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Government Funded Drug Rehab Programs

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Adult Substance Abuse Treatment

State Funded Rehab

Adult Substance Abuse Treatment is for adults with an alcohol or drug dependency, or adults with a co-occurring substance use and a psychiatric diagnosis. You can find a treatment provider in your area using the directory at this link.

Services include:

  • Social Detox and Medically Monitored Detox

You Are Eligible If:

  • You have no financial means of obtaining services
  • You have no other financial means of obtaining the services available through this program
  • You are not enrolled in Tennessees Medicaid program, TennCare
  • You do not have any other third party health benefits payor source
  • You have depleted your TennCare or other third party alcohol and drug abuse treatment benefits limit
  • You meet the one hundred thirty-three percent federal poverty guidelines as set by the United States Department of Health and Human Services

A listing of state funded treatment providers along with contact information and a listing of the services they provide can be found by clicking in the box below. Note: the document may take a few moments to load.

For questions and more information contact:Linda McCorkleDept. of Mental Health & Substance Abuse ServicesPhone: 532-7803

How Quickly Can I Enter A Government

Unfortunately, low or no-cost treatment for drug and alcohol rehab is in high demand and therefore spaces in inpatient or outpatient facilities are often very limited. Because of this, many of the people accepted in these government-sponsored rehab programs may have to be on a waiting list for periods lasting weeks or months.11

Types Of Treatment Centers In Bc

The cliche goes that accepting the fact you need treatment and committing to recovery is the hardest part of the journey.

Lets be honest, the entire journey is hard, including choosing how and where you receive treatment.

Do you go for the science-driven treatment center that sticks to the 12-step program?

Or try the more progressive approach with a holistic rehab center?

It can be an overwhelming decision, further stalling the treatment process.

This is where its crucial to know what your options are.

Understanding whats available and whats the best fit for you is going to help speed up the process of getting treatment and starting your recovery.

So lets take a step back and look at the main types of treatment centers available in BC:

  • Free
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    How And Where To Get Help For Substance Abuse In Bc

    Recovery from addiction is possible, and people who overcome their addiction move on to live fulfilling, rewarding, and inspirational lives.

    In fact, studies in America found that 80% of people who had recovered from their addiction achieved at least one major life accomplishment following their treatment.

    Were committed to helping Canadians recover and heal from addiction and substance abuse. Canada Drug Rehab is an immersive directory built to educate you and your loved ones about addiction and treatment options.

    We also connect families with specialists such as Andy Bhatti, a leading interventionist who has overcome addiction himself.

    Our immersive directory provides you with up-to-date information about leading providers of treatment in British Columbia and throughout Canada.

    Canada Drug Rehab is sponsored by Andy Bhatti Intervention Services, Aurora Recovery Centre, Cedars at Cobble Hill, and Sunshine Coast Health Centre.

    Didi Hirsch Mental Health Services Culver City Ca


    This facility provides suicide prevention, mental health, and substance abuse treatment. This makes a good option for teens and adults looking for a rehab that addresses co-occurring mental health disorders alongside substance abuse treatment.Services offered include prevention , assessment , outpatient treatment, and mother/child residential treatment.

    Does My Insurance Cover Addiction Treatment?Read More About Your Health Insurance Options:

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    Find A Drug And Alcohol Abuse Rehab Center In Louisiana

    Addiction affects millions of people, and it doesn’t discriminate. If it’s impacting your life or that of someone you love, you might feel as if you’ve failed somehow. In reality, however, addiction can happen to anyone and most people need help to …


    Why Choose Private Over Public Rehab

    Publicly rendered drug and behavioural rehab services can be free, or at least relatively inexpensive. On the other hand, private rehab treatment costs several hundred dollars per day. So why would you choose the latter?

    Although Ontarians are fortunate to have access to free rehab treatment services, public facilities can have wait times, sparse one-on-one services and limitations on the quality of service. Private rehab centres tend to offer better service across the board.

    Firstly, private providers can offer different types of programs for different needs. The most known examples are:

    So while cost will factor into the decision for most people, its just one of many considerations to be made when choosing an addiction rehab treatment centre.

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    Private Funding And Financing

    Because the cost of rehab can be quite high depending on the facility and length of stay, it may be necessary to secure private financing for treatment if the individual is uninsured and cannot qualify for federal or state assistance. Some addiction treatment centers may offer scholarships, so its a good idea to talk to the admissions office as soon as you decide on a rehab.

    If not, the treatment facility may offer financing plans that allow you to make payments after discharge. This arrangement is sometimes offered through a third party lender that can create a loan package. Be sure to discuss financing options with any treatment center being considered.

    If you have savings, an IRA or a 401 plan, it may be necessary to take out some of that money to cover your treatment program. If your home has equity, you may be able to access that through a home equity loan and use it toward rehab services.

    Fundraising Or Crowdfunding

    Family members may be able to help you pay for rehab as well. Suggest that they make the payment directly to the facility so there will be no question that the funds are being used as intended. Friends may also be able to help raise money for your rehab costs using Crowdfunding sites like GoFundMe.

    Accessing Private Alcohol And Other Drug Treatment Services Directly

    China supports Philippine drug rehab program

    Private alcohol and drug treatment services are also available. First check with the Australian Health Practitioners Regulation Authority that the practitioner you plan to use is qualified to deliver this kind of service.

    The costs associated with accessing private treatment services may vary depending on the program and the organisation delivering them. Ask the provider to explain all costs associated with the service before you sign up to ensure that you understand all fees and costs. For general information on your rights as a consumer of services visit the Consumer Affairs website.

    Some aspects of private programs might be claimable on Medicare, so check with the provider directly. If you have private health insurance, ask your insurer about programs that are part or fully covered by your plan.

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    Opioid Addiction: Treatment And Rehab

    Opioids are substances that are known for their pain-relieving effects. They include both legal, and some illegal substances that may have the potential for misuse, which can potentially lead to dependence and/or addiction. 1 If you or someone you …

    programsgovernment-fundedrehabfunded rehab

    Preparing And Developing A Program

    Developing a detoxification program is a major financial challenge, whether the program requires building an entirely new organization or is part of an existing treatment entity. The process of program development requires careful planning, especially to ensure adequate financial support for the operation. The decision to develop a detoxification program should be based on a well-developed strategic planning process and a clear understanding of what a detoxification program entails. Because the new program will incur major costs for office space, furniture, staff, computers, and other equipment before clients can be provided with services and payment can be received, significant amounts of initial capital may be needed.

    As soon as the administrator or planner identifies a market need for detoxification services, potential fiscal support and other resources should be identified and checked to see if such support is likely and sufficient. Both implementation and initial operating costs must be covered. It may be possible to find strategic partners who will provide resources, work with the program planner, provide office space, or help obtain funding. Community organizations that see a need for establishing detoxification and treatment services are likely partners. Locally based foundations and businesses also may be approached for assistance with developing a program, especially if a case can be made to the potential funder that ongoing costs can be covered from operations.

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    Access To Rehab Through The Affordable Care Act

    The Affordable Care Act expanded coverage so that more Americans have access to health insurancewhich includes mental health treatment coverage. Under the ACA, both mental and behavioral health disorders are covered similarly to physical health disorders.5,6 This includes the treatment of substance use disorders including:5,6

    • Detoxification.
    • Additional services.

    What Is The Cost Difference Between State And Private Rehab

    Free And State Funded Drug Rehab Centers In Tennessee

    The cost of treatment in a state-funded rehab center is substantially lower than in a private facility, and many programs are offered to individuals at no cost.

    The actual cost of treatment will depend on an individuals qualification for the program and the types of treatment and services that are required.

    The free, instant, confidential form below will verify whether your insurance plan covers treatment at one of American Addiction Centers nationwide facilities. Begin here to start your journey to a sober life today.

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    Waiting For Treatment At State

    Due to this limited funding and the large number of people seeking addiction treatment, immediate help and treatment-on-demand are rarely available. There is frequently a waiting list to get accepted into a state-funded alcohol rehab or drug treatment facility.

    A major issue here is that there is no specific time that one could spend on one of these waiting lists. The time spent could vary widely from a few weeks up to 6 months. A study carried out to gauge just how bad these waiting lists can get showed that up to 75% of people had to wait more than a month before receiving treatment, and up to 30% waited three months without receiving treatment.

    Some individuals, such as pregnant women with IV or other drug addictions and women who have given birth in the past year, receive priority at state-funded rehabs. This means that others in need of addiction treatment may be moved further down the list.

    Studies show that long waiting time is often associated as a reason for a reduced likelihood of ever seeking substance abuse treatment. To overcome this challenging situation, many state-funded rehabilitation programs offer outpatient maintenance services.

    Drug Prevention And Treatment

    The devastating consequences of drug use know no geographic, economic, social, or ethnic boundaries. Each year hundreds of thousands of people around the globe rich, poor, educated, illiterate, male, female, and even young children die from substance use disorders, and many are victims of drug-fueled violence. Beyond the toll drugs take on health and welfare, substance use disorders undermine economic development, diminish social and political stability, and reduce security in countries and regions around the world.

    For over four decades INL has responded boldly to this global challenge with innovative, evidencebased drug demand reduction programs which have set the standard in many countries worldwide. Efforts include drug prevention and drug treatment services that have had a tremendous impact and have saved countless lives.

    INL, through cross-border dialogues and joint projects with foreign partners, shares programming ideas and proven approaches that treat and prevent drug use. We conduct training that strengthens clinical skills raise standards of treatment and care and support long-term recovery. Equally important, INL also conducts long-term evaluations of programs as part of a process of continuous improvement and refinement. As a result, INL-sponsored programs have demonstrated increasingly effective reductions in use and drug related crime.

    The specific goals of INLs International Demand Reduction Program are to:


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    How To Find State Or Government Funded Rehab Near Me

    Once an individual is ready for treatment, there are a number of resources to help find state-funded rehab programs near you. As listed above, the Directory of Single State Agencies for Substance Abuse Services provides contact information for each states agency governing substance abuse policy, funding, and services. Contacting a specific state agency could be the best way to find out more about what that state offers, and how to go about obtaining their services.

    Another good way to search for government-funded treatment rehab centers near you is through SAMHSAs treatment locator. This interactive page enables a visual search of state and municipality centers as well as other regional treatment resources. It allows site visitors to narrow their options based on location by using a physical address, which is then completely deleted from the system following the search.

    British Columbia Treatment Centres

    Jail drug treatment programs receive state grants

    In 2013, the First Nations Health Authority began supporting treatment centres within the province of British Columbia through funding provided by Indigenous Services Canada. Find information on how you can access services in British Columbia by contacting the First Nations Health Authority at 1-855-693-3033.

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    Choosing A Rehab Centre

    When choosing your government addiction program, its important to visit the facility before admission. You should be comfortable in the environment. Ask what the programs curriculum is you want to do a program suited to your beliefs and needs.

    If the situation is such that you need an alternative to the public access system, contact our referral counsellor. We are there to help you find affordable options. There are many accessible and affordable private treatment programs. Some are partly subsidized and, therefore, even less expensive.

    Alcohol And Drug Information Service

    The above information provides only a small snap shot of the range of treatments for drug or alcohol issues and how they work.

    Phone the Alcohol and Drug Information Service available between 8:30am to 10pm every day, to have your questions answered more fully and to find out about specific services.

    The Know Your Options website also provides a directory of services for people who experience problems with alcohol or drug problems.

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    How To Get Grants For Drug Rehab

    Grants For Drug Rehab Federal government provides various grants for its residents to build better life. These grants are provided for some people who experience certain condition. It is including people who experience drug abused case. These grants are accessible to many individuals, universities, and agencies which offer the care. It is known that the cost of staying in drug and rehab center is not affordable. Even a short stay in drug and rehab center is not cheap. A person needs to pay for more than tens of thousands of dollars to stay at the drug center. Grants for drug rehabilitation are given to help people with their rehabilitation cost.

    When you are submitted for drug rehabilitation, there is a possibility that you need to stop working. Due to this reason, someone will need to maintain your finances and other problems. To help your finance, you are recommended to get grants for drug rehab. If you are planning to get government funding for drug rehab, here are some simple tips which you can follow.

    Substance Use Treatment Options

    State Funded Substance Abuse Facilities

    First Nations Treatment Centres: In British Columbia there are currently 10 First Nations residential treatment centres.

    Opioid Agonist Treatment: Opioid agonist treatment is the first-line recommended treatment for opioid use disorder, also known as opioid dependence or addiction. In opioid agonist treatment, opioid substitution medication is provided to an individual to manage opioid withdrawal. This treatment is prescribed by a physician and may be offered as part of residential or outpatient treatment programs.

    Outpatient Treatment Services: Substance use services and supports provided in an office or outpatient clinic setting. Services may include one-on-one or group counselling, connection to medical treatment such as opioid agonist treatment, and help accessing other community supports such as housing and peer support groups.

    Residential Treatment: Time-limited, live-in intensive treatment for individuals experiencing substance use-related challenges. Treatment includes group and one-on-one counselling, medical consultations, as well as life skills training, family support programs and other programs such as art, yoga, music and narrative therapies.

    Stabilization and Transitional Services: A temporary residential setting that provides a safe environment with medical and clinical supports for individuals who are experiencing complex substance-use problems and unstable living conditions.

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    Acceptance To Ohip Approved Treatment Facilities:

    According to Ottowa Detox, the following are basic requirements for acceptance:

  • You will need to be sober .
  • Once you are sober, book an appointment with a drug and alcohol counsellor at the closest local mental health and addiction office.
  • The counsellor will likely refer you to an outpatient program as an interim solution and put you on a waitlist for a residential treatment program.
  • Once wait listed, it is important to stay sober before your intake date . This means going to peer-support meetings, attending outpatient therapy, keeping busy and not becoming idle .
  • Once in residential treatment, clients will spend their time in an intensified treatment program. With the pre-treatment sober time and new personal knowledge and understanding of coping, relapse prevention, and self-awareness, a person can hopefully return back home and learn to flourish in a life.
  • There are also drug treatment centers which specifically cater to teen addiction.

    In addition, there are center which are considered as family treatment centers and solvent abuse treatment centers. Finally, it is important to note that there are three basic stages in the treatment process which includes prevention, intervention and aftercare.

    The last item is of particular importance so that the individual who was treated of the drug addiction problem will not fall into a relapse.

    Quick Comparison: Private Rehab Vs Government Funded Centers

    If you or a loved one are struggling with addiction and seeking help, you have likely found yourself weighing out the pros and cons of government and private care. Weve created a chart to make this process easier for you, and help you decide which of the countless available rehab centres and treatment options are best suited to your needs.

    Treatment/ Facility Private Care
    Customized Program
    None, or long wait time Within Days
    On-going and incorporated in treatment plan
    Long-Term Support Limited Onsite sober living, alumni, outpatient, 4 times a week aftercare

    Disclaimer: The information provided is used as a reference and a guideline, information can vary from different government and private facilities.

    If you want to dig deeper, read on.

    If youd prefer to talk to someone over the phone and get all your questions answered, give us a call at 558-8461. We are available 24/7 to answer your calls.

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