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Q Link Wireless Government Phone

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Are Qlink Phones Compatible With Other Carriers

Free Cell Phone Service – Q Link Wireless

For 3G-based phones:

Q Link cell phones do not come with a Subscriber Identity Module or memory card. Q Link phones do not require SIM cards, nor have a SIM card port for use. SIM cards are not required on the wireless network that Q Link Wireless uses. This means that Qlink phones are limited to 3G CDMA networks. If the phone doesnt operate using a SIM card, you cannot use it on the GSM network.

Once unlocked, you may be able to use a Qlink phone on other CDMA networks, such as Sprint , Verizon, and US Cellular.

NOTE: Newer phones all require SIM cards, as such, Qlink also offers SIM cards these days.

How To Know Which Phone Is Compatible

By far the easiest way to check if a phone is compatible with Qlink wireless is by visiting , where you enter your phones ESN , check the reCAPTCHAs Im not a robot option, and click on the Continue button.

The IMEI , the MEID , or ESN is a specific number that identifies a cell phone in the United States. Your phone may not have an ESN, then it will show as the IMEI or MEID.

If I Stop Qualifying For A Free Phone In The Future Can I Keep The Phone

Yes, even if you dont qualify for the Q cellphone plan in the future, you will still be able to keep the phone that came with the plan. That Quick Link cellphone is yours for good and can be used with other paid plans as well. Its possible to put the phone back on another free government plan in the future as well if you qualify for a plan again later on by becoming unemployed or another life change.

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Qlink Wireless Phones Plans

Once you join Qlink wireless, you will get to enjoy the following offers:

  • 100 minutes for free in one month
  • 1 GB of data
  • Unlimited text messaging and it entails international messaging.

However, many people would wish to add more data to the 1 GB offered. An extra cost is incurred, but it cannot be high as compared to other services. Currently, Qlink has a pop whereby you can visit and buy data easily. Also, to make international calls, you can opt for the unlimited plan whereby you will only pay $5 per month.

There is also the other option of Pay As You Go where you only pay $3 per month and gain access to call any country in the world quickly.

Qlinks Upgrade Phone Zte Legacy

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Why upgrade to this existing phone?

The Legacy model from ZTE is one of the most stunning smartphones that will be worthy as an upgrade to your old smartphone model. This comes with a processor speed of 1.2 GHz, together with its 510 MB of RAM. This means that it is enough power to provide you the basics, necessities, and features of a smartphone. It also comes with TFT color technology to let you take good-quality photos and videos.

When it comes to design, it has a clean, classic look. You can also add apps, though the storage may not allow you to have a lot. This is what you really need for basic communication and to surf the web.

How to upgrade Qlink ZTE Legacy to Qlink Wireless

An upgrade is possible if you are eligible. Contact Qlink Wireless to find out more about the Qlink ZTE Legacy upgrade depending on your location and the availability of this phone model. And if you want to check this out, contact Qlink for the best and the latest information.

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Qlink Wireless Phone Replacement:

Q Link is an MVNO in USA that offers carrier-locked phones on their network. When your device gets lost, you might have a few questions like –

Does QLink provide phone replacement services? What are its charges and a few more other questions? Here we have answered them all.

Q Link provides a replacement phone when your device gets lost or stolen. However, it’s not a free service as you will have to pay a nominal charge.

Now, if your device is lost or stolen, here are the things that you should do.

Here are the two options when your device is lost or stolen –

â Option 1: Q Link phone replacement

You will have to pay $25 in order to get a replacement device. At this price, you will get a handset and also 1-month unlimited talk time and 1 GB of data.

We came to know that the company provides phones that come with 8 GB inbuilt storage and a front-facing camera.

â Option 2: Bring Your Own Phone

If you are bringing your own phone, then don’t have to pay anything, not even for the SIM card. Wow! That’s great. You can keep your existing phone number. This way you will have an option to choose from any unlocked smartphone available and if you are further interested you can check out our post on top mobiles under 100 USD and top phones under 200 budget. We constantly update those posts as soon as new smartphones are launched.

Day Q Link Return Guarantee:

Q Link Wireless will replace any phone that does not work with a brand new smartphone within 14 days of delivery. Cosmetic defects/scratches do not qualify under the return policy.

How to return your defective phone to Q Link within 14 days of delivery:

  • Write the RMA number on the prepaid shipping label, available to download at Qlink website. Cut off the label and tape it to the original box.
  • Place the defective phone inside the original box, seal with tape, and drop it off at your local post office to ship it back to Q Link Wireless at no cost.
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    Qualify Instantly For A Qlink Free Phone Plan

    Many recipients that get their hands on a Qlink wireless phone go through the quick application process and get qualified immediately. After qualifying, they can go to their Qlink sign in and start looking at their services. To meet these requirements and get an instant Q link phone you must match one of the following requirements:

    • On Medicaid
    • On the National School Lunch Program
    • Using the LIHEAP program
    • Making use of TANF

    Anyone using any of the above programs can pass the instant Q link application with ease. Go through the Qlink wireless register now steps to make an account, apply for the program and get one of the Q link cell phones for your own personal use. It only takes a few minutes to go through the steps to qualify, and once you do youll have access to a cell phone that refills on a monthly basis the entire time that you qualify.

    What Is The Household Worksheet And Where Can I Find It

    Q Link Wireless Free Cell Phone Service for SNAP participants

    The Lifeline Household Worksheet helps to determine if more than one person in your household receives Lifeline. It asks you three questions regarding your household, and you may be required to complete and submit this worksheet in order to sign up for the Lifeline program, or complete your Annual Recertification.

    Lifeline is a government benefit program that provides free or discounted landline or wireless phone services. One Lifeline benefit is allowed per household, and members of a household are not allowed to receive Lifeline from more than one provider.

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    Can I Apply If I Dont Have An Email Address

    To complete the Q Link Wireless Lifeline application online, youll need to have a working email account.

    If you do not currently have an email address, you can create one easily using any email platform. We suggest you create one with

    Once the email account is created, visit and sign up for your free phone service using your new email address.

    What The Plan Comes Withheres What People Love

    If you determine you are eligible to get a Q Wireless phone for free, youll enjoy access to Qlink wireless phones as well as a phone plan that includes minutes and a text allowance. There are several different plans to consider when choosing to go with Qlink, so take some time to find out about the Qlink wireless cell phone options, the different plan allowances and what suits your needs best overall.

    When going with a basic free plan youll receive 1,000 minutes each month as well as an unlimited texting allowance to work with. Youll also enjoy 1 GB of data each and every month that you can use for things like GPS navigation while traveling. If you decide that you want more than what the basic plan has to offer you, you can go through your Qlink wireless login and add on additional options for a slight added cost. Consider the different data and minute options until you find something thats going to meet all your needs.

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    Q Link Qlink Wireless Customer Service Contacts: Phone Number Chat Email

    This page is QLink Wireless customer service contact details with tips and shortcuts to get the fastest response and/or technical assistance. Learn how to get live support from Q Link Wireless through calling or chatting.

    What is Q Link Wireless Customer Service Phone Number:

    If you want to reach a customer service representative, call 1-855-754-6543 .

    Q Link Wireless Website:


    At the Q page, one can learn all the pros and cons of getting a free phone from Q Link Wireless along with conditions of using various subscription plans. Information in Spanish is also available.

    Q Link Wireless Customer Care Live Chat:

    Live support is available through the website. Go to the official provider website and look for a banner labeled Live Chat.

    Also, you can send a message through the contact form at its website at

    Moreover, you can try asking your question or discuss the issue with the service through the Q Link Wireless Facebook page at

    Q Link Wireless Customer Support Email:

    No email for contacting the company is provided.

    Q Link Wireless Customer Support Fax Number:

    Send a fax to the companys number, which is: 1-855-837-5465.

    Q Link Wireless Mail Address:

    Q Link Wireless, LLC. 499 E SHERIDAN ST, STE 300 DANIA, FLORIDA 33004.

    About the Company

    Consider A Bundle Plan For More Services

    How to get a Free Government Cell Phone

    For owners of the Quick Link phones already that are in need of more minutes and data both, there are powerful package deals from Q Links. These deals are an excellent way to save money while unlocking additional services from the company. The package plans can be obtained from Qlink mobile just like all the standard plans and they come with an added cost, but they are reasonably priced and an excellent value for customers looking to unlock data and voice services.

    As long as you have one of the Qlink free government phones you qualify for the discounted package deals. Just talk with the company about the different deals that are available in your area. Each of the packages is compatible with the different Qlink wireless smartphone options included with the free plans.

    No matter which of the phones you own, you can unlock these special deals and make use of them to get additional minutes and data at the same time. Its possible to get several GB of additional data from the bundles and to get up to unlimited talk time when using these different deals as well. These cell plans help with saving money, like using local social programs like food pantries and other services.

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    A Phone Is Claimed At My Address By A Previous Tenant What Do I Do

    This is one of those situations when there isnt an easy answer for the problem. Since only one Link phone can be registered at a single address, its not possible to register another one. The only option in this situation is to change to a different phone provider instead of Quick Links. You can swap to a different provider that offers free phones through the government program as well.

    How To Replace A Qlink Wireless Lost Phone

    If you are under the lifeline program and you lose your Qlink Wireless phone, the procedure for replacing a phone is quite hectic. First, you will have to pay a sum of money for the process to be done. Also, immediately when you lose your phone, ensure to contact Qlink so as to notify them early enough and also to block your Sim cards.

    After that, you can visit their website for help on how to get a new phone. Remember, the amount of money you pay will vary on the brand of phone that you had previously.

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    Does Q Link Work

    Yes, as long as you qualify Qlink works well and will enable you to make calls for free. Just sign up for the program and youll receive your phone to make calls with. It only takes a few minutes to go through the registration process. Once through the process you can start benefiting from the program with access to your new cell phone. It will help save money just like other helpful social programs that are available today.

    Locations Where Qlink Wireless Is Available

    Free Cell Phone Service Awaits at Q Link Wireless

    With the advancement of communication networks, Qlink is always at the top when it comes to providing their services. First, they cover 97% of the US population as of 2020. Also, you can quickly know if your location is covered by login into their website here.

    Qlink will prompt you to enter your zip code, and they will give you more info if Qlink is available in your area. Also, before you want to enroll do a background checkup and also check out some reviews on customers in different places across the US.

    Once you get your phone, at the end of the year you are required to go and rectify to prove that you are eligible for a lifeline program. If you do not go for this process, Qlink will cancel your account once the deadline arrives. However, the good thing is that Qlink will notify you through email or SMS once the time approaches.

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    How Do I Report The User Is Deceased And Cancel The Line

    This is a sensitive issue that we can help you resolve. If you would like to report that a Qlink free cell phone is no longer required you can call 6-1-1 and talk with a customer support representative about the plan. It takes just a minute to Qlink wireless cancel service and support can do it all over the phone easily.

    Q Link Wireless Provides Free Government Cell Phones And Minutes

    The Lifeline Assistance Program is a government-supported benefit that provides a FREE government cell phone with FREE minutes each month with data and texting. Q Link Wireless is one of the biggest providers of the government benefit Lifeline assistance program.

    Within a short time, Q Link Wireless has established itself as a major provider of the free government cell phone program. Although they are not as big as some competitors, they are growing very fast.

    If you are in financial need and cannot afford to buy a cell phone or pay the costly monthly service bills, you can apply for your FREE cell phone with FREE monthly minutes today. Having a cell phone is a necessity in todays society.

    The Lifeline program allows you to stay connected to 911 emergency services, family, friends, doctors and job opportunities.

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    Does The Government Provide Compatible Phones

    As mentioned above, Qlink wireless doesnt provide free government phones, they do, however, offer highly discountable upgrade smartphones for only $25.

    There are other wireless providers taking part in the Lifeline Assistance program that do offer free phones and some of those may be compatible with Qlink. If you have gotten a free device from one of these providers in the past year, you may transfer over to Qlink and apply trough their BYOP program. If doing so, make sure that your current device is Qlink compatible .

    Can You Bring Your Phone To Qlink

    FREE QLink Cell Phone with FREE Minutes (view details ...

    If you intend to bring your telephone, it ought to be harmonious with Qlinks network. They can offer you a convenient way to bring your device to Qlink. Below are some easy actions to follow when youre able to follow to bring your device:

    Check compatibility.

    We can achieve a phone compatibility test with their IMEI checker. The IMEI is a telephone identifier. To receive your IMEI number, you can dial *#06#, and youll find the IMEI number. Other than that, you can get your IMEI number from the device packing.

    Perform a network reset.

    A system reset is done to eliminate network settings. The system syncs involving iPhones and Android apparatus. The procedures require a moment and are straightforward. You can consult their FAQs section to find out more.

    Receive a sim card.

    If your device is compatible, you can get your sim toolkit out of their retail shop at a low price. A sim toolkit can be obtained as soon as youve proven to gain a free Government phone and strategy.

    Activate your device.

    Once you have everything set up, you must trigger the device. You can perform activation straight from their site on your account or you can visit their retail shop. Once the activation is finished, youll receive your telephone number. You may bring your number to their cellular network. The process is straightforward and it might take up to 2 hours for the procedure.

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