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Government Jobs For Ex Military

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Entering With Prior Experience

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If you are entering the private security field as a military or law enforcement veteran or as a first responder, then you are setting yourself up for success. You will have no issues gaining employment as an unarmed or armed security guard and, often times, your prior experience will stack you well above those without military or law enforcement experience.

If executive protection jobs are something you wish to transition into, there are a few schools in the country accepting the G.I. Bill to pay for this type of coursework. Costs for reputable courses can exceed $20,000 for a little over a months worth of training at their facilities. While the prices are steep, these courses will set you up for success and assist you in getting networked with other professionals like yourself and companies looking for graduates of these courses.

A common mistake is thinking that PSD work or years of combat time in the military will suffice to enter into executive protection work. While it is a great foundation, without re-tooling and EP-specific training, you will not be competitive relative to others who possess the same level of experience as you plus possess a wealth of EP experience and training.

The good news is that you already come from a proven and trusted background where you learned valuable hard and soft skills. EP courses will teach you new skills, laws / regulations, etc. that are directly applicable to the EP profession making you a valuable member to any EP team.

Security Jobs: Who Should Apply

Are you former military, a national guardsman, a reservist, current or former law enforcement , or a first responder? If yes, you are most sought after for security jobs because of a singular soft skill that you developed throughout your past or current career. Being security-minded is a soft skill that can only be developed through real experience and, because of that, employers are able to spend less time and money and risk to bring you up to their standard.

For those individuals who are reading this that do not have any of this type of experience, it is unlikely that you will qualify for any jobs on Silent Professionals however, you may still have opportunities to break into the field through a combination of working entry-level security jobs and building your knowledge and skills in industry courses. You may be a recent high school grad, a college student looking to pay for tuition, an individual waiting on a police department application, or someone who just wants to serve their community whatever the calling, the demand for protective security professionals are only increasing.

In this article, we will discuss the types of people who qualify for security jobs, the various levels of security jobs, industry standard pay wages for both hourly and salaried employees or contractors, and what steps an aspiring security professional should take in order to improve their chances of landing a job.

Army Special Forces Mos Include:

Special Forces Officer 18A

The Special Forces Officer is a captain who is responsible for planning, coordinating, directing and participating in Special Forces operations. He has several duties, including training, resource management, mission, and logistics planning, and working with the U.S. and foreign government agencies.

Special Forces Weapons Sergeant 18C

Special Forces Weapons Sergeants employ U.S. and foreign small arms, light and heavy crew-served weapons, anti-aircraft and anti-armor weapons. They are also relied upon to control and supervise tactical offensive and defensive operations as well as perform various airborne operations.

Special Forces Engineering Sergeant 18D

The Special Forces Engineer Sergeant is a construction and demolitions specialist. As a builder, the engineer sergeant can create bridges, buildings, and field fortifications. As a demolitions specialist, the engineer sergeant can carry out demolition raids against enemy targets, such as bridges, railroads, fuel depots, and critical components of infrastructure.

Special Forces Communications Sergeant 18E

Special Forces Communications Sergeants operate many kinds of communications gear, from encrypted satellite to high-frequency burst communications systems. They also have advanced computer and networking skills. The communications sergeant is responsible for establishing and maintaining tactical and operational communications.

Special Forces Intelligence Sergeant 18F

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Links With The Wider Third Sector

As part of the CTP model, RFEA, the Forces Employment Charity and RBLI provide discrete elements of the model. This enables a strong link to be made between those leaving the services and an enduring support to veterans employment. This link is enhanced by robust data sharing and recognised pathways to support the relatively few with enduring support needs beyond employment.

Searching For A Federal Job


All federal jobs are posted on USAJOBS. Use the right navigation window and select all options that apply to you in the Hiring Path section. At a minimum all veterans should select the options, “Open to the Public” and “Veterans.” If you are entitled to Veterans Preference than you should also select the options “Competitive Service” and “Excepted Service.” Note that if you do not have veterans preference then you should search by selecting the “Open to the Public” selection box.

There are many jobs and opportunities at the Department of Labor. See which specific occupations you may want to apply for based on your academic major or work experience. Also to help you determine what federal positions you may qualify for based on your military experience please use the Military to Federal Jobs Crosswalk located at which will allow you to cross reference Federal Positions related to your military occupational specialty.

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# : Chief Information Officer

I would be willing to gamble that the majority of CIOs of corporations across America are ex military. The Army is all about communication, and the CIO of a company is the head of communication. What better position than managing the infrastructure of a companys IT structure. The median pay for CIOs sits at around $160,000.

The Coast Guards Deployable Specialized Forces

These are open to a variety of Coast Guard Ratings.

A cadre of professionals well-grounded in knowledge and skills pertaining to law enforcement and security duties. ME are responsible for protecting Americas ports, waterways, and interests at home and abroad. Maritime Enforcement Specialists are trained in Maritime Law Enforcement, Anti-terrorism, Force Protection, and Physical Security.

Gunners Mate

One of the oldest ratings in the Coast Guard. GMs work with all types of ordnance, from 9mm small arms to ship board 76mm cannons. As a GM, you will be responsible for training personnel in the proper handling of weapons, ammunition, and pyrotechnics. Additionally, GMs receive training in maritime law enforcement.

Boatswains Mate

Rating sits at the operational core of every Coast Guard mission. BMs are the services experts in all aspects of deck seamanship and navigation. Additionally, BMs can receive training in maritime law enforcement.

Machinery Technician

Offers opportunities for assignment at every Coast Guard cutter, boat, and shore station. Many MKs are also called on to act as federal law enforcement officers.

CollegeRecon is a military education and transition resource. We provide online tools and actionable info to better understand your Post-9/11 GI Bill and military and veteran education benefits programs.


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Skilled Trade Jobs For Veterans

Veterans who worked in skilled trade jobs for the military find themselves in a unique position-their military careers qualify them for skilled trade jobs in the civilian sector, but these job seekers may be required to add certifications or continuing education in order to be hire-worthy as civilian employees.

Military duty may not require the same certifications and it may be difficult to determine whats expected until one begins filling out job applications and taking interviews.

But military skilled trade occupations such as airframe maintenance, civil engineering, construction, long-haul communications, even plumbing and HVAC have plenty of demand in the private sector and depending on a veterans experiences and career, the opportunities for consulting and advising work may be as worthy of consideration as the actual jobs themselves. The following are a few examples of skilled trade employment options to consider:

Law Enforcement Careers Can Be Comparable To Military Experience Making It A Good Career Fit For Many Veterans

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One popular career path among many veterans is law enforcement. Skills and experiences learned in the military make veterans a valuable asset to any law enforcement organization. Possible law enforcement careers for retired military members could include becoming a police officer, a crime scene investigator, an emergency dispatcher, or a corrections officer.

Average annual salary: $56,427/year

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How To Claim Veterans Preference Points

Claiming Veterans Preference points is very simple. Youll just need to upload your DD Form 214, Certificate of Release or Discharge from Active Duty, or other release documents. Sometimes simply called the DD-214, this document is typically issued to virtually any veteran released from service after the 1950s.

You can request a copy of your DD 214 from eBenefits. Register for a free, premium account then find the Manage Benefits tab, go to the Military Personnel File link, and submit your request.

*Note: to request the full 10-point Veterans Preference, youll also need to fill out and submit a short SF-15 form. Thats all there is to it!

How Federal Jobs Are Filled

In order for veterans to compete effectively for federal jobs, it is important to understand how federal jobs are filled. The U.S. Office of Personnel Management has established occupational groups and series that are used to classify the work of positions. This classification is made in terms of the kind or subject matter of the work, the level of difficulty and responsibility, and the qualification requirements of the work. The classification is made to ensure similar treatment for positions within a class in personnel and pay administration.

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State Of Michigan Job Openings

For a comprehensive overview of State of Michigan benefits, click Benefits .

01Vets – Are you a current State of Michigan executive branch classified employee?

  • Yes

Please enter your Applicant or Employee ID, if known::03Vets – Did you attach official document required ?Please do not include Social Security Numbers or other sensitive information you do not wish be made visible to recruiters in your uploaded documents.

  • Yes
State of Michigan is an Equal Opportunity Employer

Special Hiring Authorities For Veterans

Ex Army Govt Jobs Ex Servicemen Sarkari Naukri Retired ...

The 30% or More Disabled Veteran authority is a good way to get your foot in the door because it also allows agencies to non-competitively select qualified veterans but only for temporary jobs longer than 60 days but less than a year.

The Veterans Employment Opportunities Act of 1998 is one more way to get preference eligibles for certain positions announced under an agencys merit promotion procedures. Essentially it lets certain vets apply for jobs that would otherwise only be open to current or prior employees.

As you can see, there are many ways your veteran status can help you get ahead of the pack. The time to begin is now.

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Best Jobs After The Military

Employers need skilled workers who can meet the challenges of todays work environment and are increasingly turning to military veterans to make it happen. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the unemployment rate for veterans fell to 3.5 percent in 2019, and research shows that two in five employers planned to hire a U.S. veteran in 2018. Clearly, more companies are recognizing the unique traits that U.S. veterans can bring to the civilian workforce.

Upon Selection What Happens

So you made it and the job is yourscongratulations. Heres what you can expect.

Salary: HR will make an official job offer, initially by phone and then in writing. While civil service salaries are set, there is some room for negotiation. You should expect the offer to be at the minimum amount of the appropriate grade. If you are making more than the Step 1 amount, you should inquire about starting at a hirer step one that matches or slightly exceeds your current pay. Agencies have some flexibility in this regard, but generally will not start you at a Step 10! Be prepared to show your current salary via an LES (and dont forget to explain that your military pay and benefits have the tax advantage that will go away with your civil service pay that needs to be part of your negotiation.

SES pay is not set in the same manner as general schedule employees. SES pay is pay-banded. So salary negotiation is definitely a part of the SES process. Same basic rules as above aim for your current or slightly more salary plus use the tax advantage to maximize your request.

Review civil service salaries at the OPM website . SESs do not receive locality pay.

You are expected to travel 350 miles a day and you will get paid for each mile using the current reimbursement rate specified by GSA. Your HR specialist will provide more specifics. However, you might offer to pay for your own move in exchange for a higher starting salary. Consider this as part of your negotiation strategy.

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Entering With No Prior Experience

Direct bharti for ExServicemen#govt job for ex servicemen#govt#latest #exservicemenjob #exservicemen

Entering this field without having prior military or law enforcement experience will give you a tremendous disadvantage right from the start. There are, however, ways you can still gain employment in a security job.

First and foremost, be willing to build your experience from the bottom and accept the lowest entry level position offered to you even if it isnt the job you want. You need real-world experience so NEVER turn down any opportunity. With this attitude you will be viewed as an individual that an employer can count on. Reputation is incredibly important in this line of work and within all ranks of the security profession so ensure you maintain a good one.

There are many unarmed and armed security guard positions out there that are still considered entry-level. You will still need to check all the blocks for state licensing, own a handgun, and be reliable in order to be considered for one of these positions.

If you have no prior experience in protective security and are hoping to break into the executive protection field, be advised now that it will be incredibly difficult for you to do so as this is the most competitive of all security job types. This is competitive even for men and women from elite military or LE backgrounds as the number of highly qualified applicants exceeds the number of jobs available.

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Air Force Special Warfare Specialty Classifications

Combat Controller

Specialists who operate in remote, often hostile areas. Acting as a one-man attachment to other special forces teams, these highly specialized Airmen are trained in a wide range of skills, including scuba, parachuting, and snowmobiling, as well as being FAA-certified air traffic controllers in order to establish air control and provide combat support on missions all over the globe.


Specialists rescue and medically treat downed military personnel all over the world. These highly trained experts take part in every aspect of the mission and are skilled parachutists, scuba divers, and rock climbers, and they are even arctic-trained in order to access any environment to save a life when theyre called to do so.

Special Reconnaissance

Deploy by any means from airborne, maritime, or land-based platforms deep behind enemy lines to collect and exploit key information, develop targets, and tilt the battlespace in our favor. Performing on the cutting-edge of technology, SR surveil and prepare the battlespace to provide global access, air, space, and cyberspace superiority.

Tactical Air Control Party

Transportation Or Warehousing Jobs Give Vets The Opportunity To Work With Their Hands And Are Well Suited To Their Military Experience And Skills

For veterans who prefer a more active, physical career path, working in a warehouse could be the right career choice. Plus, for veterans looking for work during the coronavirus pandemic, warehouses are in need of more employees in order to keep up with increased demand for essential goods.

Average annual salary: $26,749/year

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Outside The Government Sector

Federal Jobs Spotlight: What Is Veterans

Outside of the government sector, private companies also hire ex-Special Forces personnel for positions in security and corporate intelligence. Oil companies, for example, hire many prior military for security work at oil production facilities in the Middle East. If a veteran is seeking opportunities outside of the security field there are many corporations eager to hire him for his leadership and crisis management skills.

U.S. Special Forces personnel are among the most elite forces in the world. They are highly trained and disciplined and many private and government employers are eager to hire them for a broad array of jobs. Finding the best job for them depends upon the individual veterans career goals. Whether he wants to work overseas in a war zone providing security or have a more comfortable life in a corporate office, the opportunities are there for the taking.

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