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Government Garbage Trucks For Sale

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Hook Arm Garbage Trucks

Garbage trucks for sale at Tulsa city surplus auction

Also referred to a hooklift truck, this is a style of trash truck that utilizes a telescopic hook arm to lift the dumpster ON and OFF the back of the truck. These types of trash trucks for sale allow the driver to offload the container without leaving the cabin. They also known for their affordability and general ease of use.

At, we bring you a wide collection of the best trash trucks for sale from giant companies. Among other highly recommendable garbage trucks, the Sinotruk HOWO 6×4 Hook Arm Garbage Truck seems to be a favorite among most big garbage management companies.

These are powerful new garbage trucks with Left Hand Drive and Right Hand Drive options. They are fitted with an FH9 1×9000 kgs front axle and 2 HC16 2×16000 kgs and modern design cabins designed with both comfort and safety in mind.

A History Of Garbage Regulation And The Refuse Truck

If you were like any normal kid, you grew up idolizing certain characters. Comic book superheroes included Superman, Spiderman, Batman, and many more. Their powers include the ability to fly, shoot webs, and operate the most sophisticated technologies. However, the basis for superheroes public adoration were anything but sophisticated. In fact, it was quite simple superheroes help people. Though garbage men dont often receive this type of devout fandom, perhaps they should. After all, theyve been fighting to keep up our quality of living and maintain our cities for decades.

Buying A Garbage Truck Here Is What To Consider

Garbage management can be a high paying job if you invest in reliable trash trucks for sale. Whether you want to go with a hook arm style truck or a compressor truck, the first thing that you are going to consider is the power of the truck. Here, you want to consider things like the size of the engine and specifications as well as axle capabilities.

Its also important that you consider the level of customization that your target brand or garbage truck manufacturer offers you.

The most important bit, however, is to ensure that you are getting your trash truck from a reputable manufacturer. At Camamach, weve scoured the best new garbage trucks for sale from the industry big names to help you get a waste truck that maximizes on power and convenience, all while being efficient. Follow this LINK to learn all the options that you have on your next trash truck.

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All The Top Truck Brands Are Sold: Ford Chevy Toyota Dodge Gmc And More

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Business Collection And Toxic Trash Disposal

2012 Mack Trash Truck
  • Corporate trash collection services also provide a source of income for independent garbage truck operators, particularly in areas where metropolitan services arent available or the city services limit the amount of trash collected at the business location. Another area of commercial collection involves specialty garbage transfer. Trash classified as toxic, including waste oil products or garbage containing mercury, must be collected and disposed of at special processing centers. Metropolitan and city services failing to provide special collection garbage trucks to deliver these wastes to the centers offer another opening for an independent garbage truck service, provided the operator has training and state and national certifications for this type of trash collection.

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    The Future Of The Garbage Truck

    We can only guess what technologies will be implemented in the refuse trucks of the future. The industry today offers all kinds of trucks including hook lift trucks and grapple trucks. Hook lifts feature a de-mountable design. Grapple trucks offer prospective buyers 6 different variations, maximizing efficiency and convenience. These models exceed the expectations of just a few decades ago. Who knew 100 years ago that waste haulers would be able to collect and dispose of waste without even exiting the cab of the truck? As the environment becomes a growing concern, experts are developing even more creative ways of disposing of waste. However, the garbage mans job remains essentially the same as it was thousands of years ago keeping our streets and homes clear of waste so that our cities and towns can continue to function and improve. You dont have to be an environmentally-savvy hydraulic expert to help your local garbage man out. Next time you see him picking up your trash, simply salute him for his heroic efforts. Maybe even teach your children to admire him as much as Superman or Spiderman, and the waste management journey will continue.

    Welcome To Holtz Trucks

    If you are in the market for used refuse trucks you have come to the right place. Holtz Industries, Inc offers used rear loaders, front loaders, can delivery trucks, side loaders, roll-offs and hook-hoists. We also stock refuse bodies and we have the facility to mount them to your trucks! Give us a call for more information or for pricing!

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    S Garwood Load Packer

    This truck was the first to utilize hydraulic technology in waste disposal. It was the worlds first peek at the idea of compacting, as this truck demonstrated an unprecedented capability to decrease the volume of the garbage. This technological breakthrough is still the standard for refuse trucks today.

    A History Of Garbage Regulation

    Grant signing for purchase of Garbage Compactor Trucks

    Weve been long annoyed by garbage. The concept of waste disposal goes back to a time before historians can accurately calculate. One of the earliest recorded landfills was created by Knossos, in Crete. He saw that the landscape needed a little cleaning up, so he dug large holes and stored the waste underground. In 500 B.C., a law was developed in Athens, Greece requiring that all waste be dumped at least one mile from the city. Though it would be over 2,000 years until the first refuse truck was invented, this was the first step.

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    A Definition Of Waste

    Waste is defined by Merriam-Webster as damaged, defective, or superfluous material produced by a manufacturing process. Though environmentally-friendly habits have gained popularity in recent years, waste management workers still have quite a job to do. As long as there are people to throw things away, garbage men are almost solely responsible for picking up after us. Consumerism in America is only gaining momentum. Movies paint a grim picture of humanitys future, where our planet is so overtaken by our own waste that we have to pile into a space ship and relocate. Luckily, thanks to our waste management workers, this is not likely to ever happen in real life.

    Purchase Heil Garbage Trucks Through Sourcewell

    Sourcewell Government Purchasing has awarded Heil a nationally bid contract for Mobile Refuse Collection Vehicles with Related Equipment, Accessories, and Services. Through the Heil Contract , Sourcewell members can purchase any of the Heil line of garbage trucks, including automated carry cans from Curotto-Can®, without having to create an RFP and send the project through a duplicate bid process. By using the existing nationally bid contract, members can receive the products they need more quickly and cost-effectively. Best of all, Sourcewell membership is free! Learn more about purchasing your Heil Garbage Trucks through Sourcewell by visiting their website.

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    Public And Private Trash Collection

  • Urban areas require trash collection to keep streets and alleys free from trash and garbage. Large metropolitan centers organize trash collection using a fleet of city-owned trash trucks to collect and recycle refuse. This arrangement allows few opportunities for a single-truck garbage operator. Smaller villages and unincorporated areas, however, typically dont have discretionary funds to purchase trash trucks and hire full-time staff to operate the vehicles. These geographic areas provide key markets for independent garbage truck operators.

  • Can I Make Money With Buying A Garbage Truck


    Trash is big business, and there is money to be made operating a garbage truck. Trash disposal became a major industry after World War II with the growth of suburbs and the institution of federal antipollution laws in the 1960s. Trash required disposal services, and individual homes no longer had the option of burning trash in the back incinerator. Environmental laws also mandated safe disposal of industrial wastes. As current landfills overflow, garbage services offer trash recycling in addition to regular collection.

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    S The Refuse Truck Hey Day

    By this time, waste management was a top priority for many governments of the world. We were looking for any way to more efficiently get rid of garbage. In 1991, the future of landfill operations was saved with the EPAs decision to set standards for groundwater protection, monitoring, and closure care. Breakthroughs in hydraulics and worker safety would continue throughout this era, and the government would take note. The refuse trucks developed during the 90s would prove to pack 2 to 3 times as much material as the first models. The most popular model today is the front loader, grasping the container and dumping it over and behind the drivers head. Its speed has earned it popularity in residential and commercial areas.

    What Is Garbage Truck

    Also known as waste truck, bin truck, trash truck, or dumpster truck among other names, a garbage truck is a vehicle specially designed for the collection municipal solid waste and transportation of the same to a solid waste management facility including a landfill and transfer station.

    There has been a lot of variations on the trash truck since its invention. The most common styles and what you are going to come across when searching for the best trash trucks online, however, are the hook arm and the compressor garbage trucks.

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    Used Garbage Truck Inventory

    Because good quality used equipment sells quickly, our used garbage truck inventory changes on a daily basis. Let us do the work! If youre looking for a specific make/model within a certain budget, let us know and well do the research.

    • What is your budget and timeframe for buying?
    • What body type/make and chassis make/model are you interested in?

    Our fleet maintained used truck inventory includes all makes and models of front loader, side loader, rear loader and roll-off garbage trucks.

    Garbage Truck For Sale In New York

    Sanitation Dept. Launches ‘Trucks of Art’ Contest For Trash Vehicles

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    Posted Over 1 Month

    RD688SX, Heavy Duty Trucks – Garbage Trucks – Roll-Off, Mack E7, 10 Spd, , 350 Horse Power, Spring Suspension, Spoke Wheels, Wheel Base, 12R24.5, Tandem Axle, Ratio,


    Posted Over 1 Month

    T440, Heavy Duty Trucks – Garbage Trucks – Packer, Cummins ISL, Automatic, , 330 Horse Power, Spring Suspension, Steel Disc Wheels, Wheel Base, 11R22.5, Tandem Axle, Ratio,


    Posted Over 1 Month


    Posted Over 1 Month


    Posted Over 1 Month

    Nice running and operating 1998 Mack w/ 25 yard Mcneilius packer . It is an MR688S with E7 mechanical pump motor . Everything works and has been very reliable . This truck must be sold south or west of New York state . The only NY buyers we can sell to must be from the Buffalo region or Long Island . Bring a plate and drive it home . If you come on the weekend only cash will be accepted , all other funds will be verified before truck leaves so make sure you can be here while your bank is open or just bring cash. Call 607-three six eight -0607 . Also have trucks for parts or repair ( 2007 Freightliner needs sleeve kit and driver door w/ co-collector body $ 7000 – 2004 International blown motor w/ co-collector body $5000 -1999 International w/ dt530 and side load packer runs drives fully functional only drives from left controls $5000 $17500, 6073680607


    Posted Over 1 Month


    Posted Over 1 Month

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    Used Garbage Trucks & Roll

    Wastebuilt is a leading seller of used and refurbished late-model garbage and roll-off trucks including:

    • We only sell fleet maintained used garbage trucks in route ready condition
    • Used rear loaders
    • Used side loaders
    • Used front loaders
    • Used roll-off style trucks
    • Other used equipment for ancillary public works services

    S Godzilla And The Pack Master

    Waste Haulers were dying to get their hands on the Maxon Barell Snatcher, nicknamed Godzilla. Its huge size was unprecedented. It also demonstrated an incredible lifting power picking up containers with hundreds of gallons of waste in them. However, the truck also had its disadvantages. Residential and commercial waste haulers complained that its size was too unpractical.

    The Pack Master took hydraulics to the next level. A photograph of this truck crushing a Volkswagen was widely circulated in newspapers. It opened the door to new possibilities in waste compaction. This would solve the problem of many waste managers up until this point in history, taking care of furniture and large appliances that other trucks couldnt handle.

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    Guide To Buying A Freight Truck

    Whether you just need one freight truck for your business or you want to add another to your fleet, you may still have questions about how to make the best decision for your business. These vehicles are on the spendy side so you should consider them a serious investment. We at Fyda Freightliner have listed below some of the things you must do before you make that purchase. For any additional information, visit one of our dealerships located throughout Kentucky, Ohio, and Pennsylvania, and our trained staff will gladly help you out.

    Why Wastebuilt

    2010 Mack Trash Truck

    Since 2012, Wastebuilt has been a leading supplier to the waste and recycling industry across the U.S.

    • Unlike most used truck dealers, we only sell used waste and recycling equipment.
    • We operate 12 regional locations across the U.S. and have access to an extensive inventory of used equipment.
    • Because of our long-standing relationships in the refuse industry, we know of used equipment before others.
    • Unlike others, we know and understand refuse trucks and all makes/models of refuse bodies.

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