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Government Assisted Broadband Internet For Pensioners

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Idaho Telephone Assistance Program

WHAT THE TECH? Government program helps people pay for high-speed internet

In addition to Lifeline, the State of Idaho offers a state telephone assistance discount. The telephone assistance program offers up to $2.50 per month discount on home landline telephone service for customers and who have qualified for Lifeline based on income.

Will Moving To The Nbn Network Change My Home Phone

The truth is you can keep the current home phone number you have even when you have moved to the NBN network. Of course, it is crucial to discuss the matter with your chosen telephone provider that you desire to keep the existing number you have upon ordering the new NBN service. Make sure that the phone service is working and not disconnected before the latest connection becomes activated.

How To Apply For Government Assisted Broadband Internet For Pensioners

The Australian government grants the Telephone Allowance to pensioners and seniors. How to apply for it? You have to have a telephone line under the pensioners name and acquire a specific payment. Seniors may also get the opportunity of government-assisted broadband internet as everyone older than 60 is eligible for it, aside from those who have disabilities, new start, parenting, and illnesses.

Centrelink is the Australian Federal Governments offering to their seniors. It is a subsidy of $38.40 every quarter for both telephone and internet connections. Pensioners should remember that a bundled line will be a phone service with a particular limitation. If a pensioner wants to meet the higher rate criteria, they need to present the Commonwealth Seniors Health Card or the current Pensioner Concession Card.

Furthermore, there is an emphasis that the $38.40 quarterly allowance is not automatic. It is meant exclusively for customers who are considerably having great difficulties paying. In addition, the applicant has to be receiving the income support payment or with Carer Payment or Disability Support Pension.

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Tips For Finding The Best Internet For Seniors

Choosing the best internet service for your needs takes some detective work. Here are our tips for finding the right provider for you:

  • Determine your need for speed. Think about your internet usage and all of the devices you’ll connect to the internet . The more devices you connect, the more speed you’ll need.
  • Get the inside scoop. Whether you live in a retirement community or are aging in place, chatting with your neighbors about who they use will give you excellent insight into internet providers in your area.
  • Check up on contracts and hidden fees. Find out what’s included in your monthly payment. For example, are you required to rent the internet provider’s equipment? Is there an activation fee? Are there data overage fees?
  • Get the best bang for your buck by bundling. Look for options to lower your out-of-pocket cost by bundling internet, TV, and phone services.
  • Ask for senior discounts. Don’t forget to snag any senior-specific discounts. These can come directly through the service provider or a membership, such as AARP.
  • Did You Know: Internet discounts are just the beginning! From grocery and retail to travel and insurance, our research team has compiled over 100 senior discounts to cash in on.

    Affordable Connectivity Program Overview

    DSWD Field Office IX Official Website

    Important update: On December 31, 2021, the Emergency Broadband Benefit Program became the Affordable Connectivity Program . Read answers to commonly-asked questions about the transition.

    The Affordable Connectivity Program provides a discount of up to $30 per month towards broadband service for eligible households and up to $75 per month for households on Tribal Lands. The ACP is limited to one monthly service discount per household.

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    Look For Quality Customer Service

    Customer service is often overlooked when comparing internet providers, but it can dramatically affect your overall internet experience. A fast connection doesnt do you much good if it doesnt work half the time and you cant get anyone to fix it.

    The best internet providers not only have convenient agents you can contact over the phone, but they also have online chat options, helpful articles, and responsive technicians to help you fix whatever issues you encounter. You can see how different providers ranked for customer service in our customer satisfaction survey.

    How To Use The National Verifier And What Additional Documents Are Required

    Go to and click on “Apply Now.”

  • Initial that you understand the ACP program rules and have been truthful. Then click SUBMIT!
  • If you apply between the hours of 9 am and 9 pm ET , wait 2 to 3 minutes, and then a screen will appear providing you with an APPLICATION ID Number. SAVE THIS NUMBER! You will need it when you sign up for broadband.
  • If you need assistance:
  • Affordable Connectivity Program Center | 384-2575 | Available 7 days a week between 9 am and 9 pm ET
  • Use this Form to get help from the Office of Broadband Programs, Community Technology team.
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    Nevada Telephone Assistance Program

    In addition to Lifeline, the State of Nevada offers a state telephone assistance discount. The telephone assistance program offers up to $3.50 per month discount on home landline telephone service.

    The Nevada state discount is automatically added when the subscriber qualifies for the federal Lifeline program.

    Simple No Contract Broadband Packages

    Pensioners Day: Senior Citizens Seek Review Of Pension Scheme

    All our broadband services are on 30-day rolling contracts.Same day switch off if needed, with no disconnection cost

    Add Basic Broadband – £8.99pm

    Ideal for everyday web browsing.10mb average download speed*Best for Video/TV, Smart TV’s.38Mb average download speed*Ony customers on Anytime plans.Best for Video/TV, Smart TV’s.38Mb average download speed*Why Fibre Broadband?

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    What You Need For Apply For A Discounted Communications Service Through The Lifeline Program


    Lifeline is a federal program that provides free or low-cost phone or internet service to low-income households through a monthly service discount of up to $9.25. Lifeline subscribers have the choice of applying their benefit discount to either home phone service home internet service, where available, or a wireless phone plan with data. The Lifeline Program subsidy does not cover the cost of a wireless device, but some Lifeline Providers may choose to offer an initial wireless device upon completing enrollment. If you have a mobile device you would like to use with your Lifeline service, please contact the Lifeline wireless service provider prior to completing enrollment to see if your device is compatible with the providers network.

    Only one Lifeline program discount is available per household, which is defined as any individual or group of individuals who live together at the same address and share income and expenses. Therefore, if there are multiple people living at the same address, but they do not share income, each individual will be eligible for Lifeline service.


    There are two ways to qualify for the Lifeline program: income-based eligibility or program-based eligibility .

    A full list of eligibility criteria, including the federal poverty guidelines, is available here: .

    The National Verifier will return an eligibility decision by mail or email, if provided, within 7-10 days.

    Lifeline Fcc Internet Subsidy

    Lifeline is a government-sponsored program from the Federal Communications Commission . It works directly with internet providers to create lower monthly rates for folks who are near or below the federal poverty guidelines, take part in federal assistance programs, or live on tribal lands.

    If your household income is less than or equal to 135% of the federal poverty guidelines or you participate in federal assistance programs, you can get a $9.25 per month discount on internet or phone service. Check Lifelines qualification page for more details.

    And if you live on tribal lands, you can save an additional $20.00 per month, bringing you to a total of $29.25 off internet.

    If you live with other people but dont share money, you can also take advantage of Lifeline multiple times on your internet subscription.

    The people you live with also need to qualify based on poverty guidelines or federal assistance programs, but as long as they arent considered part of your household by Lifeline rules, you can stack up the discounts for every person who qualifies.

    Wondering what the Lifeline discount looks like with different providers? Lets take a look.

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    What Broadband Programs Are Less Than $50 Per Month

    Broadband Programs for Everyone Priced Around $50 per month

    • Verizon fios offers 200 Mbps up and down for $54.99 per month if you enroll in autopay. Price includes equipment but not taxes. There is $99 setup fee that will be waived if you order online. Offer may require a deposit.
    • Comcast Xfinity offers 100 Mbps up and down for $44.94 for 1 year. Price includes equipment but not taxes. Plan is $10 more per month if customer does not enroll in autopay and paperless billing.
    • RCN offers two plans: Up to 300 Mbps for $42.00 per month. Price includes equipment but not taxes. No contract required, no data cap, and next day install.

    South Carolina Telephone Assistance Program

    DSWD Field Office IX Official Website

    In addition to Lifeline, the State of South Carolina offers a state telephone assistance discount. The telephone assistance program offers up to $3.50 per month discount on home landline telephone service.

    The South Carolina state discount is automatically added when the subscriber qualifies for the federal Lifeline program.

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    How To Get Free Government Internet For Seniors

    Like everyone else, seniors need low-cost or free high-speed internet to buy groceries, manage finances, and pay bills without leaving their homes. They can also use the internet to connect to their family members and friends. The good thing is that seniors do not have to subscribe to expensive fixed-line broadband plans to access the internet.

    There are several government-initiated internet programs explicitly targeting seniors. They can take advantage of these programs and get affordable or free internet from the government. Below is a comprehensive guideline on how to get free government internet for seniors:

    What Percentage Of Seniors Use The Internet

    Older adults are more internet savvy than ever! According to a recent survey by Pew Research Center, 96 percent of adults aged 50 to 64 use the internet. For adults aged 65 and up, the number drops slightly to 75 percent.1

    From internet connectivity and cell phones to wearable technology and home security, older adults are embracing the benefits of being powered up and plugged in.

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    Is There Free Internet For Seniors

    If your post-retirement budget is tight, you’re not alone. Many older adults, including veterans, lower-income seniors, and those with disabilities, struggle to pay for internet coverage. Nearly 22 million American seniors don’t have internet access at home. This represents 42 percent of the nation’s over-65 population.2 Luckily, there are a few options for affordable internet.

    Participants in Medicaid, Supplemental Security Income , Supplemental Nutritional Access Program , Veterans benefits, and other federal and state assistance programs may be eligible for free or low-cost internet through these Federal Communications Commission programs:

    • Affordable Connectivity Program: The ACP provides a discount of up to $30 per month toward broadband service for eligible households and up to $75 per month for households on qualifying Tribal lands.This program also provides a one time, $100 discount on the purchase of a laptop.
    • Lifeline: Lifeline provides up to a $9.25 monthly internet discount on service for eligible low-income subscribers and up to $34.25 per month for those on Tribal lands.

    Want to learn more about free internet for seniors? Watch our video below!

    Utah Telephone Assistance Program

    Let the Government Pay for your Internet

    In addition to Lifeline, the State of Utah offers a state telephone assistance discount. The telephone assistance program offers up to $7.00 per month discount on internet or home landline telephone service.

    The Utah state discount is automatically added when the subscriber qualifies for the federal Lifeline program.

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    Can I Receive Both The Affordable Connectivity Program And Lifeline Benefits

    Yes. You can also combine these benefits with other state and local benefits where available. They can be applied to the same qualifying service or separately to a Lifeline service and an Affordable Connectivity Program service with the same or different providers. For example, an eligible household could have a Lifeline-supported mobile phone service and a separate home internet service that is supported through the Affordable Connectivity Program.

    Internet Essentials From Comcast

    If you live in an Xfinity area, you have access to the low-income program Internet Essentials from Comcast. Eligible households get 50 Mbps download speeds with free in-home Wi-Fi for $9.95 per month . Youll also have access to Xfinity Wi-Fi hotspots and get the option to purchase a low-cost computer.

    For further savings, you can team your Internet Essentials plan up with the Emergency Broadband Benefit program, which fully covers the cost of this plan.

    To qualify for Internet Essentials, someone in your household must participate in one of the following programs: NSLP, HUD, veteran government assistance, senior government assistance, or Pell Grant. Head over to to apply.

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    Aim For Modest Internet Speeds

    Having a fast internet connection is certainly nice, but the fastest service isnt necessarily the best. Depending on what you do online, you might use only a fraction of your total bandwidth, which means all that speed youre paying for is simply going to waste.

    A good first step is to find out how much speed you need from your internet provider. Once you know how fast your internet connection should be, you can compare internet plans that give you at least that much speed. Occasionally faster plans will beat out some of the slower alternatives, but theres no sense in paying more for speed youre not going to use.

    Want to make sure youre not paying for speed youre not using? Find out how much speed you need.

    Internet Safety For Seniors: Preventing Internet Fraud And Theft

    National Social Assistance Scheme/ Programme (NSAP)

    The Federal Trade Commission’s latest data is certainly alarming when it comes to internet crimes. The FTC received 2.8 million fraud reports from consumers in 2021 and 1.4 million reports of identity theft.3

    Older adults need to be especially vigilant against cyberattacks. Today, half of all scams against older adults occur online rather than over the phone or in person.4 Luckily, you can protect yourself by learning about common senior scams and following these five simple steps.

    Five Ways to Avoid Being Scammed on the Internet

  • Choose strong passwords. Passwords that include letters , numbers, and special characters help keep your accounts secure.
  • Never use the same password twice. While it may be tempting to use the same password for your my Social Security account and online shopping sites, this practice makes your online information more susceptible to being compromised.
  • Avoid unknown links and attachments. If you receive an email from someone you don’t know , don’t open links or download attachments, as they can contain computer viruses.
  • Keep your personal information personal. Never give out your credit card, bank, or other private information in response to an unsolicited email.
  • Check your social media privacy settings. Imposters can target public social media accounts. Stick to sharing your status update or travel photos with family and friends.
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    What Is Emergency Broadband Benefits And Stimulus Internet Credit

    Now From 12 may 2021 the emergency broadband benefits that help with internet access in rural and tribal areas has become a temporary FCC program. The Stimulus internet credit is helping low income families to pay internet expenses during the covid pandemic. those who are eligible for this FCC program will get the monthly internet credit of $50 as well as those who belong to Tribal areas will get the benefits up to $75 for internet bill payment, we recommend to check eligibility criteria before applying for this assistance.

    North Dakota Telephone Assistance Program

    In addition to Lifeline, the State of North Dakota offers a state telephone assistance discount. The telephone assistance program offers up to $3.50 per month discount on home landline telephone service.

    The North Dakota state discount is automatically added when the subscriber qualifies for the federal Lifeline program.

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    How Do I Apply For Acp

    You may apply online, by telephone, or by mail. It will be easier and faster if you can get access to apply online, but you must have an email address to apply online. Montgomery County will be organizing events to provide access to computers to enable enrollment online, and residents may make appointments to use computers in libraries to apply.

    If a household is already enrolled in a low-cost Internet program , they should contact their provider and request the ACP benefit.

    For all other households there is a three-step process:

  • Go to the National Verifier website and follow the instructions. Most applicants should be prepared to upload a document showing current enrollment . If applying between the hours of 9 am and 9 pm ET, an Application ID Number will be generated within 2-3 minutes. If documents need to be review, the system will generate an Application ID and not wait until review is complete to issue this number.
  • Contact a broadband provider, select a plan, make an installation appointment, and receive an Account Number. Comcast, RCN, Verizon fios, and T-Mobile are participating. Other providers offering lower speed wireless broadband include You Call Wireless, StandUp Wireless, human-I-T, Access Wireless, Sano Health, and good2go mobile.
  • $65b For Improving Broadband Access

    Proposed P1K senior citizensâ monthly pension need P22B â DOF

    You may qualify

    The 2021 income limit for the Emergency Broadband Benefit program increases with the number of people living in the same household. Others who have experienced a substantial loss of income since the pandemic started in 2020 may also qualify.

    Persons Income limit

    8 $60,291

    The $14.2 billion Affordable Connectivity Program is just a part of the $65 billion in the new law earmarked to improve broadband access.

    Some of that money will go toward what Kahsai calls digital equity. The new law allocates $2.75 billion for digital literacy training to make sure that everyone regardless of language, ability or age has the skills needed to take advantage of their connection to the internet.

    Some $42.5 billion is being allocated to bring high-speed internet to unserved areas often rural areas where population density is low and mountainous areas that can be challenging for companies to reach that will benefit families of all incomes. This new service must have speeds of at least 100 Mbps for downloads and 20 Mbps for uploads, speeds that match todays needs for multiple users in one household and increasing desire for streaming video.

    Each state will start out with $100 million from that pot of money and will be able to get more based on a states unserved and underserved needs.

    With the new law, we have an opportunity to put a dent in the digital divide, Kahsai says.

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