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I Lost My Government Phone

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Free Government Cell Phones: Carriers

How to create a myGov account and link to the ATO

So, what are the free government phones you can get with the Lifeline Assistance program? The carriers below all offer cell phones and plans via the Lifelink program.

  • Assist Wireless
  • TruConnect
  • True Wireless

Note that each carrier serves specific states for more information on which states each is available in. The easiest way to find out what carriers work in your area is to enter your ZIP code here.

Children Under The Age Of 16

If you are the parent/guardian of a child under the age of 16, you only need the childs birth certificate with parental information for most purposes, including a passport.

If you are applying for a passport, make sure to check with Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada for a list of acceptable documents.

If you already have a certified copy of birth registration, it may be accepted. Please check with the ministry, government agency or the person requesting the document before you order.

Can I Get A Replacement Safelink Phone

SafeLink has a concise phone replacement policy that states that each customer can receive one replacement phone if their cellphone gets broken or stolen. If your cellphone gets lost or damaged, you can call 800-867-7183 to acquire a Safelink phone replacement, or visit the Tracfone website and enter your areas zip code to find a list of Tracfone phones compatible with the Safelink network.

However, you will have to give your name, phone number, and serial number for the broken or missing phone. Besides, you have the option to maintain your phone number or to get a new one. Thus, the moment you lose your phone

  • You can call Safelink customer service or go to the Safelink Wireless site to report
  • Youll have to provide your name, the missing phones serial number, as well as your phone number
  • Put your zip code on Safelinks website to access a list of available replacements for Safelink wireless phones
  • Pay the replacement fee and wait to get the new cellphone

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Donotpay Can Help You Look For Your Assurance Wireless Lost Phone

If youre looking for a more streamlined way to search for misplaced belongings, DoNotPay is a safe bet. Our AI-operated platform can help you track down your Assurance Wireless lost phone with amazing speed. The best part isthe highly advanced Find My Lost Items feature is incredibly user-friendly!

All you have to do is:

  • Launch the app and select the Find My Lost Items product
  • Tell us when and where you think youve lost the item
  • Describe the item and go into detail. Upload recognizable photos of the item if you can
  • The Find My Lost Items product can be used to track down other items as well. Whether youve left your wallet in a TriMet bus or dropped your car keys in Disneyland, we can help you retrieve missing belongings.

    DoNotPay covers a wide range of locations throughout the U.S., from restaurants to car rentals. Take a look at the table below for a list of places we can contact in your stead:

    Yellow Cab

    Tricks To Help You Locate Your Phone If Lost Or Misplaced

    How to find lost phone

    However, sometimes the phone is just misplaced and knowing the following tricks can help you find it. If its turned on, it can be rather easy to do so. If you believe that your phone has just been misplaced, then try one of the following actions to help you locate it:

    • use another phone and call yourself. Listen carefully because it might be in your proximity. If some else answers, ask them kindly to store it for you until you come to pick it up or to send it to you.
    • Find your Android phone using Google Android Manager if youve used your Android phone for any of Google services , then use a laptop or a tablet, log in to your Google account and enter Find my Android phone into the Google search bar. Then scroll down until you find a result that says Find your phone My Account Google. Click on that result and follow the on-page instructions.
    • If you have an iPhone, you may use Find my iPhone or iCloud to locate it. It works similarly to the above android phone finder.
    • Let your mobile service provider help you locate your phone.

    If none of the above options worked for you or if you are certain that your phone has been stolen, proceed to the next section.

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    Safelink Wireless Replacement Policy

    This phone provider is probably one of the most recognized free government phone providers. They are the largest, oldest of the companies that offer Lifeline cell phones. Their service covers 38 states and Puerto Rico, and Washington DC. Every customer is eligible for one replacement phone. You may receive older refurbished phones. SafeLink WirelessHere

    Attention: Executive Resolution Department

    Assurance Wireless Phone Replacement Procedure

    Assurance Wireless is rather vague about their replacement procedure. If your phone is lost, stolen, or damaged they instruct you to call their customer support at 1-888-321-5880 and report the situation. Being as prompt as possible helps you ensure that no one else uses your remaining account balance.

    You may be charged for a replacement device and shipping. This is written in their FAQs section. The word may tells you that you also may not be.

    Often times, they help their customers get a FREE replacement phone and can have it ready for you in just a few days.

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    Certified Copy Of Birth Registration

    When a child is born in Ontario, their parent or guardian must register their birth with the Government of Ontario. A certified copy of birth registration is a copy of the original registration and:

    • includes all details of the registration
    • is endorsed as authentic by the Office of the Registrar General
    • is printed on legal sized paper
    • contains a raised seal for security and verification purposes
    • contains any changes that have been made to the birth registration including any name changes and corrections of information

    You can use a certified copy of birth registration to apply for ID that requires more detailed information, such as:

    • adopting a child abroad

    To order online you will need:

  • your first and last name or single name, mailing address, and phone number
  • information about the person named on the birth certificate:
  • all given names, last name or single name, date of birth, sex, city of birth and other birth information
  • any previous legal names for the person named on the birth certificate
  • parents information
  • guarantor if the subject is 9 years and older
  • a Visa, Visa Debit, Mastercard, Debit Mastercard or Interac® Online card
  • If youre having troubling applying online, check to see if your browser supports TLS 1.2.

    If you have not registered the birth of your child and they are less than 1 year old, please use our Newborn Bundle.

    Assurance Wireless Replacement Phone List

    How to Track Stolen Phones Using IMEI | 100% Working Latest Official Method

    Replacement phones are treated the same as the free government phone. This means that a client cannot choose the phone, which is selected solely based on carriers stocks and range that suits their current standing.

    Moreover, there is no detailed information, which exact models fall into the category of a replacement phone. However, we have performed extended research to present you with a list below that has a great possibility of including Assurance replacement phones that are currently possible pick.

    • ZTE Prestige 2
    • Unimax U673c
    • Unimax U683CL

    NOTE: It is impossible to know which exact models will be provided by the Assurance as the replacement phones. Their availability is constantly changing and evolving as the new phones populate the market and changes to 2G and 3G networks take place.

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    How To Replace A Lost Or Stolen Safelink Phone

    Phones today are not just for making phone calls anymore, but most people use their phone for many other things as well such as to…

    • Store important contacts
    • Engage in video conferencing
    • And much more

    Therefore, when your phone is lost or stolen, you too will feel lost. The good news is you can get a replacement phone at most stores. The first thing you must do if your phone is lost or stolen, is contact a Safelink customer service representative to let them know so that they will immediately suspend your service then hold the minutes you still have available so that they can be transferred to your new phone upon activation. To contact a customer service representative at Safelink now, follow this link.

    Learn From Mistakes Made

    The only good thing about losing a phone is the way it can sharpen your security savviness.

    When you get your replacement device, its a chance to correct any of those mistakes youve made:

    • Make sure remote services are enabled
    • Have a secure screen lock
    • Get into the habit of logging out of services when you’re not using them

    Its also an opportunity to check what the company procedure for lost phone situations and to root out any internal policies covering the way that data needs to be secured.

    If your company doesnt yet have a policy, its worth giving them a prod.

    But perhaps the best lesson to learn is that losing your work phone doesnt have to be a horror. Its undoubtedly stressful and frustrating but with the right knowledge and some quick and decisive actions, it can be handles with minimal fuss.

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    # : Track Your Lost And Turned Off Android Without App Using Google Location History

    If youve enabled location services on your Android device, even if its turned off, we have a chance to track your lost phone. Google maintains the devices location history.

    The location history of this device can be viewed through the Timeline. It includes exact details of the phones date, time and location.

    A turned off device can not communicate with the network so that at the moment you would not be able to detect the precise location of the device. However, you will be able to see the latest location when the device was last connected to the internet before it was turned off.

    How to Find Location of a Turned OFF Android?

    The Timeline shows the complete history of the location of your device.

    Follow the steps below to see your devices timeline:

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    Most Children Must Apply For Passports In Person

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    Except for some 16 and 17-year-olds, all children must apply for a U.S. passport in person at a passport acceptance facility.

    Children Under 16

    Children under 16 need consent from both parents.

    • The best way is for both parents to go with their child to apply.

    • If one parent can not go, the parent in attendance must provide either:

    • The absent parents statement of consent or

    • Evidence of why the absent parent is not there

    See step 7, Show Parental Consent on the State Departments Children Under 16 passport page for forms to use and documents to provide.

    Children 16 or 17 Years Old

    Sixteen and 17-year-olds can:

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    Questions From Financial Institutions

    Receiver General cheques are never stale dated, as stated in Canadian Payments Association Rule G2, General Rules Pertaining to Government of Canada Paper Instruments.

    First, look for the 2 most prominent security features, the watermark and the fibres.

    Receiver General cheques are never stale dated, as stated in Canadian Payments Association Rule G2 general rules pertaining to Government of Canada paper instruments.

    For tips on how to validate a Government of Canada cheque or warrant, look for the 2 most prominent security features, the watermark and the fibres. You should then refer to Canadian Payments Association Rule G7 verification and collection procedures for Receiver General warrants Web Page of the Canadian Payments Association, email them at , or call them at 1-613-238-4173.

    What Is Qlink Wireless

    Q Link is an MVNO in USA that offers carrier-locked phones on their network. When your device gets lost, you might have a few questions like –

    Does QLink provide phone replacement services? What are its charges and a few more other questions? Here we have answered them all.

    Q Link provides a replacement phone when your device gets lost or stolen. However, it’s not a free service as you will have to pay a nominal charge.

    Now, if your device is lost or stolen, here are the things that you should do. When you have lost your free QLink tablet provided through the Affordable Connectivity program by US Federal government then you need to talk to customer care first.

    Here are the two options when your device is lost or stolen –

    Option 1: Q Link $25 phone Replacement

    You will have to pay $25 in order to get a replacement device. At this price, you will get a handset and also 1-month unlimited talk time and 1 GB of data.

    We came to know that the company provides phones that come with 8 GB of inbuilt storage and a front-facing camera.

    Option 2: Bring Your Own Phone

    In either case, you will have to talk with the Q Link customer service representative and then make your choice accordingly among the two options mentioned above.

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    Can I Switch My Safelink Phone To Another Phone

    Safelink Wireless is a phone service that offers a variety of plans and options for customers. Customers have the option to switch their phone to another phone service if they are not satisfied with their Safelink Wireless service. Safelink Wireless will provide the customer with the necessary information and assistance in switching to another phone service.

    What Is Safelink Wireless Replacement Policy

    How to recover your McAfee password & registered email address

    SafeLink Wireless is the largest, ancient and renowned provider among the companies that offer free government cell phones. This carrier has millions of customers in 38 states, including Washington, DC, and Puerto Rico. SafeLink lost, or stolen policy indicates:

    You must know that SafeLink is not responsible for physical damages to stolen or lost phones as a provider. However, SafeLink allows its subscribers one FREE replacement phone in the circumstance of a stolen or lost device. You may request and get only one replacement phone for any lost or stolen SafeLink Wireless mobile phone per customer.

    However, the replacement cell phone will be refurbished, and all reported lost and stolen cell phones will be permanently deactivated. The replacement phone includes only 10 minutes of lost airtime. Any extra airtime that your lost phone had will not get replaced. If you lose your replacement phone or get stolen, you may opt for a safelink phone upgrade.

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    How To Replace Safelink Phones If Lost Stolen Or Damaged

    These days most of us cant imagine our lives without a cell phone. As such, it is very important to know what to do when unfortunate events occur. Herein, we will cover how to replace SafeLink phone if it stops working properly, is lost, or even stolen.

    We will cover as many details as possible to provide you with as helpful guidance that will ensure you to replace your SafeLink phone as fast as possible and reconnect with the world.

    Budget Mobile Replacement Policy

    Budget currently offers free government cell phone plans in 30 states and have already announced expansion plans into 17 more states and Puerto Rico. Here is the companys lost or stolen policy:

    We can suspend your account so no one can use the phone. If you happen to find your phone, please contact our Customer Service department, so we can restore your services. Unfortunately, if you are unable to find your phone, you will need to purchase a replacement phone.

    To purchase a replacement phone, you may stop by your local Budget Mobile store, or you may mail a money order in the amount of $20.00 to: Budget Prepay Inc, 1325 Barksdale Blvd, Suite 200, Bossier City, LA 71112. Please be sure to include your account number or mobile number on the money order.

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    Refer A Friend Program

    What is the Refer a Friend program and how does it work?

    The Refer a Friend Program rewards eligible customers with a $10 Gift Card* for referring friends and family who enroll in Assurance Wireless Lifeline service plans. Friends and family members referred must remain active customers for at least 90 consecutive days and meet the Refer a Friend program requirements.

    Join now

    *Restrictions apply, see

    When will I receive my $10 Gift Card* and how do I use it?

    Once your friend has been an active Assurance Wireless customer for 90 consecutive days and it is confirmed that you are still an active customer, we will email you your Gift Card to the email address associated with your account.

    You can then enter your Gift Card code on and use it towards the purchase of books, electronics, music and more. Use of the Amazon Gift Card is subject to Amazon’s Gift cards terms and conditions.

    Please check back at the Refer a Friend program page to view your referral and credit status.

    *Restrictions apply, see .

    What if I change my Mobile Number after I register for the Refer a Friend Program?

    If you change your mobile number, you will need to have the new number updated on your member account to continue to be eligible for referral rewards. to your referral account and select Contact Us to update your profile.

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