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Agency Annual Performance Reports

The APR provides information on the agency’s progress in achieving the goals and objectives described in the agency’s Strategic Plan and Annual Performance Plan, including progress on the Agency Priority Goals. The term APR refers to the same content as in the performance section of the Performance and Accountability Report published by agencies in November, or the Annual Performance Report that is published by agencies in February.

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Dhs Cyber Talent Management System To Kick Off Nov 15 With 150 Positions

Collaboration, talent, shared mindset, accountability and ...

The Department of Homeland Securitys Cybersecurity Talent Management System is set to kick off on November 15 with around 150 positions to start with, Angela Bailey, DHS chief human capital officer, said Oct. 20 during the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agencys Cybersecurity Summit.

In August, DHS published an interim final rule in the Federal Register detailing CTMS, and the rule is still in the middle of the public comment period. Bailey said DHS has a little bit of conversations left with the Office of Personnel Management regarding CTMS, but it is set to go live on November 15.

Bailey said CTMS will begin with somewhere around 150 positions, and then work with CISA to decide the next steps.

CTMS supports what will be known as the DHS Cybersecurity Service, which DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas described on Oct. 20 as a new approach to Federal hiring and retention that will increase access to public service careers in cybersecurity and modernize our departments ability to recruit mission-critical cybersecurity talent.

The CTMS is a result of 2014 legislation in which Congress gave DHS the authority to set up its own personnel system around cybersecurity. However, Bailey said CTMS offers much more flexibility than the current General Schedule classification system.

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Homeland Securitys Cyber Talent Management System

With information security being a worldwide issue, it should come as no surprise that the number of open positions for qualified people is staggeringly high. Unfortunately, the standard procedure for getting your foot in the door for a government position is extensive and time-consuming, which is a major problem when the immediate compensation package may be lower than the private sector. At the same time, the responsibilities list is just as extensive. Enter the Department of Homeland Securitys Cyber Talent Management System .

Seven Years Later Dhs Set To Roll Out Dramatic Changes To System For Hiring Cyber Pros

Soon, a cybersecurity professional at the Department of Homeland Security could make as much money as the vice president of the United States, $255,800 or more, up to $332,100, if theyre in a geographic market where that salary makes the offer competitive.

Its just one feature of a dramatic overhaul of how DHS hires cyber personnel rolling out on Nov. 15 after seven years in the making.

The Cyber Talent Management System dispenses with traditional federal job classifications in place since 1949, changes how applicants prove themselves, ties pay increases to something other than longevity of service and much more. At a time when private sector organizations and government agencies struggle to recruit and retain cyber personnel, DHS officials and outside observers alike are hopeful the system will deliver results.

Its a priority not just for DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas but for the chief of the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Agency since July, Jen Easterly.

I think Im going to spend a huge amount of my time on people, Easterly said at the Billington CyberSecurity Summit this month. Because at the end of the day, you can have awesome tech and you can have really good process but if you dont have great talent, youre going to fail Its hard to find talent out there because were all competing for it.

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The Cyber Talent Management System Has Been In The Works Since A 2014 Law Granted The Department Authorities To Sidestep Rigid Classification Formats Such As The General Schedule

The Department of Homeland Security is officially establishing a recruitment and retention system it says re-envisions the federal governments current talent management to meet its demand for cybersecurity workers.

With , DHS is creating a new type of Federal civil service position, called a qualified position, and the cadre of those positions and the individuals appointed to them is called the DHS Cybersecurity Service , reads a notice set to publish in the Federal Register Thursday.

The major thrust of the regulations is to codify that the new DHS system will base hiring and compensation decisions on individuals skills, which will be assessed through relevant tests, instead of having to adhere to formats such as the General Schedule. The schedule ties advancement and pay levels to how many years an employee has been with the government.

Work and career structures are constructs, analogous to General Schedule classes and grades, that DHS establishes under the CTMS work valuation system and uses instead of classes and grades from the General Schedule or other traditional Federal position classification methods, according to the notice. DHS uses work and career structures to support several elements of CTMS, including the compensation system, and DHS determines applicable work and career structures for a DHS-CS employee as part of selection and appointment under the CTMS talent acquisition system.

What Does This Mean To You As A Senior Leader

Get started on the Journey to Unified Talent Management

It may be that “talent management” is still an emerging concept for non-HR professionals… Senior management surely accepts all of these as worthy objectives, but may not see how they ought to fit together as an integrated strategy.Source: PR Newswire 2012-12-04

The agency’s talent management strategy is an integral part of the agency’s business strategy, which supports the strategic plans and priority goals.

You must think beyond attracting talent. Your talent management strategy must include succession planning, assessments, development, retention, and knowledge sharing. These functional processes must be planned and executed as part of an integrated talent management strategy. Another important issue is how will you create a more flexible and agile organization that responds and adapts to change.

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Drive Employee Engagement With Dynamic Learning

Embed learning that enables people to achieve success on their own terms

Courtepaille is a historic brand that’s constantly changing to better serve our customers. Our employees are at the heart of this transformation. With Infor Talent Science and its predictive capabilities, we will be able to understand the personality and diversity of recruit profiles without limiting ourselves to candidates with restaurant industry experience. Our goal is to significantly reduce the turnover rate of our waiters and restaurant managers and to develop the most talented among them in our many establishments.

How Will The Ctms Help

The CTMS on paper sounds extremely promising in its goal to blend the best of both public and private sector employment in a field where the right person can make a massive difference. Their emphasis on mission impact driving compensation would certainly be lucrative for people that want to do their part and show what they can do. This will be worth keeping an eye on for the near future, especially if this continues moving across additional government departments and agencies. If you are interested in applying for DHS-CS positions under CTMS, additional information and links to contact a recruiter can be found on the DHSs website here.

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Family Support: Our Community

The people of the U.S. Department of State form a special community, and the organization is dedicated to supporting its needs. We are committed to improving the quality of life of State Department employees, their family members, and members of household who are serving, have served, or will serve at our U.S. embassies, consulates, and missions abroad.

Capitalize On Internal Mobility To Drive Agility

Employee Benefits of a Learning Management System

Harness AI and powerful skills management tools to create a thriving talent marketplace where employees can take control of their careers and managers can find the right talent to fill business-critical internal opportunities. Combine Avature Internal Mobility algorithms with other solutions to support proactive and holistic mobility programs, upskilling and redeploying key talent based on your companys strategic imperatives.

With Avature Mobility you can:

  • Empower employees to build comprehensive profiles that capture their skills and interests. Enrich them with data gathered at every point of the employee lifecycle.
  • Create a unique approach to skills matching, opportunity recommendations and personalized training thanks to Avatures extensive AI expertise.
  • Deliver an engaging and seamless talent marketplace experience that enables employees to progress through personalized career paths.
  • Make data-driven decisions with powerful reporting and analytics to more accurately assess the eligibility of applicants for opportunities.

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Workforce Transformation And Tracking System And Entrance On Duty System

WTTS allows supervisors or HR specialists to create and track vacancies in advance of creation of SF52 actions. Personnel and payroll information is sent real time to FPPS, eliminating the need for HR to re-enter data into FPPS. This results in generation of SF52 actions in FPPS directly from WTTS. It is also one-stop shopping for real-time status of vacancies, announcements, and on-boarding with data from automated staffing systems, FPPS, and EODS. Authorized users can view the entry on duty date and location for new hires. WTTS has real time interfaces with FPPS and two automated staffing systemsMonster’s Enterprise Hiring Management and OPM’s USA Staffing.

EODS provides a library of on-line forms to be filled out by a new hire. The forms are prefilled with information entered by the selectee during his/her application process. The EODS is available securely through the public Internet. HR specialists can assign forms for completion by the new hire, track progress, and approve forms on-line. New Hires can view messages from the HR Office regarding the status of forms submitted.

What Is The Cyber Talent Management System

While most U.S. government employees work on the general schedule track, which determines compensation across various levels and locations, the CTMS is designed to work more like a traditional private-sector compensation package. Indeed, according to their interim ruleset posted here, under the standard rules, the DHS acknowledges that they cannot compete with the private sector regarding relatively common practices such as signing bonuses and faster than annual raises.

The CTMS, therefore, is designed to revolve around short-duration projects. Persons would be directly hired into the DHS for a particular objective, and depending on their performance, they may receive additional compensation before moving on to another objective. There are also options available for what is called a continuing appointment, essentially a permanent position. The CTMS also acknowledges that people may want to pop in and out of public service for one reason or another and therefore does not penalize them as such.

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The New Talent Management System

An integral part of CTMS is its strategic talent planning process, which gives the DHS more flexibility to adapt to changes in both cybersecurity work and the talent market. As part of this process, the DHS will continuously pinpoint evolving qualifications for personnel, analyze the cybersecurity talent market for overarching trends and administer a work valuation system to classify various positions.

This system allows the department to utilize methods beyond the government’s traditional, more rigid hiring processes, which are based on a classification method called the General Schedule. General Schedule is a government regulated pay scale for federal employees across professional, technical and administrative positions. As part of its application process for cybersecurity employees, for instance, the DHS is including competency-based assessments, including real-world simulations, to focus on the skillsets of cybersecurity employees.

While CTMS is an innovative approach to talent management, featuring new, specialized practices not present in many Federal civilian personnel systems, CTMS remains a merit system in which Federal employment is based on merit and individual competence instead of political affiliation, personal relationships, or other non-merit factors, according to the DHS in an outline of the new system.

Recruit The Best And Brightest

Workforce and Succession Planning in Government Reshaping Outdated Models & Upgrading Obsolete Tools
  • Keep your acquisition engine running at all times with drip campaigns with our Talent Relationship Management feature
  • Build your employer brand with a career portal that provides candidates with a consistent application experience
  • Streamline onboarding with checklists and action items and get new hires assigned to billable projects faster

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Performance Management Plan System And Policies

Performance management is the systematic process by which an agency involves its employees, as individuals and members of a group, in improving organizational effectiveness in the accomplishment of agency mission and goals. Employee performance management includes:

  • Planning work and setting expectations
  • Continually monitoring performance

Diversity And Inclusion: Our Commitment

The U.S. Department of State is firmly committed to building a workforce that reflects our nations diversity and leverages the creativity of diverse, talented groups to advance Americas foreign policy priorities. To reap the benefits of a diverse workforce, we have built an inclusive workplace in which every employee is treated with dignity and respect and feels empowered to serve the American people.

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Performance Management & Engagement

  • Automate performance management with Web-based performance reviews
  • Configurable work flow engine and dynamic form rendering to match your agencys unique work flow
  • Dynamic form generation with auto-population of agency-specific forms
  • Alignment of employee critical elements with agency mission
  • Measure and improve engagement levels dashboards and reports include indemnification of most- and least-engaged employees

Pay Will Likely Be Higher For Some Cybersecurity Service Employees

talent strategy â RFC Executive Search Firm, Executive ...

Salaries for DHS cybersecurity service employees will be based on an evaluation of salaries in the market, but bounded by an overall pay cap. To remain competitive in certain geographic areas, some employees will also be eligible for a local talent market supplement, similar to a locality payment, the department said.

Salaries will max out at the vice presidents annual pay, $255,800 in 2021, though some employees could make more under limited circumstances, DHS said.

Employees who have a noticeable impact on the mission may receive additional recognition, either through time off or a monetary award. Cybersecurity service salaries will be subject to an aggregate compensation cap, the department said.

Cybersecurity service employees may also receive recognition for working in special circumstances, like long or unexpected hours.

Today, the General Schedule rewards the vast majority of federal employees for longevity. The longer individuals stay, the higher their rank and pay through the General Schedule.

Throughout DHS-CS employees service, DHS considers increasing employees compensation based primarily on their mission impact, the department wrote. Compensation increases occur mainly through CTMS recognition as either recognition adjustments or recognition payments. CTMS does not feature automatic salary increases or payments moreover, longevity in position or prior federal government service are not factors in CTMS compensation.

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Statement From Secretary Mayorkas On The Cyber Talent Management System

Secretary of Homeland Security Alejandro N. Mayorkas released the following statement on DHS publishing the Cybersecurity Talent Management System rule in the Federal Register:

DHS is launching the Cybersecurity Talent Management System to establish an innovative way to hire and retain the very best cyber talent. We are doing so through a new regulation, as we re-envision how the federal government recruits, develops, and retains a top-tier cybersecurity workforce. The regulation also creates the DHS Cybersecurity Service, which will increase access to public service careers in cybersecurity.

Cybersecurity is a national security and economic security imperative. Joining the DHS Cybersecurity Service will provide opportunities for better compensation, exciting career development, and the ability to shape the future of the field. The CTMS rule will be effective on November 15, 2021 and DHS will begin accepting applications for the Cybersecurity Service shortly thereafter. Cybersecurity professionals at any stage in their career can visit to learn more about this opportunity.

Cybersecurity Talent Management System Rule Advances New Dhs Cybersecurity Service

The CTMS is intended to support the Cybersecurity Service with a new hiring process more customized to the applicant’s skills, higher salaries tailored to skills and expertise and intended to competitive with the private sector, and access to a range of classroom and on-the-job learning activities to expand career development opportunities.

The Department of Homeland Security put in motion today the creation of the DHS Cybersecurity Service and launch of the Cybersecurity Talent Management System in order to re-envision how the federal government recruits, develops, and retains a top-tier cybersecurity workforce, Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas said.

Cybersecurity is a national security and economic security imperative, he said. Joining the DHS Cybersecurity Service will provide opportunities for better compensation, exciting career development, and the ability to shape the future of the field.

DHS said that Cybersecurity Service employees will work across cybersecurity specializations as the department aims to better protect technology infrastructure while recruiting, hiring, and retaining top talent. DHS Cybersecurity Service jobs will first be available at the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency and the DHS Office of the Chief Information Officer opportunities at additional DHS component agencies are expected to become available at an unspecified later date.

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