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How To Stop Government Harassment

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Management Duty To Act

Government, Parents, Stakeholders To Work Together To Prevent Sexual Harassment

Supervisors/managers who observe or are informed of allegations of harassing conduct must comply with the specific procedural requirements and time frames detailed in the policy. In summary, supervisors/managers must:

  • report the conduct/allegations to the appropriate officials, even if the employee raising the allegation requests confidentiality
  • ensure that a prompt, objective, and thorough investigation is conducted and
  • take steps to ensure that the harassing conduct is appropriately addressed to deter further misconduct, including taking disciplinary action, if appropriate.

For a more detailed overview of supervisor/manager responsibilities, please see the Manager and Supervisor Resources page.

Appropriate corrective action, disciplinary or otherwise, up to and including removal, will be taken against any supervisor or other management official who fails to perform her or his obligations as set forth in this policy, including any failure to report known violations of this policy.

Sexual Harassment At Metro Nashville Police Department 11/8/2021

After facing disciplinary action for alleged sexual harassment, a senior Nashville police officer is retiring. David Leavitt is Metro Nashvilles second police captain to resign amid disciplinary proceedings. Leavitt was suspended for ten days after sending inappropriate messages via the departments internal messaging system to a Black, male subordinate.

Sexual Harassment At Charleston County Sheriff Office 12/11/2021

After an internal inquiry discovered that he had sexually assaulted six women while attending training in September at Tarheel Canine in North Carolina, Ryan Miller, Charleston County sheriffs master deputy, was permitted to resign rather than face termination. According to papers received from the sheriffs office via the South Carolina Freedom of Information Act, Miller is accused of proposing to numerous attendees and making sexually inappropriate statements. Despite this, Charleston Sheriff Kristin Graziano accepted his resignation.

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Sexual Harassment Allegations Against Eau Claire District Attorney 6/7/2021

Eau Claire District Attorney Gary King is under fire due to sexual harassment and drinking in the workplace. According to public records, King was the subject of several harassment complaints from county employees. Two former assistant district attorneys have called for the governor to remove King from office.

Government Agencies Branches And Departments Are All Affected By Harassment So What Can Leadership Do About It

Sexual harassment at workplace and governments laws against it

As emphasized by the U.S. EEOC Select Task Force on the Study of Harassment in the Workplace, Preventing harassment from occurring in the first place is far preferable to remedying its consequences. We at Project WHEN also believe that one of the most effective and greatest steps that companies can take to eliminate harassment is to act on it before it even happens. How is this possible?

Federal and state governments have established laws and guidelines to protect the public from harassment and ensure that necessary steps are taken to prevent it from occurring in the workplace. Some states have harassment training requirements that cover private employers and government offices. A good initial step is to be cognizant of these recommendations and regulations and abide by them. Compliance with the law should be one of any organizations top priorities to avoid conflicts in the workplace.

However, abiding with the law is just doing the bare minimum. More needs to be done to uproot the destructive practices taking place in a work environment. These practices can be identified by taking a holistic approach in examining the teams work culture.

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Not All Employers Are Subject To Eeoc Laws

Only employers with a certain number of employees are subject to EEOC laws. The number of employees changes depending on the type of employer and the kind of discrimination alleged.

  • Businesses, state, and local governments must follow most EEOC laws if they have 15 or more employees.

  • Federal agencies must follow all EEOC laws, no matter how many employees they have.

How Do You Stop Sexual Harassment In The Workplace

Despite increasing social consciousness and laws prohibiting it, sexual harassment remains a problem in the workplace. In Fiscal Year 2021, around 5,581 sexual harassment claims were filed with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission . While this number has decreased through the years, its essential to understand that many cases in the workplace go unreported in the United States.

Given this, taking an active stand and cultivating a safe work environment free of harassment is essential. This way, people can respect one another and work productively without fear.


  • 6 Take dasgs Leadership Training & Development Program for a Safe and Professional Workplace
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    Harassment And Discrimination At Ukiah Police Department 8/26/2021

    A former Ukiah police officer claims that a UPD sergeant sexually assaulted her during a training program. She reported the incident to a superior but received no appropriate actions. The Ukiah Police Department, accused sergeant, and the city are now facing a lawsuit alleging harassment, discrimination, and retaliation.

    Sexual Harassment By A Public Works Supervisor 6/17/2021

    The Power of Us: How We Stop Sexual Harassment | Marianne Cooper | TEDxUniversityofNevada

    In 2018, former truck driver Tyshona Kennedy filed a lawsuit alleging she was subjected to constant sexual harassment and made to suffer a hostile work environment created by supervisor James Maher. Recently, municipal officials have agreed to settle the lawsuit by paying $150,000 to the public works employee.

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    Sexual Harassment At State Of Iowa 1/12/2022

    A state commission settled two sexual harassment complaints filed by employees who claimed they were mistreated at work. The State Appeal Board of Iowa granted a $962,500 settlement to Jennifer Jackson, who claimed in a February 2020 lawsuit that she was forced to witness other female employees being sexually harassed at work by her female supervisor, including filthy abusive statements and touching womens breasts. Jackson had been a social worker with the Iowa Department of Human Services since 2012. The supervisor was fired in February 2019, but Jackson said state officials ignored her complaints. Jackson will get a lump sum payment of $205,000 and monthly installments of $4,643 for the next seven years until November 2029. Her lawyer will receive more than $387,000.

    Sexual Harassment At Wood County Sheriffs Office 10/24/2021

    Sgt. Della D. Matheny, a former West Virginia sheriffs officer, filed a lawsuit Friday afternoon accusing Wood County Sheriff Steve Stephens of making disparaging and sexist remarks about her and another officer, inappropriately touching a female officer, and creating a hostile work environment. It alleges that Stephens began making inappropriate comments about her weight and appearance around 2012.

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    Sexual Harassment At The Marine Corps Logistics Base Barstow 9/3/2021

    Jennifer Atkinson, a former supply technician at the Marine base in Barstow, claimed in a lawsuit against the Navy and AECOM Inc. that she had been denied the proper setting to breastfeed her infant at work and was subjected to near-daily harassment from supervisors and coworkers. To settle the lawsuit, the U.S. Navy has agreed to pay her $50,000 and take other necessary actions.

    Sexual Harassment And Assault By Lansing Mayor 6/22/2021


    A woman named Liz Hart has filed a lawsuit against former Lansing Mayor Virg Bernero alleging that Bernero sexually harassed and assaulted her by making unwanted late-night phone calls, sexual comments, and unwelcome touching of the different parts of her body. Several other women have also spoken out about their experiences of being harassed by Bernero.

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    Sexual Harassment By Florida Gop Head 7/21/2021

    Sen. Joe Gruters, Chairman of the Florida GOP, is facing accusations that he sexually harassed a male aide who offered to drive him home after an evening outing at a Tallahassee bar. The Republican Party of Florida has started investigating the said allegation and said that it does not tolerate any form of harassment.

    Sexist And Racist Social Media Posts By Oakland Police Officers 9/20/2021

    An investigation by Oakland Police Department found that several police officers are guilty of posting racist memes and jokes about rape and police brutality on social media. 140 Oakland Police Department phones were confiscated and nine officers were placed on an unpaid suspension following the investigation.

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    Sexual Harassment At Louisiana Attorney Generals Office 11/11/2021

    Former Assistant Attorney General Matthew Derbes sues his former boss six months after resigning. Derbes made public his claims that sexual harassment complaints at the Louisiana Attorney Generals Office went unaddressed. In a lawsuit filed against Attorney General Jeff Landry, Derbes claims that he was stonewalled when he attempted to report inappropriate behavior toward female coworkers by a high-ranking aide.

    Ways The Government Must Tackle Sexual Harassment Of Women And Girls In Public Places

    #ThatsHarassment: Sexual harassment in schools

    Sexual harassment pervades the lives of women and girls and is deeply ingrained in our culture.

    It affects the lives of nearly every woman in the UK. Most experience sexual harassment at some point many start to experience it when they are still children, and are harassed so frequently that it becomes a routine part of everyday life.

    Through our inquiry, we have found that on public transport, in bars and clubs, in online spaces and at university, in parks and on the street, it is a routine and sometimes relentless experience for women and girls.

    The last five years have seen a growing public debate about sexual harassment of women and girls in the UK. From October 2017, the global #MeToo movement put sexual harassment and abuse in the headlines. While men may not always recognise the level, impact and harm of sexual harassment in many womens lives, women are glad that it is at long last being openly discussed.

    The Equality Act 2010 defines sexual harassment as unwanted conduct of a sexual nature which has the purpose or effect of creating an intimidating, hostile, degrading, humiliating or offensive environment.” We have found, however, that laws don’t necessarily reflect the full breadth of the problem.

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    What Is Considered Harassment

    Harassment is unwanted behavior that is offensive and makes a person feel intimidated or humiliated. These behaviors are meant or often manage to violate your dignity and develop a hostile and degrading environment.

    Action is typically considered harassment if it is consistent and persists over time. For example, constantly pressuring and frightening another person. These behaviors, when viewed individually may come across as inoffensive, but it is the repetition that generates the harassment.

    However, one-time incidents could also be considered harassment if it’s demonstrated to be severe and has a significant impact on the victim.

    There are many different ways in which a person can be a victim of harassment in the workplace:

    Racial Discrimination And Sexual Harassment At Orange County Prosecutors Office 11/18/2021

    One of the numerous women who have accused former Orange County senior prosecutor Gary LoGalb of sexual harassment filed a lawsuit against the county on Thursday, accusing it of racial and sexual harassment and retribution on the part of the district attorneys office. According to the lawsuit, LoGalbo allegedly boasted that he was a walking HR violation who was not going to change.’ He announced his retirement one day after being put on administrative leave on Dec. 11, 2020, in response to allegations of harassment. County officials remained silent, and LoGalbo could not be reached right away.

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    Sexual Harassment At Okaloosa County Department Of Corrections 9/9/2021

    Based on interviews with employees at the Okaloosa County Department of Corrections, Director Eric Esmond violated sexual harassment rules in the workplace. Because of this, Esmond has received a 3-day suspension and was instructed to take harassment training. Victims who have come forward to file complaints against him said the suspension was not enough.

    Sexual Harassment By A Federal Prosecutor 6/1/2021

    Stop Sexual Harassment Banner Gender Equality Label And Logo Logo ...

    According to a report from the Justice Department inspector generals office, a federal prosecutor whose name is redacted in the report subjected multiple female co-workers to sexual harassment for years. The allegations include physical and verbal harassment such as inappropriate touching and unwanted messages of sexual nature.

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    Welcome To The Vha Assault And Harassment Prevention Office

    The VHA Assault and Harassment Prevention Office supports the Department of Veterans Affairs commitment to providing a safe, welcoming, and professional environment for all employees, Veterans, volunteers, and visitors. Harassment or sexual assault will not be tolerated at any VA facility. All who visit a VA campus should expect to be treated with respect. Likewise, we also expect all who enter a VA facility to treat others with respect.

    If you experience or witness inappropriate behavior taking place at a VA facility, report it to the VA Police immediately. All reports of harassment and sexual assault will be investigated.

    Harassment By A Michigan Police Chief 6/14/2021

    Bangor police Chief Tommy Simpson, Mayor Darren Williams, and the city are facing criminal complaints from current and former members of the police department. This is in light of the accusations made against Simpson for harassing several male officers. This article details the victims experiences in the hands of Simpson.

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    What Are A School’s Obligations Regarding Harassment Based On Protected Classes

    Anyone can report harassing conduct to a school. When a school receives a complaint they must take certain steps to investigate and resolve the situation.

    • Take immediate and appropriate action to investigate or otherwise determine what happened.
    • Inquiry must be prompt, thorough, and impartial.
    • Interview targeted students, students or staff alleged to have engaged in harassment, and witnesses, and maintain written documentation of investigation.
    • Communicate with targeted students regarding steps taken to end harassment.
    • Check in with targeted students to ensure that harassment has ceased.
    • When an investigation reveals that harassment has occurred, a school should take steps reasonably calculated to:
    • End the harassment,

    Sexual Harassment Complaint Against Wenham Town 12/9/2021

    Harassing phone calls? Here’s how to stop them

    A 2019 sexual harassment complaint filed against the town of Wenham has been settled. It was the result of an improper text message sent by a former selectman to a longstanding employee. In a 2020 complaint to the Massachusetts Commission Against Discrimination, John Clemenzi, a veteran member of the Board of Selectmen at the time, was accused of implying that the employee had been performing a sexual act when she was attacked by her dog in October 2019. Clemenzi and Jack Wilhelm, another veteran board member, both submitted their resignations in January, leaving the board with just one member for a number of months. The settlements precise terms werent made public right away.

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    Protection From Covert Government Harassment

    I am in touch with thousands of people who are being silenced by our government through use of covert harassment. This is serious harassment often stripping people of income, property, possessions, credibility, etc. This is most often striking whistle blowers and activists. I am one of these people and my life has been destroyed. Is there any defense against this? …

    Hi Rosanne,

    This will be a bit lengthy, but you will like the answer so bear with me. As you read this post, when you get to a link read past it until you finish reading the entire post. Then follow each link and come back to his post to continue on so that you better comprehend how each of these items fit into the conversation.

    There is absolutely a way to stop government harassment. First and foremost, all of these people need to be supporting each other. The primary purpose of the American People’s Peacekeepers is to provide knowledge and support to people who are having to deal with government overreach. We see many people proclaiming “We need to stand united, ” but don’t seem to know what to do when standing united. The APP has a multi faceted mission and one of those missions is to educate and learn from each other.

    So how do we combat this government intrusion that wrecks so many lives? The first thing that you must do any time government attempts to force its will on your is challenge jurisdiction.

    So, the short answer is yes.

    M. R. Hamilton

    How To File An Employment Discrimination Complaint

    To file a complaint, contact your EEOC field office.

    Many state and local governments have anti-discrimination laws. These laws may offer extra protection beyond federal law.

    Some state laws:

    • Apply to businesses with only five or six employees

    • Prohibit discrimination based on whether you’re married or have children

    • Have different deadlines for filing a charge

    • Have different standards for deciding whether you’re covered

    Many state laws have more protections for nursing mothers than federal law requires. State labor offices enforce these laws.

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    Most Common Types Of Workplace Harassment

    Let’s review a few of the most common workplace harassment issues you can encounter at the office:


    Discriminatory practices can include social exclusion, refusal of promotions, or unequal benefits and treatment towards employees. This is often based on protected characteristics but can also be because of different socio-economic status, educational background, or nationality. Discrimination can be done consciously or unconsciously. To check if you’re doing it unsconsciously, take the unconsious bias quiz.

    Sexual harassment

    Sexual harassment is defined as unwanted sexual advances and behavior towards a subordinate or a co-worker. It is a serious workplace harassment offense. Preventing sexual harassment in the workplac should be a priority.

    This can be in different forms, the most common forms of sexual harassment are physical violence, touching, comments about appearance, sexually suggestive gestures, and harassing e-mails or text messages.

    In some cases, sexual harassment can be hard for you to identify, especially because the harasser will often try to be subtle. If any physical or other types of interaction with co-workers feel wrong for you, then it’s most likely harassment.

    It is absolutely important that sexual harassment training should be given to managers and employees in order to avoid legal issues.

    Physical or verbal violence

    Abusing power

    Bullying / Cyberbullying


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