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How Do You Apply For Government Contracts

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Fill Out Your First Tender Application Before The Deadline

How To Apply For A Duns Number – Government Contracting

First of all, make sure you submit your application well before the closing date to avoid having an incomplete application, by the time of the deadline.

Allow yourself enough time to research what good Tender responses look like and how competitive your pricing can realistically be.

Helpful Tips:

Our1on1 Tender Assistance includes guidance on your first Tender application.

Here Are Passs 17 Top Tips On Tendering For Contracts:

  • Do not presume that the contract notice that you have received is entirely correct and accurate, therefore
  • Confirm the tender procedure, legislation and estimated value. Make sure youre clear on all abbreviations and terms used. The world of contracts is notoriously full of acronyms, so make sure youre clear on all meanings.
  • Confirm the award criteria and weightings or their order of importance.
  • Ask questions on anything you are unclear about.
  • Read the documentation thoroughly and understand what is required of you.
  • Prepare a database of all the basic information that is commonly requested during the tendering process. This will allow you to get your hands on the information you need quickly. This can include insurance details, references and financial information, for example.
  • If paper based, make copies of all your tender documents and store the originals in a safe place.
  • As no one is an expert at everything, create a bid team comprised of a member of staff from each relevant department. Never attempt the process alone. Different perspectives will allow you to create a thorough and comprehensive bid.
  • Dont be put off by the tender documentation you can always ask for help as directed within the document itself.
  • Provide all of the information requested. If you cannot provide some of the information, for whatever reason, ask for advice.
  • Dont include publicity material in your submission unless you have specifically been asked to.
  • Monitor Contracting Opportunity Sites

    Contract opportunities are available on for people who make, receive and manage federal awards. This is where organizations within the federal government publish notices on proposed contract actions valued at more than $25,000. Direct all questions to the Federal Service Desk at 1-866-606-8220.

    FedBid is now Unison Marketplace, a fully managed online marketplace connecting sellers to federal and commercial opportunities. Direct all questions to or their customer support form.

    The Department of Homeland Security Acquisition Planning Forecast System is a portal for small business vendors to view anticipated contract actions above $250,000.

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    Find The Best Option For Your Needs

    First, we will look at how you can find the contracts that youre interested in. Then we will explain how to bid on a government contract with step-by-step instructions.

  • Doing it Yourself

    Federal government contracts are published on the FedBizOpps website. If you want to pursue contracts at the federal level, you can register your business with FedBizOpps to receive notifications about new opportunities that align well with your business.

    Finding suitable contracts at the state, county, regional and municipal levels can be much more time-consuming for small and medium sized vendors. With thousands of Requests for Proposal , Requests for Quote and Invitations for Bid being published across the U.S. every day, it can be difficult to keep up with them all.

    In order to find opportunities in these jurisdictions, you will need to visit state bidding portals, municipal administration websites, and county purchasing departments. Most of these portals require you to complete a registration process.

    If your business employs a person dedicated solely to researching contract opportunities, the do-it-yourself method can work for you. Keep in mind, however, that the time required to evaluate if a contract is right for your business can lead to spending a lot of resources on research and evaluation, instead of bidding on contracts.

  • Using a Bid Service

    Workshops & Networking Events

    SANDF Application Form 2022  Pdf Download

    Procurement Specialists strive to bring the most relevant and informative workshops and training opportunities to help navigate the government procurement process and identify the critical steps in winning government contracts. Our classes cover a wide range of government contracting topics at the federal, state, and local government levels, and are taught by industry experts who have many years of government contracting experience. Nominal fees may apply for some workshops and events.

    In addition, we sponsor government contracting and matchmaker events to connect business owners with agency buying officers and prime contractors.

    Our workshops

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    How To Find And Get Federal Contracts

    Finding government contracts is a fairly simple process. However, examining the actual solicitations and submitting bids can be complex and time consuming. Consider working with a consultant during your first few bids until you become familiar with the process. Follow these steps:

    1. Register

    Your first step toward doing business with the U.S. government is to register as a vendor. In the past, registration was done through the Central Contractor Registration . This step has transitioned to the System of Award Management.

    To register, you need your corporate information and a DUNS number. DUNS numbers are provided by Dun and Bradstreet free of charge. However, the company may suggest you buy credit services when you register for your DUNS number. At the time of this writing, you do not need to buy anything or pay anything to get the DUNS number.

    2. Look for opportunities

    Your next step is to look for opportunities. You can take this step online at FedBizOpps. Searching is relatively easy, though it can be overwhelming at first because of the sheer number of opportunities.

    You can search by a number of criteria, such as location, type, agency, and keyword. You can narrow results by using the Advanced Search tab and selecting specific options.

    Here are the results of a simple national search using a NAICS code, in this case code 33431 Audio and Video Equipment Manufacturing. As you can see, there are 20 results per page and 16 pages of results.

    3. Review opportunities

    Who Can Apply For Government Contracts

    There are no particular business size requirements needed to be able to join the bidding process for government contracts. Procurement is made to inquire the smallest goods up to the technical services. So whether big or small, businesses and companies of all types are allowed to bid for government contracts.

    However, large companies get the attention most of the time but do not let that bother you because when your small business successfully bids on a contract, it will increase your reputation and give your business more chances to win more contracts in the future.

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    Establish A Contractor And Government Entity Code

    A CAGE code is another unique identifier for your business that is designed to be publicly available and has been required to do business with the federal government since 2014. These codes allow the government visibility into company ownership and contracting activity through various payment systems. If you are not yet a government contractor and need to apply for a CAGE code, you may do so through the Defense Logistics Agencys website.

    After you have completed the steps above, you are ready to complete your SAM registration. It is recommended to consult an expert before attesting to FAR and DFAR requirements. Inaccuracies or inconsistencies can be construed as making false claims to the government which is a felony.

    Can Anyone Get A Government Contract

    How To Find Government Contracts

    You can bid and obtain a government contract whether you are a large or small business. Government contracts will be straightforward to bid on and win once you understand how the bidding process, registration process, requirements, and other things to do in government contracting. But, before you can submit a proposal or bid to a government agency, you must first be added to its bidding or government contractors list.

    Large corporations seek prospective clients and government contracts for millions of dollars. These huge firms tend to bid for the federal marketplace, but also have an interest in national and municipal agreements. Small businesses, on the other hand, bid for small contracting opportunities that meet their business credentials and scope of work. Small businesses, with fewer resources, tend to seek out state and more regional contracts.

    Another thing to keep in mind while bidding on a contract is that you will be obliged to pay applicable taxes, especially if the services you provide are for public buildings or projects. The prevailing wages are set by local, state, and federal government bodies based on regional union wages.

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    So What Is The Difference Between A Partnership And A Contractor

    Their distinction is based on their involvement in any existing project or contract. Contractors simply do their work and everything specified in the contract and then go at the end of the day, forgetting about the project you worked on together. While working together, the partners take genuine ownership and interest in the project and treat it as if it were their own business.

    In government contracting, whether you are a partner or a contractor, the project results still belong to the government agency with which you worked, and you will most likely not gain any acknowledgment from it. However, this could still help your small business develop more connections and recognition in the future, making it easier to big and win government open opportunities.

    Research And Technical Assistance

    These contracts are comparable to service-based contracts, although they are more specialized in specific industries. One good example is scientific research or the evaluation of legal documents required by government bodies.

    This sort of contract is beneficial to small business owners that work in highly specialized fields. You can be on the bidding list for this type of contract if your company has a strong portfolio, a searchable database on their list, and/or a collection of testimonials from clients with whom youve worked. Taking advantage of successfully obtaining a contract can improve your companys revenue and reputation in the industry you are in, as well as future government contracting prospects.

    Government contracts are simple to bid if you determine the dos and donts, submission process, and understand the fundamentals of government contracting. When working for significant customers such as government organizations, keep in mind that your companys reputation and credibility are on the line. As a result, make sure you have the bravery and determination to deal with their credentials and demands.

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    Find Your Naics Code And Business Size

    Government contracts will ask that you submit your North American Industry Classification System code as part of your application. This code is used by the federal government to classify businesses for statistical purposes related to the U.S. business economy.

    The NAICS Association website offers a free search tool that can help you figure out what NAICS codes apply to your business. Codes are categorized by what your business offers. For instance, the NAICS code 611430 applies to businesses that provide professional and management development training. It can take a little bit of work to find the right code for your business: some entrepreneurs prefer using the US Census Bureau code lookup tool to find the best code.

    Once you have your code, check the SBA website to determine the small business size standard that applies to your specific NAICS code. Each industry has different standards for what qualifies as small. For instance, NAICS code 611430 shows that businesses must have sales below $7 million annually to be considered a small business. This will have relevance as you decide which contracts to bid on, as some contracts are only open to small businesses by the SBA/NAICS code definition.

    There are a number of places to monitor for contract opportunities as the government releases requests for proposals.

    Should My Business Apply For Government Tenders

    Have you considered applying for Government contracts? We ...

    We talked to Tender Expert and How2Tender Director, Wynand Cronjé, to explain why the Government can be the ideal client to help grow your business.

    The bulk of Tender contracts are for periods of 2 to 3 years, which means companies delivering as per their bid proposal have sustainable contracts upon which to grow their businesses, explains , the director of How2Tender.

    As the largest procurer of goods and services in South-Africa with a budget of roughly R1.56 trillion, the Government can be a very lucrative client.

    All the latest Government Tenders for SMMEs are listed on the Tenders4Me website and app. Click on the image below to see what is available right now.

    Are Government Tenders corrupt?

    Many businesses have a common misconception that all Government Tenders are corrupt, says Cronjé.

    The bulk of tenders are awarded fairly and according to the preferential procurement act which factors in technical compliance, pricing and B-BBEE.

    The key is to ensure you deliver compliant and effective bid responses. Educating yourself in this regard is crucial, says Cronjé.

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    What Government Contracts Require

    When bidding for a government contract, there are certain things you you have to keep in mind. Some of them include

  • Time and resources

  • A lot of businesses, especially the new ones, may not be aware of the number of hours and resources required to pursue and manage a government contract. For example, part of applying for federal contracts involves completing Representations and Certifications.

    These provisions require you to represent and certify to a variety of statements ranging from environmental rules and compliance to entity size. Representations and Certifications are designed to ensure that you are in compliance with laws and regulations and this is an extremely detailed part of the process.

    In addition to taking a great deal of time to complete paperwork, there are legal implications as well. If youre going through this process for the first time or on your own, its advisable to obtain a legal review so you dont make a mistake.

  • Liability Insurance

  • In addition to the time, resources, and credentials needed to obtain a government contract, there may be additional requirements as well. Government contracts, similar to many large commercial contracts, may require additional liability insurance. This is more especially as you are into the trucking business that typically requires more than the average business insurance.

  • Special invoicing and payment terms

  • Certifications

  • How To Write For Your Evaluator

    Ensure answers leave cover all objections about your suitability, an example of this is:

    Our market tested service solution works, and will deliver a step change in performance. 15 other local authorities already buy this service from us. Last year, we performed at 10% above national average benchmarks.

    You should:

    • be definitive, and write with conviction
    • be positive, focus on benefits and advantages
    • be substantive, giving evidence of success
    • build trust, showing evidence of confidence from other customers

    Use firm, positive language that clearly shows your commitment to your proposition. For example, use:

    • we will instead of we could
    • we know instead of we believe
    • we have or we know instead of we aspire to
    • we will meet instead of we aim to

    Simplify your language. For example, use:

    • enough instead of a sufficient amount of
    • like instead of along the lines of
    • as is true instead of as is the case
    • when instead of at such time as
    • now instead of at the present time
    • is instead of has been proved to be
    • if instead of in the event that

    When using jargon or technical language, evaluators need context to understand why a feature may be beneficial.

    Dont write:

    Our hand-held petrol chainsaw has a 50cc engine, operating at 9000 RPMs, with an 18 inch bar, and a power output of 3.4kw.


    Address all aspects of the specification, and convert areas of weaknesses into areas of strength.

    Remember that:

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    How To Get Government Cleaning Contracts Guaranteed In 7 Steps

    Do you want to run a commercial cleaning business and want to get government contracts? If YES, here are 7 guaranteed steps to get government cleaning contracts. Taking enough time to gather adequate information on what it entails to get cleaning contracts from the government usually ensures that your work is simplified in the event that an offer comes up.

    There are opportunities for small businesses as the federal government reserves one-fifth of the total available federal contracts for them. This is a great opportunity that small janitorial and cleaning service providers can take advantage of, and this article would serve as a guide to show you how this can be done. Before making efforts to get cleaning contracts, the following should be considered.

    Table of Content

  • vii. Provide Complete Bid Information
  • What Is An Rfp

    How To Get Registered For Federal Government Contracts

    RFP stands for request for proposal. Its an invitation from a government entity or agency to bid on contracts for products or services. But an RFP is more than just a request for a bid or quotation. Its the most cost-effective solution to bid on contracts based on the criteria laid out in the request.

    When a government bid becomes available, the government agency writes an RFP. Its then that interested companies can submit proposals. RFPs are usually issued when the requirements of the contract are $25,000 or more, or when choosing a supplier cant be done based solely on price. Often the reason for an organization to put out a request is to make sure they receive multiple bids.

    If your company decides its prudent to respond to a request for proposal, you must write a proposal that provides all of the information requested in the RFP. After you have included all essential information, proofread your proposal for mistakes. Any errors may lead to your proposal being rejected by the government contracting office.

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    How To Sell To The Government

    Its a good idea to learn all you can about the process of selling to the governmentto achieve the greatest success. The Small Business Administrations Learning Center offers a free, three-part, on-demand course called Government Contracting 101 that you can take at your own pace.

    The SBAs Government Contracting Classroom also offers other self-paced online courses on a variety of topics. Youll find courses for women-owned small businesses, courses for veteran-owned small businesses, courses about how to prepare government contract proposals, and more.

    You can prepare long before bidding on a government contract by:

    • Being sure that bidding on a government contract is best for your company. The process takes time and company resources. You may want to create a plan detailing staffing needs and how much money you hope to gain from the contract.
    • Researching the demand for your products or services.
    • Researching the price for your products or services.
    • Making sure your business is eligible.

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