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Oklahoma Government Vehicles For Sale

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Electric Vehicle Charging Station Grant Program

States banning the sale of new gas-powered vehicles

The Oklahoma Department of Environmental Qualitys ChargeOK program offers grants for public EV charging stations. Eligible projects include direct current fast charging stations located along designated EV transportation corridors and DCFC or Level 2 EV charging stations located at destination locations or community charging hubs. DEQ will award competitive grants for up to 80% of eligible project costs. The program is funded by Oklahomas portion of the Volkswagen Environmental Mitigation Trust. For more information, see the DEQ ChargeOK website.

Alternative Fuel Vehicle Tax And Fee

Compressed natural gas used in motor vehicles is subject to a state motor fuel tax of $0.13 per gasoline gallon equivalent . Liquefied natural gas is also subject to a state motor fuel tax rate of $0.13 per diesel gallon equivalent .

In lieu of the motor fuel tax, some AFV owners are subject to a motor vehicle fee. An annual flat fee applies to passenger automobiles, pickup trucks, vans and heavy-duty vehicles using propane, natural gas, methanol, or blends of 85% methanol and 15% gasoline . Propane and natural gas vehicles with a payload capacity of less than 2,000 pounds are taxed at a rate of $50 per vehicle per year. Methanol and M85 vehicles with a payload capacity of less than 2,000 lbs. are taxed at a rate of $100 per vehicle per year. Propane, methanol, and M85 vehicles with a payload capacity greater than 2,000 lbs. are taxed at a rate of $150 per vehicle per year. If the owner acquires the vehicle or converts it to run on the alternative fuel after July 1 of the tax year, the flat fee is half of the above-mentioned amount. AFVs must display a decal that the Oklahoma Tax Commission issues on an annual basis.

About Natural Gas Vehicles

A Natural Gas Vehicle is a car, truck, or other vehicle that uses natural gas for fuel. Using natural gas instead of gasoline or diesel is a low-cost, low-emissions solution for reducing our nations dependence on foreign energy while also reducing greenhouse gases and urban smog.

With proven reserves of domestic natural gas soaring and our dependence on foreign oil as burdensome as ever, it makes sense to expand the use of clean, inexpensive, and abundant natural gas as a vehicle fuel. Natural gas vehicles are good for our economy and our environment.

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Oklahomas National Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Planning

The U.S. Department of Transportations NEVI Formula Program requires the Oklahoma Department of Transportation to submit an EV Infrastructure Deployment Plan to the DOT and U.S. Department of Energy Joint Office by August 1, 2022, describing how the state intends to distribute NEVI funds. Plans must be established according to NEVI guidance.

For more information about Oklahomas NEVI planning process, see the ODOT NEVI website. For more information about Oklahomas NEVI plan, see the Joint Offices State Plans for EV Charging website.

Autonomous Vehicle Regulation Authorization

1981 Chevrolet G30 shuttle bus in Chandler, OK

Only the State of Oklahoma may enact a law or take any other action to regulate the operation of AVs in Oklahoma. An AV is defined as a vehicle equipped with automated driving system technology that allows vehicle automation to perform the entire driving task on a sustained basis as specified in SAE international J3016. A county or municipality may not prohibit, restrict, or regulate the operation of AVs.

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Ex Government Vehicles For Sale

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Pickup Only 131-153 Main Beach Road, Pinkenba, QLD, 4008

4008 Eastern Suburbs 2007 Kia Sorento EX-Luxury Turbo Diesel Auto 156,319 km`s Body Type: Wagon No. of Seats: 5 … basis. No Statutory Warranty/Cooling off periods apply. Vehicle inspection is based on walk-around and start-up only …

Sun, 20 Dec 2020 21:15:00 +1100

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Pickup Only 140-152 National Drive, Dandenong South, VIC, 3175

3175 Bayside … Isuzu D-MAX 4X4 SX Hi-Ride Turbo Diesel Auto Extra Cab Body Type: Extra Cab No. of Seats: 4 Build … basis. No Statutory Warranty/Cooling off periods apply. Vehicle inspection is based on walk-around and start-up …

Sun, 23 Oct 2022 19:40:00 +1100

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Pickup Only 140-152 National Drive, Dandenong South, VIC, 3175

3175 Bayside 2008 Kia Rio EX JB Automatic Hatchback Body Type: Hatchback No. of Seats: 5 Build Date: 2007-11 … is basis. No Statutory Warranty/Cooling off periods apply. Vehicle inspection is based on walk-around and start-up only …

Sun, 23 Oct 2022 20:40:00 +1100

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Pickup Only 140-152 National Drive, Dandenong South, VIC, 3175

3175 Bayside 2006 Kia Sorento EX BL Automatic Wagon Body Type: Wagon No. of Seats: 5 Build Date: 2005-07 Compliance Date: … basis. No Statutory Warranty/Cooling off periods apply. Vehicle inspection is based on walk-around and start-up …

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Is There A Lemon Law For Used Cars In Oklahoma

Possibly. If your vehicle needed to be repaired multiple times for the same issue, you may want to get in touch with a lemon law lawyer to see what your rights are in Oklahoma. But generally speaking, if your used vehicle was still under its original factory warranty or if the vehicle was sold with a warranty from the dealership, there might be a lemon law in Oklahoma that will be of assistance. Make sure to conduct some research on your Department of Motor Vehicles website. Learn more

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Oklahoma Commercial Property Assessed Clean Energy Program Authorization

Counties are authorized to establish C-PACE programs to facilitate loans between qualifying property owners and private lenders. Loans may be offered to commercial properties for projects related to alternative fuel vehicles and associated infrastructure. For more information, including eligibility requirements, see the Oklahoma C-PACE website.

How Are Rebates And Dealer Incentives Taxed

How to Buy a Government Surplus Army Truck or Humvee – Dirt Every Day Extra

Many dealers offer cash incentives or manufacturer rebates on the sticker price of a vehicle in order to encourage sales. For example, a $1,000 cash rebate may be offered on a $10,000 car, meaning that the out of pocket cost to the buyer is $9,000.

Oklahoma taxes vehicle purchases after rebates or incentives are applied to the price, which means that the buyer in this scenario will only pay taxes on the vehicle as if it cost $9,000.

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Tata Motors Prepares For Entry In Cng Market

Tata Motors, which is on a roll in the PV segment with a strong showing each month, doesnt have a CNG vehicle in its portfolio yet, although its entry is imminent. In early August, at the launch of the new Tiago NRG hatchback, Mohan Savarkar, vice-president, Product Line Head, PVBU, Tata Motors, had said, CNG is the way to go for smaller cars. Soon, you will see CNGs coming into our portfolio too. Whether we can use it in all our products or only specific models is something we have to wait and decide when the product hits the market. But, CNG is coming.

The Tiago CNG and Tigor CNG models have been spotted testing on multiple occasions and, according to our previous report, the two cars are slated to be launched later this year. Also, with fleet operators taking to CNG and electric in a big way, it is likely that a Tata CNG model may debut under the Xpres brand.

Alternative Fuel School Bus And Electric Vehicle Charging Station Rebate Program

The Oklahoma Department of Environmental Quality offers rebates for projects that repower or replace an actively used, engine model year 2009 or older, diesel school bus with an alternative fuel. Eligible alternative fuels and technologies include all-electric, electric hybrid, propane, and natural gas. Applicants may receive rebates of up to 45% of project costs. Charging infrastructure for electric buses is eligible for funding, but is subject to a per-charger maximum and project cap. The program is funded by Oklahomas portion of the Volkswagen Environmental Mitigation Trust. Applications must be submitted through Oklahomas Clean Diesel Program. For more information, see the DEQ Alternative Fuel School Bus Program website.

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Safetycng Vs Gas & Diesel

Unlike other fuels such as diesel, petrol, or LPG, which are heavier than air and will pool on the ground, creating a fire hazard and potential pollution to waterways, CNG is lighter than air. If a CNG leak were to occur, the gas would disperse rapidly upwards into the atmosphere and dissipate.

CNG is very safe. The tanks go through many rigorous safety tests that ensure its sturdiness and safety. Take these factors into account:

Natural gas is odorless.

A distinctive odorant that smells very much like strong sulfur is added prior to distribution. This strong odor makes the presence of a leak very easy to detect.

Natural gas is lighter than air.

If a leak were to develop, the gas would rise and disperse through the atmosphere, giving little chance for ignition. Compare that to gasoline and diesel both of which are dense liquids that tend to pool and easily ignite.

Natural gas is non-toxic.

When it is inhaled, that are no poisonous ingredients that can be absorbed into the blood.

Oklahoma Sales Tax On Car Purchases:

2008 Ford Econoline E450 shuttle bus in Durant, OK

Vehicles purchases are some of the largest sales commonly made in Oklahoma, which means that they can lead to a hefty sales tax bill. This page covers the most important aspects of Oklahoma’s sales tax with respects to vehicle purchases. For vehicles that are being rented or leased, see see taxation of leases and rentals.

Oklahoma collects a 3.25% state sales tax rate on the purchase of all vehicles. However it must be noted that the first 1,500 dollars spent on the vehicle would not be taxed in the usual way the cost for the first 1,500 dollars is a flat 20 dollar fee.

In addition to taxes, car purchases in Oklahoma may be subject to other fees like registration, title, and plate fees. You can find these fees further down on the page.

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The Right Truck The Right Engine The Right Fuel

WiNG Power System Specifications

  • 6.2L V8 engine with gaseous prep manifold, hardened valves, and seats
  • Stainless steel fuel lines, fittings, and injector rails
  • Regular Cab, Super Cab, or Crew Cab
  • XL, XLT, Lariat, and King Ranch trim levels
  • 4×2 or 4×4 powertrain configurations
  • 6.75 ft. and 8 ft. cargo box lengths or bed-delete for service bodies
  • 18.4 or optional 24.5 gasoline gallon equivalent Type 4 composite CNG fuel tank
  • Non-selectable, CNG primary start with gasoline secondary when CNG is exhausted alternative transition to gasoline after CNG is depleted
  • Large back-lit, integrated. easy-to-read CNG fuel gauge
  • Uniquely styled tank enclosure made of impact-resistant Thermoplastic Polyolefin

CNG Performance

  • Unchanged 4,240 lbs. std. payload and 10,000 lbs. maximum gross vehicle weight rating
  • Same 12,500 max lbs. std. trailer toWiNG capacity
  • Equivalent fuel economy
  • Comparable fueling time with fast-fill
  • Same cold start engine ignition temperatures -20°

Other Taxes And Fees Applicable To Oklahoma Car Purchases

In addition to state and local sales taxes, there are a number of additional taxes and fees Oklahoma car buyers may encounter. These fees are separate from the sales tax, and will likely be collected by the Oklahoma Department of Motor Vehicles and not the Oklahoma Oklahoma Tax Commission.

Title Fee: Registration Fee: Plate Transfer Fee:

Average DMV fees in Oklahoma on a new-car purchase add up to $1021, which includes the title, registration, and plate fees shown above.

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Cng Adoption In India: Where We Are And Where We Will Be

For a long time, Compressed Natural Gas-powered cars have been less popular with private car buyers. One of the hurdles being, CNG-dispensing infrastructure was not as widespread as that for petrol and diesel. But all that is changing rapidly and theres never been a better time to buy a cng car. Due to the state of the fuel economy and eco-friendly nature of CNG, the Indian government is also investing heavily to make it easier for car buyers to adopt CNG vehicles.

Positive Steps Towards CNG Adoption by the Indian Government

In Sep 2018, the Indian Ministry of Transport announced that electric vehicles and vehicles running on Compressed Natural Gas will no longer require permits to ply on roads. These permits required by commercial vehicles, include the goods carrier permit, cab permit etc. This decision of forgoing the requirement of these permits for CNG based vehicles will now encourage the use of CNG vehicles for commercial usage. The Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Gas has recently unveiled the Natural Gas Infrastructure Development Plan which aims to establish 10,000 CNG gas stations in the next 10 years. Under this plan over 70,000 crores have been invested in setting up of the City Gas Distribution network, which will help in the aforementioned expansion to 10,000 stations from the existing 1400+ stations in India at present.

Automobile Companies Pushing the CNG Agenda in Right Direction


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Electric Vehicle Charging Station Charging Tax

Goverment-seized cars up for auction in Valley

Beginning January 1, 2024, public EV charging stations are subject to a tax of $0.03 per kilowatt-hour. The tax does not apply to EV charging stations at private residences. Tax revenue will be apportioned to the Driving on Road Infrastructure with Vehicles of Electricity Revolving Fund. Oklahoma residents may apply EV charging station tax payments as income tax credits and may be carried forward for up to five years.

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Toyota Hilux 4×2 Workmate Tgn16r Manual Cab Chassis

6164 Southern Suburbs … Key No: 18C Motor Dealer Licence: MD25136 Sale is on As is Where is basis. No Cooling off periods apply. Vehicle inspection is based on walk-around and start-up only and is the opinion of the Booking-In Officer. Sale …

Tue, 25 Oct 2022 22:00:00 +1100

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Pickup Only 6 Spartan Street, Jandakot, WA, 6164

Whats The Resale Value

It can be difficult to compare resale value with traditional gasoline or diesel vehicles because data can be hard to collect. Either the technology is too new, or a limited number of similar sold vehicles make comparisons impossible.

For example, Swearngin said Kansas City keeps its CNG vehicles a couple of years longer to make up for the higher acquisition cost. This means replacing a gasoline-powered pickup truck at eight to 10 years and a CNG truck at 10 to 12 years.

3 min read.Malyaban Ghosh

India Ltd is set to gain the most from a government proposal to levy a green tax on petrol and diesel vehicles, according to two auto industry executives.

Indias top carmaker has the largest portfolio of compressed natural gas vehicles among domestic automakers. The Suzuki Motor Corp. unit also has aggressive plans to push its CNG vehicle sales to 200,000 units or more a year by 2022.

Bus or train? Worlds 1st dual-mode vehicle that can

Road transport and highways minister Nitin Gadkari last Monday announced a proposal to impose a green tax on a certain category of vehicles from 1 April 2022. As per the proposal, a green tax could be levied on personal vehicles at the time of renewal of registration certificate after 15 years equivalent to 10-25% of the road tax of a petrol or diesel vehicle depending on the fuel. A similar tax could be levied on transport or commercial vehicles older than eight years at the time of renewal of fitness certificate.

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Storing Cng In Corncobs

Any news about corn as it relates to alternative fuels is usually reserved for ethanol. It turns out that the abundant cash crop has more to offer in the way of clean-burning energy than simply providÂing a feedstock for fuel.

Researchers from the University of Missouri-Columbia and the Midwest Research Institute in Kansas City have found a way to use corncobs to store natural gas â and at an all-time high density, no less. With corncob waste as a starting material, the researchers have created carbon briquettes with complex nano-scale pores that can store 180 times their own volume of natural gas at a pressure of 500 psi. Significantly, these corncob-based briÂquettes are the first technology to meet the 180:1 storage-to-volume ratio that the U.S. Department of Energy set as a development goal in 2000. A pickup truck equipped with the corncob-based natural gas storage is currently in regular use by the Kansas City Office of Environmental Quality.

EnergyRecord-breaking Methane Storage System Derived From Corncobs May Encourage Mass-market Natural Gas Automobiles By Feb 22, 2007, 3:21pm

Researchers have developed a corncob-derived carbon sponge that can store natural gas. Photo by Nicolle Rager Fuller, National Science Foundation

The breakthrough, announced on , Mo. , is a significant step forward in the nationwide effort to fit more automobiles to run on methane, an abundant fuel that is domestically produced and cleaner burning than gasoline.


Alternative Fuel Vehicle Acquisition Requirements

2005 Chevrolet Express G3500 shuttle bus in Pawnee, OK

All school and government fleets may convert their vehicles to operate on alternative fuels, and all school districts should consider purchasing only vehicles able to operate on alternative fuels. Alternative fuels include natural gas, propane, ethanol, methanol, electricity, biodiesel, hydrogen, and more. School and government vehicles capable of operating on an alternative fuel must use the fuel whenever a fueling station is located within a five-mile radius of the respective school district or government department and the price of the alternative fuel is cost competitive with the displaced conventional fuel. If school and government vehicles must be fueled outside the five-mile radius and no fueling station is reasonably available, the school and government vehicles are exempt from this requirement.

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