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Can I Sue The United States Government

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Multistate Lawsuits By Topic

11-Year-Old Sues Federal Government To Legalize Medical Marijuana

The following chart lists some, but not all, of the multistate lawsuitsA multistate lawsuit is a lawsuit joined by multiple states. For example, in 2018, New York filed a lawsuit in federal court against the repeal of the Open Internet Order. New York was joined by 21 states in the lawsuit. This is a multistate lawsuit. filed against the federal government from 2017-2021. Please contact Ballotpedia at with multistate lawsuits that should be included on this chart.

Multistate lawsuits against the federal government, 2017-2021
Monday, March 13, 2017

How To Request A Notice Of Right To Sue:

If you have a registered in EEOC’s Public Portal, you can submit your request by logging in to your charge account and uploading your request. If you don’t have an online charge account, send your request for a Notice of Right to Sue to the EEOC office responsible for investigating your charge and include your EEOC charge number and the names of the parties.

  • After 180 days have passed from the date your charge was filed.If more than 180 days have passed from the day you filed your charge, we are required by law to give you the notice if you ask for it.
  • Before 180 days have passed form the date your charge was filed.If fewer than 180 days have passed, we will only give you the notice if we will be unable to finish our investigation within 180 days.

If you want the EEOC to continue investigating your charge, don’t request a Notice of Right to Sue.

Procedures Governing Civil Actions Against United States

  • The Federal Rules of Civil Procedure establish procedures for civil actions against the United States in federal district courts. Fed. R. Civ. P. 1. The action is commenced by filing a complaint with the court. Then, the clerk of court will issue a summons to the plaintiff or the plaintiffs attorney, who is responsible for prompt service of the summons and a copy of the complaint upon the United States. Fed. R. Civ. P. 3, 4.

  • Service must be made upon the United States by delivering a copy of the summons and the complaint to the U.S. Attorney for the district in which the action is brought, or to an Assistant United States Attorney or designated employee, and by sending a copy of the summons and the complaint by registered or certified mail to the Attorney General of the United States in Washington, D.C. Fed. R. Civ. P. 4.

  • Service must be made upon an officer or agency of the United States by serving the United States, as above, and by sending a copy of the summons and complaint to such officer or agency by registered or certified mail. Fed. R. Civ. P. 4.

  • A civil action against the United States in the United States Court of Federal Claims is commenced by filing a complaint with the clerk of that court. Service of the summons and complaint on the United States must be made in accordance with Rule 4. See paragraph , above.


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    The Federal Tort Claims Act

    Do you need permission to sue the government? No, but you must comply with the provisions of the Federal Tort Claims Act. In 1946, Congress passed the Federal Tort Claims Act which allows plaintiffs injured by the negligent acts of federal employees to file claims against the United States for damages. Our firm has a national FTCA practice and has represented many clients in cases against the US Government.

    Suing the government for personal injury or property damage is not an easy process. Before you can sue the U.S. government for personal injury, you must present an administrative claim within 2 years of the date of negligence to the appropriate federal agency. After the claim is filed, the U.S. government has a minimum of six months to take action on the claim before suit can be filed. During this time, the government usually conducts an investigation on the matter and may or may not offer the plaintiff a settlement.

    If, after six months, the government takes no action or if a settlement is not reached, a suit can be filed in federal court. Depending on the circumstances of the case, you may have to comply with additional state laws before you can file your case, depending on the jurisdiction. Talk to your lawyer about what conditions must be satisfied before bringing a lawsuit against the U.S. government. You have a limited amount of time in which to file suit in federal court and if you dont file in a timely manner, you forfeit your right to sue.

    Is The Government Responsible For Your Business Losses

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    The facts of your claim are very important in determining whether the government can be held liable for damage to your business. Generally, the government is not responsible for having a passive role in causing harm to a business. However, when damages are caused by the negligent act of someone working for the government and that act was within the scope of their employment, the government may be liable.

    If you were harmed by the negligence of a government employee or if you think you may have a claim against the government, contact our office to discuss your options.

    If you have questions, need the advice of a trusted counselor, or simply do not know where to turn, our team is here to help. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation.

    DISCLAIMER: The information contained on this website is intended to introduce prospective clients to Laureti & Associates, APC, and is not to be considered a legal opinion or an offer to represent you. This web site is not intended to establish an attorney-client relationship. Emails sent to Laureti & Associates, APC using any of their email addresses, through the use of this website, would not be confidential and would not create an attorney-client relationship.

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    Sue The Government For Negligence

    Suing the Federal Government for the wrongdoing of its employees is different from any other type of case and requires attorneys with specialized knowledge in this area. The trial lawyers at Leesfield Scolaro have a proven track record litigating claims against the US Government. We understand how to make the Federal government pay damages for losses and suffering caused by the negligence of government employees.

    The Federal Tort Claims Act , is a statute enacted by the United States Congress in 1946 that permits private parties to sue the United States in a federal court for most torts committed by persons acting on behalf of the United States. There are very specific limitations and processes specified by the FTCA that must be followed in order to successfully sue the government for negligence that may have caused an accident, injury, or even wrongful death.

    If you have sustained mental or physical injuries due to an accident or incident caused by the negligence of a government employee or agency, there is a possibility that you have a claim against the government for. This where the government claims attorneys at Leesfield Scolaro come in. We can help determine whether you can sue the government under the FTCA and then help you move forward with your claim.

    To contact one of Leesfield Scolaro government claim specialists call our Miami law office today at 800-836-6400 or click here for a free and full case evaluation.

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    How Do I Sue The Government

    When you have been involved in an accident with a government entity, the first step is determining what government umbrella that agency falls under federal, state, or municipal. The rules for each may vary not following the exact required legal steps can result in your injury claim being reduced or dismissed entirely. Having an experienced Arizona injury lawyer handle your case can make all the difference in the outcome of your claim.

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    File A Complaint With The Us Postal Service

    Do you have a complaint, compliment, or suggestion for the U.S. Postal Service ? Maybe youre looking for more information about USPSs services. There are several ways to let them know:

    • Use the USPS websites Email Us form. Select an inquiry type that most closely relates to the complaint or question that you have. On the website, you can also file a claim or request a refund for shipping.

    • Call 1-800-ASK-USPS or TTY: .

    • Speak to the station manager at a local post office.

    • Contact the district the postal consumer and industry affairs office that handles questions for your district. Find your district consumer office.

    • or write to the U.S. Postal Services Headquarters Consumer Advocate office at:

    United States Postal Service

    Office of the Consumer Advocate

    475 L Enfant Plaza, SW

    Washington, D.C. 20260-0004

    Property Damage By Federal Employees

    US state sues China over alleged COVID-19 coverup

    Negligence of federal government personnel can also damage property. If a U.S. Postal Service truck collides with other vehicles in an accident, the owners of those vehicles can sue the government for property damage. If federal park rangers setting controlled burn fires lose control of them and homes are destroyed, the homeowners may seek restitution from the federal government for the damage to the homes and their contents. These are just two examples of cases in which the U.S. government may be liable for property damage under the Federal Tort Claims Act .

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    Acting Within Scope Of Office Or Employment

  • Officers of the United States Government are afforded, in most cases, immunity from liability in civil suits arising from actions taken in the performance of official duties. See Barr v. Matteo, 360 U.S. 564 . The doctrine of official immunity extends to the executive branch of Government, including heads of departments as well as lower ranking executive officers or employees, including Assistant United States Attorneys, agents of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, and agents of the Internal Revenue Service. See, e.g., Scherer v. Brennan, 379 F.2d 609 , cert. denied, 389 U.S. 1021 OCampo v. Hardisty, 262 F.2d 621 .

  • Official immunity is grounded on principles of public policy that persons occupying important positions should speak and act freely and fearlessly in the discharge of their official functions.

  • Officials and employees of the United States are liable in their own right, in criminal and civil actions instituted in federal or state courts, for their actions done outside of the scope of the duties of their office or employment.


    How To Sue The Government

    If you have been injured in an accident caused by employees or factors related to a government agency, contact one of the skilled Phoenix personal injury attorneys at Alex & Associates Our attorneys have built a solid reputation for aggressively advocating for victims against government institutions and bureaucracy and getting our clients the financial compensation they are entitled to.

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    Why Has The Feres Doctrine Survived Even Though The Injuries To Service Members Have Been Horrible

    One of the reasons that the Feres Doctrine has survived, even though many service members have challenged the law, is that Congress has always had the power to change the law and has not done so. Since the 1980s, members of Congress made several attempts to pass a law to allow active-duty service members to sue for medical malpractice, but none had passed.

    However, in 2020, Congress passed a new National Defense Authorization Act that included a new exception to the Feres Doctrine. The 2020 NDAA allows active-duty service members to get compensation if they were the victim of medical malpractice. They still cant sue the United States in court, but instead they can file an administrative claim with the Secretary of Defense. The Secretary of Defense would review all of these claims and can pay the victims a settlement if he or she decides the claim is legitimate.

    This exception to the Feres Doctrine still doesnt apply to all medical malpractice cases. The 2020 NDAA says that it only applies if the medical malpractice occurred in a covered military treatment facility and was caused by a Department of Defense health care provider. This means that if the incident occurred in a civilian treatment facility, like one operated by Veterans Affairs, the Feres Doctrine would still block the claim. Also, if a civilian health care worker caused the malpractice, the Feres Doctrine would still block the claim.

    Suing The Government Or A Public Agency

    File:PPACA States Lawsuit.svg
    Court forms are available at California Courts Forms. Select Small Claims from the pull down menu. Forms are also available at the Court Clerks office. Completed Sample Forms are available here. Starting September 2, 2021 all litigants in Small Claims Court can appear virtually or telephonically for FREE. Read the details from the court here.

    What are government and public agencies?

    Government and public agencies are any state or local government office that serves the public, such as:

    • The City of Los Angeles
    • The County of Los Angeles
    • The State of California
    • The Metropolitan Transit Authority

    Can I sue the Federal government in Small Claims Court?

    No. Federal government agencies cannot be sued in Small Claims Court, but you can file a Claim For Damages . If your claim is denied, contact an attorney for help with filing your case in the U.S. District Court.

    Before suing a government agency

    Before you can sue the government or a public agency, you must first file a claim for damages with them. You can file a claim if you feel the agency is responsible for causing you injury, damage or loss.

    Claim Forms

    Get a claim form directly from the government agency responsible for your damage, injury or loss. Here are some helpful links:

    Take these steps to file a claim with a government agency:

  • Get the agencys Claim for Damages form. Some are linked above.
  • If your claim is approved

    If your claim is denied

    If they dont respond

    Filing your Small Claims case

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    Foreign Sovereign Immunity In State And Federal Courts

    The Foreign Sovereign Immunities Act of 1976 establishes the limitations as to whether a foreign sovereign nation may be sued in U.S. courtsfederal or state. It also establishes specific procedures for service of process and attachment of property for proceedings against a Foreign State. The FSIA provides the exclusive basis and means to bring a lawsuit against a foreign sovereign in the United States. In international law, the prohibition against suing a foreign government is known as state immunity.

    The Law That Allows People To Sue The United States For Injuries Does Not Allow Active Duty Service Members To Sue The United States

    For service members, there is a specific exception in the Federal Tort Claims Act that restricts claims for negligence or wrongful acts “arising out of the combatant activities of the military or naval forces, or the Coast Guard, during time of war.” What does this mean? Does it mean that service members cannot sue for injuries that they received while fighting in a war? Yes, but this phrase also means much more than that.

    In the first few years after Congress passed the law allowing the United States to be sued, the courts were not sure how the law applied to service members. Then in 1950, a lieutenant in the U.S. army named Rudolph Feres was killed in a barracks fire at Pine Camp, NY. The fire was caused by a defective heating system in the barracks. Lt. Feres’ widow sued the United States. The case went all the way to the United States Supreme Court. The Supreme Court decided that Mr. Feres’ widow should not be allowed to sue the United States.

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    When Is The Government Liable For Your Injuries

    In short, the government is responsible when a negligent act, performed in the scope of an employee or contractorâs work OR in the course of carrying out a government function, causes an injury. Liability may also flow from injuries caused by dangerous conditions on government property or when a public entity breaches a duty imposed by law causing an injury.

    Proceedings In Which United States Is Not A Party

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  • The preceding section dealt with judicial proceedings in which the United States is joined as a party, and discussed the rules for the discharge of federal tax liens on real and personal property involved in such proceedings. IRC § 7425 supplements 28 USC § 2410 by providing uniform federal rules for determining the effect on a federal tax lien of judicial proceedings to which the United States is not a party, and in cases of nonjudicial sales of property.


    Judicial Foreclosures

  • If the United States is not a party under 28 USC § 2410 to formal judicial proceedings, the effect of a judgment, or a judicial sale pursuant to such a judgment, depends upon whether a notice of federal tax lien was filed before the action was commenced.

  • If a notice of federal tax lien is on file in the place provided by law for such filing at the time the action or suit is commenced, the tax lien, and its priority relative to other liens, is not disturbed by the judgment or judicial sale.

  • If a notice of federal tax lien is not on file before such action is commenced, or the law makes no provision for such filing, a judgment or judicial sale discharges a federal tax lien to the extent provided by the local law where the property subject to the lien is situated. Treas. Reg. § 301.7425-1.

  • The United States has no right of redemption where real property is sold in a judicial proceeding to which it has not been named as a party and it has not intervened pursuant to IRC § 7424.


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