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Government Programs For Teenage Mothers

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Nationwide Childrens Hospital Teen Pregnancy Program

USA: Serious Lack of Government Support for Teenage Mothers

Offers prenatal and postpartum care for pregnant women up too the age of 21 and 6 months. This program also focuses on the overall health of mother and baby which may include the entire family and the father-to-be. A multi-disciplinary team works to support safe infant care, birth control options, positive parenting and school/family balance. Parental consent required at first visit for patients under the age of 18.

  • Adolescent Medicine Clinic Livingston Ambulatory Center380 Butterfly Gardens Drive, Columbus, Ohio 43215
  • Linden Primary Care Center1390 Cleveland Avenue, Columbus, Ohio 43211


Phase Two: Damamli Supported Independent Living Apartments

Phase Two celebrates our teen mothers new parenting and independent skills through placement in a furnished, supported independent living apartment. While living in an apartment owned and monitored by Hearts & Homes, mothers are supported by a licensed social worker and participate in weekly group training sessions. Through this experience young parents are prepared to live independently with their baby. If at any point mothers require additional support, they are eligible to move back to a foster home environment.

Assistance With Day Care

Daycare today is extremely expensive. Finding affordable daycare so that you can work is frustrating for a single parent, especially when the costs take a big chunk out of your earnings. To help, the government offers assistance for single moms. Here are a few resources to get you started:

  • Tax Credits Working families can qualify for a tax credit called the Child and Dependent Care Credit. File Form 2441 while doing your taxes. Depending on what you paid in childcare, you can save up to $600 per child.
  • State Assistance Depending on your state, you might qualify for a childcare grant. The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services is where you apply.
  • Help for Students if you are a student, check with your school to see if they offer assistance. Each school has a different policy so you will need to check with your individual school.
  • Help for Military Families The government provides subsidies for military families. It depends on the military branch with whom you serve, but there are several agencies which may be able to help.
  • Sliding Scale Fees Check with your local daycares and see if they offer a sliding scale fee for low-income families.

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Directions For Youth & Families

Program: Offers youth and their families mental, emotional and behavioral health programs and services. Licensed social workers and counselors provide counseling and clinical treatment programs addressing a range of issues including school concerns, sexual abuse, delinquency, domestic violence, family conflict, substance abuse and mental health issues. They also offer parenting classes, free kindergarten readiness programs and after-school and summer programs at their two youth centers.Eligibility: ages vary per programCost: government insurance , private insurance and self-pay most programs are freeReferral: individuals may refer themselves or be referred by someone else for the counseling programs for psychiatric services they need to be referred through a Directions for Youth counselor

  • DFYF Main Office1515 Indianola Avenue, Columbus, Ohio 43201 294-2661
  • 3616 East Main Street, Whitehall, Ohio 43213 251-0103
  • 657 South Ohio Avenue, Columbus, Ohio 43205 258-8043
  • 3840 Kimberly Parkway, Columbus, Ohio 43232 694-0203

Teenage Pregnancy Prevention Program

Advisory Board: Government Programs For Teenage Mothers

For the first time since the early 1990s, the overall rates of pregnancy and birth among teenagers and young women increased from 2005 to 2006 and continued to increase in 2007 .1,2 The rates of STIs also continued to rise among teens ages 1519, during this same time period.3 More than 60% of teen mothers live in poverty at the time of their child’s birth, and children of teen mothers are more likely to exhibit lower cognitive achievement, exhibit behavior problems, and drop out of high school or give birth as a teenager themselves.4,5 It is for these reasons that reducing teen and unintended pregnancy is one of Secretary Kathleen Sebelius’s key inter-agency collaborations.

Teen pregnancy is a serious national problem and we need to use the best science of what works to address it…This investment will help bring evidence-based initiatives to more communities across the country while also testing new approaches so we can expand our toolkit of effective interventions.-HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius

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The Difficult Life Circumstances Facing Teen Parents And Their Children

Trends in Teen BirthsIn recent years there have been significant declines in both teenage pregnancy and birth rates, with teen pregnancy rates reaching their lowest level since statistics have been collected. While this is good news, there are still far too many teens having children before they are ready. In fact, nearly 500,000 teenage girls become parents each year. Roughly 40 percent of these teenage parents are under age 18 more than three-fourths are unmarried and the majority of parenting teens do not have the economic or social resources in place to provide for themselves or their children. Moreover, teenage mothers are more likely to have additional children in quick succession, limiting their life options even further than having only one child. Although the number of repeat births to teenage girls also has declined since 1991, there are still over 100,000 second or higher order births to teenagers annually.

Many teenage mothers have a difficult time juggling the dual roles of parent and teen. These responsibilities are often undertaken in the context of stressful environments, many of which are characterized by poverty, poor housing, domestic violence, abuse, and unsafe neighborhoods. Research has shown that a large percentage of teenage mothers have experienced sexual and/or physical abuse, often by a household member. These teenage mothers face an even greater risk of repeat pregnancy and other health problems.


Special Supplemental Nutrition Program For Women Infants And Children

The Special Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants, and Children provides federal grants to states to help low-income women and children under the age of 5 who may be at nutritional risk receive nutrition education, food and health care referrals. A pregnant teen is eligible to receive WIC assistance during her pregnancy and up to 6 weeks after the birth of her baby. A postpartum mother remains eligible up to 6 months after giving birth or up to a year after her baby is born if she is breastfeeding. Children remain eligible until their 5th birthday. The WIC applicant must live in the state or Indian Tribal Organization in which they apply, have been determined to be nutritionally at risk by a physician or clinician, and have an income that falls between 100 to 185 percent of the federal poverty guidelines issued each year by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. Teen mothers eligible for SNAP, Medicaid, and TANF are automatically eligible to receive WIC benefits.

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Pregnant And Need Help With Money

Women who are pregnant and need help with money can find many possible resources. The financial assistance could replace lost income or reduce monthly expenses that stretch your dollars further.

Request a personal loan if you are pregnant and need money now. Private lenders can move more quickly than government agencies. If approved, you could have cash in your checking account within days instead of weeks or months.

To get the funding ASAP, make sure to have these items handy.

  • Employer name and address
  • Drivers license number
  • Bank account and routing number

Be careful about borrowing emergency money as you will need to repay the loan with interest, which requires an ongoing income source.

Trends In Recent Research

More than 370 Baringo teenage mothers receive sponsorship from county government to return to school

Recent research on teenage motherhood has made important strides. In this article, I focus on four areas of knowledge in which advances have occurred: processes of selection into teenage motherhood, the nonsocioeconomic consequences of teenage childbearing, the heterogeneity of effects, and the application of life course principles.

Processes of selection into teenage motherhood

Individual-level processes of selection into teenage motherhood are also important. Previous research had focused on the effects of teenage childbearing on educational outcomes , but newer research indicates that educational disengagement affects teenage childbearing. Young women who will soon become pregnant are already changing their educational trajectories in negative ways that cannot be the result of teenage motherhood. In interviews with teenage mothers , violence, abuse, risky neighborhoods, and inequalities shaped their livesâin many cases by creating life worlds of chaosâin ways that led simultaneously to teenage motherhood and other risks. Understanding girls’ personal narratives and the systems of inequalities in which they are embedded is crucial to understanding how they become teenage mothers.

Nonsocioeconomic consequences of teenage motherhood

Different effects for different women

Life course dynamics

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Additional Help And Resources

A-Z Index of U.S. Government departments and agencies is a listing of all U.S. Government Departments and Agencies. is a very good site for finding government programs to help you and your child. Simply go to the site, fill out the questionnaire and the site will list all the national government programs that you may qualify for.

Reduced Cost Health Care at Hospitals: Hill-Burton facilities are hospitals and nursing homes that have received money from the federal government and now must provide a certain amount of free or reduced-cost health services every year to those who cannot pay. You may apply for Hill-Burton assistance at any time before or after you receive care by simply asking for Hill-Burton assistance. To obtain a list of Hill-Burton facilities in your area or for more information on the Hill-Burton program and how to get free or reduced-cost health care go to

Services is a government website where they try to help you connect with the services you need.

Supplemental Assistance For Needy Persons

The program known as ‘SNAP’ stands for Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program. This debit-card based benefit replaces what used to be known as food stamps.

Participants enrolled in the program receive a SNAP EBT card, which can be used to shop at grocery stores that accept SNAP payments. More discreet than food stamps, SNAP allows single moms in need to purchase items such as bread, fruit and vegetables, meats/poultry/fish, dairy products, and cereals.

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Temporary Assistance For Needy Families

Temporary Assistance for Needy Families is known as the ‘new welfare.’

It is a federally funded grant program that allows states to create and administer their own assistance programs for families in need, including low-income single moms. A key distinction between TANF and the old ‘welfare’ system in that recipients must participate in work activities in order to receive benefits. These activities include:

  • Full or part-time employment
  • On-the-job training
  • Active job searching
  • Work experience

Insights Teen Parent Program

Government Grants For Single Mothers to Buy a Home ...

Insights Teen Parent Program is a teen program based in Oregon that serves teen mothers and fathers from all over the country. The Insights program is available to help teen moms find reliable work, housing and education following the birth of their babies. Offering healthy start medical care for small babies, Insight also focuses on case management and support groups in which teen mothers can join together to discuss their experiences and strategies for the future.

Insights Teen Parent Program 711 SE Ankeny, Suite B Portland, OR 97214 503-239-6996

  • Insights Teen Parent Program is a teen program based in Oregon that serves teen mothers and fathers from all over the country.
  • The Insights program is available to help teen moms find reliable work, housing and education following the birth of their babies.

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Phase Three: Damamli Independent Living Apartments

Most mothers in Phase Three of our Damamli program are approaching 21 years of age when they will not be supported by state care. It is the hope that through their educational placements and gainful employment, our mothers will be able to maintain their apartments and families upon graduation from our program.

Finding Grants For Pregnant Teenagers

In finding the groups in your area, you are recommended to contact the high school nurse, unplanned pregnancy centers, or the Division of Family Services for a referral. Commonly, pregnant teenagers will be able to get a referral. However, they will not publish contact information for privacy reasons related to the teenagers they are working with.

The grants for pregnant teenagers also come in food and shelter. This grant is suitable for teenage mothers or mother to be who do not have any shelter or a place to live. You can find the grant from various housing agencies and groups. For the teenagers who will be 17 soon, they might help you to get an apartment. However, if the teenagers are younger than 16 and are not able to live with their family, they are allowed to stay in a group home until they deliver their baby. The teenagers can make arrangement for food and shelter until the baby is delivered. You are recommended to attend programs like job corp. You can also find other programs locally.

It is also possible for you to find grants for pregnant teenagers to help the mother with the health care costs. There are many teenagers who do not have any health insurance which can help them to cover the cost of the pregnancy. Federal Government helps pregnant teenagers with many programs like Medicaid. The program helps the teenagers to cover the pregnancy costs. You are recommended to contact the local Division Family Service to get more information.


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List Ofgovernment Assistance For Pregnant Mothers Program

Apart from non-governmental organizations, one can also get assistance from the government regarding expectant mothers. Programs providing government assistance for pregnant mothers have been working tirelessly for many years now.

  • Women, Infants, and Children:

Women, Infants, and Children, or as it is popularly known, WIC is one of the places that help pregnant moms. It works in collaboration with the government. Its government assistance for pregnant mothers program is backed by the federal government.

It focuses on providing food assistance to expecting mothers and their families. It aims to provide proper nutrition to expecting moms and the children they are bearing. It organizes nutritional camps and health checkup camps for low-income pregnant moms. You can apply online or reach out to them for help by visiting their office.

  • Temporary Assistance For Needy Families:

Temporary Assistance For Needy Families or TANF as they popularly know it provides a variety of free programs for expectant mothers. They strive to provide financial assistance to low-income families with children. It provides help for pregnant mothers by providing them grants and scholarships based on their condition. You can reach out to them to get government assistance for pregnant mothers. They, through their various grants programs, help people get back on their feet.

  • Medicaid:
  • The Pregnancy Assistance Fund Program:

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Single Mom Financial Help

Government Assistance For Single Mothers

Single mothers can get stuck in a rut with late bills and credit card payments.

The late payment charges and fees will just keep piling up, making if extremely tough to catch up once you are behind. Fortunately, there are some single mom grants for bills to make things easier.

Grants and programs can contribute to cover rent and most utility bills. You might even qualify for a grant to help with your credit card debt so you can have the extra money to spend on your children.

  • Overdue Bills or Assistance with Utilities Go to to apply for help with overdue bills, such as utility and medical bills. You might even qualify for monthly assistance with some utility bills.
  • For credit card debts, you might be eligible for a grant to help get you caught up. There are 1000s of grants available depending on your circumstances. The website Single Mother Help can help you find which grants you are eligible for.

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Help Me Grow Home Visiting Program

Program: Prenatal support, parenting education, developmental screenings and linkage to community resources through home visiting servicesEligibility: women who are expecting their first child and mothers whose first child is under six months old and meet income guidelinesCost: no cost to familiesReferral: a parent, guardian, home visiting provider or professionalTheir website also has information about child health, children with special needs, school readiness, safety, resources by county and parent rights.246 North High Street, Columbus, Ohio 43215Referral Line: 656-3322 or 755-4769

  • 2480 West Broad Street, Columbus, Ohio 43204


Most Helpful Government Assistance Programs For Single Moms

When finances are a little tight, its good to know that there are several Government Assistance Programs out there that can lend single mothers a helping hand when they need it most. Below well cover some of the most helpful assistance programs offered by the U.S. Government.

SNAP food assistance for single mothers

The Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program is aimed towards helping low-income families, single moms and individuals by providing them with assistance for buying food. Together with State agencies and partners, the Food and Nutrition Service, the SNAP initiative helps provide thousands of American citizens with food stamps in order to ensure they are receiving proper nutrition. To see whether you are eligible for assistance, have a look at the SNAP Eligibility Information. You can also enquire with the United States Department of Agricultures Food and Nutrition Service Head Office by calling them on 703-305-2062 for detailed information.

WIC program assists single moms with grants

++ Popular grants for single mothers

  • Assistance Programs for African American single mothers
  • Child Nutrition Programs

    TEFAP grants


    HUD Public Housing and grants for single parents


    LIHEAP energy grants and assistance for single parents

    Federal Government Pro Bono Program

    Head Start and Early Head Start / Childcare grants

    ++ Popular grants for single mothers

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