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Homeschool High School Government Curriculum

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U.S. government homeschool curriculum for high school from a Christian perspective

My eldest entered high school in 2011. I thought I knew more than I did. And I thought I needed to do it all myself. I stressed so bad about paying a local science teacher to take some of the load off.

I was wrong.

I dont need to do it all myself. I get to orchestrate and manage my kids education, but I dont have to have a finger in every book.

Having other adults speak into my kids lives, having my kids learn to adapt to someone elses schedule and listen to someone elses critique has been a great blessing.

And high school is a great time to make this happen.

This post was originally published on July 15, 2014. It has been updated for content, clarity, and Covid.

The Best Secular Homeschool Curriculum

I havent tried all secular curriculum out there, but we have tried many of the curricula on this list.

Other curricula on this list come highly recommended by other secular homeschoolers.

Please note: this is not a comprehensive list. If you have a secular curriculum that youve tried and loved, leave a comment and Ill add it to the list!

What My Teen Thought Of Boundary Stones Us Government Online Course

My daughter, who worked this program for the review, found the vocabulary flashcards to be truly helpful. She would use the flashcards to make a list of the words with their definitions. Even though she could have used the study guide to also do this, she didnt feel there was enough space on the guides.

Plus, she really enjoys adding her own flare to her work.

The videos were also a great addition to the program for her. She is an auditory learner, so if this was book-based only, the program would have been a struggle. The videos cover a lot of the same material that is in the book, yet it does not feel repetitive.

And, where the videos do not use the same speaker every time, she liked the variety of presenters.

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Make High School Credits Easy

Take the stress out of finding the right high school classes and enroll in the Basic American Government Course this school year! Its eye-opening, engaging, and will get your kids thinking.

Take 15% off your purchase through 8/23/2020 with the code StoneReward2020. And enter to win a FULL HIGH SCHOOL CREDIT with the Government and Economics bundle below!

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Homeschool Curriculum For Science:

Homeschool High School: Free Curriculum Plan for US ...

Apologias Exploring Creation series Our entire family really enjoys the work of Jay Wile. We elder four have all heard him speak at conferences and appreciate his perspective and way of communicating. I also like his balanced approach to common disagreements within the sciences.

Weve gone through this science program in co-op settings and in-person paid instruction as well as online with Dr Wile himself.

This year, my kids are taking online Science classes using Prentice Hall and Holt science books. I will update this post after I have something to report.

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Thank You For Taking The Time To Write This Book This Is My First Year Being Homeschooled And This Curriculum Definitely Was A Good Start

Ray Notgrass, Charlene Notgrass, Bethany Poore, John Notgrass, Mev McCurdy, Nate McCurdy

Hi! We’re the Notgrass Family. Thanks for visiting!

History lovers Ray and Charlene Notgrass raised three history lovers, John Notgrass, Bethany Poore, and Mary Evelyn McCurdy. When Mary Evelyn married Nate McCurdy, another history-lover joined the clan. We lead the team that brings you Notgrass History.

Creating high-quality curriculum for your homeschool is an honor and a joy for us. We read history for work. We read history for fun. We talk about history around the table . . . a lot. You’ll see our love for history in every book we create.

We are followers of the Author of history. We want to help students see how God has been at work in the past and how He is at work today. We pray that our curriculum will help families understand God’s truth.

We also love homeschoolers! As veteran homeschoolers, we’ve learned a lot along the way. We’ve learned what works in real life and what doesn’t. We want you to love using Notgrass History, so we make it easy for you to use.

Check out what we have to offer and let us know if you have any questions. We’re here to help!

Your Secular Homeschool Curriculum Options All In One Place

No more googling. No more asking for advice from random homeschoolers on the internet. They dont know your familys needs. You do.

If youve spent hours, days, or weeks searching for what will fit your child,give yourself a break from the research, and find your options all in one place.

Flip through our ebook and find core subjects plus online learning, all-in-one, supplements, and electives. Each product has been vetted and benefits summarized so you can find what you need quickly.

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Where To Buy Secular Homeschool Curriculum

We used to buy our curriculum mainly from Amazon, or from the retailers themselves. Occasionally, we would also purchase from homeschool book fairs, but obviously those will be off the table for a while.

We also did a lot of purchasing through Rainbow Resource Center, but they do also sell religious homeschool curriculum, so you just have to be mindful at purchase.

Secular Virtual Schools & Online Resources

Government Classes Online for Homeschoolers

Best Option for Budget Conscious, Custom CurriculumOutschoolages 3-18, virtualYoull find a huge variety of over 15,000 classes, small group courses, and online camps offered on Outschool including complete secular homeschool curriculum in a variety of subjects and supplementary courses. This platform is unique as instructors create their own courses and set their own prices. You can find classes for every topic and any budget.Outschool creates the opportunity for a very customizable curriculum with creative options based on interest, core classes, courses in the arts, coding, more than 11 languages and ASL. Additionally, with short-term options and no full-time commitment requirements, Outschool is a great place to explore electives to give your child an opportunity to try new things. You will also find very targeted classes designed to help kids through challenging courses in the short-term. For example if your 4th grader is struggling with multiplication, you can enroll in Multiplication Bootcamp. If your high-schooler is struggling with writing a research paper, enroll in the IEW-Style Writing a Research-based Essay course.

Best Classes for Progressive Thinkers

Secular, Eclectic, Academic Online Classessee this semesters courses on the website, eclectic online

Best Resource for College-bound Homeschoolers

Petersons College Test Prephigh school, test prep

Best Resource for One-on-one Tutoring

Varsity Tutorsall ages, online

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Secular Curriculum Publishers With All

The following publishers offer a range of curriculum from preschool to twelfth grade in a variety of subjects and all-in-one packages.

Best Complete Open-and-Go CurriculumMoving Beyond the Pageage 4-high school, literature based, hands-onNine packages for ages 4 through 14 which include Science, Social Studies, Language Arts, and Math, also stand-alone unit studies and single-subject packages.MBtP was from this program. The focus on creative, critical thinking, hands-on activities, and projects makes this curriculum both engaging and and enriching.If the full package is out of your price range, you can also choose from a variety of more economical options such as online curriculum and printables, using library books, etc. Find out how to make this premium program more affordable for your family.Another huge benefit is the flexibility of this program. You will be able to work at your childs pace by choosing from a 9 month or year-round scheduleand use placement tests to determine your childs level in both language arts and math. If your child doesnt fit into one level, thats okay! Mix and match subjects to fit your childs needs. With each level covering a range of ages, you may also be able to use one level for 2 or more children in one year.

Build Your LibraryK-12, Charlotte Mason inspired

Best Secular Curriculum for Creative Kids

Best Start for Learning at Your Own Pace

math: preschool prealgebra and test preplanguage arts: ages 3-9, Montessori

Youll Find Our Top Secular Recommendations For Core Curriculum In This Post

Our top 5 are listed in each category:

  • All-in-One Secular Homeschool Curriculum Programs
  • Reading & Phonics Programs
  • Language Arts, Writing, & Grammar Programs
  • Math Curricula
  • Secular Social Studies & History Resources
  • Virtual Schools & Online Courses

Note: The following pages include secular resources and programs Ive had the opportunity to use and review. But these are only our top picks.

Dont spend weeks vetting homeschool curricula sites. Find resources that fit your style, your budget, your needs

You have options more than you think.

Now theyre all in one place: the most comprehensive catalog of secular curriculum available. With curriculum in every style, format, and budget. Newly updated for 2021!

Or keep scrolling for our top recommendations.

Recommended Reading:

What Else In On Your To

Why is it that secular curriculum is so hard to find? Something in such high demand should be easier to locate, easier to compare.

Thats why we put together the most comprehensive collection of secular homeschool curriculum available. Whether youre looking for secular core curriculum, online courses, supplements, or learning games youve got options.

Homeschool High School Curriculum

How to Easily Teach U.S. Government to Your High Schooler ...

My state, Indiana, gives me a boatload of freedom, so I take advantage of it. I am not worried about doing all of the things. I am not worried about my boys taking the same courses that other students take.

This isnt different than my elementary approach: lets give these boys a foundation education, and lets help them discover passions and pursue them.

If my students are running like heck after their passions, then they dont have time to check every box. I had to make some decisions: what boxes HAD to be checked in order for me to know that I had given my boys a solid education.

My personal decision was this: four years of English, four years of math, personal finance, and government. Everything else is debatable.

You might think this is a dangerous plan, but my oldest chased his interests, and I didnt have to beg him to get his school done. He was motivated, and he spent four years diving deep into pottery, music theory, and other subjects. He was also able to finish high school with an associate degree.

This list includes some of the curriculum choices weve made. Since Simon is just starting his homeschool high school journey, I will continually be adding to the list.

Homeschool High School Math Curriculum

Math is not my thing. Math will never be my thing. However, I deeply desired to give my boys a good foundation in math. I turned to Mr. D for the upper level math classes, and I have not regretted it.

Homeschool High School English Curriculum

American Government

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Top 10 Homeschooling High School Government & Economics Curriculum Choices

Are you ready to teach your homeschooling high schooler about the ins and out of government, civics, and economics? Homeschoolers excel in this area. The curriculum choices available for your teen are excellent and varied. Whether you are looking for a full online series or more of the living books ideal this top 10 list has you covered.

Teaching our teens to be independent and responsible is one of the many reasons to continue homeschooling through high school. We have the great joy of teaching our teens how to be responsible Christian citizens. The joy of seeing my teen walk into a voting booth for the first time brought tears to my eyes.

Helping our teens become an integral part of the community and active citizen means we need to lay a firm foundation of knowledge. Also one of the requirements for graduation is often a government or civics course. The upcoming Presidential election makes this year perfect to fit in that semester course and be prepared for the election.

We asked our fellow homeschooling Teach Them Diligently families what do you recommend as a High School Government & Economics curriculum choice. We compiled their choices along with 39 other levels and subjects of curriculum in our FREE Homeschool Family Favorites Guide.

Civil Law Of The Bible

Should religious truth influence civil government? The politically correct answer is no. The level 410 Bible and Theology program challenges that answer.

You and your students will interact with Scripture in an ambitious new way. Two thought-provoking books, God and Politics and Truth and Transformation, ask you to question assumptions and serve as your guide to examine civil government through a Biblical lens.

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Three: Pick A Program

Now that you know which topics you want to cover during high school, its time to figure out what curriculum or program you are going to use.

If you want accredited courses, there are many different options available. Here are some programs to consider:

If you are choosing to work independently, you are able to use whichever resources you would like throughout high school. There are many options to choose from, so I wont list them there, but I would recommend going through my How to Plan Your Homeschool Year guide that walks you through how to choose curriculum.

Some schools offer the option for Credit Equivalency meaning that you can have the work you complete outside the official OSSD accredited programs assessed and counted towards an official diploma. Talk to staff at one of the above programs for more information on this option.

Best Christian Homeschool Government Course

Civics and government curriculum for middle school from a Christian perspective

Lifepac Civics

Published by Alpha Omega Publications, a leader in Christian homeschool curriculum, Lifepac Civics is an excellent, thorough one-semester government course with a Christian perspective. The program is designed for students in grades 7-12, so it can be used in either middle or high school. Its streamlined and approachable format make this course easy for students to complete independently.

This course is comprehensive and engaging. Students learn about the development of the American government as well as other government types throughout history, politics, economic systems, and the meaning of citizenship. The course is broken down into five thematic units: A New Nation, The Constitution, Branches of Government, Government by the People, and Relationship to the World.

As with other Lifepac courses, this one uses a set of colorful, consumable worktexts that students work through on their own. The Teachers Guide includes notes on each unit as well as answer keys for the assessments.The Civics Resource Guide includes important documents like the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution. All of the above materials are included in the complete set. This course is excellent for self-led and independent learners, and parents appreciate the minimal involvement required.

Since this course is only one semester long, consider pairing it with another of Lifepacs one-semester elective courses, which include:

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Final Thoughts On Basic American Government From Boundary Stone

If we as US citizens dont learn the reasoning behind our Federal Government and why we have the documents, rules, and restrictions we do, we as a nation run the risk of losing what was left to us.

This idea seems to be at the core of the Basic American Government course from Boundary Stone.

With this US Government course, high school students can easily work through the material independently at a pace that works for their busy schedules. The built-in checks automatically check for both retention and understanding of the material presented before adding additional information.

And the study guides can easily be saved to be used for review prior to the four unit tests.

There is also an option policy research project where students can dive into some of todays largest issues such as taxes, gun control, and healthcare. Boundary Stone offers 20 suggested ideas, but students are able to select another pressing issue if they would prefer.

So even though this course initially appeared to be more than we would normally use as semi-relaxed homeschoolers, over the last several weeks we have seen that even an in-depth study of basic American government can be done in a way that works for us.

Which is good, because with two in high school, I need a course that offers both accuracy and dependability, along with flexibility and ease. Basic American Government from Boundary Stone appears to offer all of that, and then some!

High School Curriculum Options

Todays world is full of outstanding high school curriculum options. Choosing the right curriculum option for your homeschooler depends on their learning needs. The key to motivating your teen learner is found by implementing a course of study that aligns with their passions, interests, and style of learning. Take this free learning styles quiz online to help you get started!

The highlight of homeschooling is, of course, the freedom to tailor your students education to their specific needs.

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We Are Not A Curriculum Company

Have you found that when youre researching secular homeschool curriculum, its mostly big companies advertising their own products that pop up first in search? Thats because the larger companies have teams of marketing experts figuring out how to convince you that their product is the best. It makes it awfully hard to comparison shop!

Our curriculum guidesticks to the facts. Youll be able to see at-a-glance what each company has to offer with brief, to-the-point descriptions of each product.

Looking for hands-on? Specific grade levels? App or online-based programs? Its all here, organized efficiently so you can find the curriculum that will best fit your child.

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