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Government Help To Pay Utility Bills

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Find Out More About Collection Agencies And How They Operate

Grants For Bills

Even though it is their job to do anything they can to make you settle the debt, there are still certain things that collection agencies are not allowed to do. Make sure you do some research, so you know what they are allowed to demand in your situation. The most important question to answer is whether they can take you to court. This is possible if you have an unpaid phone bill, for instance.

Emergency Assistance To Families

These benefits help low-income families facing financial, physical, or family emergencies. The family must have a child under the age of 18 or 19 and be attending school full-time. A pregnant woman is eligible to apply for EAF benefits. Finances are provided to help with:

  • Rent
  • safe housing for domestic violence

Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program

If this has become a reoccurring issue, you need to look into the government agency LIHEAP. The program is meant to help low-income households that pay a high proportion of their income for home energy. The Office of Community Services, Division of Energy Assistance granted $3.32 billion in funding for LIHEAP in 2020.

LIHEAP can help pay heating or cooling bills, and help pay for low-cost home improvements such as weatherization to lower utility bills. On average, about 20% of households that are qualified for LIHEAP receive benefits.

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Do You Qualify For Public Assistance

If you receive public assistance, you may qualify for help paying your electric bill or for the Energy Savings Assistance Program, which can help you conserve energy and reduce your electricity costs.

Youre eligible for income-qualified programs if you are a homeowner or a renter who is an SCE customer and participates in one of these California assistance programs:

  • Medi-Cal/Medicaid
  • Medi-Cal for Families
  • National School Lunch Program
  • Bureau of Indian Affairs General Assistance
  • Head Start Income Eligible

Government Grants To Help You Pay For Utility Bills

Government Grants to Help you Pay for Utility Bills ...

Food,air, water, and shelter are the four major things one needs to have to continueliving. But these four dont come free and neither do these consist of isolatedexpenditures. Food, for example, needs to be cooked and for that, you need topay for groceries and for gas to cook the food. Shelter means that you willhave to pay rent and take care of repairs when something breaks down. While youdont have to pay for the air your breathe, you do have to pay for the wateryou use. There are tons more hidden costs involving these four and they allfall under utilities, without which you wont be able to live a fulfillinglife.

But, these costs keep on rising and keeping the electricity on, water running, food in your fridge and shelter above your head costs more every year. This makes it really difficult for the normal everyday people who work full-time jobs to make ends meet and then pay for these high bills. But the situation is something else for people who are either unemployed, work mediocre jobs or work multiple low paying jobs. They often have to forego one or many of these crucial utilities. If you fall in the latter category and are having trouble with paying your bills, then dont lose heart.

Thereare many ways to get financial assistance to keep that the power on in yourhouse. Lets explore them.

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Prepare Yourself And Your Family

  • Make sure your state ID or drivers license is current and available. Shelters and assistance programs may have strict ID requirements.

  • If possible, store your belongings. Shelters have limits on how much you may bring.

  • Arrange for your mail to be delivered somewhere or talk to your local post office. Many have special services for people who are homeless. You may be able to get a free P.O. box or receive general delivery service.

  • Pack a bag for yourself and each member of your family.

  • Keep important documents and needed medications with you.

Government Utility Bill Assistance

The Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program Block Grant is funded by the Federal Department of Health and Human Services and provides two basic types of services. Eligible low-income persons, via local governmental and nonprofit organizations, can receive financial assistance to offset the costs of heating and/or cooling dwellings and/or have their dwellings weatherized to make them more energy efficient. Information on LIHEAP by state.

Applications for the program are usually processed by community action agencies. These non-profits also have information on many other resources that may be able to help with paying utility bills. Find how to get help with heating bills from assistance programs offered by your local utility companies, charities and local government. Or read more on electric bill programs from LIHEAP

LIHEAP crisis programs can be an option for low income families that are faced with an emergency such as a disconnection or that are very low on heating oil or fuel. Grants and financial assistance can be paid out directly to your energy company for your unpaid bill. The funds can be expedited to households that are faced with a shut off of their electric or utility service. The LIHEAP crisis program may even provide grants within 24 business hours in some cases.

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Find Your Loan Servicer

If you don’t know whether your mortgage is federally backed, see a list of federal agencies that provide or insure mortgages. You can also check the Fannie Mae loan lookup and the Freddie Mac loan lookup to see if either one owns or backs your mortgage. Together, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac own nearly half of all mortgages in the U.S.

Track Your Energy Usage

Program to Help Locals Pay Utility Bills

You can keep an eye on your energy usage with Budget Assistant. This easy-to-use feature compares your accounts projected next bill to your spending goals and sends you an alert to let you know how youre doing. You can choose whether you receive alerts via email, phone, or text, and how often you want to be notified.

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Can I Get Assistance With My Fuel Bills

LIHEAP helps low-income individuals and families with the cost of heating their homes during the winter season. If you are a first-time applicant, you must apply in person at the fuel assistance agency in your area. After that first year, you will receive an application in the mail. Applicants who are denied assistance have the right to appeal through your local fuel assistance agency. For more information, call the state hotline for social service programs by dialing 211 or 632-8175 or you can visit the LIHEAP website.If you are not eligible for LIHEAP, you may be eligible for help from the Salvation Army’s Good Neighbor Energy Fund, which offers one-time grants for eligible consumers. For more information, call 334-3047 or 262-1320 if you live in area code 413. You can also visit the Salvation Armys Good Neighbor Energy Fund website to learn about the program and review the income eligibility guidelines.

# Public Housing Or Low

Public housing, the form of government-subsidized housing. Public housing includes apartment buildings or complexes and single-family houses. Which are accessible to people and families, elderly people and people with disabilities. Homes are frequently provided by public housing to people who earn less than the average income, though some countries do not set income ceilings. Anyone can contact your state or local housing authority. The U.S. has 1.3 million units of public housing, according to the HUD, Public housing projects, which usually take the kind of large apartment complexes located in poorer neighborhoods, continue to garner both service and criticism.

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Other Utility Paying Bills Programs

Your first step should be to get the power company if you can not manage your home heating and electric bills. LIHEAP is. It could have the ability to help you in unique ways. There are Each month based on your earnings get. Some states have applications, run with state money, to assist people Who do not qualify for LIHEAP? Some companies have programs that spread your utility costs out to make them more manageable. Some states have programs to give energy credits for folks. Gives households a $150 credit toward their gasoline bill. The business may also be inclined to let you put off paying your invoice per month. Your state and your utility company LIHEAP office can help you find programs. They can provide you discounts on products which can allow you to lower your home energy costs in the future. American Water provides water and wastewater services Gives aid bills.

Donotpay Can Help If Youre Struggling With Your Bills

What to Do When You Cant Pay Your Utility Bill

While there are several options to deal with piled-up bills and low income insufficient to cover them, the most efficient way to go about it is to use our app. By efficient, we mean both financially and timewise. When you rely on DoNotPay, you only need to take four simple steps:

  • Log in to your DoNotPay account via a web browser
  • Tell us which bills specifically youre struggling with
  • Give us your personal information
  • Provide a short explanation so we understand your problem and what kind of help youre looking for
  • When we have all the necessary information, the rest of the job is on us. You can relax and just wait up to two days for the entire process to be completed. Our app will inform you as soon as everything is finished.

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    # Salvation Army Help

    Homelessness can happen to anyone guys, single women families, the elderly, children or adults that are young. The Salvation Army assists individuals that are currently struggling to remain in their homes. During our Home Now program, Assistance comes in the kind of support, referrals and budget counseling. The Salvation Army might provide transitional or temporary housing for families.

    What Is Going To Happen If I Dont Pay My Bills

    Depending on the bills, different things can happen if you fail to pay them. In some cases, your service provider will just temporarily disconnect you, while in others, you might be even taken to small claims court. Some providers will leave it to a collection agency to handle the situation. Should something like this happen, you need to be prepared and act accordingly. Heres what you should do when going up against a collection agency.

  • Find out more about collection agencies and how they operate
  • Keep a record so collectors cannot wrong you
  • Offer to pay a part of your debt for a start
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    Do You Fit Income Requirements

    You may be eligible for help paying your energy bill based on your household income. Household income eligibility is calculated by adding together all income sources, including wages or salaries, Social Security, pensions, unemployment benefits, child or spousal support, workers comp payments, disability, scholarships, legal settlements and other sources not listed.

    Effective June 1, 2021 to May 31, 2022
    Number of Persons in Household Total Combined Annual Income CARE Total Combined Annual Income FERA

    1 to 2

    Effective June 1, 2021 to May 31, 2022

    Number of Persons in Household

    1 to 2

    Total Combined Annual Income CARE

    Up to $34,840

    Total Combined Annual Income FERA

    Not Eligible

    Number of Persons in Household
    Total Combined Annual Income CARE

    Up to $43,920

    Total Combined Annual Income FERA

    $43,921 – $54,900

    Number of Persons in Household
    Total Combined Annual Income CARE

    Up to $53,000

    Total Combined Annual Income FERA

    Up to $62,080

    $62,081 – $77,600

    Up to $71,160

    $71,161 – $88,950

    Up to $80,240

    $80,241 – $100,300

    Up to $89,320

    $89,321 – $111,650

    Each additional person


    $9,080 – $11,350

    *Lower Limit Calculation = 200% of Federal Poverty Guidelines +$1

    **Upper Limit Calculation = 250% of Federal Poverty Guidelines

    Should I Apply For Personal Government Grants

    Help to pay energy bills

    Personal government grants are primarily intended for a specific purpose. Most people use them when they need to purchase a new house or a vehicle or repair their existing house. Other reasons why people also use them include the following:

    • Mortgage payments
    • Insurance
    • Holiday travel

    You can apply for a personal grant to pay utility and medical bills, too, although this is a less common scenario. The previously listed programs are more suitable when youre struggling with your monthly expenses.

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    What Your Loan Servicer Must Do If You Request Forbearance

    If you’re having trouble making payments on your federally backed mortgage because of the COVID-19 pandemic, contact your loan servicer before September 30, 2021. Your loan servicer must:

    • Defer or reduce your payments for 180 days if you contact them to make arrangements

    • Give you another 180 days of mortgage relief at your request

    • Offer options for how you can make up the deferred or reduced payments. They will discuss these options with you at the end of your forbearance period.

    # Communities Helping In Paying Bills

    Community Action Organizations are local non-profit or public groups that offer various kinds of help to people in need. They do their best to support and assist low-income families, children by providing things. Charity Medical Care services Hospitals, doctors, and medical providers provide Some kind of medical or dental services to the income or uninsured. They can help with heating and utility bills, provide lease payments job training, and other services. International Association of Jewish Free Loans charity company can offer borrowers with access to capital for addressing a crisis. The help in the non-profit may be used to cover for emergencies Car repairs, utility bills, home, and health care expenses. The loans will be interest-free, which means there are no fees.

    You can find the best Emergency Financial Grant as per your need offered by federal and state governments to low-income families and needy peoples. These Need paying bills grants helping and making people use basic needs utilities, medical services, healthcare services, mortgage loans, rent payment, good education and much more. Read more about federal government grants and loans

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    Special Rules For Eligible Low

    You can take advantage of these special rules if:

    • Youve received LEAP emergency financial assistance within the past two years, or
    • You are receiving assistance under the Ontario Electricity Support Program .
    • If you qualify, you should let your local utility or unit sub-meter provider know that you want to take advantage of the special rules for low-income customers.

    Learn more about rules that electricity and natural gas utilities have to follow in our Consumer Protection section.

    If you believe that your utility or unit sub-meter provider has broken our customer service rules we want to hear from you.

    When Will I Get My Benefit

    Redbridge MyLife

    Once you submit your application and required documents, your application will be reviewed within approximately 30 business days . A letter will be mailed to you that tells you if you qualify for help and the amount you will get.

    After you apply, please continue to pay your utility bills if you can so you do not get disconnected or run out of fuel such as propane, wood, or pre-paid electric. Your bill needs to be paid to your utility company .

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    Additional Assistance Programs Available To You

    These community, county, and government plans are here to assist you and your family.

    California LifeLine

    A state program providing discounted home or cellular phone services to eligible households. For more information, or to see if you qualify, visit California LifeLine Program.

    Social Security Administration

    Social Security Administration programs are a great resource for qualifying customers, helping with retirement planning, Medicare prescriptions, and financial assistance. Visit social for more information.


    Free, confidential phone service available 24/7 to assist you and your family during emergencies and with everyday needs. Dial 2-1-1 for free help or visit Services vary by community, but the list below gives a well-rounded sampling of the help that may be available to you:

    • Financial / Public Assistance Programs
    • Housing Assistance / Emergency Shelter Programs
    • Parenting Resources
    • Food Bank / Hot Meal Center Information
    • Employment Services
    • Transportation Services

    Income Qualified and Want Solar?

    Homeowners may qualify for a free home solar system from our partner, GRID Alternatives. Find out if the Single-family Affordable Solar Homes program, a state of California program for low- or fixed-income families, can help you. Learn more at

    Help Paying Bills Using Your Benefits

    You can have some of your bills paid directly out of your benefits payments if youre having difficulties. This is called third party deductions and sometimes Fuel Direct.

    The benefits that can be used are:

    • Universal Credit
    • income-related Employment and Support Allowance
    • Income Support

    Contact Jobcentre Plus .

    You need:

    • details of who you owe and how much
    • your customer reference number
    • your National Insurance number

    Theyll arrange for some of your benefits to be paid directly each month to the person or company you owe.

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    Receive Assistance With Your Utility Bills

    ADVISORY: DOEE is not accepting appointments at this time and the Taylor Street and MLK Energy Centers are closed until further notice. Please note that major utilities will not disconnect services during this emergency period. DOEE is accepting applications via the online application and the mail further instructions are provided below.

    On June 1, 2020, DOEE began providing emergency utility assistance to residents who owe $250 or more on a utility account. This is a one-time payment to a single utility and benefits will be the amount owed, up to $600. Prior to June 1, 2020, DOEE required a disconnection from energy service, an oil tank at 5% or less of capacity, or, for residents fifty-five or older, a disconnection notice to qualify for the emergency benefit.

    DOEE assists income-eligible District households with heating and cooling energy costs through the Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program . Eligible households may receive energy bill assistance between $250 and $1,800 as a one-time regular energy assistance benefit. This benefit is based on household size, total household income, heating source, and type of dwelling.

    Additionally, residents may apply for the Utility Discount Program in order to receive a reduced rate on their utility costs. To learn more, please visit the Utility Discount Program.

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