. Payments were made through Account NI to a value of £246,053 .

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