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Government Grants For Trucking School

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How to Get FREE GRANTS for Truck Driving School

Coastal Truck Driving School Tuition Includes:

  • CDL manual, permit fees, Motor Vehicle Report

Tuition Does Not Include:

  • Registration fee, books and supplies, DOT physical and drug screen, CDL endorsement fees

Coastal Truck Driving School Tuition Includes:

  • CDL Manual, permit fees, Motor Vehicle Report

Tuition Does Not Include:

  • Registration fee, books and supplies, DOT physical and drug screen, CDL endorsement fees

Coastal Truck Driving School Tuition Includes:

  • CDL Manual, permit fees, Motor Vehicle Report

Tuition Does Not Include:

  • Registration fee, books and supplies, DOT physical and drug screen, CDL endorsement fees

Coastal Truck Driving School Tuition Includes:

  • Preliminary evaluation and 3rd Party Assessment

Students must have previous driving experience and a current CDL or permit before enrolling.

Note: Refresher course does not require a registration fee, books, or supplies.

Payment Options For Truck Driving School

At CDS Tractor Trailer Training, our goal is to assist as many qualified students get their CDL Training for as little out-of-pocket cost as possible. CDS offers a variety of financial options for students concerned with truck driving school costs, or how to pay for their tuition. With CDS Tractor Trailer Trainings tuition assistance options, many students train for free or very little money! Students are able to focus less on the cost of tuition, and more on beginning a new career!

Will Fafsa Pay For Cdl Training

FAFSA technically will cover CDL training, but there are recent legislative changes that will impact your ability to have your training covered by federal guaranteed student loans or even Pell grants.

Changes made in 2018 made it so that CDL programs must be 16 weeks long or longer to qualify for FAFSA.

What does this mean?

Your schooling will likely need to be sought at a local college that offers a longer program that may be 16 weeks or even longer. A four-month program may not seem long to you, but a full-time CDL program will often last for just seven weeks.

A seven-week program can be difficult to extend to meet these requirements, so a lot of CDL schools do not offer FAFSA.

Whats important to remember is that a large majority of the grants that are available require that the applicant file their FAFSA. If you want to have the best opportunity of getting a grant to pay for your training, it may be worthwhile to go through a longer program that is approved for FAFSA.

Of course, there are additional funding options to consider that may not be free, but they do offer you the opportunity to enter your career as a trucker.

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Government Funding For Cdl Permits

Government funding is difficult to find for many states and on the federal level. The grants that are available are often designated to institutions and agencies rather than individuals that are considering entering the trucking industry.

CDL grants are just one of the many funding options for people trying to get obtain their CDL licenses. While grants are preferred since you dont need to repay them, theyre not the only form of funding available. You can also seek funding using one of the additional methods outlined above.

Enter The Province You Are In

Government Grants For Truck Driving School Canada ...

As you start your search for the various Trucking School Business options, it is important to consider that the many government funding programs are split across all levels of the government. That includes your location government, your provincial government as well as the Canada-wide Federal Government.

Starting a business, you want to ensure that 1) you have your business plan ready. Your plan will show the various needs you have which you require government funding for. This is a must!

To get started with your funding search and see government program options for a Trucking School Business, start by entering your province.

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Can You Get Financial Aid For Truck Driving School

The short answer is yes. Getting financial aid to help you cover your CDL training costs is a great option for those in need of financial assistance. Federal Pell Grants, state grants, veterans benefits, the Workforce Investment Act, and financial assistance from a company-sponsored CDL training program are all wonderful ways to get financial aid for truck driving school.

Additional Ways To Pay For Cdl Training Without Cdl Grants

Grants for trucking school can be difficult to obtain, depending on your financial situation and background. There are alternative methods of paying for your training, including a trucking school offering to cover tuition if you agree to work for a specific carrier for a specific amount of time.

The additional methods of paying for school may include:

  • Scholarships. You may be able to seek a scholarship for your training. Youll likely need to fill out an application and may need to meet certain requirements for approval. The scholarships that are available may include options for veterans, low-income families, women or others.
  • Vocational Rehab Programs. Re-training programs are often available to workers that are injured and can no longer fulfill their job duties. Voc Rehab agencies in your state may be available with the goal of helping someone find gainful employment. Youll likely need to meet with a counselor that will discuss multiple career opportunities that you may be able to pursue.
  • Veterans Funding. GI Bills, the main funding benefit for veterans, can be applied to trucking school. A lot of trucking companies pride themselves on hiring veterans to fill their ranks. Youll want to discuss your options with the VA and be sure that the school you attend is approved for VA funding.
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    Take Advantage Of Cdl Financial Assistance

    With CDL financial assistance, youll be taking full advantage of your future as a commercial truck driver. Our helpful representatives at Coastal Truck Driving School will help you determine the best CDL financial assistance option for you and guide you through the application process. Contact us today to get started.

    Paying Cash For Cdl Training

    Grants for CDL Training at TDI – Truck Driver Institute

    These days the cost of private CDL training schools can be as much as $7,000, and in some cases even more.

    For most of us, coming up with that kind of cash just isnt an option.

    Especially now when the economy isnt particularly robust due to the Covid-19 pandemic, entering the industry as an inexperienced driver may mean:

    • Few job opportunities
    • Minimal income in the short term

    As weve already mentioned, attending a company sponsored CDL training program is almost always a better bet than private school.

    But if youve got a nest egg tucked away and paid CDL training isnt an option, paying cash is a great way to avoid the debt trap that so many new drivers fall into.

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    Lines Of Credit Or Personal Bank Loans

    Bank loans and lines of credit are options worth considering for those with minimal cash.

    Though they can be fast and convenient alternatives to Pell Grants and other Federal Student Aid programs, they typically have higher interest rates, and applicants usually need to have decent credit to get them.

    And remember Pell Grants arent loans, which means in most cases they dont need to be repaid.

    But be wary of CDL school financial aid.

    Government Grants For Truck Driving School

    Are you looking for grants for truck driving school? These days any education is expensive, but there are always options for those who are willing to work hard. If you cant spare three thousand dollars or more for truck driving school, you may want to consider using grants to fund your education.

    There are several sources for this kind of grant, but the first source you should consider is the Federal and state grants. There are grant programs that gives you funding that benefits people who have just been laid off and cant return to the industry.

    People who lost their jobs because of injury may be eligible for a training grant coming from the local rehabilitation office. Because each state has different policy, you may want to ask the office directly to learn more about this possibility, including the amount and type of the grant, eligibility, etc.

    Grants and Scholarships for Truck Driving School

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    Where To Find Trucking Scholarships Or Grants For Truck Driving School

    Though there are quite a few national trucking scholarship opportunities, you may want to start your search on a local level. Most states have their own trucking associations, and quite a few urban areas even have city-specific associations. By contacting these associations and joining as a student member as you prepare for your education, you may be able to apply for their scholarships.

    For example, the Minnesota Trucking Association has a Truck Driving School Fund, from which they award one or more scholarships each year. Your state may have similar options, so you should find out what they are by using our school finder below.

    On top of local trucking associations, you may want to contact your specific school for financial aid opportunities. Some schools have sizable scholarship funds that they use for incoming students. These scholarships tend to go pretty quickly, so you may want to start applying as soon as you get accepted to a school. The same goes for grants to truck driving school, they tend to go fast so if up to you to take some initiative.

    Adult And Dislocated Worker Program

    Anchorage awarded grant to fund first electric garbage truck

    As part of the Workforce Investment Act of 1998, the Adult and Dislocated Worker Program provides employment and job training assistance to eligible workers, and help employers find skilled employees like truck drivers.

    In order to qualify for the program, applicants must be:

    • 18 years of age or older
    • A dislocated worker
    • Applicants from low income families
    • Residents of particular geographic areas
    • Members of trade associations and their family members
    • Women

    Scholarships may cover lodging, meals, and all or some portion of truck driver training tuition, so read the fine print carefully and know the repayment terms in case you dont complete the course.

    The Women in Trucking Foundation accepts scholarship applications twice per year, and is a good resource for women looking to get into the industry.

    Likewise, Swift Transportation offers CDL training to veterans and first responders that may significantly reduce tuition costs.

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    Colorado Department Of Labor Taa Program

    The Trade Adjustment Assistance program provides benefits to displaced workers who have lost their jobs as a result of shifts in production outside the United States. Eligible participants receive tuition assistance to obtain new jobs and earn wages comparable to their prior employment.

    For more information on the TAA Program, visit the U.S. Department of Labor website. To determine eligibility, or apply for this program, contact our school office.

    Tucson Cdl Training Financial Aid

    HDS Truck Driving Institute understands that not everyone can afford to pay for the cost of school up front. Financial aid may be available for those who qualify, allowing students to finance their education with federal grants and student loans. Many trucking companies will even reimburse the cost of training.

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    What Is A Scholarship

    A scholarship is money given to a student that doesnt need to be paid back.

    This money usually comes from private organizations or individuals and the money given out is based on need, merit, or some other criteria.

    Scholarships can also be given out to people pursuing a specific career, such as truck driving, by companies who have an interest in seeing more graduates in that field.

    Support Throughout Your Training

    Top 7 Truck Driving School Grants In The US

    Your success is important to us. We want all our students to be employed after receiving a CDL. We will work with you during your program to help find the right employer for you.

    • Pre-hires for those who qualify, with reimbursement of up to 100% of your tuition
    • Free pre-trip observation
    • Job placement assistance

    **GI Bill® is a registered trademark of the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs . More information about education benefits offered by VA is available at the official U.S. government website at

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    Ten Best Options To Pay For Cdl Training How Do I Pay

  • Workforce Training Funding for CDL Schools. Most states operate a workforce training system that is designed to help people who are unemployed get back to work under the Workforce Innovation & Opportunity Act .
  • State and Local CDL Training Grants. Whereas WIOA is a federally funded employment and training program, states and local governments also provide grants to assist residents develop workforce opportunities, access training, and manage career choices.
  • Scholarships for Trucking School. Another type of funding source is scholarships that offer CDL training by companies. Scholarships usually require an application and are provided based on whether the applicant meets the requirements of the scholarship.
  • Vocational Rehabilitation CDL Driver Programs. There are sometimes situations where workers are injured, and can no longer do their current job. Trucking jobs can be an excellent re-training opportunity, and state vocational rehabilitation funding is often available to pay for this kind of career education.
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    How Can I Get Help Paying For Truck Driving School

    As a prospective truck driver, you probably want to know how you can get help paying for your schooling. Finding grants for CDL school or looking for a company-sponsored CDL training program are some of the best ways to keep money in your pocket while you find training for your new job. Here are some of the most common ways to cover your CDL training costs.

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    Can I Get A Grant For Cdl Training

    There are many grant options available to pay for your truck driver training program. Grants can come in the form of federal or state grants to fund your schooling. These grants can help cover the cost of your schooling, without the worry of having to pay back your funds after you complete your CDL training.

    Apply For Financial Aid

    Government Grants for Truck Driving School

    Federal and state financial aid arent only for college tuition fees, they can also be applied to truck driving schools and other job training programs. While there are certain requirements you must meet before you are eligible, they are an excellent option when it comes to covering the cost of truck driver training.

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    Military Grants And Financial Assistance

    Many trucking companies, schools and financial institutions offer grants and assistance to ex-servicemen and women.

    Though finding suitable programs, establishing eligibility and navigating the application process arent easy, for those who do, the rewards can be well worth it.

    To get up to speed quickly, check out Job and Training Resources for Veterans.

    Its not so well-known, but those who operated commercial vehicles while in the service may be able take advantage of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration Military Skills Test Waiver Program, which allows some applicants to forego a number of the requirements for obtaining a CDL.

    You can download an application here.

    What Is The Cost Of Trucking School

    Much like traditional or career colleges, there are several variables that affect the price of truck driving school, which makes it difficult to give a simple answer to the question: how much does trucking school cost? Different schools have different teaching methods as well as state-mandated practices when it comes to its curriculum. Likewise, some schools offering CDL training publicly funded while others–such as Southwest Truck Driver Training–are private institutions. Although publicly funded options are generally less expensive than private ones, public institutions may have limited class starts, or in some cases may offer programs that take significantly longer to complete.

    When choosing a truck driving school, cost is certainly not the only consideration. Also think about the truck driving schools job placement record, the type of equipment they have available, the type of CDL licenses they offer training for, and whether they provide lodging or other desirable amenities to students. On the lower end of the spectrum, students can expect to pay around $3,000 for a truck driver training program, while on the higher end, the costs may exceed $10,000. Those who are attending trucking school should also take other costs like CDL application fees, the cost of the license, endorsements, and road test fees into account, as they will also be required.

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    Are Truck Driving Scholarships Available

    Some scholarships are available to offset the costs of truck driving school. Your best bet for securing one is to search specifically within your state or county online, and include searches for scholarships that pay for vocational and career training in general, not specifically trucking school. There are many adults who wish to continue their education through various certifications or educational programs that may qualify. If you’re from a certain background or affinity group, you may find that there are scholarship options for you, such as for women and veterans. If you’re serious about getting free money for your trucking school tuition, apply for all of the scholarships that you qualify for.

    How Can I Go To Trucking School For Free

    Transportation Grants | How to Start A Trucking Company | $10000 to $25000 Grants for Everyone

    One of the most popular ways to pay for CDL training, if you are worried about how much trucking school costs, is to find an employer that offers company-paid training in exchange for a set period of time working for them after you get your CDL. While you will avoid the initial cost of trucking school, these employers will have a strict set of requirements during and after the training is completed. For instance, if you leave the company before the time frame stated within your contract is up, you likely will have to reimburse the employer for some of the costs associated with the program.

    Employers offering company-paid training may also require that you remain at their training facility throughout the duration of the program. In these instances, you will likely incur additional costs for lodging and amenities offered and usually will not be paid for your time. If you are considering this option to pay for the costs of trucking school, be sure that you are clear and on board with all the stipulations set in place by the employer before signing up. Learn more about the tradeoffs of company-paid CDL training and independent trucking schools.

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