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Government Contract Nursing Jobs Overseas

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What To Do While Awaiting Your Canadian Nursing License

Government launches English proficiency training program for nurses seeking opportunities abroad

My advice for an internationally qualified nurse looking to work in Canada is to start networking within the health care setting from the moment you arrive in the country. Update your and Indeed and apply for administration jobs within the health care setting. Once you are working within the field you will get to speak to nurses and doctors of all different specialities and backgrounds, which can greatly help navigate your career path once you have your license.

How Long Are The Assignments

While travel nursing assignments in the U.S. typically last between eight and 26 weeks, nursing jobs abroad are often longer. Youll likely work for at least a year in destinations like Australia and Europe, while its common to commit to at least two years while working in the Middle East.

If youre curious about international travel nursing but not ready to make a long commitment, there are numerous volunteer opportunities. Non-profit and charity organizations all over the country have opportunities for nurses to volunteer overseas. These trips generally last anywhere from three to six weeks. While you wont earn a salary for this work, it can be a great way to make a difference while seeing if international travel nursing is a good fit for you.

Benefits Of International Travel Nursing

Not only does international travel nursing allow you to experience other cultures in new parts of the world, it can expand your own skills as a nurse as well. Youll likely be exposed to different types of medical procedures and learn how to better communicate with a variety of patients. Youll get to expand your own abilities while also lending your talents to a likely underserved area.

After completing an assignment, you also have the option to take time off. Some agencies allow you to take as much time off between assignments as you choose, while others put a cap on the number of days you can take in a row. However, taking an extended amount of time off could affect any benefits you might have, so make sure you fully understand the way your agency works.

The nonprofit National Association of Travel Healthcare Organizations touts international travel nursings flexibility and potential for cultural enrichment as invaluable benefits. A travel healthcare professional gets to see many different places around the world while earning a significant income. Plus, the travel nurse gets to decide the distance and time frame of each assignment.

Perks of Working as an International Travel Nurse

  • Housing stipends
  • Stipends for food and other living expenses
  • The opportunity to experience life in a new country
  • Exposure to new medical technique and ideas
  • The chance to expand your communication and language skills
  • The opportunity to experience diverse cultures

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Health Care And Health Insurance

  • Does the employer provide you with private health insurance as part of the employment package? If not, will you be required to arrange your own? How much does this cost?
  • Is a UK passport holder entitled to use the public health service on the same terms as residents of the country?
  • Does your health insurance cover the cost of repatriating you to the UK if necessary and who decides whether this is necessary?
  • Consider taking out personal injury accident insurance subject to the conditions of cover being applicable to your working situation.

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Civilian Contractor Jobs Overseas

American citizens work all over the world in all sorts of industries. The most lucrative places to work are in the worlds hot spots. Civilian contractors are the brave people who find themselves working an ordinary job in a war zone.

Civilian contractors work in every imaginable field health care, security, engineering, education, construction, transportation, interpreters, advising, truck drivers, food prep, telecommunications, accounting, mine removal, or military. Courageous civilians fill these roles to help manage and improve conflict and post conflict areas.

Civilian contractors work for private military companies, government, international, and civil organizations. They are authorized to aid the military and help improve situations. Its a risky job because of the location. Civilian contractors find employment in places like Afghanistan, Kosovo, Israel, Qatar, Caribbean, Japan, Italy, Korea, Colombia, Liberia, China, France, Turkey, Iraq, or Iran.

Every civilian contractor has experience in his field before he signs up for these contract based, or temporary, jobs. Its basically job outsourcing, so the military can withdraw. The jobs help to stabilize an area.

Working as a civilian contractor is risky and dangerous. The unexpected kidnapping, explosion, or attack creates chaotic living and working conditions. Essentially, you do the same job in the battlefields of the world as you would in tranquil Missouri or relaxing Oregon.

New Zealand Immigration Services In Other Countries

You can get more information about Work Visas or Permits from New Zealand diplomatic and consular offices or from any of the NZIS branch offices. If your country is not listed here, consult the New Zealand Immigration website.


Level 10, 55 Hunter StreetSydney New South Wales 2001Office hours: Monday to Friday 10 am 4 pmPhone: 612 9223 0144Fax: 612 9223 0166

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What You Need To Know About The Nclex

Most provinces and territories will require strong English-language skills in order to practice. In Quebec, knowledge of French is often, though not always, required. You will need to complete an exam to complete the registration process. Outside Quebec, this exam is known as the NCLEX-RN exam, provided by the National Council of State Boards of Nursing .

The National Council Licensure Examination purpose is to ensure you are safe to begin practicing as a nurse. When it comes to nursing jobs in Canada as foreigner, you need to know that every nurse trained in North America needs to pass this exam. It is a computerised, mostly multiple-choice intuitive exam. There are multiple online tutoring options to help prepare it, including UWorld. If you do not pass first time around, you can repeat the exam. Once you pass the NCLEX, it is valid across North America.

It is recommended to complete as much of the application and registration process from your home country as is possible. It is generally easier to obtain documents related to your international credentials from your home country, as you avoid unwanted time differences, international calling rates, and other hassle that can arise when dealing with bureaucracy from abroad.

You can learn more by contacting the relevant regulatory for your province or territory.

Options Available For Nurse Practitioner To Work In Other Countries

International Nurses Day | Shortage of nurses a concern

Two options are available for international nurse practitioner to work in other countries.

The first is to apply for a working visa as a skilled person.

Travel Nurse Qualifications:

Nurses that travel to third world countries in search for nurse practitioner jobs are required to have a working visa.

Working visa requirements differ from country to country.

However due to the demand for nurses and healthcare, priority is often given to nursing profession applicants and quick decisions on these applications are not rare.

Some visa and immigration departments require you to have a job offer before a working visa will be issued. In this case you will have to apply for work at health care institutions in that country.

Fortunately, the internet makes the application for nursing overseas fairly easy.

A further option is to immigrate to a first world country.

Some countries like Canada have a very long waiting time for visa processing. In some cases, this may be longer than 4 years depending on where you apply from.

Fortunately for nurses and other medical practitioners, Canada has a list of preferred occupations which allows applicants in certain professions to have their applications streamlined.

Applications in these skill classes could be completed within 6 months.

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How To Apply For A Working Visa

To make an application you MUST supply all of the following:

  • A valid British Passport
  • A completed Working Holiday Scheme application form.
  • A recent photo.
  • Include the appropriate fee payable by personal cheque, Bank draft, Postal order or Credit Card, such as Visa, delta, Eurocard/Mastercard.
  • A pre-paid self addressed envelope.
  • Proof of sufficient funds, in the form of a bank statement, savings book.

Failure to produce the above will result in your application being returned to you. You should hear back from the NZ High Commission within 4-6 weeks. Successful applicants will also be required to provide the following on arrival in New Zealand:

  • Evidence of your return or onward travel ticket or sufficient funds to purchase one.

Countries with Reciprocal NZ Working Holiday Visa Schemes

  • Argentina
  • UK

Jobs Through The Department Of Defense

Theres another option if youre not comfortable finding international travel nursing jobs yourself or working with an agency. The United States Department of Defense has international jobs for nurses. Youll still need to meet requirements to practice in the country youre assigned to, but youll have a lot of guidance through the process. Youll need to apply for an open job listing to start. If youre selected, the Department of Defense will make sure you have everything you need to take on your overseas role. There arent always overseas jobs available, but if youre interested in this route, its worth looking at available listings. You can set job alerts to be notified of new international postings.

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Finding Overseas Nursing Jobs

Travel nursing jobs are typically found through an agency. Different agencies work with different locations and specialties, so its recommended to work with multiple agencies to find an assignment that meets your needs. Some agencies already have contracts to place nurses in overseas roles. This can be really helpful if youre feeling overwhelmed about the testing, licensing, and other potential international travel requirements. Make sure you understand any possible drawbacks to working with the agency, such as the percentage of your pay that might go back to it.

Questions to Ask Your Agency

When researching agencies and contracts, ask questions such as:

  • What locations do you serve?
  • How is your pay package structured?
  • What do you provide in terms of health insurance?
  • Do you provide free housing or a housing stipend?
  • Do you offer paid time off?
  • Are there any signing incentives or end-of-assignment bonuses?
  • How much time can I take off between assignments?

High Demand For Government Nurse Jobs

Staff Nurse Vacancy 2020

Theres high demand for nurses at government facilities. In fact, the VHA , Americas largest integrated system, has over 1,700 facilities that care for 8.76 million veterans a year. This leaves plenty of room for available government nursing jobs and what better way to entrust your credentials and secure a fulfilling government nurse job, then with GIFTED Healthcare.

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Living Abroad As A Travel Nurse

Travel nursing abroad can be an incredibly exciting but also overwhelming experience. It can be tough to know exactly what to expect and being far away from family and friends can sometimes lead to feeling homesick.

If this is something youre worried about, there are ways to make the transition easier. You might be able to bring along a significant other, but this will vary depending on your contract and housing situation. Another option is to buddy up with a friend whos also a travel nurse. You can work with the same agencies and try to secure assignments in the same locations at the same time.

You might also be able to bring along a pet, but keep in mind that each country has its own rules for bringing in animals. Youll likely need to get an import permit and have a health assessment performed by a vet. Pets may or may not need to be quarantined for a period of time upon arrival in the country.

Partnering with a fellow international travel nurse can help combat feelings of homesickness.

When packing to head abroad, keep things as simple as possible. Furniture and other household items will likely be provided by your agency, so often clothing and personal care items are all that you need.

When its time to start your assignment, dont wait until the last minute to arrive. Give yourself time to settle into your apartment, get a rental car if needed, and get familiar with the city. Allow plenty of time to shop for any necessary items and figure out your daily commute.

Overseas Nurse Jobs In All Australia

Receive new jobs for this search by email

classification: Healthcare & MedicalHealthcare & Medical

  • Friendly supportive staff
  • Great location

classification: Healthcare & MedicalHealthcare & Medical

  • State of the art facilities with parking on site and close to public transport
  • Excellent remuneration

classification: Healthcare & MedicalHealthcare & Medical

  • 1 hour outside of Melbourne
  • Inpatient Mental Health Nurse role
  • Sponsorship available

location: Toowoomba & Darling DownsToowoomba & Darling Downsclassification: Healthcare & MedicalHealthcare & Medical

  • Sponsorship for overseas Registered Nurses available *Conditions apply
  • Six weeks annual leave per year
  • Competitive salary and benefits program including NFP salary packaging

classification: Healthcare & MedicalHealthcare & Medical

  • Sponsorship for overseas Registered Nurses available. **Conditions apply
  • Six weeks annual leave per year
  • Competitive salary and benefits including access to NFP salary packaging.

classification: Healthcare & MedicalHealthcare & Medical

  • work available how you want it! 1 day a week/fortnight or 5 days a week
  • pre booked work available
  • hygienist welcome! Old staff welcome to re-join

classification: Healthcare & MedicalHealthcare & Medical

  • Join a dynamic multidisciplinary team
  • Excellent salary and benefits
  • Join a hospital that cares about your career and development

classification: Healthcare & MedicalHealthcare & Medicalclassification: Healthcare & MedicalHealthcare & Medical

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Travel Nursing Abroad: What You Need To Know

Where you can go, how to prepare, and what you can earn as an international travel nurse.

If youre looking to mix your love of healthcare with your sense of adventure, consider a career as a travel nurse abroad. Along with roles across the United States, you may find opportunities for international travel nursing jobs in destinations such as Europe, Australia, and the Middle East.

In this Article

About the Job |Benefits of Travel Nursing|Salary|Educational Requirements|Finding Work Overseas|Living Abroad

A career in overseas nursing can come with a lot of questions, from where you can go to how much money you can make. Use this guide as a starting point to get the answers you need to these questions and more.

Applying For Nursing Registration Or Enrolment

Zimbabwe doctors, nurses seek better life abroad

Nurses who have gained registration/enrolment in countries other than New Zealand must apply to the Nursing Council of New Zealand for admission to the register/roll before being able to practise in New Zealand. The Nursing Council of New Zealand has an overseas registration section to process applications from outside New Zealand. Personnel who will assist you with inquiries in this area are:

International Registrations Coordinator Telephone: +64 4 385 9589

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Tasks In The Nursing Field

As a nurse, you will take care of people and support them in every phase of their life, which includes the following areas of responsibility:

  • Patient care
  • Paediatric nursing
  • Geriatric nursing

Your tasks in the nursing field will include independent observation, guidance, support and care of patients, both inpatient and outpatient treatment. Additionally, you may also document and evaluate nursing measures, as well as carry out medical instructions and assist with medical interventions. However, that will depend on your individual specialisation and qualification. While being a member of nursing staff, you are a competent contact person for members of the patients family.

Taxation And Salary Deductions

As taxation is a complicated matter you should seek professional advice about your obligations at home and abroad. Contact Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs for further information.

Please note: if you are not paying UK tax whilst abroad you cannot claim tax relief on your RCN subscription during this time.

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Where Are Travel Nurses Needed Overseas

You can find opportunities for travel nursing abroad in destinations across the world. Some of the areas with the highest need for nurses include Australia, New Zealand, China, and the Middle East. Areas prone to high rates of disease and natural disasters may also have a demand for rapid response nurses who can provide critical care in the aftermath of these events.

Its important to note, however, that its not common to find an agency that will send you to a country where you dont speak the language. Youll be expected to have at least a working knowledge of the local language before youll be considered for a nursing role in a foreign country.

What Kind Of Jobs Are Available

Staff Nurse Vacancy 2020

Jobs for travel nurses are available in a wide variety of areas. Youll find patient populations ranging from the very young to the very old, and any number of conditions or diseases. You may find yourself working in a range of medical settings, from low-income clinics to state-of-the-art facilities.

International travel nursing is common. The World Health Organization reports that, one in every eight nurses practices in a country other than the one where they were born or trained. This is largely due to nursing shortages around the world. While you might have a heard a lot about the nursing shortage in the United States, there are areas around the globe facing even greater shortages.

A recent report by the WHO and the International Council of Nurses found that despite recent increases in trained nurses there is still a large need: There are just under 28 million nurses worldwide, the report states. Between 2013 and 2018, nursing numbers increased by 4.7 million, but this still leaves a global shortfall of 5.9 million. The greatest gaps are found in countries in Africa Southeast Asia and Eastern Mediterranean regions and some parts of Latin America, according to the report.

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