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Government Internet For Low Income Families

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New Jersey Telephone Assistance Program

Ottawa to deliver affordable high-speed internet to low-income seniors, families

In addition to Lifeline, the State of New Jersey offers a state telephone assistance discount. The telephone assistance program offers up to $14.50 per month discount on home landline telephone service.

The New Jersey state discount is automatically added when the subscriber qualifies for the federal Lifeline program.

The Open Education Database

The OEDb maintains a list of online colleges that provide free laptops and iPads to their students. Purdue University, Rochester College, and the Illinois Institute of Technology are the top ones on the list that provide good laptop for online college majors.

Most of the tech resources offered by these colleges are entirely free, while others are fee-based and the cost is included in your tuition. For example, some students are required to buy scantron sheets for college while others include it in the as part of a technology fee or tuition.

Website:The Open Education Database

Internet Essentials From Comcast

If you live in an Xfinity area, you have access to the low-income program Internet Essentials from Comcast. Eligible households get 50 Mbps download speeds with free in-home Wi-Fi for $9.95 per month . Youll also have access to Xfinity Wi-Fi hotspots and get the option to purchase a low-cost computer.

For further savings, you can team your Internet Essentials plan up with the Emergency Broadband Benefit program, which fully covers the cost of this plan.

To qualify for Internet Essentials, someone in your household must participate in one of the following programs: NSLP, HUD, veteran government assistance, senior government assistance, or Pell Grant. Head over to to apply.

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How To Apply Apply For A Discounted Communications Service Through The Lifeline Program


Apply online by visiting You will need to create an account and enter all required information. Upon submission, an eligibility determination will be immediately returned. If the National Verifier cannot prove eligibility automatically, you will need to upload your proof of eligibility document directly to the website for further review.

COVID-19 Update: the DTC recommends applying online, not by mail, during the COVID-19 pandemic. Although USAC continues to operate during this time, USAC offices are closed and mailed applications may therefore be subject to delays in processing. For help applying, contact the DTC

Apply by mail by submitting a paper application directly to the Lifeline Support Center. If applying by mail, you should be sure to submit a completed Lifeline application and a copy of her proof of eligibility documentation to:

Lifeline Support Center

London, KY 40742

Cbc News: Federal Government To Announce High

Free Government Laptops For Low income Families
  • In the News
  • CBC News: Federal government to announce high-speed internet for low-income seniors, families
  • Hundreds of thousands of low-income seniors and families will soon benefit from $20-per-month high-speed internet as part of a partnership between the federal government and more than a dozen internet service providers, CBC News has learned.

    Families receiving the maximum amount under the Canada Child Benefit and seniors receiving the maximum under the Guaranteed Income Supplement will be eligible for internet with speeds of up to 50 megabits-per-second and 10 Mbps upload, or the fastest available speed in their region.

    An announcement is expected on Monday, a government source says.

    Fourteen internet service providers, including Bell, Rogers and Telus, are contributing to the initiative.

    The move, part of the government’s Connecting Families Initiative, has been branded Connecting Families 2.0. It both upgrades and expands what the government previously offered with Connecting Families 1.0. Under that plan, announced in 2017, families receiving the CCB could get access to internet for $10 a month.

    Data allotment will also increase to 200 gigabytes per month under 2.0.

    The $10-a-month plan will still be available to those who want it.

    The government has set a goal to connect 98 per cent Canadians to high-speed Internet by 2026 and 100 per cent by 2030.

    News welcomed, but more help needed: advocates

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    Free Laptops For People With Disabilities

    People with disabilities face many challenges. First, they are limited in the type of work they can do. Second, they may never get an opportunity to work in the corporate world.

    Either way, it means low to no income for them. The difficulty to support themselves and their family ensues, dampening their chances of ever owning even a second-hand laptop.

    Some of these people are tech-savvy and they can easily operate a laptop and access online jobs and assistance programs with little to no training.

    Are there laptops for people with disabilities?

    The following grants and programs are designed to help people with disabilities get free government internet and laptop.

    Virginia Telephone Assistance Program

    In addition to Lifeline, the State of Virginia offers a state telephone assistance discount. The telephone assistance program offers up to $3.50 per month discount on home landline telephone service.

    The Virginia state discount is automatically added when the subscriber qualifies for the federal Lifeline program.

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    Ask Your School For Assistance

    Schools are top beneficiaries of assistance programs, grants, and government aid aimed at assisting students to get free and discounted laptops. Such programs arent advertised heavily because they are only targeted to needy students.

    Visit your schools IT department, the guidance office, and the counseling department to talk about your need for a laptop.

    Free Internet For Senior Citizens

    Federal government rent scheme for low-income families shut down | 7NEWS

    Data effective as of post date. Offers and availability may vary by location and are subject to change. Taxes and fees may apply.*Home must have a student in K-12 to qualify.

    Internet Essentials from Comcast accepts the widest range of government programs to qualify for low-income internet.

    To see if Xfinity or any of the other providers above offer internet near you, enter your zip code below. We respect your privacy, so we dont save your zip code or share it with anyone else.

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    Idaho Telephone Assistance Program

    In addition to Lifeline, the State of Idaho offers a state telephone assistance discount. The telephone assistance program offers up to $2.50 per month discount on home landline telephone service for customers and who have qualified for Lifeline based on income.

    Oklahoma Telephone Assistance Program

    In addition to Lifeline, the State of Oklahoma offers a state telephone assistance discount. The telephone assistance program offers up to $1.17 per month discount on home landline telephone service.

    The Oklahoma state discount is automatically added when the subscriber qualifies for the federal Lifeline program.

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    News Welcomed But More Help Needed: Advocates

    Having access to the internet at home changed Ray Noyes’s life.

    The 66-year-old from Ottawa is a member of ACORN, a group that advocates for low- and moderate-income people, and he didn’t have the internet for the first year of the pandemic a time when voices on his TV or radio would emphasize how essential access is.

    I was constantly hearing about how important it is during the pandemic not to be isolated, he said.

    I was told again and again how important it was to have the internet to avoid social isolation, which is considered very bad, and I found that very frustrating.

    Noyes was eventually able to get home access to the internet through Rogers’ Connected for Success program. He said it’s helped him significantly, including with his bipolar disorder and depression.

    It’s been a big difference, and it’s done my mood a lot of good, he said.

    While Noyes welcomes Connecting Families 2.0, he said he’s concerned that the program won’t cover all low-income seniors and families and that those it already covers under the $10-per-month program might not be able to afford the increased cost for faster internet.

    We’re concerned that the families who are already in the program be grandfathered in and get that higher speed, he said.

    Ray Noyes, shown in his Ottawa apartment on Sunday, is a member of advocacy group ACORN. Noyes, who couldn’t afford the internet in the first year of the COVID-19 pandemic, welcomes the government’s plan for high-speed internet for $20/month.

    Verizon Internet + Lifeline Program


    Verizon has teamed up with Lifeline to provide an additional discount for users already enrolled in this program for faster speeds to enhance your internet capabilities. Verizon offers a $20 credit to use towards their Fios internet plans, which can be combined with the $9.25 credit from Lifeline. This allows low-income families to have fast internet speeds compared to broadband for as little as $20 a month.

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    Get Free Laptop From The Government

    You may not be aware of it, but there are some government-funded programs in place for giving free laptops to individuals for low-income families. To become a laptop beneficiary, you have to qualify. Get in touch with the following government-run websites to check eligibility requirements and make your case.

    How Can I Get Free Lifetime Internet Access

    Thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic, there are many emergency assistance programs currently available. But if you want completely free internet access for the rest of your life, your best options are NetZero or FreedomPop. You can also work toward other long-term solutions for affordable internet, such as building a community mesh network or working with organizations like ConnectHomeUSA in starting a digital inclusion program in your area.

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    Free Laptop For Homeschool Students

    Do you know how to get a free laptop for homeschooling?

    You can get a free laptop from the government if your kid is being home-schooled, or taking a course online that doesnt require them to take in-school classes.

    As we have seen recently, pandemics like covid-19 may flip traditional methods of education and make online learning mandatory. In such situations, getting a free laptop for homeschool students can be beneficial.

    Notebooks for Students is your go-to program if you want to get a free laptop for homeschool.

    Alliance For Technology Refurbishing And Reuse

    Low-income Kern County households may qualify for free internet

    Its an organization of all nonprofit refurbishers and recyclers in the US. They have over 80 locations across the country that provide free laptops and internet services to people in need. Youll find a map on their website that points you to the nearest recycling location.

    Website:Alliance for Technology Refurbishing and Reuse

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    Utah Telephone Assistance Program

    In addition to Lifeline, the State of Utah offers a state telephone assistance discount. The telephone assistance program offers up to $7.00 per month discount on internet or home landline telephone service.

    The Utah state discount is automatically added when the subscriber qualifies for the federal Lifeline program.

    What Does The Acronym On It Stand For

    ON IT is the foundation that stands for opportunities Necessary to increase technology. This organizations main aim is to expand the knowledge of information technology to every corner of the community. This organization receives donated computers and laptops and then gives them away for those who dont afford to buy them. Additionally, any people can donate computers, laptops, and cash to this organization for needy people.

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    What If I Dont Qualify For A Free Computer

    Every day tons of applications are dropping, but you may not have any chance to get a free laptop. You have been waiting for a free laptop for a long time, but you cant get one. So it is good to lose hope for freedom. You may go for low-cost computers, which are also provided by the organization and foundation. You should discuss this issue in case you dont have any way to get a laptop freely.

    About The Affordable Connectivity Program

    How to Get Free Tablet For Low Income Families

    The Affordable Connectivity Program is a federal benefit program designed to help low-income household connect to the Internet The benefit provides a discount up to $30 per month toward internet service for eligible households and up to $75 per month for households on qualifying Tribal lands. Households may be eligible if the household income is up to 200% of the federal poverty guidelines or a member of the household meets one of the following criteria:

    • Participates in certain government assistance programs such as SNAP, Medicaid, WIC or Lifeline.
    • Participates in Tribal specific programs, such as Bureau of Indian Affairs General Assistance, Tribal TANF, or Food Distribution Program on Indian Reservations
    • Participates in the National School Lunch Program or the School Breakfast Program, including through the USDA Community Eligibility Provision
    • Received a Federal Pell Grant during the current award year or
    • Meets the eligibility criteria for a participating provider’s existing low-income internet program.

    The ACP benefit is non-transferrable and limited to one monthly service discount per household.

    The ACP is a federal government benefit program operated by the FCC and, if it ends, or when a household is no longer eligible, customers will be subject to Mediacoms regular rates, terms and conditions.

    If you need assistance, please call us at between 7 AM and 7 PM CT, 7 days a week.

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    What Is Low Cost Internet

    Throughout the U.S, residents can access low-cost internet plans through government programs, nonprofits and major internet providers. If you seek internet access through government and nonprofit programs, youll usually need to meet specific requirements. For example, some programs only offer services to customers who meet Federal Poverty Guidelines or qualify for government assistance. Common internet providers like Xfinity and AT& T place similar requirements for their low-income plans, though customers usually just need to qualify for some form of federal assistance.

    Programs For Free Government Laptops And Internet For Low

    When you are from a low-income family and dont afford to buy a laptop, there are different ways to get a free laptop free of cost. Now we are going to take you to the different government agencies and organizations where free laptops are dealt with. So you may check out their website to get detailed information and more process to get started.

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    Altice Advantage Internet With Optimum Or Suddenlink

    Altice is offering a low-income household discount through both Optimum and Suddenlink called Altice Advantage Internet. Qualifying families can receive up to 30 Mbps for $14.99/mo. Plus, the first 60 days are free. Eligible households include families with a K-12 or college student who needs internet access at home due to COVID-19, seniors eligible for Supplemental Security Income , or veterans receiving public assistance.

    South Carolina Telephone Assistance Program

    EBB program assisting low-income families with high-speed internet

    In addition to Lifeline, the State of South Carolina offers a state telephone assistance discount. The telephone assistance program offers up to $3.50 per month discount on home landline telephone service.

    The South Carolina state discount is automatically added when the subscriber qualifies for the federal Lifeline program.

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    Are Free Laptops Safe And Durable

    When you are going to get a free laptop from a different government body and different organizations, it is a common question about the laptops durability. These laptops are donated by rich people who at least dont want to provide a laptop with fault. Donation is a noble work where people dont try to add any faulty item.

    Additionally, a different organization that deals with the free laptop has a technical team to check out the durability and safety of information. When people are donating, there may be personal information on a computer or laptop. They securely wipe out the storage device in consent with the donor and make it useable for the new people.

    Arizona Telephone Assistance Program

    In addition to Lifeline, the State of Arizona offers a state telephone assistance discount the Senior Telephone Discount Program. The telephone assistance program offers up to $3.14 per month discount on home landline telephone service.

    To qualify for the Senior Telephone Discount Program:

    • Must have voice service
    • Qualifying participant must be a senior
    • The qualifying member of the household has an income at or below 100% of the Federal Poverty Guidelines

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    Take A Look At Netzero Or Freedompop

  • These two companies advertise free options that may work for you if youre not a heavy internet user. NetZero Dial-Up includes 10 hours of free internet access a monthalthough with dial-up speeds, you wont have very fast access. FreedomPop, meanwhile, advertises 1 GB of free data with DSL-level speeds. There is no income requirement for either of these programs but youll need to check to make sure youre in an area they service.

  • Can I Get The $995 Rate On My Existing Telus Internet Plan

    Where to Get Free Computers for Low

    No. The Internet for Good price is only valid for the Internet for Good plan which includes speeds of up to 25 megabits per second and unlimited monthly data. Existing TELUS Internet customers who qualify for Internet for Good can migrate to this plan if they would like to take advantage of the $9.95 price point. Alternatively, eligible applicants can select Internet for Good with speeds of up to 50 megabits per second and unlimited monthly data for $19.95/month.

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    Locations With Free Wifi

    Check your local library: Public libraries across the country offers wireless internet connection to all visitors during hours of operation free of charge. You will be able to connect your devices through the library network to access the internet. The library also offers public computers that can be used for job searching, research and other activities.

    Colleges/Universities: Colleges usually have an open and secured Wifi network that covers the campus area. Anyone can connect to campus wifi, and there is a guest wifi option for visitors.

    Public Space: Free Wifi can be found in any neighborhood and public spaces. Starbucks, McDonald’s, coffee shops, fast food chains, airports are some common places to find free wireless hotspots. You will find a listing of nearby shops and restaurants on Yelp that offers complimentary Wi-Fi to guests

    Major cities such as San Francisco and NYC provide free public wifi to some extent with the CityWide wireless network, also known as blanket wifi across cities. Visit— for an organized database of free wifi hotspot locations in the US.

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